Beside You In Time

Encore IV - Engagement Tales... The Art of 'Pleasure Service'


As Kankuro Sabaku moved through the foyer of the two bedroom apartment he shared with his lover of almost three years; returning from a relatively unremarkable day at work, he caught the sound of a running shower and from it deduced his boyfriend’s current whereabouts. The tall brunette ambled through the living room and into the kitchen to wait, hoping Kiba wouldn’t take too long to finish u- … Kankuro paused and cocked his head in the midst of that thought as he heard the water pressure abruptly cut off, shortly followed by the bathroom door creaking open.

“Kiba …” Kankuro called from the kitchen, setting aside his keys then laying his work belt on the counter as a responding ‘yeah’ drifted out to him. “Come here before you change, okay.”

Just a few moments later, the summoned Inuzuka padded into the room still dripping wet as he hastily knotted the towel at his waist.

“What’s up?” Kiba asked with a raised eyebrow, wondering what had been so urgent that he couldn’t put clothes on first.

Kankuro only smiled and closed the distance between them, then gripped behind Kiba’s neck and drew the shorter male into a hungry kiss. When Kiba moaned in both surprise and arousal, Kankuro used the opportunity to eagerly thrust his tongue into his lover’s open mouth. His arms wrapped themselves around Kiba’s dewey shoulders, fingers running through the soft damp hair at the Inuzuka’s nape as Kankuro gave a husky purr of contentment into their kiss. After a few minutes locked in that heated exchange, Kiba finally pulled back to breathe. His own arms had looped themselves loosely around Kankuro’s waist without the nineteen year-old even realizing it.

“Hi.” The Inuzuka murmured dazedly.

“Hey.” Kankuro hummed back with a devious grin.

Kiba chuckled at his boyfriend’s expression, subtle excitement pulsing through his loins. “This your way of tellin me you want a blowjob while I’m half naked?”

Kankuro licked his lips at the tempting thought as his arms unwound and both broad hands slipped south to palm Kiba’s towel clad backside. “Nah, this ass is what I want.” He murmured gruffly, giving the twin curves a rough squeeze. “All I’ve been thinking about all damn day, is how fuckin good it feels to cum in you. And now I wanna refresh my memory so … how bout you go bend over the table for me.”

Kiba inhaled sharply at the thinly veiled command, which confirmed exactly what kind of mood Kankuro was currently in. Though the imposing hardness pressed against Kiba’s hip had certainly made that clear enough already.

“D-don’t you wanna get dinner?” The Inuzuka stammered.

“I’m bout to have it right now.” Kankuro hummed. Gripping his hard cock over faded jeans then slowly undoing his belt and fly before pulling his large erection out and stroking it intently. “Go bend over the table Kiba, I’m not feelin especially patient.” He growled softly.

The younger brunette gulped and slowly moved towards the small round table, before bending himself over it.

“Take the towel off.” The Sabaku instructed.

Kiba smirked at this, and with a flick of his wrist the teen’s towel dropped away to reveal his upturned backside. Kankuro groaned upon sight of the toned muscles and sinful curves with which he was undeniably and unabashedly fucking obsessed.

“Damn.” The elder male praised.

Greedy eyes still trained on his lover, Kankuro reached into his pocket and fished out a mini jar of Vaseline (his preferred form of chapstick) then wasted no time moving up behind Kiba. The carpenter laid a light spank to the Inuzuka’s bottom before he proceeded to heft one cheek aside then rubbed a healthy gob of jelly all over Kiba’s dimpled flesh. Fingering the tight ring with a groan in order to distribute the thick lubrication evenly.

“Mm I’m gonna be all up in this ass in a minute.” Kankuro drawled darkly.

Kiba shuddered as the Sabaku’s fingers scissored and twisted deeper inside him. “Fuck babe.” The younger brunette cursed, pressing mouth to forearm in a poor attempt to muffle his impatient moan.

Kankuro grinned at the sound, loving Kiba’s eagerness as always. After lubing them both up nicely, the Sabaku didn’t offer any further warnings. He simply spread Kiba’s ass cheeks wide … then, roughly shoved ball’s deep inside the Inuzuka’s clutching heat and began to thrust without stopping. Kankuro bit down on his bottom lip in ecstasy as he watched himself sink into Kiba’s tight greased hole, which was stretched thin and hugged snugly around the girth of the carpenter’s massive cock. As the Sabaku’s sex continued to pump in and out of him, each thrust methodically pushing across the teen’s swollen prostate … Kiba hissed out a passionate groan, teeth clenched. The younger brunette quickly reached down and squeezed hard around the root of his own cock in an effort to hold back his pleasure; wanting to cater only to Kankuro’s needs. For Kiba, forcibly denying himself an orgasm while offering ‘pleasure service’ (as Kankuro had dubbed it) was a major kink … one which both the Inuzuka and his boyfriend enjoyed to the fullest. Something about the mere thought of letting the man he loved ‘use’ him to his satisfaction, drove Kiba nearly insane with arousal.

Kankuro …” The Inuzuka moaned, tonguing over his own lips as that mental association burned through his gut.

Kiba’s breaths had been reduced to hard pants for air that intermingled perfectly with the sharp continuous slaps of pelvis meeting bare ass. The teen’s flushed cheek was pressed to the tabletop as his body jolted back and forth across it with each of Kankuro’s deliciously aggressive thrusts. Kiba turned to look back at the handsome Sabaku, whose broad chest was heaving beneath his thin flannel shirt at both the sight and feeling of fucking his gorgeous fiancé in such an inappropriate location.

“Mmm baby.” Kiba murmured wantonly. “Cum in me.”

Kankuro groaned and looked up as he began slamming his hips forward even faster. “You want my load?” He growled.

Yeah … in ahh … i-in my ass.” Kiba gasped, eyelids snapping shut in ardor beneath Kankuro’s savage force. “Want it K … wanna feel you … use my fuckin ass … til you bust … ugh fuck …”

“Mmm.” The Sabaku threw his head back with a moan. “Don’t cum.” He warned gruffly, pounding harder.

“Hnn … I w- nghh … I w-won’t.” Kiba huffed, tightening his grip at the base of his cock.

“Good.” Kankuro snarled, lust blazing as green eyes found their way back down to his lover’s spread ass. “Lemme fuck you just like this.” He husked. “You’re such a good little slut, bent over for my cock. Ass open just so your man can let his jizz off inside it.”

“B-baby!” Kiba cried out, mouth gaping as passion tore through him at the crude and utterly accurate words.

Kankuro abruptly stopped moving then gripped a wide palm over Kiba’s nape and jerked the Inuzuka’s entire body away from the table’s edge a bit more.

“Fuck yourself.” Kankuro commanded huskily, voice roughened by his desire.

Kiba shuddered, then obeyed. Growling and moaning as he threw his weight back and impaled himself over and over on the thick length of his boyfriend’s dick. Sinewy muscles straining and rippling with the effort it took to stave off his own burning need to climax .

“Yeahh.” Kankuro hissed through a grit jaw, doubling over as his eyes rolled back. “Mmm fuck that ass on my cock … ugh I’m gonna lose it.” He convulsed, lips pressing themselves against Kiba’s ear as the Sabaku’s oncoming orgasm sent another violent spasm through him. “God I’m gonna cum deep in this tight fucking ass. Mmm shit, UGH!” Kankuro grabbed either side of Kiba’s hips and suddenly took over their pace, slamming into his lover savagely, breath puffing harsh and hot into the Inuzuka’s ear. “Oh god … cummin baby.” He moaned.

“Mmm K!” Kiba felt the hot rush of Kankuro’s seed flooding his insides and the Inuzuka choked on a cry of pleasure, moaning Kankuro’s name between husky groans.

“You like that …” The Sabaku whispered, tongue lashing over the shell of his boyfriend’s ear. “You like bein pumped full of my fuckin cum Kiba.”

“Love it.” Kiba gasped, arching his back to take every drop as deep as he could. “Christ I love that shit baby.”

Kankuro growled in ardor as his pelvis pistoned forward even faster, fucking his boyfriend hard and deep while he exhausted the last of his seed.

“Oh … fuckk.” The elder brunette cursed hoarsely as the feeling overtook him. “God I’m gonna make a mess of your asshole tonight.” The Sabaku promised gruffly through grunts and harsh moans. “I don’t want you cummin either … just want you to take it. Want you to fucking lie there and take it til I’m finished. Mm Kib … ahhhh SHIT!” Kankuro’s frame finally went rigid with a soft whine, falling over Kiba’s back as the Sabaku reached the end of his blissful release at last.

After a few minutes passed, spent collapsed in a heap of sated listlessness, Kankuro eased up slowly then drew his hips back and slipped his dick out of Kiba’s heat. Bringing a bit of his promised “mess” along with it.

“Love you so much.” The Sabaku sighed as he reached down between their warm bodies to rub two fingers over Kiba’s cum-slicked hole. The carpenter’s left hand turned his fiancé’s chin towards himself then moved to stroke lovingly through the younger male’s wild hair as Kankuro’s mouth captured his lips.

“Tomorrow …” He drawled between lingering kisses. “I’m gonna stay home, and spend all day getting you off baby.” Kankuro paused with a smirk when Kiba moaned softly in response. “But tonight is just for me. After I put you in a cock-ring, I’m gonna take you into our room … and fuck you as many times, as many ways as I want Kiba. And you’re gonna spread your ass and let me, understand.” He whispered.

Yeah.” Kiba rasped with a shiver.

Kankuro’s words alone had him ready to lose it. The Inuzuka’s dick throbbed with need, still bobbing hard and ready between his thighs, cockhead swollen with neglect. The thought of enduring only god knew how many more rounds in that state without cumming … was both heaven and torture at the same time. And although the Inuzuka knew he would take Kankuro’s challenge regardless, AND love every goddamn second of it. One thing was for sure … Kiba had never in his LIFE appreciated the promise of a cock-ring, more than he did at that moment.



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