Beside You In Time

Act III - A Warm Place Part 2


After hurdling the obstacle of prudence, the Inuzuka and Sabaku fell headlong into their cohabitation. The bond they’d already forged through the Center steadily breaking past carefully established boundaries into a solid friendship … and (if both were being honest) a bit of something more. The two talked for hours on end about everything. Ranging from Kiba harping on Kankuro’s tendency to build creepy wooden puppets in his spare time, which the Sabaku defensively insisted was a legitimate hobby. Or bickering over the merits of their opposing tastes in music - Kankuro swearing by Manson and NIN, Kiba hailing from the school of Nas, Biggie and a slew of obscure Japanese rappers. To deeper things, like sexual orientations, broken families, shadowed pasts and future hopes. They laughed at the same crude humour. Watched UFC religiously. Favoured the same types of movies. Worked off their excessive natural aggression with competitive weekend runs and late nights spent pummeling sand bags - and occasionally each other - into submission at Kankuro’s gym.

Before he knew it, Kiba woke up one day and realized … that he was getting used to all of it. Used to the soft warmth of security and routine, to the deep timbre of Kankuro’s voice calling him from the foyer when the elder male came home at night, usually covered in a fine layer of sawdust. To the rich scent of soap and aftershave that lingered behind the Sabaku in the bathroom every morning. Put simply, he’d become attached … hopelessly fucking attached to Kankuro. And Kiba - who’d never done especially well with depending on others - didn’t know how to feel about it.

Kankuro looked out for him like a brother, they were close friends mutually … that much he knew. But ever since he’d discovered that they also shared a preference in men … Kiba’s insides seemed to twist into knots whenever he was within two metres of the handsome Sabaku. And that sort of reaction was hardly one associated with mere friendship. No, he wanted more than that from Kankuro. Kiba wanted it so badly he ached. Every time the feeling washed over him, the thrill of it felt like a distant memory from times long past. The Inuzuka had known since he was twelve that he was gay however it had been ages since Kiba was interested, this interested in a guy. He’d seen his fair share of hook ups but the Inuzuka hadn’t been able to date … not since his breakup with Shino. Mostly because no one else could size up to what they’d had, and Kiba wasn’t at all interested in baring his ass to anyone of lesser merits than his ex-boyfriend.

Though their relationship had been volatile even at its best and their characters opposite as night and day. Kiba and Shino were for lack of a better word, a team … or more accurately a set. The reclusive Aburame and boisterous Inuzuka, whose opposing strengths balanced out each other’s weaknesses so perfectly, had protected one another just as hard as they’d clashed amongst themselves. And as far as intimate relationships went, that sort of bittersweet immature affection was all the seventeen year old had ever known. Next to Akamaru Shino was his best friend. Kiba had given the Aburame parts of himself that he could never get back. His virginity, love, and loyalty … just to name a few. Perhaps that was the reason he clung to their memories so fiercely even after Shino cut things off without a word of explanation, then went and got himself arrested and convicted to make things all the more final. But then again Shino had always been that way … Moving in solitary silence, playing his cards tight to his chest. They’d known each other since primary school yet despite being the closest to him Kiba had never managed to fully figure out what the mysterious Aburame was thinking, and that ignorance had left him with a bitter aftertaste. However, though Shino refused to see him when he’d tried to visit and had yet to reply to any of the letters he sent monthly. The Inuzuka still hoped that in their time together … he hadn’t been the only dumbass in love, romantically or otherwise. While his feelings for Kankuro steadily grew, Kiba knew he was also still trying to accept the demise of his last relationship … And something told him that closure would be a long time coming.

Even so, Kiba did find himself thinking of Shino less and less often. Found himself appraising Kankuro’s sexy smile and droolworthy equipment with sidelong looks and hungry gazes. Found himself fantasizing about his crush both while dreaming and awake. Seeing as the Inuzuka had never been one to sit on his impulses it didn’t take very long for silent appreciation to grow into signals of interest. Which much to Kiba’s satisfaction, Kankuro seemed to accept and (if perception served him correctly) subtly return … though the Sabaku also failed to verbally acknowledge them. A discrepancy which left Kiba all kinds of confused as to what the older male’s intentions were.

Was their attraction mutual? Were they just testing the waters? Did Kankuro genuinely want more or was the Sabaku simply indulging Kiba to spare his feelings? Such questions plagued the Inuzuka’s thoughts doggedly. But even so Kiba couldn’t muster the courage to ask Kankuro outright, a fear of rejection firmly holding his tongue hostage. He’d never worried much about the outcome of anything, usually the young brunette just went after what he wanted without a thought to consequence. But Kankuro was different, it may have been born out of necessity however they still shared a life together. And that meant too much to Kiba to risk carelessly.

Things dragged on in that undefined blurry fashion until, on a night much like most in the Sabaku/Inuzuka abode, a defining moment finally arrived.


Snow was already packing thinly atop the sill as Kiba glanced out the small kitchen window into the white night, while rummaging blindly through the refrigerator. Wondering if - despite it being March - they really were going to see the ‘foot or more’ of snow which the weatherman had been promising all day. Once the teen’s questing hand found the item it was searching for, he pulled it out then ambled back into the living room to join Kankuro on the couch. Just as Kiba plopped down onto the cushy sofa and popped open the Bud Light he’d snagged from the fridge, Kankuro’s hand appeared like a phantom and quickly swiped the beer from the younger male’s grasp.

“What the hell?!” The Inuzuka groused.

“That’s what I should be saying.” Kankuro sighed, taking a sip from the freshly opened can as he switched the channel to ESPN.

“That’s mine asshole.” Kiba growled.

“Last time I checked you’re four years too early to be claimin my beer as your own.” The Sabaku drawled, stretching both his legs out comfortably on the ottoman in front of him with a yawn.

“Since when do you care about that shit?” The Inuzuka said dryly, alluding to prior instances when the two had drank together despite his age.

“Honestly I care less about that … and more about the fact that you my friend, are one lousy drunk.”

“It’s only ONE beer Kankuro, and I’m not a fuckin lousy drunk.” Kiba scoffed.

“Ok horny drunk, that better?”

Kiba smirked insolently. “Dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it.”

Kankuro rolled his eyes at the response, inwardly recalling the last time he’d allowed Kiba to drink. An occasion which had somehow ended up with Kankuro’s fly torn open and the Inuzuka wedged snugly between his legs, pawing at his crotch while slurring: “C’mon I bet it’sh HUGE just lemme shee if I can fit it in my mouth. I’ll make it feel real good bab-” …

Before the delicious endearment could echo through his brain Kankuro mentally slammed a lid on the lewd memory, cleared his throat and swallowed to prevent drool from running down his chin at the image alone. The teen had become increasingly forward in his advances as of late, that was for sure. In reality though Kankuro didn’t have a problem with Kiba’s interest or the fact that he was a flirtatious drunk … As long as the above were both kept in the privacy of their apartment. What Kankuro DID have a problem with however, were the things he wanted to do whenever Kiba became a horny drunk. Things that - he reminded himself - he’d promised to firmly steer clear of in the young Inuzuka’s best interest. 

“No means no.” Kankuro muttered in conclusion with raspy finality.

“Pff, you’ll never pick anyone up with that lame-ass attitude.” Kiba scowled.

Kankuro shrugged. “Not interested.”


“In pickin someone up.”

The Inuzuka chuckled, a hint of seduction creeping into his voice as he answered. “You’re gonna be lonely Saba …”

“No I’m not.” Kankuro glanced over then reached out to run his fingers through Kiba’s messy hair, smiling when he noticed the younger male was wearing one of his old t-shirts. “I like coming home to you … plan on keepin it that way.” He murmured, then let his hand fall as his gaze returned to the TV.

Kiba’s eyes widened a bit at the bold comment. He spent the next ten minutes silently debating whether or not Kankuro realized what the hell he’d just so casually stated … Then finally smirked to himself as the Inuzuka decided yes, Kankuro most definitely did. It was all the greenlight Kiba required.

After hearing the Sabaku affirm that he wasn’t looking elsewhere romantically, the younger brunette decided that he was done with waiting and second guessing himself. Regardless of the risk it posed to their friendship it was plain as day that Kiba wanted to be with Kankuro on a deeper level, and the fiery teen was no longer willing to play the safe route. His advances escalated slightly while the Inuzuka bided his time, searching for the right chance to make his move … And at last, only a fortnight later, the perfect opportunity presented itself.

The evening in question fell at the tail-end of a hectic week, and as usual the Sabaku and Inuzuka were watching their customary Friday night movie in the living room. Or more accurately Kiba was watching it … while Kankuro blatantly slept through the majority. The Inuzuka loved their movie nights partly because they were a chill change of pace, but mostly for the simple fact that they provided a rare instance when Kankuro didn’t skimp on physical affection. Allowing the younger male to lie or sit as close and snug as he pleased, which usually meant they were sharing body heat. That night was no different. Kankuro - clad in basketball shorts and a worn tee - was half reclined on his side, arm slung innocuously over Kiba’s waist, head propped against the sofa’s armrest as he drifted in and out of a light snooze. Kiba, in sweats and a winter thermal, lounged comfortably in front of the older brunette. His back rested flush against Kankuro’s chest and their socked feet were absently tangled together at the couch’s opposite end. As far as the Inuzuka was concerned, he was in the midst of two hours of pure heaven.

Once the DVD credits began rolling, the room darkened around them … but Kankuro didn’t stir. Seeing his opening, Kiba suddenly and swiftly sat upright. He then turned to straddle the half asleep Sabaku’s lap with a devious grin before the older male could rouse fully and protest.

“Hm? What the …” Kankuro muttered in groggy surprise, as he blinked open his eyes to find Kiba’s body suddenly and inexplicably planted on top of his own.

Kiba settled into his new position smugly and looked down at the Sabaku with a feral gaze that called for attention of the sexual kind as he licked his top lip then teethed over the bottom hungrily.

“What’re you doin Kiba.” Kankuro husked, unable to sift the lust out of his voice as his eyes were inescapably drawn to the Inuzuka’s mouth.

“What do you think.” Kiba murmured, face inching closer.

“I think you need to behave yourself.” The Sabaku cautioned gruffly but made no effort to move away from the advance.

“And I think, you need to make me.” Kiba whispered.

Now wide awake, Kankuro’s jaw clenched at the tempting challenge which shivered down his spine then tensed through his cock like electricity. He’d long ago realized that their attraction was mutual, but even so the Sabaku had up to that point managed to walk the fence carefully. Showing Kiba enough affection to ensure that the Inuzuka wouldn’t go looking for it elsewhere, while keeping things ambiguous enough to preserve the boundaries he’d set. However, said boundaries became tough to discern when the same person whom Kankuro’d had more than a few wet dreams about, was straddled on top of his most vulnerable area. Staring him down with a cheeky defiance that just begged to be screwed into submission.

God, I want him.

Primal desire cut through Kankuro’s defenses, in one fell swoop heated impulse finally won against better judgement and just like that the Sabaku lost. Kankuro reached up and fisted into Kiba’s soft hair then yanked the feisty Inuzuka down to seal their lips together with savage force and pent-up passion. Kiba moaned, sinking against the older brunette as the searching kiss stoked fire between them. While their mouthes pressed and explored Kankuro’s hands slipped free of Kiba’s coif, trailing down the Inuzuka’s back before the Sabaku felt his way over both curves of an incredibly shapely posterior with relish. He used his grip on Kiba’s ass to roughly pull the Inuzuka even closer as their kiss deepened. Tongues wetly flicking and twisting against each other, battling for the dominance which Kankuro easily won. Husky masculine sounds of hunger filled the living room while dual hips rocked in search of friction to ease the ache rising between respective thighs. When Kiba suddenly shifted with a moan then deliberately ground himself hard against Kankuro’s neglected arousal, the Sabaku’s entire body shuddered at the delicious sensation.

Mm, Kiba …” Kankuro groaned breathlessly into their kiss. Basking in how good it felt to finally taste the one he’d longed for, to have Kiba’s weight in his lap, to feel the Inuzuka’s hands on his skin and god that ass …

Driven by Kankuro’s reaction, Kiba’s palm suddenly slipped between them to cup intently against the warm swell of the Sabaku’s cock, fingers brushing across his balls enticingly through the mesh fabric of his shorts. Suddenly realizing he was about to tumble head-first off the deep end, Kankuro somehow managed to break away from the younger male with a gasp. Then quickly grabbed his wrist to stop Kiba from going any further. His own restraint dangling by a tattered thread.

What the hell am I doing?!

Warning sirens screeched loudly in Kankuro’s skull.

“W-wait … this is.” The Sabaku breathed deep and swallowed, chest heaving a few times to catch ahold of both his air supply and clear thought. “Shit … shit. We can’t do this right now.”

“Why.” Kiba growled impatiently.

“Well, for starters …” Kankuro propped up and met the Inuzuka’s gaze in the semidarkness, his desires cooling slightly as reason returned. There was simply no way to avoid having this talk anymore. He exhaled ruefully, cursing himself for losing his carefully guarded control even for a moment. “Kiba, you’re seventeen.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Kiba protested vehemently, the Inuzuka positively loathed when Kankuro bought up his age. “It’s not like I’m a virgin!” He snarled.

Kankuro chose to ignore the teen’s statement completely for fear that he would start visualizing it … Popping full wood with Kiba still on his lap, wouldn’t exactly provide a ringing testament to his ‘chaste’ convictions. He cleared his throat and continued.

“Besides you being a minor … right now, you depend on me. I’m happy that you do. I love having you here, but I don’t want dependence to be a reason behind us hookin up. I’d hate to get involved … and then have you regret it later. You staying here isn’t conditional Kib.”

Kiba rolled his eyes incredulously. “Regret it? I won’t! You think I would ever fuck with somebody just for a place to stay?! Damn, I friggin hate when you treat me like this. You might be older but I’m not clueless alright, I took care of myself just fine before you came into the picture!”

Kankuro raised an eyebrow. “By ‘just fine’ you mean what … ending up at JDP?”

Kiba frowned. “So you’re gonna throw that shit in my face now?” He hissed and began to push away. “Fuck you.”

Kankuro sat up fully to grab the Inuzuka and locked his arms around Kiba’s waist before the angry brunette could shove off and storm out. “Kiba … I’m not throwing anything in your face.”

The Inuzuka gave a venomous snort, stare pinned defiantly to the wall.

“Look at me please.” The Sabaku said expectantly.

Reluctantly Kiba’s attentions returned to the elder brunette and Kankuro’s brows knit at the hurt evident in the Inuzuka’s eyes.

“I didn’t say that to offend you. I won’t take it back though … You may not like hearing this but in my opinion bein on probation at fourteen ain’t what it means to take care of yourself just fine.” Kankuro turned them both then eased his hold a bit and sank back against the couch with a weary sigh. “You think I don’t wanna take things further? I’m sure I’ve made it clear in the past few months … that I’m crazy about you.” He said earnestly. “Jesus, just keeping my hands off and my head straight is like a fucking full time job. But I can do it because I care about you. More than anythin else I wanna see the day when you really are doin just fine on your own. Whether I’m around or not, I NEVER want you back in a bad situation Kiba … never.”

Understanding where Kankuro was coming from, Kiba’s guard begrudgingly came down. He remained quiet for a second before replying.

“Whatever, I get it.” He grumbled then shifted nervously. “But is it cool if we still … I mean I’ll get my shit together, but I like you. And I don’t wanna lose to someone else in the meantime.”

“You like me huh?” The Sabaku teased, combing through Kiba’s hair. “You’re too much … didn’t I already tell you, you’re the only one I wanna come home to?”

“So you won’t mess with anyone else?” Kiba pressed suspiciously.

Kankuro suspired, thinking despite himself that some sort of compromise could serve them both well. Kiba wasn’t legally emancipated yet but at seventeen he sure as hell wasn’t a little kid either. Tiptoeing around the fact that they had feelings for each other just to be politically correct and honor an agreement that he’d made with someone else, wasn’t fair. The Sabaku knew that well enough.

“Why don’t we agree to wait on each other then.” Kankuro suggested.


“Dating … without the physical, at least for now.”

“Why the hell are you so against hooking up?!”

“You’re smart enough to know the answer to that question Kiba.” Kankuro answered firmly. “If this is just about sex for you, you’re welcome to go ‘hook up’ with someone your own damn age.”

“Oh yeah? So, you don’t care if I screw someone else?” Kiba mused.

“I don’t remember sayin anything about not caring.” Kankuro said tightly, one knee bobbing in irritation at the prospect. “But I’m not your boyfriend, I can’t tell you what to do.”

Kiba smirked and leaned in to Kankuro’s ear.

“And if you were … what would you tell me.” He murmured.

Kankuro closed his eyes, hesitant for a moment before he gave in to the urge and pulled the Inuzuka closer, then brushed his lips across Kiba’s pulse.

“I’d tell you, that I want every single part of you. Sex is only a small small piece of that … But still Kiba, I swear to god you better not let anyone else fucking touch you aside from me.” Kankuro growled.

Kiba barely held back a moan as the possessive demand throbbed through his nether regions despite him attempting to control them. “Do you wanna be?”

“Be what?”

“My man.” Kiba drawled smugly.

Kankuro smirked. Fully aware that the devious Inuzuka knew damn well the answer to that question, as well as the effect which asking it in that sexy ass tone of voice was going to have on Kankuro’s self-control. He mustered every ounce of will to pull back, nudged Kiba up onto his thighs to prevent any more tempting contact, then looked up at him.

“Yeah …” He nodded. “I do.”

Kiba grinned. “Fine, then don’t think you can get your kicks somewhere else either … You cheat on me while we’re doing this ‘no physical’ shit and I’ll cut your fuckin dick off.” He said sweetly.

Kankuro winced. “Jesus, don’t even joke about that you psycho. There’ll be no cheating ok. Not on my part … OR yours.” He husked, then his brow twitched as he thought of something else. “Oh, and I want us both to get tested in the meantime too.”

Kiba shrugged. “Sure … but why?”

Cause there’s no way in HELL I plan on using a condom our first time …

Kankuro thought lustfully as he painted on a deceptively innocent smile.

“Just making sure we’re both good. It’s something you should always do when you get into a relationship.”

“Whatever …” Kiba answered with another shrug, leaning in to steal a kiss at the same time.

Kankuro indulged the gesture for a delicious moment before pulling back.

“What’d I just say.” He chided.

“What? Kissing is like shaking hands, gimme a break prude.”

“That’s how you shake hands with people?” Kankuro raised an eyebrow, trying to ignore the flipflop of jealousy in his stomach.

Kiba only grinned slyly. “When I’m trying to get into their pants … hell yeah.”

The Sabaku answered the comment with a deep chuckle.

“So …” Kiba hummed. “I’m crashing in your room tonight?”

Despite everything that Kankuro had just said, Kiba’s seventeen year old testosterone fueled mind was already working it’s way through each and every loophole he could find in their agreement.

“Not a chance.” Kankuro replied immediately with a smirk.

Knowing exactly which ‘head’ Kiba was currently thinking with, he then unceremoniously shoved the Inuzuka off his lap and onto the far side of the couch, before heaving a harrowed sigh … Hoping to god he hadn’t just bitten off more than he could chew.


   Act 2 ~~~~~~~~ Back to Kankuro/Kiba ~~~~~~~~ Finale



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