Beside You In Time

Finale - Into Our Future... Beside You In Time


After making things official, both Kiba and Kankuro stuck faithfully to their agreement, though - mostly thanks to Kiba - their minor affection continued unperturbed. Kankuro didn’t chastise the Inuzuka, it wasn’t by any means easy to resist when Kiba pushed, but he knew it was unrealistic to expect either of them to morph into Mother Teresa over night. Not to mention the Sabaku couldn’t stomach the thought of the younger brunette straying out of neglect … even mentally. Kiba, perceptive as always, picked up on Kankuro’s struggles. Noticing that the Sabaku seemed to be more attracted to him with each passing day. Annoying as their self-imposed limits seemed at times … Kiba was moved that Kankuro still gave him affection but always managed to hold back before things escalated too far.

As life dragged on however, that constant sexual tension slowly became just an afterthought in the face of the pair’s day to day responsibilities. In the wake of partnering with another independent contractor, Kankuro’s company - which he’d started with his sister’s help when he left home and his dad cut him off - had grown considerably successful. So it went without saying that he supported both himself and his boyfriend … especially after a few occasions when Kiba had suddenly showed up with large sums of cash towards the rent, and no legitimate pay-stub or feasible explanation in sight. Determined to keep the Inuzuka on the straight and narrow, Kankuro then insisted (none too gently) that Kiba cut the crap and buckle down to focus on his GED, before looking for employ or pursuing any other obviously shady sources of money.

Kiba was way too proud to let himself be ‘kept’ but still he took a bit of the Sabaku’s advice. Settling into remedial courses while occasionally helping Kankuro out on repair jobs around the city and taking a few hours at a local temp agency every week. As that routine carved itself into existence, time slipped by like sand through an hourglass. The Inuzuka’s eighteenth birthday came and went, along with the subsequent autumn through spring and then yet another summer and fall.

One frosty afternoon at the cusp of Kiba’s second winter with Kankuro and six months after the end of his classes, the nineteen year old was making his way through the chilly streets of Castile Hill with great haste. Glancing down at the time displayed on his cell impatiently and cursing the fact that despite Kankuro recently taking him to get his license, he still didn’t have enough money saved to buy a car yet. Relying on public transportation always tacked a good hour or so on to any errand Kiba had to run. That being said, it was almost ten to five and the Inuzuka had been on a temp job for most of the day. Kankuro would be home at five o’clock sharp and the post office closed at the same time, meaning Kiba could only make one. As it so happened, unfortunately the Inuzuka was awaiting the arrival of something that made his stop at the GPO even more pressing than greeting his boyfriend when he got home from work.

The Inuzuka broke into a sprint when the post office came into view, then latterly burst into the building which was packed with the just-before-closing rush. Kiba wove his way through the crowd and made it to the back, fishing out his key for the PO-Box that he’d rented ever since moving in with Kankuro. The Inuzuka fumbled open the tiny metal door and his heart nearly stopped as the teen’s gaze was abruptly met with the sight of a strikingly familiar crest emblazoned on a large white envelope. Kiba gulped then pulled the envelope out and tore it open. Upon skimming the contents a mix of shock and pure joy spread across the Inuzuka’s face, he bit his bottom lip as excitement welled in his gut. Holy crap he’d done it … the idiot extraordinaire had actually pulled off the impossible! It was here, finally! And in celebration, tonight was decidedly going to put an end to the other waiting Kiba had been impatiently doing for an entire goddamn year.

With his precious cargo tucked under one arm, the Inuzuka all but flew home. Once the brunette finally got in, as expected Kankuro was already there. The carpenter - clad in a black tank and loose jeans which he’d thrown on after taking a quick shower - was having a beer while watching the news.

“I’m back.” Kiba bellowed from the front door, kicking off his shoes by the welcome mat.

“Hey.” Kankuro answered apathetically.

The Inuzuka smirked and shook his head at the dreary tone. Knowing that Kankuro was probably still sulking since he hadn’t been home to greet him when the Sabaku returned from work.

“The temp place had you working this late?” Kankuro grumbled petulantly from the couch.

“Nah, got out at three but I had to stop by the post office real quick.” Kiba paused by the sofa to lean down and bite the elder brunette’s ear with a smirk. “Miss me?”

The short grunt he received in response told Kiba his earlier suspicions were correct. It was fine though, Kankuro could sulk all he wanted for now, since the Inuzuka was about to flip the Sabaku’s entire mood in a minute.

Kiba ruffled his boyfriend’s still slightly damp hair with a devious chuckle then padded back to the bathroom for a shower of his own. He took his sweet time lathering up beneath the hot spray, making sure to happily and thoroughly cleanse one area in particular before the Inuzuka finally stepped out, dried off, then changed into a pair of sweats. Not bothering to wear a shirt … or boxers for that matter. After trading the envelope he’d brought home for a slip of paper which had been hidden beneath his bed for longer than he could recall … Kiba strolled back out to the living room and rounded the couch. Completely blocking off Kankuro’s view of the television, the Inuzuka triumphantly waved the certificate which marked his passing of the GED exam in the air.

“Look what I got.” Kiba grinned.

Despite being tired and cranky, as soon as Kankuro caught sight of the gilded script and realized what the paper was he beamed with pride. “Is that your certificate! Congra—” The Sabaku startled and broke off when Kiba abruptly came down to straddle his lap. “—tulations?”

“Thanks.” Kiba replied offhandedly as he tossed the diploma over one shoulder then clasped either side of the older brunette’s neck in his palms, looking dead into the Sabaku’s green eyes. “Can we talk?” He said seriously.

“Um … yeah.” Kankuro raised an eyebrow at the intimate position which seemed a bit odd for a mere conversation, but nodded anyway. “What’s up?”

Kiba took a deep breath, bistre brows drawing close in determination. He’d already resolved himself … he’d be damned if he took no for an answer. But still, the Inuzuka knew he had to say this the right way.

“Look … I know I promised all my shit would be together, and I still need to figure out what I’m doin next. But whatever it is Kankuro … I wanna be with you. Not cause of dependence or anythin else besides the fact that your crazy, puppet-buildin, prude ass … is all I want.” The Inuzuka finished softly.

“Is that right.” Kankuro laughed, rubbing up both of Kiba’s thighs affectionately.

“Yup. So, I think it’s bout time I got my reward … I’m ready to do this now.” Kiba asserted. “Trust me when I say that.”

Kankuro nodded, then suddenly the Sabaku’s eyes widened as he realized exactly what Kiba was referring to by ‘reward’ and ‘now’.

“Wait.” He rasped. “You mean you wanna— … tonight?”

“Not tonight Saba, now.” Kiba kissed him hard. “Can’t wait ‘nymore babe.” The younger male husked against his boyfriend’s lips as his hips rocked down into Kankuro’s lap.

Kankuro inhaled sharply when he felt the stiffness of Kiba’s hard-on pressing against him. The Sabaku was at that second thoroughly overcome by both passionate desire and a deep longing to be joined with the incredibly resilient brunette … who he had long ago realized he was head over heels in love with just as much for his strengths as his shortcomings. In reality, as of late the Sabaku was becoming fairly certain he was going to die if he didn’t get some sexual attention from his boyfriend soon. But still Kankuro had resolved himself to wait until Kiba made it crystal clear that he was ready. That being said, the older brunette no longer had any objections to give.

Kankuro didn’t even bother to muster a verbal answer. He simply pulled back, shifted Kiba, stood up and then slung the brunette over one broad shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Which was an impressive feat considering that the Inuzuka - though shorter than Kankuro - was by no means small in stature. 

Kiba snorted at the unromantic manhandling. “K, the fuck is this shit?” He grumbled from his inverted perch.

“This baby … is how we do things Saba-style.” Kankuro supplied, giving Kiba’s ass an affectionate smack as he walked them both back to his room.

The Inuzuka couldn’t help but smirk even as his stomach knotted with anticipation. He knew that despite the Sabaku’s brash nature, Kankuro was hopelessly soft when it came to him, and secretly the Inuzuka loved the way he was spoiled. But ever since they’d started going out, Kiba had been dying to see this side of the sexy Sabaku as well. The side that was neither soft nor selfless, but aggressive, crude and demanding. The teen had caught glimpses of it in the past, but he knew that he was finally about to get a full and uncensored taste of Kankuro’s raw sexuality … and that thought had Kiba salivating.

Physically the Inuzuka didn’t really have a preference in men other than ‘pleasing to the eye’ … but he most definitely did have a type. It was hard to find but nonetheless Kiba craved the sort of man who could assert himself even over the Inuzuka’s stubborn rebellious streak. The type who either said what the fuck he meant or said nothing at all. The type of guy who understood that despite being a bottom by preference, Kiba didn’t give his ass to anyone … but instead expected his man to take it without hesitation or apology. And despite how carefully the Sabaku had handled him up to that point, unerring instinct told Kiba that when it came to his ‘type’ he’d hit the jackpot with Kankuro.

Further proof of this hunch came when the Inuzuka suddenly found himself gracelessly deposited onto Kankuro’s large bed. The elder male paused by the foot to hastily pull his shirt over his head, then stepped out of his jeans before coming down to prowl over Kiba on all fours. Kankuro hovered for a second as if appraising his prey, then smirked. Hardly believing that this moment had finally come. The minute Kiba had settled on his lap and demanded they put an end to their waiting games, the Sabaku’s mind, body and senses had all shifted onto a single track. He felt almost primal with a heady mixture of anxious excitement and burning need.

“Damn I’m a lucky man …” Kankuro husked reverently.

The Sabaku leaned down and crushed his lips to Kiba’s while one greedy hand trailed hungrily up over the bared contours of the Inuzuka’s lean stomach and chest, calloused thumb stopping to work each of the younger male’s nipples until they were both stiff with arousal. Kankuro then twisted one bud harshly between his knuckles, causing the Inuzuka to arch up and shiver savagely beneath him. A series of slow tongue infused kisses gradually became harder and more demanding until their collective breathing had sped and the air around them sparked with currents of lust. Kankuro’s hand suddenly detoured from Kiba’s torso to slip down between his thighs, where it gripped the Inuzuka’s stiff erection through the fabric of his sweats. Kneading and massaging roughly until Kiba moaned loud against his mouth in ardor. Kankuro pulled back a bit at the sexy sound which had his own cock rock hard and throbbing impatiently. He moaned and nipped from the younger male’s jaw to his ear.

“Not wearin anythin under these, are you.” The Sabaku breathed.

“Nope …” Kiba gasped, eyes drifting shut as Kankuro squeezed then stroked his imprisoned cock even harder. “Easy access.” The Inuzuka grinned.

Kankuro hummed lustily and bit at the fleshy part of Kiba’s earlobe. He felt as though every nerve ending in his damn body was raw and burning for a taste of the man beneath him.

“Tease … you don’t even understand the things I’m gonna fuckin do to you Kiba.” The Sabaku growled. “You sure you’re ready for me.”

Kiba rocked his hips up brazenly in reply. “Hell yeah.”

Kankuro smirked and grabbed one of Kiba’s hands then guided it down to cup over his own sex, which was straining and tented against the confines of his grey boxer-briefs.

“This too, hmm?” He husked.

Kiba evicted a gritty sound of need at the feel of Kankuro’s impressive girth and weight filling his palm. He’d groped it over clothing plenty of times but … jesus.

“Tell me …” Kankuro murmured, sucking and laving at Kiba’s ear between his words. “I want to hear you say you’re ready for my cock baby.” He rocked hard against the Inuzuka’s hand, kissing Kiba’s neck through a groan as his own palm curved beneath his boyfriend’s back and slipped past the Inuzuka’s waistband to clutch his bare ass cravingly. “Mmm, I wanna be in you so fuckin bad.”

“Ready …” Kiba panted. The younger brunette squeezed the arousal cupped heavy in his hand, still marveling at its size. “Shit, I knew you’d be big but … christ.” The Inuzuka worked one thumb into the vent of his boyfriend’s boxers to drag longingly across the velvety veined flesh of the elder male’s huge cock. “K, I want you.” Kiba groaned impatiently.

Kankuro teethed his bottom lip at the sultry invitation and pulled away, then rocked back to rest on his knees. One hand fell to caress his own needy erection through his boxers, both lids hung low over dark green eyes which were trained intently on Kiba.

Thrown by Kankuro’s sudden unexplained withdrawal, Kiba looked up in confusion.


“Get on all fours and take those off.” Kankuro murmured with a brusque nod to Kiba’s pants.

The Inuzuka raised an eyebrow. “But-“

“Baby … it’s been a year and I swear to god I got ‘bout one ounce of patience left in me. Do it.”

Kiba swallowed at the raw dominance in Kankuro’s timbre before sitting up and hooking both thumbs into his waistband, cheeks heating slightly with embarrassment as he complied with the Sabaku’s instructions. It wasn’t like he couldn’t undress in front of his boyfriend … but the Inuzuka somehow felt incredibly self-conscious. With Kankuro’s eyes trailing his every movement, it felt like he was putting on some kind of show.

As far as Kankuro was concerned, Kiba certainly was. A hell of a goddamn show at that. His throat went dry as green eyes visually caressed their way down the muscular expanse of the younger male’s sinfully defined abdomen; then watched Kiba’s sweats slip south over toned thighs, past his knees and ankles, revealing tanned skin topped by masculine fuzz in all the right places. The Sabaku let out a throaty groan when his gaze rose up again and settled onto a nest of dark brown curls framing the most gorgeous cock he’d ever seen. Kiba was large by average standards and the way his thin smooth flesh stretched taught over the swollen bronzed length, was like a work of art. God, his entire body was really. Kankuro licked his lips. Lucky wasn’t even the word, blessed was more like it. The Inuzuka was perfection, pure and simple. He’d never in his life found a man more appealing to his tastes than Kiba, and Kankuro was fairly sure he never would.

Kiba kicked his pants aside then got up and flipped over to rest on his knees and elbows. “Now what …” He muttered, slightly resenting the small waver which had crept into his voice.

“Spread for me.” Kankuro husked.

Kiba forced down his pride then slid his knees and thighs further apart so his backside was exposed to his boyfriend’s hungry gaze, the dark bud of his pucker fully visible between the ample toned curves of his round ass.

Kankuro groaned and squeezed his cock painfully hard as it tensed and wept against his palm at the sight.

“Mmm look at that ass.” He murmured in awe. The Sabaku abruptly reached out then spanked one cheek appreciatively, before grabbing Kiba by his hips. “C’mere.” He growled.

The Inuzuka didn’t even have a chance to obey before Kankuro had bodily dragged him backwards, slammed his pelvis into the curve of the younger male’s supple posterior, then pushed Kiba’s chest flat to the sheets, spooned over him and started grinding. The grey fabric along the front of Kankuro’s boxers quickly grew dark and damp with precum as he rocked and thrust against his lover’s shapely ass, kissing Kiba’s nape passionately between grunts.

“I jerk off thinkin about you like this.” Kankuro panted.

“Been dreamin bout this hot body hmm?” Kiba managed to taunt through his own shortening breaths. But the Sabaku’s reply was dead serious.

“You have no idea Kiba.” He husked.

Overtaken by a full body chill, Kiba almost felt like he might cum from the sound of the Sabaku’s voice alone. Kankuro suddenly reached beneath their grinding bodies to slowly stroke down the length of Kiba’s cock, and the Inuzuka was assaulted by a vicious spasm of ecstasy.

“Ah fuck … mmm fuck … d-don’t tease me.” Kiba moaned, needing to feel the Sabaku inside him more with every passing second.

Unfortunately for the Inuzuka, even though Kankuro had no intention of waiting any longer, he certainly didn’t plan on rushing either. The elder brunette smirked darkly, one palm twisted languidly along his lover’s sex as his thumb rubbed circles over it’s purpled head, which was heavily leaking with the younger male’s arousal.

“I don’t even know how many times I’ve cum in my hand … imaginin holding you under me, hearing you moan my name, then watching you lose it all over the sheets cause you want my dick so bad.” Kankuro whispered.

Enticed by his own commentary, the Sabaku suddenly slipped his free hand between their bodies to hurriedly shove his own boxers lower with a grunt, before agilely wriggling out of and kicking off the garment all together. Letting his aching erection finally spring free, then rubbing it directly against Kiba’s heated flesh with a raspy groan. His pelvis rolled forward, sliding the thick veined length up and down the younger male’s crevice, leaving a sticky sheen of precum all over the cleft of the Inuzuka’s ass in his wake. Kiba whined and fisted the sheets in pleasured frustration. Logically he knew there was no way Kankuro could just push into him as he was, but that didn’t stop the Inuzuka from craving it. He’d waited so long, too long to take this precious step with the Sabaku.

“Pl-please … I … god … I-” Kiba tried to voice his desire but his mind was a mess. Thoroughly intoxicated by the hard weight of Kankuro’s sex grinding into his ass and the deft hand wrapped around his cock, each swift tug drawing him further into delirious rapture.

Kiba foggily realized two things at that moment. One, that Kankuro - as expected of a carpenter - was incredible with his hands. And two, that he himself hadn’t been intimate with anything but his own damn hand … in over a year. Which meant if they kept this up Kiba was most definitely about to embarrass himself. With man pride on the line, the Inuzuka pushed through the pleasure and tried to get away to collect his wits.

“H-hold on …” He stammered hoarsely, “Slow down ah hnnn … are you even listenin!”

Kankuro, knowing exactly what the Inuzuka was doing and why, only held his boyfriend firmly in place with a domineering simper.

“Stay right there. I plan on making you cum plenty tonight. First like this … then … I’m gonna make love to you-“

Kankuro …” Kiba groaned, trembling as the promise and sensation drowned out his ability to think properly. His fingers rose up above him to anchor and tug harshly in his lover’s hair.

Kankuro hummed at the arousing show of aggression and continued as his own hand sped over the Inuzuka’s sex. “I’m gonna give it to you deep as you can take it, for all the time you had me waiting. And later just when you think you’re worn out, you’re gonna lay back and let me suck every last drop of cum outta this cock.” He husked into Kiba’s ear, squeezing hard around the throbbing length for emphasis. “Aren’t you.”

“Y-yeahh … hnnn oh ahh K-kankuro, mmm!” The Inuzuka rasped, nearly suffocating beneath desperation. Kiba swiveled his hips and began rocking back against the Sabaku’s dick then thrusting forward. Savagely fucking into his lover’s roughened palm over and over. “Wanna cum. Shit, baby … make me cum.”

Kankuro gladly obliged the impassioned request, increasing his efforts tenfold. Kiba cried out sharply in response and, finally grappling his way to climax, he came into Kankuro’s palm, head dropping forward as the Inuzuka grimaced in ecstasy and tore at the sheets.

“Ugh … ughh …” Kiba groaned, his heavy load leaving him to splatter the linens below with creamy splotches of white.

Kankuro’s free palm slowly rubbed up Kiba’s stomach and over his hard chest as the Sabaku stroked his lover to full completion. Kissing his shoulder blade gently and feeling like he himself might explode just from craving Kiba so intensely. God, the Inuzuka sounded so delicious when he came.

“Good baby?” Kankuro husked against the younger male’s dewey back.

Kiba couldn’t find his voice for the life of him, so he simply nodded. Panting harshly for oxygen as Kankuro’s hand tugged lightly up and down his oversensitive cock. Jesus, how many times … how many nights had he dreamt of this? Even his most elaborate fantasies held no weight over the real thing. Over the feel of their skin pressing, of Kankuro’s desire pushed hard and ready against his ass, of the carpenter’s delicious scent wrapping around him like a fog. He needed-

“More.” Kiba whined softly, feeling his body grow almost unbearably hot as his cock tried its best to start stiffening again. He was insatiable. Greedy. Starving for what the past year had deprived him.

Kankuro smirked. He gently shifted Kiba away from the wet spot and flipped the panting brunette onto his back, simultaneously summoning lube from his bedside drawer. The Sabaku proceeded to drizzle a generous amount of cool liquid all over Kiba’s taut ballsacs, taint and asshole then slowly started fingering him. First slipping a single digit inside his boyfriend’s incredibly tight heat, before gently prodding in a second and splaying them apart.

The Inuzuka moaned at the familiar stretch. Even after cumming Kiba was far from satisfied. In fact, re-ignited after spending so long neglected, his lust was ablaze … burning more intensely than it ever had. Beneath the feeling of Kankuro’s thick fingers twisting in and out of his pucker, in mere minutes and as if he hadn’t just climaxed … the Inuzuka’s cock twitched and began to rise again.

“F-forget that …” Kiba groaned when he felt a fourth finger push into him. “Need you.”

“Kib …” Kankuro answered softly. “I’m not even trynna sound arrogant, but you definitely won’t be able to handle me if I don’t do this.”

Kiba cast a cursory glance down at his boyfriend’s pulsing monster of a cock and thought - Kankuro probably had a valid point. But then again a bit of discomfort seemed like a cheap price to pay for getting what he wanted now rather than later.

“This ass … was made to take my boyfriend’s dick …” The Inuzuka growled with a tawdry smirk. “So I suggest you give it to me before I get pissed.”

Kankuro groaned. “You use that line with all your men?” He husked darkly. 

The Sabaku blindly pat the bed beside him in search of lube. Once he’d found said item Kankuro overturned the bottle into his palm, tossed it aside again and stroked the slick fluid onto the heated flesh of his throbbing cock. Simultaneously moving up between Kiba’s thighs to loom over the Inuzuka. 

“Maybe.” Kiba replied insolently.

“Not a good idea to make me jealous.” Kankuro warned. “I got a short fuse when it comes to thinking about anybody else on you.”

“Then don’t.” Kiba whispered, bucking his pelvis impatiently.

The Inuzuka reached up and grabbed a fistful of Kankuro’s soft brown hair then tugged him down roughly to nip the older brunette’s bottom lip.

“Gonna give me what I want or not?” He growled.

Kankuro exhaled harshly with a lusty shudder. “Yeah.” He murmured.

“Don’t make me wait anymore.” Kiba husked gruffly, but his demanding tone couldn’t hide the pleading need which dwelled just beneath the teen’s statement.

Kankuro could feel sanity slipping from his grasp as Kiba’s words expertly fed the intensity of his lust. The Sabaku moaned and rocked forward. All of his intent to pace and prep shattered by urgency.

“Kiba … I’ve never wanted anyone like this.” He rasped. 

Kankuro sank deeper into his haze of need. Passionately and feverishly caressing and kissing everywhere he could reach, then lastly finding Kiba’s mouth with his own as his fingers curled around the root of his cock to steady it, and he jut his hips against the steely resistance of the Inuzuka’s winking entrance. Adding more and more pressure with his weight until the snug ring finally gave way and swallowed his cockhead into its tight molten heat.

“Hnnn, shit!” Kiba hissed, teeth clenching hard as the sharp burn of Kankuro’s overwhelming thickness forging inside him spread through his senses alongside desire.

“Mmm!” Kankuro rasped ardently, throwing his head back and clutching his boyfriend’s thigh.

Kiba was so tight it nearly hurt, but at the same time the soft pillowy heat of his walls was so intoxicating that Kankuro couldn’t help but drive himself a bit further with a pleasured groan. Pure lust roaring through his blood.

“God damn baby.” The Sabaku choked out at the feeling. Riding atop the heady sensation for a bit and just barely holding back the urge to pin his boyfriend to the mattress and fuck him within an inch of his life.

Though in idyllic tales the first time was a moment reserved for slow and sweet coupling. Reality was way better, but far from as picture perfect. Despite having the best intentions Kankuro knew this was definitely not some fairytale take it slow scenario. They were both men, raging with a potent combination of hormones and hunger that had gone untended for a longer stretch than either had ever been abstinent prior to meeting … And that alone spelled disaster for the steady controlled route. In fact the elder brunette could already feel his restraint seeping away as pleasure furled tight around his cock and aggressive want burned in his veins. Kankuro looked down at the gorgeousness spread beneath him and bit his lip, then thrust further inside the Inuzuka’s ass with a grunt, a sheen of perspiration rising on the Sabaku’s skin to drip down the contours of his steely muscles. Kiba whined sharply under him at the movement which seemed to drag his insides along with it. At the sound Kankuro leaned in and kissed his boyfriend’s neck.

“I know baby.” He said ruefully through harsh breaths, one hand finding Kiba’s erection and stroking it slowly to distract from any discomfort.”Just bear with it for a bit.”

Kiba took a steadying gulp of air as he wrapped both arms and legs around Kankuro, biting a trail along the elder male’s shoulder with a wry smirk. The Inuzuka was no stranger to a bit of pain … and luckily for his exceedingly endowed lover, in the right situations it happened to turn the closet masochist on like crazy.

“No, it’s perfect.” He husked. “Don’t stop … give it to me deeper.”

Kankuro - who was already beyond the point of reason - lost all ability to control himself with that utterance. A primal snarl of ardor left him as he slammed to the hilt.

“AH!” Kiba cried, blunt nails digging half moons into the Sabaku’s olive skin as he took Kankuro fully.

“That deep enough.” Kankuro growled between lingering hot kisses to shoulder, neck, chest, then lips.

Kiba moaned, looking up at his boyfriend as he nodded shakily. “F-fuck yeah baby.” The Inuzuka then gave another low hiss of pleasure and arched his back sharply when Kankuro withdrew and shoved back inside him with a shudder.

“Ugh god Kiba …” The impassioned Sabaku rasped.

Kankuro steadied himself with one hand to the mattress then hooked his other arm beneath the younger male’s waist, effortlessly lifting Kiba’s lower half up from the bed as his hips began to piston forward in a deep slapping grind.

“So tight …” He whispered between grunts and thrusts, leaning in to kiss the moaning Inuzuka’s throat feverishly. “Mmm you’re so tight baby … fuck, I wanna cum in you.” The Sabaku moaned.

“Kankuro.” Kiba whined, fisting into his lover’s hair as Kankuro’s sex drove deep then slipped out of his pucker to a quick needy rhythm. Stretching his snug orifice wider with each delicious stroke. “Hnn jesus, gonna lose it!”

“Feels good?” Kankuro husked.

“So good, ugh so fuckin perfect.” Kiba gasped.

The penetration was doing things to him that the Inuzuka hadn’t even known sex could cause. Rightfully he should have been uncomfortable because of the time he’d gone without having sex, or at least marginally due to Kankuro’s ridiculous size. But somehow all Kiba could taste was intensity and sheer ecstasy. It was utterly intoxicating.

“Ngh, Kankuro mmm your cock is so good.”

One hand clasped harshly around Kankuro’s steadying forearm while the Inuzuka’s other appendage slipped between them to stroke over his own pulsing shaft as their rhythm picked up. Something inside Kiba knew that the way he currently felt was due only marginally to the immense physical pleasure he was receiving, and mostly to the emotion pulsing through his soul …

He was in love with him.

And it was because Kiba loved Kankuro so completely that his body was currently on fire. Through his relationship with the Sabaku Kiba was coming to understand the stark differences between immature first love and the emotion he now felt. This love was enduring, it was deep rooted … and it was heavy. Because having something so important … only meant he now had more to lose than ever before. And he couldn’t lose this, he couldn’t fucking bear to lose Kankuro.

The Inuzuka’s hands shook slightly as they rose up to thread deep into the elder male’s hair, drawing Kankuro’s ear close to his lips. “I don’t ah … want anyone … inside me, but you.” He rasped. “Ever.”

“Mmm.” Kankuro moaned at the statement, clutching Kiba even tighter.

The Sabaku was old enough and experienced enough to know that saying something like forever was foolish and idealistic. But still, he couldn’t help it. He wanted to become a fool for this, a fool for him.

Kankuro slowed then set Kiba’s hips down and pulled back so he could look at his lover. His pelvis continued to swivel and rock in a paced grind as the Sabaku combed tender fingers back through the younger brunette’s wild hair. Thrusting at different angles until he pinned the Inuzuka’s prostate dead on, tearing a gruff cry from Kiba’s throat.

“That your spot baby.” Kankuro husked passionately.

“Y-yeah … mmm!”

The Inuzuka moaned even louder when Kankuro’s engorged cockhead pressed into and across the swollen gland again, his jaw grit as rapture coiled in his gut and throbbed through his loins. The Sabaku groaned and leaned his weight forward, pushing his lover’s thighs down so Kiba’s calves rested atop either of the elder male’s broad shoulders. Kankuro then drove his cock as deep as the Inuzuka could take him. Kiba gasped sharply at the staggering fullness, heavy lidded eyes drifting up to meet his boyfriend’s intense gaze. The Inuzuka’s pools of brown were glassy and heated, his cheeks flushed with both desire and exertion, lips parted and still wet from the tongue which had just swept across them. He reached up, caressing one hand over Kankuro’s chest to curl behind his neck.

“Love … you.” Kiba whispered thickly between moans, staring up with an utter adoration that he couldn’t have hidden had he tried.

Kankuro bit his lip as the words seeped straight through to his soul, he thrust again with a groan, eyes never leaving his boyfriend’s.

“Marry me.” The Sabaku murmured in response.

Kiba’s gaze instantly widened in shock.

“Wh … ahnn … what’re you … mmm … sayin?!” The Inuzuka’s heart felt like he’d just downed a speedball. Kankuro liked to prank, but he knew the Sabaku would never joke around at a time like this.

“I’m sayin … marry me.”

“Ka- … wait mmm stop baby … stop!” Kiba moaned at the deft continuous thrusts against his swollen prostate, which were making him unsure whether the words he’d just heard were reality or part of his delirium.

The Inuzuka pressed one set of knuckles insistently against Kankuro’s hip and the Sabaku finally stilled. Kiba looked up gasping.

“W-what’d you just say?” He stammered hoarsely.

“You heard me.” Kankuro husked.

“Don’t joke like that asshole!”

Kankuro frowned and abruptly resumed thrusting with a animalistic growl. “I’m not joking. You say yes, I swear to god I’m takin you to Connecticut and we’re gettin married and you’re not gonna look at another guy for the rest of your life.” He briefly paused with a lusty simper. “Well knowing you, you’ll still look … but you can’t touch ok.” Kankuro kissed Kiba tenderly and thrust even deeper. “If you love me, then let me make you happy baby.”

Kiba could only stare up in silence. Stunned, confused, insanely aroused, ecstatic, panicked, skeptic and overwhelmed all at the same time. His lips parted slowly as the Inuzuka finally managed to summon the words which he’d been desperately searching for.

“Kankuro … who … the fuck, proposes gay marriage during SEX!?”

“Want me to stop ‘n ask again?” Kankuro droned, then started to pull out.

Kiba’s strong limbs caught him before he could. “Don’t you dare.” The Inuzuka snarled. “Don’t you fuckin dare stop! Make me cum, let me feel you lose it inside me …  And then you get on your knees and ask me properly … you stupid … idiot.” Kiba growled softly.

Kankuro smiled. “I think it’s only one knee.”

The Inuzuka’s eyes blazed with ire. “HANDS and KNEES, understand!”

The older brunette nodded in surrender. “Yeah … now, where were we?” 

“You were ruining great sex with your horrible fucking timi- HNN!”

Kankuro slammed into his boyfriend’s waiting ass deep and fast, pinning the Inuzuka’s prostate on his sharp penetration, then teasing it on his outstroke. Before repeating the sequence over and over with rapid precision, making Kiba cry out harshly.

“FUCK!” Kiba shouted in rapture, head slamming back against the pillows, chest heaving. “Oh god … oh god K, fuck me.” He gasped, thrashing as his hands tugged and clutched savagely at the sheets.

“Great sex huh … mmm you ain’t seen nothin yet.” Kankuro snarled.

Kiba moaned out again, then - realizing how close he was - the Inuzuka suddenly growled and used all his strength to shove up abruptly. Before he knew it, Kankuro found himself laid flat on his back with the younger brunette hovering astride him.

“Waited so long for this.” Kiba murmured, gulping for air, brown eyes burning with primal hunger. His confession alluded far beyond their physical consummation, to the protected warmth that encompassed him mind body and soul whenever he was in Kankuro’s presence. To the love that healed rather than hurt, to the man he was fairly sure he could never do without.

There were no more words. Kankuro only reached up to guide his lover’s hips down and let Kiba take over. Sagging back against the mattress with a husky moan, then suddenly propping up and harshly gripping the Inuzuka’s waist to still him when Kiba attempted to slam down impatiently.

“Slow baby, go slow.” Kankuro cautioned hoarsely for fear that the younger male might hurt himself in their current position.

The Sabaku knew his cock wasn’t easy to take and gravity was probably not making that task any easier. However, having mostly adjusted already Kiba was unperturbed by the challenging size. In fact he savoured the feel of his walls stretching taut as they accepted Kankuro’s massive length inch by inch. Close enough to orgasm that he could almost taste it and needing desperately to be fully connected with his lover, Kiba swiveled his hips with a moan and suddenly used his weight to force himself all the way down. Kankuro shuddered in ecstasy and bit savagely into his bottom lip.

Ughh …” He groaned and collapsed back into the sheets, rubbing a calloused palm up over Kiba’s toned stomach in silent praise.

Kankuro.” Kiba hissed as he doubled forward at the overwhelming fullness.

The Inuzuka fisted into his boyfriend’s hair and nipped along the corded tendon of Kankuro’s neck as his insides clutched like a vise around their captive. The pair found each other’s lips and kissed desperately. Kankuro hurriedly fisted Kiba’s cock in one hand and anchored his other at the Inuzuka’s waist, using his hold to grind Kiba up and down atop his shaft. Their gruff ululation, peppered with moans, whines and the wet meeting of their sweat slicked bodies, melted into each other as they found a rapid deep pace. It didn’t take long before both were spasming and shivering in the onset of climax.

“Kiba.” Kankuro rasped, clutching the Inuzuka’s thigh. “Mmm Kib … I’m gonna hah … gonna cum baby.” He moaned harshly.

Kiba whined as he reached down to take over stroking himself. He bounced even harder atop the Sabaku’s cock, panting for air while looking straight into Kankuro’s eyes from beneath heavy lids.

“So close.” The Inuzuka groaned.

When Kankuro grunted in response and gripped Kiba’s hips only to savagely start slamming up into him, breath exploded from the Inuzuka’s lips along with a sharp masculine cry and he lost his load all over Kankuro’s stomach. The Sabaku shuddered and bucked upwards with a gasp as his boyfriend’s body contracted tight around him. He drew his knees up for leverage then pulled Kiba down against his chest, impervious to the sticky mess of the Inuzuka’s semen slicked between their stomaches.

“Kiba.” Kankuro hissed, shaking. “Ahh so good … HNN!”

The Sabaku’s body went rigid with an ardent shout as he came. Both large hands kneaded Kiba’s nape and ass respectively as Kankuro groaned lowly against the younger male’s throat between harsh breaths and tender kisses. Spending every drop of his hot climax deep inside Kiba’s walls.

“Love you …” Kankuro professed through a hoarse moan. “Baby, I love you so much.”

“Love you too.” Kiba whispered, lips pressing to his boyfriend’s damp hair as the older male rode out his powerful orgasm.

Through his cloud of pleasure, Kankuro felt Kiba’s arms slip underneath his neck to cradle his head protectively, and the Sabaku thought for a second he might’ve died. This was too perfect. Too fucking perfect to be real, wasn’t it? The question faded as Kankuro’s climax dwindled and they collapsed into each other’s embrace. Honestly speaking, he didn’t care. If this was a dream then the Sabaku had no intention of ever waking the hell up.

After a minute of listlessness, Kankuro gathered himself enough to pull Kiba’s chin towards his face then kissed the younger male long and slow … Filling the caress with the wealth of devotion and care which existed inside him for the Inuzuka’s sake alone. They finally parted for air and a lazy, smug grin curled across the Sabaku’s lips at Kiba’s obvious state of utter fatigue. Though Kankuro craved more (and his own stamina would’ve easily allowed it), he knew well enough that they were going to have to work Kiba up to being able to take him more than once in a single session. The Sabaku had yet to meet a man who could handle a round-two with him on their first go, but he’d long past accepted this as just one of the few downsides to being as well hung as he was. It was regrettable at times, but having a huge cock had definitely taught Kankuro the art of patience … that was for sure.

“You ok?” He murmured, massaging gently up Kiba’s spine.

“Fine now …” The Inuzuka grumbled wearily. “But somethin tells me my ass definitely won’t be in the morning.”

Kankuro smiled ruefully, “I’ll give you something for that babe … but first …”

Kankuro mustered the strength to slowly and carefully pull out, then rolled Kiba off of him and onto his back before the Sabaku laboriously got up to fetch a wet cloth and towel. He returned with both items and proceeded to clean away the lingering stickiness from both of their stomaches then wiped around Kiba’s ass, biting his lip as he did so.

“Hmm that’s gonna be messy later.” Kankuro hummed in a tone that failed to reveal whether he found this to be a good or bad thing.

“I don’t wanna hear that comin from the guy who made the mess …” Kiba grumbled, still laid flat on his back and unable to move his boneless body enough to punch the older brunette like he wanted to.

“Mmm.” Kankuro drawled smugly. “I needed to mark my territory.”

“Your territory?” Kiba scoffed with an exaggerated role of his eyes.

Kankuro’s brows lifted at the sarcasm. “Oh it’s not?” He challenged.

Kiba snorted and tried to look away, but Kankuro pulled his chin back firmly, leaning down to hover over him.

“It’s not?” He repeated gruffly, eyes burning into the Inuzuka’s.

“Obviously … it is … dumbass.” Kiba mumbled.

“That’s what I thought.” Kankuro smiled, stealing a quick kiss.

The Sabaku stood up and deftly maneouvered off the soiled top sheet around Kiba’s sprawled body, then flopped back down beside him with a wide yawn. As they basked in afterglow, the Inuzuka’s satisfaction drugged mind slowly turned back to the rainy night which had first brought him to the Sabaku’s apartment, and subsequently changed his life. Recalling Kankuro’s words.

“You can’t stay out here Kiba … come on. I got a guest room, you can crash there tonight. It’s not the Hilton but it’s warm and dry …”

“Pff … ‘I got a guest room’ he says … ‘it’s warm and dry’ he says. I’ve been conned. This was all a damn set-up wasn’t it.” Kiba muttered with a smirk.

“Yup.” Kankuro hummed without hesitation. “Seemed better than a mail-order bride, plus I got to test drive the merchandise.”

“Watch it, I’ll divorce your ass for the personal trainer then we’ll run off with your money.” The Inuzuka drawled.

“It’ll be hard to run. For you with broken legs … for him, without life.”

“Homicide and domestic violence ain’t the answer.” Kiba sighed shaking his head and clicking his teeth disapprovingly. “Take the higher road padawan.”

“Mmm, make sure to remember that before you fuck the trainer young Jedi.” Kankuro returned.

Kiba chuckled, the sound fading as his brows furrowed and mirth was suddenly replaced with the weight of his emotions. Kankuro’s proposal echoed in his mind, bearing down heavy on his heart.

“Do you … really want this … with someone like me.” Kiba said quietly.

Kankuro opened his eyes and looked over, knowing exactly what the Inuzuka was referring to. “Course I do. Marriage isn’t somethin that would ever leave my mouth as a joke Kiba.”

“It’s a big thing y’know …”

“Do you not want this?” Kankuro questioned.

“It’s just, if we ever broke up I … Shit, scares me K.” Kiba finished, unable to find the correct definitions or descriptions for the countless fears lurking in the shadows of his doubt.

Kankuro sighed.

“Look, I know it seems kinda soon. Well … not to me I’m almost thirty, but you’re still young and if we were straight honestly, I’d probably wait a few more years. But with all that stuff in California and those asshole’s fightin to change back the laws and shit … I just. I want you to be my  family Kiba.” Kankuro rolled over onto his side, stroking one palm over and down Kiba’s stomach. “In my mind you already are, so gettin married really is only a piece of paper. But it means that legally I can get you insured under the business. I can give you a house that’s ours … It means that if anything were to happen to either of us we can take care of each other, and that’s important to me. I never met anyone like you. I mean I’ve seen a lot of bad situations, but people usually don’t bounce back from ‘em like you can. Still … strong as you are I know you’re always ready for someone to pull the rug out from under. I just wanna be the one thing you don’t doubt.” The Sabaku paused. “I’m not sayin we’ll never fight or that things are gonna be anywhere near perfect, but I won’t leave. We have a problem, we’ll work that shit out. We get fed up, we’ll give it some space, but we’ll always come back. That’s the kind of life I want … with you.”

Kiba swallowed hard, he was overwhelmed. His throat unbearably tight. “Why.” He said hoarsely, looking at Kankuro with wide brown eyes full of equal parts incredulity and happiness. “How do I deserve that? I’ve caused you nothin but trouble since we met.”

“Why? Cause I need you.” Kankuro shrugged. “You call me on my bullshit. You know when I’m stressed even though I don’t say anything and somehow you always manage to fix it. You bust your ass to pull your weight and still be here when I get home just cause you know how much I love knowing you’re waitin for me … You make me laugh, you piss me off worse than anyone else, and still I love you so much it’s crazy. I’ve never once in the entire time we’ve known each other, had to try or be anything other than myself, even when we went through tough times. Do I need a better reason to wanna spend my life with you?”

The Inuzuka let the warmth of his boyfriend’s words wash through him as a long stretch of silence fell over the pair.

“Ok … it’s decided.” Kiba sat up resolutely, eyebrows knit with determination. “We’ll do this.”

Kankuro propped up with a smile. “Mmm attaboy, c’mer-“

Kiba quickly mushed a pillow into the oncoming Sabaku’s face to hold him at bay.

“BUT … you gotta wait til I finish school, ok?” The Inuzuka said sternly

Kankuro raised a confused eyebrow as the pillow fell to the mattress between them. “School? Didn’t you just-“

The Sabaku’s eyes widened and he suddenly grinned as comprehension found him. This was great news! He had no clue Kiba was even thinking about applying to college. The Inuzuka smiled at the understanding dawning in his boyfriend’s eyes, knowing that it was probably only halfway accurate.

As giddiness got the best of him, Kiba couldn’t stop the subsequent words from coming. “I didn’t wanna say anything yet since my financial aid hasn’t come through but … I finished that GED a long time ago …”

“What?” Kankuro said in shock. It was the first he’d heard of it.

“This whole year, all those classes … I was getting ready for the SAT’s, getting a shitload of character references from JDP for scholarships … and applying to schools.”

“But … but I thought you only got your diploma in the mail today?!” Kankuro sputtered.

“Nope, I showed you the diploma … but what I got was a letter. An acceptance letter … from Upenn.” Kiba confessed.

Kankuro gasped. “U PENN?!”

The Inuzuka smiled and rubbed his neck sheepishly. “It’s the only school around here that offers Veterinary Medicine, so …”

“How are you calm right now?! Kiba UPenn … is an IVY FUCKING LEAUGE SCHOOL. Do you understand where you just got accepted?!” The Sabaku exclaimed.

“Pff busted my dumb ass to do it, I’d hope so.” Kiba muttered, chest puffing a bit at the praise.

“Kib …” Kankuro said softly, still caught between elation and shock. “Baby you did so good.” He whispered, eyes growing wet.

Kiba promptly blushed from his toes to the tips of his ears. “If you start crying right now, it’s over.” He muttered, shoving the pillow back into Kankuro’s face again.

The Sabaku caught it this time with a chuckle, then his brows furrowed as a thought struck him. “But hold up … Upenn,  that means I have to wait FOUR more years?!”

“Well … technically I’ll be there for eight. But I’ll cut you some slack and let you put a ring on it after undergrad … So yeah, four.” The Inuzuka smirked.

Kankuro sighed in resignation, still smiling from ear to ear at the wealth of surprising news. “Fine, but once I pass thirty I can’t promise I won’t have a mid-life crisis and run off with the secretary while you’re neglecting me.”

“You don’t have a secretary.” Kiba reminded. “And a mid-life crisis at thirty? How long are you planning to live idiot.”

“Just long enough to die well before you.” The Sabaku informed casually.

“What the hell! You’re only nine years older.”

“Pff who cares, no one wants to be the widow.” Kankuro shrugged.

“-ER.” Kiba corrected with a chuckle. “Widower.”

“Whatever same shit.”

They both flopped back down with a shared laugh and Kiba began to fully absorb the promise of the path they’d just decided. The Inuzuka’s heart soared. Honestly he was scared as hell, more afraid than he’d ever been. This felt almost like someone else’s life … Kiba had never thought he was smart enough for college, he’d barely managed middle-school between acting out and his ADHD. And now here he was, about to enter a university with kids whose backgrounds were so different from his, that they might as well have hailed from different planets. Though the Inuzuka had personally fought tooth and nail to break past his own mental and circumstantial limitations. He knew he owed a great deal of his success to the person who in three years had taught him the true depth of friendship, shown him what it meant to be a man, proved that love didn’t have to break you to be real. Kiba didn’t know how he would ever pay Kankuro back, but he resolved to try, one day at a time.

Beside him, the Sabaku yawned and reached out to pull his boyfriend close.

“Hey.” He murmured softly into Kiba’s messy hair.

“Hm?” Kiba hummed.

“I love you kid.”

The Inuzuka smirked and turned to press a kiss against Kankuro’s chest. “Right back at you.”


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