Beside You In Time

Encore I - Fermata... At Fayette Prison


As a set of hands brusquely pat their way down his body for the third time, Kiba Inuzuka felt like he’d somehow been trapped in the twilight zone. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t shake off the eerie feeling … the very same which had descended upon him ever since he’d received a letter out of the blue, bearing only eight words.


Come visit me: Sun, August 5th 6-9pm.



The Inuzuka didn’t know how many times he’d read over that same sentence before his brain made sense of it. All he knew was that single piece of paper - which he’d folded and then hidden beneath the mattress so his boyfriend wouldn’t find it - had subsequently put him on a bus and brought him halfway across the state of Pennsylvania to stand in front of the Fayette State Correctional Institution.

After shuffling through a laundry list of seemingly endless searches and security checks. Handing over all of his belongings aside from his ID, then being told about ten million times that ‘prisoners and visitors may embrace only when meeting and departing’ … Kiba was finally ushered into the Fayette Penitentiary’s monitored visiting hall where he gasped sharply upon sight of the young inmate awaiting him at one of the far tables. The Inuzuka couldn’t have mistaken the Aburame for the world, given the presence of his trademark sunglasses … but still the brunette had to do a double take.

Kiba was utterly thrown by Shino’s uniform attire and buzz cut coiffure. Though he’d seen him naked plenty of times, it was jarring to see the Aburame outside of a bedroom without his usual hooded and overly concealed garb, not to mention Kiba had never in their lives seen Shino without his mini fro. The Inuzuka swallowed hard, almost dizzy with a mix of nervousness and anticipation. He crossed the room with hesitant steps, taking in the surroundings as he went. Marking the speckled linoleum tiles beneath his feet, the sterile surfaces all around, and the strong scent of industrial cleaning chemicals. The inmates - clad in orange coveralls, white soled slipons and ankle shackles - were scattered at different tables as the hall filled with their families, acquaintances and lovers. Correctional Officers oppressed the air from their posts all around the room’s perimeter, appraising both the prisoners and their guests with hawk eyes that dared either party to break the iron clad rules. Kiba finally made it to Shino’s table and pulled out a chair then sank down onto it. Hardly believing that after all this time they were sitting right across from each other once again. The Inuzuka knew he should say something … hi, hello, how are you … something to that effect. But somehow a greeting just wouldn’t come. Kiba searched frantically for suitable words, unable to take his eyes off of the handsome Aburame in front of him.

“You … cut … your hair.” He finally managed.

Shino smiled slightly and smoothed a self-conscious palm from back to front over the closely cropped strands.

“Yeah, new vibe …” The twenty four year old chewed his toothpick in silence for a moment, staring back at Kiba from behind his sunglasses. “You actually came.”

“You knew I would.” The Inuzuka responded.

“You look … pretty.” Shino said quietly.

Pretty?” Kiba rolled his eyes with a gruff snort. “The fuck are you sayin to another guy idiot!”

Shino chuckled softly as the tense awkwardness subsequently melted away and their familiar rhythm returned. “I could say somethin else, but you’re engaged and shit, so I improvised.”

Kiba inhaled sharply, chest tightening as his eyes went wide. Shino could have only gotten that information from one source. 

Oh hell no …

“Y-you … read them?” The Inuzuka rasped.

Kiba had started viewing his letters to Shino as merely an outlet to vent his own frustrations and worries years back … figuring the kid never spared them a glance anyway.

“Every single one.” Shino answered seriously.

Kiba’s cheeks grew hot, somehow knowing that made him wish the ground would open up and swallow him whole. God, what had he been thinking writing all that embarrassing shit in those letters?!

“I thought … you threw them out.” The Inuzuka muttered.

“Why would you think that.”

“Cause you never responded asshole!”


“Sorry?” Kiba growled. Shino was just as infuriatingly mysterious as he’d always been. “Don’t just fucking say sorry Shy, gimme a goddamn reason at least!”

Shino chuckled. “Shy …” He hummed with a wistful sigh. “Been a long time since I heard you call me that.”

Kiba looked away, he’d reverted to the old nickname without even thinking. Shino shifted in his chair.

“So, your boyfriend-slash-fiancé … He a good guy?”

The Inuzuka rolled his eyes at the blatant lack of answer to his prior question, which he knew meant that Shino was choosing to ignore it.

“Yeah …” He nodded.

“You keepin up in school?” The Aburame inquired.

Kiba bit his lip, wondering why the hell he suddenly wanted to cry so badly. He nodded again, eyes glued to the table.

“Good … that’s real good.” Shino tipped his chair back, gazing absently at the ceiling. “I always figured you’d be smart if you took it seriously.”

“Easy for you to say genius …” Kiba responded tersely without looking up. “I’m still pissed at you, you know that right.”

Shino smiled. “Yeah.” He said, eyes falling back to the Inuzuka. “I know.”

“But …” Kiba exhaled, finally meeting Shino’s hidden gaze with his own. “You’re important to me, that’s why I came today. I’m always gonna love you Shino. Whether you’re in here or not, you can come to me for anything.”

Shino righted himself as he cocked his head fondly and leaned his elbows onto the table. Resting one cheek atop his knuckles as his other arm reached out across the space between them, he caressed one finger down the bridge of the younger male’s nose before dragging his thumb over Kiba’s soft bottom lip.

“Mmm, don’t say stuff like that … makes me wanna be a homewrecker.” He husked.

“Aburame! Hands on your side of the table now!” One of the guards barked menacingly. “Two strikes, that’s one!”

“Yeah yeah.” Shino threw his hands up in surrender with a sigh, then pulled them down and tucked them both into his coverall pockets, rocking his chair up onto its back legs.

“Can’t seem to stay outta trouble can I.” He flashed a rare grin around his toothpick.

“I’m serious.” Kiba asserted.

“I know. But you can’t.” Shino let his chair settle back to the floor.

“I can’t what.”

“Love me, be there for me and all that …” The Aburame answered with a shrug.

“Why the hell not!” Kiba growled.

“Cause I’ll take advantage of that shit, and you know it.” Shino said simply.

Kiba’s brows furrowed, eyes full of hurt. “Shy …”

Shino heaved a rueful exhale. “Baby we got a pretty pissy bunch of CO’s today. And they’re gonna throw me outta here if I touch you again, so I’m gonna have to ask you to stop calling me that.”

“You’re a real asshole, you know that!” Kiba hissed, not willing to let Shino escape from the subject.


“What the hell, stop apologizing it’s annoying!”

Shino didn’t respond.

“Why’d you ask me here anyway huh! To make me feel like shit?” Kiba demanded.

“Don’t be like that … I wanted to see you.” The Aburame returned.

“So you could make me feel like shit?!”

“Kiba, I’m sorry ok.” Shino droned, the faintest hint of irritation in his voice.

“I told you stop apologizing!”

Shino rolled his eyes and looked away apathetically. Kiba couldn’t see the familiar gesture behind his dark glasses, but he’d fought with the kid enough in their lives to know that the Aburame was doing it.

“You still love to argue don’t you.” Shino remarked thinly. “Maybe I missed you, ever thought about that?”

Kiba’s eyes went wide in shock. Shino was NEVER this straightforward … EVER. The Aburame looked back to meet Kiba’s stunned gaze.

“Maybe, I’ve been readin those goddamn letters all this time, wanting to kill that guy for bein able to make you happy when I couldn’t. But that would be self-defeating wouldn’t it … To fuck up your happiness, just cause you were smart enough to find someone who treats you right. Then again maybe even knowing that … I still want him dead.”

Kiba was left speechless. He could only stare. Not sure what to say, whether he should feel threatened, pissed, worried … Before he could figure it out Shino stood up abruptly and leaned over the table, so close that there was but a centimeter between their faces.

“Just kidding.” He whispered.

Barely a second after the words left his lips, the Aburame tilted his head, let the toothpick fall … and he kissed Kiba. The caress was deep. Not a fleeting peck, but a tongue invading warm kiss that was achingly familiar and just as unnerving as it was soothing for Kiba’s soul. The Inuzuka couldn’t pull away as his eyes closed and their tongues and mouthes embraced like old friends reuniting after a long separation. Shino’s lips were soft and tasted of something sweet and citrusy. His tongue was swift and thorough in its infiltration, tracing Kiba’s lips then pushing further to explore the inside of his mouth as if trying to perfectly commit it all to memory.

“ABURAME!” The nearest CO bellowed.

Shino pulled back and stood upright with a resigned yet thoroughly satisfied smirk. 

“Yeah, two strikes. I know.” He crossed both arms behind his back expectantly as three guards descended in a pack. Two of them patted him down to see if he’d been handed any contraband, while the other cuffed his wrists roughly.

“Be good.” He murmured to Kiba as he was lugged off. “Tell that dude I’ll lay him out he ever cheats on you … Oh, and also tell him my cock’s bigger.”

Kiba sighed, recovering from the shock of their kiss as he shook his head. God, some things never changed. The Aburame was still as unpredictable and unreadable as ever.

“It’s not.” The Inuzuka called out with a smirk. “Not even close.”

“Just lie …” Shino returned, the ghost of a smile lingering on his lips. “It’ll make it easier for me to jack off.”

Kiba chuckled sadly as he watched his ex go. Trying to fight back the overwhelming ache in his heart.

As the clamor of the Aburame being removed faded, the Inuzuka happened to look down and inhaled sharply when he saw a folded paper sitting on the table in front of him. Kiba grabbed it on instinct before any of the CO’s could notice and slipped it into his pocket, just as one of the guards arrived to escort him to the exit.

The dazed Inuzuka was almost halfway through his bus ride home when he suddenly remembered the strange paper and subsequently pulled it out of his pocket. Carefully unfolding the note which he vaguely thought looked as though it had been opened and re-folded over and over. The minute Kiba spotted his name scribbled at the top of the page in Shino’s familiar, neat and slightly lopsided scrawl … time stopped.



I told myself I was gonna mail this … but it’s been way too long since I’ve seen your fine ass, so I ended up making you come get it. Knowing me, I probably got kicked outta visitation in like five minutes lol. Thanks for the letters. I didn’t write back cause … well this shit is mad embarrassing! I don’t know how you been doin it every month for five years, I feel like a thirteen year old girl at camp … Anyways, I just got parole. I’m not telling you when I’m getting released because I know you. You’ll definitely show up and I’m not even gonna act like I won’t jump your bones, steal you from Mr. perfect then ruin your life all over again … Cause I will. So just know that I’m getting out and then I’m leaving PA for good.

Man, I can just SEE your face right now … you’re so pissed aren’t ya? 

Don’t be baby.

I know I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff and you really deserve to be mad at me … but don’t be. Get married, show those UPENN trustfund lames they ain’t got shit on Castile Hill, stay outta trouble … and let me believe wherever I end up, that you forgave me. It’d be nice to tell you that my time in this shithole gave me some life changing epiphany, but nope, I’m still like an insect. I do best in the shadows and in the dirt with the rest of my kind and I’ll never get away from that … (sounds cool don’t it, fuckin Shakespeare over here man, I swear). You on the other hand … are the one thing I tried my best to always keep clean Kib. Done a pretty shitty job of it, but I tried. Where you’re at now is all I could ask for. I’d lock myself up a million times over to keep you there forever.

Be good.


Don’t let your man find this, he’ll get all mad cause I’m flirting with you … But if he is for some reason reading it … I just want him to know he shouldn’t feel bad that I took your virginity, or that you loved me before him, or that I was your first man EVER, or that my cock’s bigger than his. Cause let’s face it, life wasn’t engineered to be fair.



The dark blue ink bled and ran as drops of Kiba’s sadness hit the lined paper like rain. He hadn’t cried since primary-school and yet, at twenty one years of age there Kiba Inuzuka was, on the back of the Castile Hill bound 265 not just crying, but sobbing. Snot, tears … the works. People were staring and he didn’t care. That one line and the realization it brought had broken him.

“I’d lock myself up a million times over to keep you there forever.”

On purpose. Jesus christ … he did it on fucking PURPOSE.

Kiba had always found it strange. Both the timing and details of Shino’s arrest. The Aburame was notorious for being able to sniff out an undercover cop at a glance. Not to mention he was smart as hell, meticulous and careful to a fault. Letting other people front hand-offs with anything high risk, especially with major deals or questionable clientele. So him stupidly showing up to do a hand to hand sale for three unregistered guns with silencers and having his ‘custy’ turn out to be a DT, had always bothered Kiba. And now he knew why. Shino would never get caught … never. Not unless he wanted to be.

“God, normal people just break up you idiot!” The Inuzuka whispered hoarsely.

But they weren’t normal, Kiba knew that well enough. He’d only fully understood in hindsight that their relationship had been unhealthy to the point of obsession. Apparently to the point where Shino, who could’ve easily disappeared, had felt the need to instead physically lock himself up just to keep himself away from Kiba. The Inuzuka realized then that while he’d been thinking his attachment to Shino was one sided … they’d really been hopelessly enmeshed in each other all along.

By the time Kiba staggered through his front door, the forlorn Inuzuka was a right mess. So much so that Kankuro nearly dropped his cup of water in panic when he caught sight of his fiancé.

“Kiba, what’s wrong, what happened?!” The Sabaku pressed worriedly.

Without responding Kiba simply handed the older brunette the paper clutched in his fist, then slumped down at the kitchen table numbly. Confused as hell, Kankuro smoothed out the note then read over it twice, before sitting down across from Kiba with a heavy sigh. He finally looked up after a moment.

“So … you didn’t think that maybe you could’ve mentioned to me that you’ve been writing to your ex-boyfriend for five years … OR at least talked to me about it before you went to go SEE him today?” The Sabaku demanded.

When Kiba didn’t answer, Kankuro exhaled again and laid the letter flat on the table.

“I’ll tell you one thing.” He tapped his index finger against the paper with conviction. “There’s no way that his dick’s bigger than mine.

Kiba finally looked up as his bottom lip began to tremble and Kankuro reached out both of his arms.

“C’mere kid.” He said softly.

The Inuzuka went to him without hesitation and Kankuro pulled Kiba into his lap then held him tight. Rocking a bit and rubbing the younger male’s lower back as he pressed gentle kisses to his neck, then tucked his face against it.

“Just from that letter, I can see why you were crazy about him. If he wasn’t your first I might’ve actually liked the guy myself if I ever met him.”

“Hmph.” Kiba snorted through a wet sniffle.

Kankuro smiled, knowing the sound meant that the Inuzuka was alright.

“But for the record …” The Sabaku continued. “He did take your virginity … so I hate him by default.”

“I’m sorry.” Kiba murmured gruffly against Kankuro’s shoulder.

“Hm, why?”

“For not talkin to you about it first … I just, I didn’t want you to tell me not to go.” The Inuzuka admitted.

“I wouldn’t have.”

Kiba pulled back in surprise to meet Kankuro’s gaze. “So you’re cool with it?”

“I don’t know if I’m cool with it Kiba.” Kankuro answered honestly. “I wouldn’t have stopped you from going though … BUT, now that he’s getting out is a different story, you know that right?”

“What do you mean.” Kiba cocked his head.

“I mean, if Shino contacts you again and asks you to meet up and you go … I’m going to assume you cheated on me, and shit’s gonna hit the fan.” Kankuro said seriously.

“I … obviously wouldn’t.” The Inuzuka muttered.

“Hmm I wonder.” Kankuro responded, unconvinced.

“You don’t trust me?”

“I do trust you.” The Sabaku corrected. “The one I don’t fucking trust is your ex-boyfriend. Especially after reading that.”

“That’s the same as not trustin me.” Kiba huffed.

“No it’s not.” Kankuro replied with a frown, not exactly enjoying the fact that his fiancé was so avidly siding with another man. “Kiba you haven’t seriously dated anyone besides us two, so maybe you’re not aware. But no matter who you are or how jaded you get, your first love is the person who made you the most vulnerable you’ll ever be. So they’re always a weakness.” He said sagely.

“Oh, that so? First I’m hearing … wanna tell me who your ‘weakness’ is then Sabaku?” Kiba growled.

Kankuro blanched … kicking himself for walking his own ass into such a blatant trap. When it came to jealousy, Kiba had him beat by a longshot … and that didn’t bode well for his chances of getting laid in the near future.

“Uh well that’s um … uh that’d be y-you of course baby.” Kankuro stammered, hoping to gloss over the moment before Kiba really set into him.

However, judging by the lightening speed with which the Inuzuka removed himself from the Sabaku’s lap and started for their bedroom … it was too late.

“You’re full of shit.” Kiba called over one shoulder. “Have a good time thinkin bout your ‘weakness’ on the couch tonight buddy … I’ll be jacking off to mine.”

“Babe!” Kankuro protested, then jumped as he heard their bedroom door slam viciously. A scowl settled over his features as his gaze returned to the evil letter atop the table.

“You planned this shit didn’t you.” He growled, as though Shino could hear him. “Don’t matter, you can have tonight … cause in six months he’s marrying me asshole.”

The Sabaku’s scowl relaxed into a smug simper at that thought, and he nodded triumphantly as his mind once again reassured him of the most important fact of all.

“Yeah … there’s no way that guy’s cock is bigger than mine.”


    Finale ~~~~~~~~ Back to Kankuro/Kiba ~~~~~~~~ Encore 2



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