Beside You In Time

Encore III - Engagement Tales... Inu's Special Treatment


It was a rare day in the Sabaku-Inuzuka household. One which saw Kiba - off from both his UPENN classes and his internship at the local animal hospital - lounging in the den of the modern four bedroom, two story house which he and his fiancé had purchased shortly after the Inuzuka’s twenty-first birthday. The house sat on a small plot of land on the outskirts of Upper Castile Hill. It was flanked on both sides by a row of similar residences and a set of tall cedar wood fences to keep out the ever prying eyes of their neighbors … Who seemed to all be fascinated by having a ‘real life gay couple’ living amongst them. To their credit the community wasn’t biased or malicious, at least not on the surface, just insufferably nosey. Hence the six foot fencing which Kankuro had erected himself after just two weeks in their new abode. The barricading was notably absent behind the house though, affording a gorgeous view of their well kept backyard and the huge lake which separated Upper Castile Hill from the town over. The same lake, which Kiba had been contentedly gazing upon through sunlit bay windows while thoroughly enjoying his idle day … before said day was ominously interrupted by a call from Kankuro.

As soon as the Inuzuka picked up his cellphone he could clearly sense that his lover was unusually agitated. But when Kankuro then proceeded to launch into an expletive laced rant, accusing Kiba of failing to tell him the whereabouts of his wallet and work ID card before Kankuro had left that morning … Kiba slowly pulled his blackberry away and looked at the device with a raised eyebrow, as if confirming that he wasn’t dreaming. The twenty-two year old finally put the phone back to his ear after a few seconds of silence.

“So …” Kiba began. “I don’t know who you think you’re talkin to right now. But you need to check yourself. I’m pretty sure it’s not MY responsibility to wake up at four in the morning on my fucking day off, just to remind a grown ass man to bring his wallet and ID with him when he leaves the goddamn house!” The brunette growled venomously.

In response to his harsh admonishment Kiba heard a heavy sigh slip through on the other end, a solemn quiet falling over his boyfriend.

“I’m sorry, okay …” Kankuro replied wearily after a long moment. “Half our sites got shut down this morning cause of zoning shit, and somehow I’m still short handed AND behind schedule on all the jobs that are running … I’m having the day from fuckin hell baby. I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out.”

Kiba’s frown softened then relaxed into a faint smile at the words, empathy for his fiancé replacing his ire. “Geez, that’s all you had to say in the first place, stupid.” The Inuzuka murmured fondly as he leveraged himself up from his comfortable perch on the sofa where Akamaru’s shaggy expanse of white fluff was stretched beside him. “Tell me what site you’re at now. It’s Wednesday, so I’ll just have Baki leave the office and bring it to you.”

Kankuro’s exhale of relief whooshed into the receiver. “Shit, I totally forgot Baki’s over there today! You’re a lifesaver babe.”

“Yeah, yeah.” The Inuzuka smirked. “It’s almost lunch so I’ll tell him to bring some food too. What do you wanna eat, Moes?”

“Mm … you.” Kankuro murmured lowly.

Kiba rolled his eyes with a scoff, even as a burst of heat shot through his loins at the husken tone which never failed to turn him on. “Annnd that’s my cue to hang up.”

Kankuro laughed, but his mirth was noticeably thinned by stress. “Alright, see ya. I’ll be late tonight so don’t worry bout waiting up.”

“When do I ever?” The younger male drawled.

Kankuro only chuckled again. “Whatever you say … later babe.”


By the time Kankuro had staggered into his house at 1:00 am, his brain was functioning at about half capacity and his entire body ached like he’d been put through a human wringer. The weary carpenter carefully closed the front door behind himself and keyed in the security code, then cocked his head in surprise when he heard the sound of the TV drifting out from the living room.

“Did he leave it on and fall asleep again?” Kankuro pondered aloud as he steadied the hand which was holding his tool belt on the wall and unlaced his heavy boots one at a time then took them off.

The Sabaku’s question was suddenly answered as a typically shirtless Kiba padded out into the hallway, rubbing his belly with a yawn that suggested he’d been dozing. Kankuro’s brow lifted as he straightened upright and kicked his boots to the side with the existing heap of shoes.

“Kiba, don’t you have a surgery in the morning? I told you not to wait u-“

The elder male was cut off as Kiba simply closed the distance between them, grabbed the front of Kankuro’s dusty work shirt and yanked his lover into a searing kiss. Kankuro started to protest … but was quickly swept up by the feeling. The Sabaku dropped his tool belt onto the floor with a heavy thud as his hands wrapped around Kiba’s body to slip down the shorter brunette’s bare back then clutched his ass over his sweats, hauling Kiba closer with a groan in the process. They kissed hard and deep, insistent tongues pushing into each other’s open mouthes until starved lungs forced them to break apart for air.

“Mm, you taste minty.” Kankuro murmured as he continued to steal short kisses in between breaths.

“Toothpaste.” Kiba supplied, pulling back to tuck his face into Kankuro’s neck so he could breathe in the Sabaku’s scent. “You smell so fuckin good, welcome home baby.”

Kankuro hummed skeptically with a deep chuckle. “I’m pretty sure I smell like a day’s worth of sweat babe.”

“I know … love it.” Kiba grinned, kissing against the sexy stubble on his boyfriend’s jaw.

Kankuro shook his head, smiling as he nipped Kiba’s earlobe. “What’re you doin awake, you gotta be up early in the mornin.” He chided.

“Yeah, but I gotta make sure I take care of my job too.” Kiba returned, smirking deviously. “You had a long day didn’t you?”

“You have NO idea.” Kankuro sighed, head throbbing as he recalled his twenty hour nightmare.

“Pff yeah I do. I know how you are … You were all stressed, probably yellin your head off, rushing around sites, workin all the slack yourself …” Kiba surmised, pausing as one hand began to slide enticingly down the taller male’s hard chest and cut abdomen over the worn fabric of his shirt. “All so that we can keep the company outta the red, and afford our mortgage, my tuition and my car … which I still ain’t forgiven you for buyin without my permission.”

Kankuro smirked. “You still drive that shit everyday though.”

“Fuck yeah. You think I’mma leave a Benz truck sitting in the garage when I got the keys?!” Kiba answered with a grin, his palm finally slipping down to firmly cup and massage against the heat of Kankuro’s cock over his jeans. “Moral of the story, I think my man needs some of Inu’s ‘special-treatment’ tonight.”

Kankuro bit his lip, lids sinking lower as his cock stiffened. “That right.” He drawled.

“Yup.” Kiba nodded as he shoved his lover back against the front door. “I stayed up just to give it to you soon as you got home …”

Before Kankuro could ask exactly what this ‘Inu’s special-treatment’ entailed, Kiba was on his knees and the Sabaku’s fly was being torn open. In seconds the younger brunette pulled Kankuro’s massive length out into open air then kissed it greedily, before wrapping his lips around his lover’s cockhead and flicking his tongue over the precum dampened slit with relish.

Hnn.” Kankuro moaned low in his throat, a rush of blood racing south to fully harden his dick.

The carpenter’s stance widened and his weight sagged back heavily against the front door as he stroked one calloused palm over Kiba’s hair then abruptly gripped a fistful of the soft brown strands. Kiba shivered at the delicious force before plunging eager lips and tongue down over the Sabaku’s veined shaft, sucking his boyfriend off without restraint. Both palms steadied themselves against Kankuro’s thighs, mouth twisting and laving as Kiba travelled hurriedly from thick root to tip over and over again. Eventually the feverish Inuzuka was forced to pull back a bit in order to catch his breath, but he still pressed sloppy kisses of praise to Kankuro’s saliva slicked cock between gasps.

“I … love you …” Kiba husked, gazing up at his fiancé who was also struggling for air beneath the Inuzuka’s oral prowess.

“Mmm.” Kankuro groaned, their eyes were locked intently as the elder male’s chest heaved.

“Love this cock too.” The Inuzuka continued.

“Fuck baby.” Kankuro whispered.

“Love it in my hand … my mouth … deep in my ass.” Kiba nearly moaned the last and Kankuro snarled in lusty response.

The Sabaku used his grip in the younger male’s hair to shove Kiba back down on his cock. Hips rocking forward, teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he fucked his boyfriend’s face while one hand stroked through the Inuzuka’s wild tresses.

“So this is Inu’s special-treatment …” Kankuro murmured desirously. “On your knees, mouth full of my cock soon as I walk in the door huh. Mmm, do I get to cum down your throat too?”

“Mmhm.” Kiba confirmed ardently around his mouthful. Hands clutching at the elder male’s pantlegs as Kankuro continued to roughly thrust into his parted lips with harsh grunts and loud groans.

“You gonna let me fuck the shit outta that sexy ass afterwards?” The Sabaku growled.

Kiba could only moan in response and Kankuro’s head tilted back at the vibration as he eased his hold then allowed the Inuzuka to take over again.

Ughh, fuck yeah.” He whispered hoarsely. “Mm god you suck my cock so good.”

Kiba’s own dick throbbed at the praise and he doubled his efforts, sucking desperately around his lover’s thick sex as though there was nothing more precious in the world. Kankuro choked out a gritty moan, left hand gripping hard in Kiba’s hair as his hips began to roll, forcing his dick to its hilt with each undulation. The carpenter’s sore muscles contracted, body faintly shaking as climax pulled his balls up tight. Kankuro’s heavy lidded green eyes cracked open and his head tipped downwards, gaze trained on Kiba. The Sabaku moaned and growled in ardor, biting his lips and panting for air while he watched the gorgeous Inuzuka’s swollen pout cater to his aching cock.

“You’re fucking perfect, you know that.” The Sabaku rasped. “I’ll spoil you to death you keep this shit up. Fuck … mmm, bout to cum baby … harder … ughh yeah … mmm SHIT!” Breath exploded from Kankuro’s tight lungs and the carpenter swayed on socked feet, doubling forward as his load burst free to coat Kiba’s tongue in gluey spurts of his cum. “Look at me.” Kankuro demanded breathlessly. “Mm, that what you been wantin a taste of?” He snarled once Kiba complied. 

The Inuzuka nodded with a wanton moan and Kankuro spasmed in pleasure as his climax hit its peak.

“Ughhh … UGH fuck Kiba!” Kankuro hissed. The Sabaku slouched back against the door, eyes shut as he held the younger brunette down on his pulsing cock. “Keep sucking baby.” The Sabaku moaned in ecstasy.

A lust-filled grin curled Kankuro’s lips when he felt the pressure of Kiba’s mouth obediently increase. When his green eyes opened and looked down to find fiery orbs of brown staring up at him, Kankuro’s grip in the Inuzuka’s hair tightened with a groan.

“That’s right.” He husked approvingly as his lover’s tongue continued to work around his still hard cock. “Get me wet as you can baby, cause I swear to god … you’re gonna be takin this dick til sunrise.”


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