Beside You In Time

Encore II - Aftercare... Saba-Style

AN: Though we had a bit of a time-skip with extra #1 *clings to Shino* … this actual takes us back to the day after Kankuro proposed [popped the question in the middle of doin the deed if anyone forgot lol. Great timing Saba … really] Anyhoo now that we’ve got our chronology straight … on to extra #2!


Kiba flexed with a loud yawn, toned muscles rippling across his bare back and chest as the brunette stretched upwards then winced when a sharp pang shot through his backside. The sensation offered firm reminder that the night prior had explosively and deliciously put an end to his and Kankuro’s sexual abstinence from each other. And thank F’n god for that … Although now the Inuzuka was sore as he’d ever been, which was problematic … Mostly because at that moment Kiba also happened to be fiending for his boyfriend like no other.

Both Inuzuka and Sabaku were lounged out on the living room sofa, staring ambivalently at their powered off television while trying to decide whether they wanted to catch the game or watch a movie instead. Kankuro was clad in comfy jeans and a black tanktop, Kiba was fresh out of the shower and shirtless (as usual) in a pair of navy sweats. The Inuzuka had draped himself across Kankuro’s lap on his belly because his ass hurt too much to sit properly. Kankuro’s right hand was absently rubbing his boyfriend’s bum in soothing circles, which were unbeknownst to the Sabaku doing way more turning-on than soothing of any kind. The elder brunette became semi-aware of this fact however, when he felt Kiba suddenly run a hungry hand over his crotch. The Sabaku raised a brow and looked down in surprise, only to find a pair of wild eyes gazing deviously back up at him as Kiba leaned in to bite the bulge of his boyfriend’s soft cock. Kankuro inhaled sharply then groaned when his dick came to life, eagerly tensing and swelling against his jeans. He parted his thighs to accommodate the stiffness and teethed at his bottom lip.

“Thought we agreed to lay off today.” Kankuro murmured, lids slipping lower when Kiba squeezed his cock again then nuzzled against it.

The Sabaku inwardly struggled to keep himself in check despite the temptation that action provided, knowing that Kiba was still sore from the night before.

“We said no sex.” The Inuzuka drawled. “But that’s got nothin to do with me givin you head, does it.”

Resistance and reply were both stolen as Kiba deftly worked open Kankuro’s zipper and pulled his half hardened erection free of its restriction. The Sabaku’s palm fell to lovingly caress the Inuzuka’s nape while Kankuro’s hungry gaze observed him, calloused thumb dragging back and forth over Kiba’s throat.

“Mm, you’re so fuckin greedy.” He murmured, the carpenter’s level of arousal plain in his deep voice. “Craving another taste of my cock that bad?” 

“Mmhm.” Kiba replied, lips already trailing lightly up the underside of Kankuro’s thick shaft.

The Inuzuka’s mouth curved into a grin as he tongued avidly over the heated flesh of his boyfriend’s cock. God he loved the way Kankuro talked when he was horny … Kiba loved it so much that he was almost pissed the elder brunette had denied him this crude art of seduction for so long. It sent chills through the Inuzuka the way Kankuro didn’t mince words in bed. The way he didn’t give a shit about being accommodating or nice … the way the carpenter reminded his lover that he was above all else a hot-blooded man to his core. Kiba groaned at the latter thought and aggressively gripped and rubbed the Sabaku’s balls through his jeans. Mouth dragging sloppy kisses and teasing licks around Kankuro’s swollen cockhead which had begun to seep salty drops of the elder male’s desire. The Inuzuka’s own dick was swiftly adopting a similar state in its confines, hunger flickering in his gut as the taste of his boyfriend’s precum whet his appetite. Kiba growled then split wet lips against the crown of Kankuro’s sex and abruptly drew the spongy tip into the suction of his mouth. Interspersing slow swipes of tongue with light nibbling sucks, both of which were meant to work the older male up nice and slowly.

Ahh.” Kankuro sighed in rapture. “Fuck Kiba …”

The Inuzuka smirked around his mouthful then leisurely coaxed more of Kankuro’s massive cock in between his lips. Taking a bit at a time then backing off, before slipping down a little further on his next trip. Kiba repeated this process until finally the teen’s nose tickled against coarse dark curls and the older brunette’s swollen cock was nestled deep in the recesses of the Inuzuka’s throat, the thick scent of Kankuro filling his nostrils.

“Deepthroat like it’s nothin huh … god damn baby.” Kankuro groaned while he stroked praising fingers through Kiba’s hair. He was just as turned on as he was impressed, since the Inuzuka was only one of two who’d ever managed to take him down all the way. “That mouth’s a problem.” He murmured lustfully. “From now on I’m gonna need you on your knees sucking my cock soon as I get home from work, you got that.”

Kiba hummed in eager affirmation and chose that moment to forgo his languid pace in favour of giving Kankuro’s cock fast hard sucks. His tongue curved itself against the wide underside of the Sabaku’s shaft, massaging the sensitive flesh with each trip. Kankuro sank back into the sofa and grit out a broken moan, fiery green eyes glued to his lover. The warm haven of Kiba’s mouth was incredible. He shuddered as the younger male played perfectly upon his lust, giving shallow bobs one moment, then deep throat-filling sucks the next. The Sabaku’s broad chest heaved with pleasure, his toes curled into the carpet, his jaw went slack … Through his haze of ardor Kankuro vaguely realized that he might very well lose his mind along with his load if the Inuzuka kept this up. To say that Kiba was ‘talented’ would’ve been a gross understatement … The Sabaku - who’d in his twenty eight years been sucked off more times than he could even count - had never gotten better head in his life.

“Ugh Kiba … sssss, oh GOD you’re gonna make me cum.” Kankuro moaned harshly. Abdomen clenching up with every deft swirling trip over his throbbing cock.

On instinct the panting brunette reached down to grope hungrily at Kiba’s supple ass and the Inuzuka suddenly moaned when his boyfriend’s insistent fingers brushed his pucker through his pants. Kiba immediately lifted his butt into the air in a silent request for more of the same.

“Mm, that ass wants some huh.” Kankuro husked grittily.

The Sabaku slipped his previously groping hand under Kiba’s waistband and into his boxers, then started slowly rubbing around the Inuzuka’s entrance which was still a bit swollen from the night before. Kankuro massaged light circles over the dimpled ring, pressing gently against it, mindful of its condition. Within seconds Kiba was rock hard beneath the attention, he suckled Kankuro’s cock with even more fervor as his own pleasure mounted. The Sabaku pulled his hand back with a groan and laved around his fingers until they were dripping wet. He then used his other appendage to yank Kiba’s sweats and boxers to his thighs before the brunette reached over and teased his sopping digits against his boyfriend’s asshole. Kankuro bit his bottom lip then slowly pressed in a single finger, breaching Kiba’s tight heat as his other digit rubbed along the teen’s entrance, slicking the dimpled flesh with spit. Kiba’s mouth pulled off with a hoarse gasp at the feeling. The Inuzuka pumped Kankuro’s dripping cock with one hand as he was forced to muffle a loud cry against the elder male’s thigh.

Yeahh.” Kiba whispered shakily. “Hnn deeper.” Though the area was tender as expected, a staggering lust fully drowned out any semblance of discomfort.

Driven by the reaction, Kankuro added another finger. His other hand fisting into Kiba’s hair and dragging the Inuzuka’s mouth back to his own dick.

“Keep sucking.” He growled, rocking his hips upwards.

Kiba obeyed, taking the Sabaku back fully into his mouth. Kankuro spasmed in rapture as wet heat enveloped his sex. The older male’s head briefly lolled back as his thick fingers twisted then slammed knuckles deep into Kiba’s ass. His other hand clenching in his boyfriend’s soft wild hair. The Sabaku inhaled and managed to look back down. Soon as he did, his cock pulsed at the sight of Kiba’s swollen lips sucking him so ardently, shapely backside raised in the air with his fingers buried inside it.

“Damn … you look so good like this.” Kankuro grit out. His fingers found a steady pace, thrusts speeding up as his own needs intensified.

The sensation of being penetrated rocked through Kiba’s entire body like a tidal wave. He was forced to pull off again, nearly choking with savage want. He didn’t care anymore about being sore … jesus he just needed more of this. The Inuzuka looked up at his lover with passionate desperation, lids low and lips parted as he rocked his weight back, unabashedly fucking himself onto Kankuro’s fingers. The Sabaku groaned.

“You like that …” Kankuro growled.

Yeah.” Kiba whined in affirmation, fisting his hand up and down his boyfriend’s slick cock to the same rhythm.

“You like fuckin your tight lil hole on my fingers …”

Hnnn, yeah baby.”

“Whose cock tore this ass up last night hm?” The Sabaku snarled aggressively.

Yours.” Kiba gasped. “N-need it.”

“Need what.” The Sabaku chuckled darkly.

“Need you … in me.”

Kankuro moaned, but fought fiercely against his desires. “Kib, you’re still …”

“I don’t care!” Kiba growled before the Sabaku could finish. He kissed and sucked up the side of Kankuro’s large cock, tongue dragging hotly along one raised vein. “Want you … so bad.”

In all of two seconds Kankuro’s wavering resistance was soundly defeated by that sexy utterance. The elder brunette grabbed the Inuzuka and lifted him up then turned Kiba around so he faced the opposite direction, ass bared to Kankuro’s greedy eyes. The Sabaku slammed Kiba’s chest down with a snarl, forcing the teen’s back into a sharp arch as he came behind him, one knee on the couch his other foot planted on the floor.

“I don’t wanna hear it when you can’t move tomorrow, understand.” Kankuro husked, stroking his wet cock with the hand that wasn’t pinning his boyfriend down.

“Give it to me …” Was Kiba’s only reply.

Kankuro shivered and gripped the root of his dick with one hand, the other flat atop Kiba’s back as he guided his cockhead against his lover’s asshole then pushed his weight down onto it. He moaned as the swollen orifice fought his size before finally surrendering and pulling his thick shaft into its delicious heat.

KANKURO!” Kiba cried hoarsely against the couch cushions as his insides were filled.

“Ughh fuuck.” Kankuro rasped in ecstasy, eyes shutting tight and body doubling over Kiba’s back as he continued to push in slowly. Sinking deeper until he finally bottomed out.

The Sabaku buried his face into his lover’s hair, large palms caressing up over Kiba’s strong shoulders and arms until their fingers overlapped and intertwined. Kankuro struggled to breathe as his hips retreated only to slowly and carefully drive his dick back in. When Kiba moaned and spasmed savagely, body locking like a vise around Kankuro’s cock … the Sabaku nearly passed out.

“Fuckin hell.” He cursed incredulously. The carpenter went rigid as he waited for the throbbing pleasure to subside a bit. At that point Kankuro wasn’t even sure his own climax could hold out long enough to make Kiba cum first.

Fortunately for the overwrought Sabaku … Kiba was drowning in a world of pleasure all his own. Whether it was the anticipation, or the fact that they’d sworn not to do this and yet done it anyway … Somehow the sex was blindingly intense. Kiba didn’t even dare to touch his own cock for fear he would burst at that precise moment. He instead rocked back needfully in protest of Kankuro’s stillness. The elder brunette groaned and gripped tight at the Inuzuka’s waist to immobilize him.

Wait babe.” He snarled, trying to calm himself down. “Just gimme a secon-“

Before Kankuro could finish Kiba used all of his strength to break the Sabaku’s hold, then stubbornly bucked back yet again. Kankuro moaned hoarsely. This time he couldn’t for the life of himself stop his pelvis from slamming forward to meet the Inuzuka’s backwards thrust.

“Fuck!” Kankuro rasped thickly.

As the heady sensation shuddered through his body, all remaining control was lost. The primal beast which hid itself in the depths of the Sabaku’s lust grabbed hold of the reins and without warning, Kankuro was fucking the Inuzuka relentlessly with hard fast thrusts of his aching cock. Earning a gruff pleasured cry for each savage penetration as his strong arms curled under Kiba’s chest to hold him tight.

“You really piss me off.” Kankuro panted into his boyfriend’s ear, nipping hard at the shell. “I told you gimme a sec so that I wouldn’t screw your sexy ass through this goddamn couch, but you don’t fucking listen!” The Sabaku growled, rising up a bit so he could pound his hips forward even faster. “This what you wanted baby, to be fucked til you break?”

“Nghhh! Ahhhh FUCK.” Kiba shouted in ardor. “Yeah ughh Kankuro … hnn, SHIT you fuck me so good.” He gasped passionately.

“That right?” Kankuro drawled, kissing hard against the Inuzuka’s racing pulse. “You take your man’s dick well … don’t you.” He praised lowly, deep thrusts never stopping.

“Sss fuck yeah.” Kiba moaned.

“It’s yours, you know that.” The Sabaku shifted down to whisper. “I swear to god, my cock is yours.”

“Hnn, christ you’re gonna make me cum.” Kiba ground out hoarsely.

Kankuro moaned, fisting into Kiba’s hair as his teeth sank into the younger male’s neck, lips working over the bite just a moment after. The hard fast slaps of their bodies meeting echoed throughout the room, along with Kiba’s moans and Kankuro’s deep rumbling groans.

“C-cu-cumming!” Kiba rasped. His entire body lurched forward with the sheer force of his orgasm as it suddenly crashed into him head on, tearing from his cock in thick spurts to splatter the couch cushions.

“Mm attaboy …” Kankuro droned in lusty approval. “Cum for me, so I can give you this load baby.”

The elder male shuddered when Kiba’s walls began to milk tighter around him. Feeling his own orgasm slipping from his grasp, Kankuro let his arms encircle Kiba’s waist then rocked back onto his knees. Lifting the Inuzuka with him and letting the teen’s weight fall back against his chest once they were upright. The Sabaku’s dark tanktop grew damp in between their bodies as sweat seeped into the fabric. Kankuro buried his face into Kiba’s neck, hands rubbing feverish trails across his lover’s slick stomach and hard pecs.

“You love me …” He whispered.

“Hell yeah.” Kiba returned softly.

“Say it.”

“Love you.” The Inuzuka murmured, subtly rocking his hips down at the same time. “So much.”

With that Kankuro’s arms suddenly locked and his body jerked. A husky masculine sob lost itself against Kiba’s skin as the Sabaku’s climax found him at last. Kankuro couldn’t even utter a word, it was too intense. He clutched Kiba suffocatingly tight against his chest, face pressed desperately into the curve of the teen’s throat as Kankuro’s deep moans vibrated and his hips rocked upwards. Thrusting inside the Inuzuka’s ass in sporadic jerky intervals as his orgasm spilled spurt after incredible spurt. The pleasure seemed to stretch for an eternity, until the brunette’s balls pumped dry and a ragged exhale of completion tore from his lips. At the sound Kiba wearily steadied one hand on the sofa and slowly began to move away, but Kankuro yanked the teen back before he could break their union.

“Not yet baby.” The Sabaku whispered hoarsely, his cock still twitching inside his lover’s walls as if trying to seep despite having nothing left to give.

Kankuro ran a shaky hand back through Kiba’s hair and then carefully eased them both down to sit without disjoining their bodies. The Inuzuka sighed as his eyes closed and he sagged into the support of Kankuro’s broad chest. They were both still half dressed. Well, Kankuro at least was half dressed. Kiba, with both pants and boxers bunched just above his knees was more like half naked … but neither cared. Kankuro continued to comb fingers through Kiba’s hair, lids hung at half-mast over green eyes as the Sabaku dropped lingering kisses all along the Inuzuka’s shoulder and throat.

“I love you.” He husked.

“Mmm.” Kiba hummed lazily.

Kankuro bided his time for a bit, well aware that he needed to cum again … but trying to accommodate his boyfriend to the best of his lust compromised ability.

“Pull your legs up babe.” He finally murmured after a minute or so.

Kiba’s brown eyes fluttered open then widened as he registered for the first time, that Kankuro was STILL hard inside him. Curious as to what the hell kind of alien lifeform he was dating, the Inuzuka kicked off his pants then gingerly obliged. Ass beginning to smart slightly as the high of his pleasure thinned. Kankuro hooked one arm behind Kiba’s knees and drew them up towards his chest, folding his lover in two. Kiba shuddered as the repositioning caused Kankuro’s cock to shift even deeper inside him. The Sabaku sighed in rapture at the desired effect, then slowly began to grind his hips upwards with a moan, nibbling at Kiba’s earlobe.

“Beso …” He whispered, making perfect use of one from the five spanish words he actually knew.

Kiba chuckled and leaned his head back against Kankuro’s shoulder then turned his face until their lips brushed. The Inuzuka smirked, nipping his boyfriend’s mouth teasingly.

“Not done yet?”

“Mm mm.” Kankuro murmured lowly, moving closer to fully capture the younger male’s pout.

The Inuzuka moaned as the Sabaku’s tongue forced its way between the seam of his lips and wrapped around his own. Sucking lightly before both organs began to twist and caress each other with passionate fervor that was sharp in its intensity, yet also slow and deep. As he sank into that heady feeling Kiba’s right hand came up to play through Kankuro’s short hair. Tugging hard every now and then, making the Sabaku groan ardently against his lips. The Inuzuka hummed in approval at the sound, wishing he could join Kankuro for his second pursuit but unfortunately (unlike the Sabaku’s) his cock wasn’t super human. After cumming as hard as he had Kiba wouldn’t be ‘rising to the occasion’ anytime soon … However despite physical limitations the mental aspect of their love making was still at full force for the Inuzuka. It turned Kiba on like crazy to know that Kankuro wanted him this much … Just the thought of giving his boyfriend another dose of pleasure was more than enough to get the younger brunette’s blood burning again.

Kiba swiveled his hips and clenched his lower muscles purposely, smiling when Kankuro’s whole body jerked under him in response to the tantalizing pressure, then began faintly shaking. The Inuzuka was fascinated by the reaction. Seeing things from an entirely new perspective as he pleasured his better half. Blinded as he’d been by lust their first time, Kiba had completely missed how gorgeous Kankuro was in this state. How vulnerable, how sexy, how utterly and completely his. The Inuzuka moaned into his boyfriend’s mouth and reached down to push Kankuro’s arm from behind his knees then broke their kiss. Kiba’s feet came to rest on either side of the Sabaku. One on the floor, the other atop the couch before the brunette used that leverage to take over their movements. Kankuro instantly sagged back with a laboured hiss of rapture at the stimulation.

Kiba …” He husked.

Each stroke of clutching ass over cock was so slicked from the amount of Kankuro’s seed still trapped inside Kiba that there wasn’t an ounce of friction. Allowing the Inuzuka to move faster without any discomfort. Kankuro grunted and shuddered at the increasing speed which was steadily pulling him towards the finis he so urgently needed. The Sabaku moaned Kiba’s name again, both hands falling to grip his lover’s undulating hips. Kankuro’s gaze drifted down to his lap where his cock protruded from his open fly, flanked by the vent in his boxers. He watched raptly as their bodies joined over and over again. The white evidence of his first climax seeping lewdly around his thick shaft while it slid in and out of the Inuzuka’s dimpled hole which was stretched thin by its size.

“Fuck.” Kankuro groaned, utterly mesmerized by the erotic sight.

When Kiba abruptly shifted forward onto his knee, altering their angle in order to take Kankuro all the way on each bounce, the Sabaku could no longer keep his eyes open. He cried out gruffly, desperate fingers digging in at the Inuzuka’s waist as Kankuro’s forehead fell against Kiba’s back and his lungs fought for air through harsh stuttering breaths.

“Again.” He rasped. “… hnnn … gonna cum again.”

Kiba smirked and sped up. “Is it that good Saba.” He murmured smugly, chest heaving a bit from his own exertions.

Kankuro whined then spasmed, pressing wet lips to Kiba’s shoulder blade with a low moan. “Fuck yes.” The Sabaku husked. “Best … I’ve ever fuckin had baby.” The older brunette confessed breathlessly. He’d never spoken a truer word.

Kiba bit his lip, liking the sound of that immensely. He leaned back again, grabbing Kankuro by a tuft of hair and turning to attack the carpenter’s lips with short heated kisses as the Inuzuka began grinding his ass down with extra force. Kankuro’s eyes rolled, a gruff sound of pure masculine need slipping into their clashing mouthes.

“Tell me you love fuckin me.” Kiba growled savagely between kisses.

Ughh … love it Kiba …” Kankuro’s arms twined around his boyfriend. This time he was shaking as he held fast to the Inuzuka, his overtaxed cock victimized by the onset of his orgasm which was almost more than Kankuro could take. “God I love fucking you baby.” He whispered.

“You want me to make you cum?” Kiba drawled, tensing his inner walls deliberately.

“Yess.” Kankuro hissed. At that point he was barely able to move of his own will, the Sabaku could only clutch Kiba tight and gasp through moans against the Inuzuka’s cheek. “Please baby.” He rasped. “Ssss … please.”

Kiba shifted again to get a better foothold then started riding Kankuro fast and hard … within a minute, the Sabaku was cumming with a shout.

“Mmm KIBA! Kibaa … ohgod … ohm’fuckin GOD.” Kankuro roared hoarsely, mind utterly destroyed by the sheer intensity of his pleasure.

The brunette convulsed as the meager amount of semen he had left in reserve choked up from his cock. Forced out of the straining length by powerful pumps that tore through Kankuro’s entire frame even as they came up dry. It hurt. It was so fucking good that it hurt. Or maybe, it hurt so fucking good? He didn’t even know. At that moment Kankuro was hard pressed to recall his own last name … Jesus, was this even a climax?! It felt as though the entire world was caving in. He wanted it to stop, he wanted it to never end. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, but he could feel … Christ he could FEEL it so deep that it was too much. Kankuro shook, he cursed. He made sounds he didn’t even know he was capable of making, and then like waking from a dream, it was over. Sharp pangs faded to a dull ache as green eyes slowly forced themselves open. The Sabaku looked down and dazedly realized he was collapsed flat on top of Kiba, one hand gripping the younger brunette’s nape so hard that his fingers had left welts.

What the … when the hell did that happen?!

Before his mind could spiral further into befuddlement, a husky voice suddenly cut through Kankuro’s confusion.

“K … If you don’t move your heavy ass the fuck off me right now,” Kiba wheezed, “I’m gonna kill you.”

“Oh crap. My bad babe …” Kankuro somehow got his boneless body to respond to his commands and eased up, only to find that he was still buried inside Kiba’s ass. The brunette shook his head with an incredulous chuckle at the apparent pleasure-blackout he’d experienced as he carefully pulled his soft cock free with a hiss. “Holy shit … what the hell just happened.” The Sabaku murmured.

Kiba winced as Kankuro’s thick heat slipped wetly out of him, already feeling the return of soreness which he was sure was bound to become agonizing pain in a minute. The Inuzuka propped up and turned with a wide yawn that settled into a smug smile.

That my friend … is what we refer to as ‘the best you’ve ever had’ …” Kiba drawled.

Kankuro chuckled as he rolled his neck and shoulders which were still tight from the way they’d locked up during his forceful orgasm.

“True as that is baby. What I wanna know is how we made it from over there …” He thumbed to the opposite end of the couch where they’d previously been sitting. “To here, without me realizing it.”

“Well considering you came for about five days.” Kiba muttered. “I thought you were finished … But then all of a sudden you were all growling and throwin me down over here while you rode my ass like you didn’t know how fucking sore it already was.”

“Damn … I missed that.” Kankuro groaned ruefully.

Kiba scowled. “Glad to know that’s what you’re sorry about prick.”

“Mmm.” Kankuro smiled sheepishly, leaning over Kiba to kiss his shoulder then his neck up to his ear. “It’s not babe … Sorry, I didn’t mean it.” The Sabaku murmured, sucking at Kiba’s earlobe. “You forgive me?”

“I’ll think about it … after you carry me to the bathtub.” Kiba grumbled curtly in response.

Kankuro pulled back in surprise. Not that he minded, but Kiba never blatantly asked to be coddled. EVER.

“After I carry you to the bathtub?” The Sabaku said amusedly. “Who are you and what’ve you done with Kiba?”

“Shut up! You think I can fuckin walk by myself right now asshole?” The Inuzuka muttered, blushing furiously.

Kankuro laughed then righted his jeans and dutifully scooped his boyfriend up. Kissing his forehead with a smile as he made his way to the bathroom and gave a lusty hum.

“Mmm, hearin you say that fuckin turns me on.” Kankuro drawled.

Kiba gave a dangerous growl. “Saba, you so much as look at my ass for the next forty-eight hours … and it’ll be the last thing you ever do.”

“Fine … geez.” Kankuro sighed, smirking faintly. “You’re still gonna marry me though right.”

The Inuzuka’s lips turned up as he answered. “That decision’s currently under review.”

Kankuro stopped short. “I will drop you right here.”

“You just try that shit, and see how fast you go back to bein single.” Kiba replied.

The Sabaku scowled, glaring daggers at the Inuzuka who simply contemplated him coolly. The teen knew perfectly well just how tightly Kankuro was wrapped around his finger. As predicted, the older brunette failed to make good on the threat. He scoffed bitterly as he started walking again, still scowling.

“I’m completely whipped aren’t I.” Kankuro muttered.

“Completely.” Kiba yawned.

“You’re a real fuckin spoiled brat, you know that.”

Kiba only grinned. “Damn straight.”


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