Duties to the Throne

Chapter 4 - Two Steps Back

His pregnancy had been long and hard. Even with the compassion of his new father-in-law as well as his parents’ visits, Gohan had found himself crying at night. Depression burrowed itself at the bottom of his gut, growing and growing until the teen broke vases and screamed that he would castrate the man he was supposed to refer to as his ‘mate’.

Though he’d never considered himself vain, as his belly rapidly grew, the teen began staring less and less in the mirror because he knew his eyes would trail to his large tummy where his first (and hopefully only) son was growing. It bothered him that each flutter was a reminder that he’d had a child with someone he couldn’t see himself loving. He decided to ignore his belly and continue with his dreams of being a scholar; occupying himself with the royal library, which consisted of several texts he would have never laid eyes on before the ceremony.

The fateful day he’d gone into labor had been the day he realized just how hard it would be to leave his baby boy. Vegeta (“Yuutu”, as Gohan affectionately nicknamed his child), the second in line for the throne, had gazed up so lovingly at his mother that Gohan knew that bonds were being made between the two. He had thought being part Saiyajin would have made giving up his child easier considering the fact that it was common in lower class members of society to send their children off to unknown planets shortly after being weaned. Assuming it was his Earth upbringing, Gohan clutched his child just a little tighter when Prince Vegeta stepped in the room.

Neither had said a word, until Vegeta had finally stormed out of the room, leaving Gohan with his sniffling son. “Are you hungry, Yuutu-Vegeta-chan?” Gohan dropped the side of his blouse, offering a swollen tit to his child. Saiyajin-hunger kicked in, and the child latched onto the nub with a need that caused Gohan to wince in surprise pain.

“Son,” The door opened and King Vegeta stepped in with his son paces behind, “how are you feeling?”

“Sore,” Gohan admitted.

The older Saiyajin smiled, keeping his distance out of respect for the new mother. “Your strength won’t return until after the baby is weaned. Just relax and let my son care for you.”

Vegeta and Gohan’s eyes met, leaving Gohan the first to turn away with a snort. The king just smiled, preparing to leave. “The naming ceremony for the new prince will be in a week. That should be plenty of time for you two to succumb to parenthood.” The man nodded before leaving.

Alone with the prince, again, Gohan scowled. “What did you name him?”

“Eh?” The teen looked up.

“His name.”

“Vegeta.” Gohan frowned. “It’s Saiyajin tradition – to name the crowned prince after his father. I call him Yuutu though, after Yuutu the Great from the first Uryu-Sei Dynasty.” A side glance told him that Vegeta didn’t really care what his son was called, the man was looking at the wall with his arms crossed. “You know, you could try to step up and be a father.”

The prince scoffed. “And you could refrain from showing your breasts to my father.”

Looking down, the princess blushed. His son didn’t seem to care about the exhibition, but for the new mother, having his once flawless pecks swollen to a female’s small cup size was embarrassing. Red in the face, Gohan twisted his child around to get a little more coverage. “Your father knows this is natural you, you, perverted jerk!”

“Ch, as if I would want to see.” Vegeta didn’t turn his attention back to Gohan though. Left to his motherly duties, the teen continued feeding his son until his breast started to ache. After burping his son and buttoning up his top, Gohan nestled the child in a crib-pod that had been given to him by his mother days before. The baby wasn’t happy with being abandoned, but Gohan ignored the cries.

“I’m going to take a bath, watch him.” Gohan looked over his shoulder as he trudged to his personal bathroom. He was uncomfortable with the thought of leaving his newborn alone with the arrogant prince, but Vegeta was the father and would probably be there longer than Gohan would.

Inside the room, Vegeta waited for the bathroom door to slide shut before climbing on the bed. Faintly, he could still smell the sweat and blood of his mate’s ordeal, traced with the sweet mixture of his and his mate’s scent in their son.

The boy looked up from his crib, unable to give any facial recognition towards his father. His tail, however, proved to show some expression. Wagging nervously, it wrapped around a stuffed moon-bear that the Namek, Piccolo, had sent to Gohan. Looking towards the bathroom, Vegeta eased the moon-bear away from his son’s tight grip. The appendage raveled around Vegeta’s wrist for comfort. “Yuutu.” The prince whispered, lifting his son up.

A sudden urge to show his son off to his only friends took Vegeta. Confirming that Gohan was still cleaning up, Vegeta left the room with Yuutu. He would be back as soon as Gohan was finished with his shower.

There wasn’t a person in the castle who hadn’t met the new crowned prince before Gohan came across Vegeta. “Y, you asshole!” Gohan screeched, ripping the child out of Vegeta’s hold. The prince trained his features to annoyance even as his son’s tailed remained coiled tightly around the prince’s wrist. “How dare you take him from my chambers! He isn’t even an hour old!” The boy was panting hard from exertion as he looked his son over for any deformities that hadn’t been there before.

“Are you calling my genes weak, half-breed?” Vegeta wanted to kick himself for the automatic retort, but refrained. His ego was still bruised from the assumption that he was unable to care for his child. “I was protecting him. I have other things to do than sit there while you bathe.”

“Well I’m sorry for interfering in your ‘me time’. Gohan unraveled his son’s tail before storming off, using the wall as a brace. Vegeta stepped forward, then froze as he realized that he was about to go pick up his mate and child. With a snort, the prince turned only to suddenly stop at a depressed-looking Raditz.

“I missed my Great Nephew.”

“Heh, he was in the toilets when you showed me.” Nappa came down the hall. “Did mommy-dearest take baby ‘Geta away?”

“Baby Yuutu, after the Great One.” Vegeta crossed his arms. “I need a war.”

“Trying to run out on Gohan already? You are a mating ceremony too late. Go be a doting daddy.” Nappa smirked.

“I need a war to get away from him; when he holds my child or smiles, I see him in a new light an it leaves a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.” The prince looked at his wrist, loving the red marks from Yuutu’s tight grip earlier. He didn’t mark easily, making him wonder about Gohan’s Saiyajin ability, especially since Earth-Saiyajin breeds were rarely studied.

Nappa’s wrapped his arms around Raditz’s shoulder, unfazed with the smaller Saiyajin’s sudden flailing. “Aw, look Raditz! Our widdle Vegeta’s in love.” The burly man grinned. Raditz’s scowl darkened. “Oh, forgot to tell you that, huh Rad? Well, apparently the evil twin Vegeta came out of hiding shortly after meeting with us and seeing his son. You should have seen it; our dear prince was skipping down the halls and—Ow!” A stunned Nappa turned to face Raditz, having been expecting a hit from Vegeta rather than the other warrior. “What the hell?”

“I won’t hear anyone else harass my nephew any longer.” Raditz stood at attention before his friend and superior. “When is the correct observation period?”

“Family can go see now, but the correct observation period will be a week from now.”

“And yet the proud father came running down here to—Ow! Damn it!” The next strike at Nappa was from Vegeta.

Excusing himself, Raditz was halfway down the hall before he stopped in thought. “Chichi-sister always tells me these old Earth proverbs. One comes to mind right now: you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Although, Kakarot likes to add that pickled eel taste better than Bangkok wrap.”

“Huh?” The prince scowled.

“I don’t understand either.” The man shrugged.

Turning to Nappa, Vegeta raised a thick brow. “Does that mean I have to be nice to him to fix this whole mating fiasco?”

“Sure, why not?” Nappa shrugged, “I mean being nice has never helped my relationships, but whatever. He isn’t a real Saiyajin.”

Shaking his head, Vegeta turned. “Right, I’m sure sleeping with Raditz helped your rocky mating.”

“At least I get laid once a week. When was the last time you and your mate fucked?”

“When was the last time you got laid?” The prince retorted.

Smirking, Nappa started after Raditz. “I got head from him just yesterday – don’t get too jealous.” Vegeta just rolled his eyes; he needed to kill something – preferably his bald headed, bulky friend. “Look, if I have learned anything from Raditz, it’s that all you have to do is use diplomacy and all that scholarly shit – the Earth way – and he’ll be moaning your name in delight in no time. Maybe show him the Underground Archives?”

“You know,” the prince crossed his arms, “That might be the smartest thing you’ve ever said.”

“I say a lot of smart things. You’re just never around when I say them.”

After Yuutu fell asleep, Vegeta had finally come back to Gohan’s chambers. The teen was changing into pajamas when his doors slid open, allowing his mate to gracefully enter. Finishing the last buttons on his tunic, Gohan eyed the other man. “I was hoping,” he finally said, “we could just avoid each other.”

“For appearance’s sake, I need to visit my mate and son once in awhile.” Vegeta explained, sitting on the bed. “You uncle says you enjoy reading.”

“Yes, but I’m sure you wouldn’t understand or care.” Gohan used his hands to brush through his hair. His nipples were bothering him from heavy feedings. All he really wanted to do was lie down and forget the strain being put on his body, but as long as Vegeta was in the same room, the young half-breed knew he needed to be ready for every verbal insult.

Vegeta’s gaze only seemed to follow Gohan around the room. Stiffening, the teen turned expectantly. “Is something wrong?” The prince finally asked.

“I could ask you the same thing.”

“I ask because every time your forearm brushes across your chest, you wince,” supplied Vegeta.

“You’d wince too if you had a child sucking on your nipple every two hours.” The teen relented to rubbing said nipples to relieve pressure. He ignored Vegeta, unaware of the peeked interest coming from the prince. “Why do you even care if I like reading? I’ve already seen the Royal Library.”

“Ah,” The prince nodded, “but have you seen the Underground Archives? If I recall correctly, the original texts of Ginta Bajion are in there.” Unable to tame his excitement, Gohan turned to his mate for more details. He didn’t know how Vegeta had accidently called one of the teen’s favorite Saiyajin authors of Planetary History out of thin air. “I happen to know that Master Bajoin’s publicly published books were written late in his life. His earlier ones were listed as forms of anarchy and sealed in the Royal Vault by my Great Grandfather, King Vegeta.”

“And I’m allowed down there?”

“Are you my mate?”

Cracking a smile, Gohan turned his face away. This was a sight of the Prince he’d never seen before: a playful one. “That is,” Gohan tested the waters, “debatable.”

“Just one thing.” Vegeta stood up, approaching the teen. Gohan blushed, stepping back against the wall. He constantly reminded himself that he was taller than the prince, but just the manly scent of the prince (not laced with pheromones) was just enough to remind him of their position as mated ‘lovers’, but Gohan prided his self-control. “I don’t want Yuutu brought down there. It’s been sealed off for so long that I’m concerned about letting you down there.”

Scowling, Gohan pushed the Prince aside, storming over to the crib. “I can handle myself.”

“The Underground Archives aren’t accessible by just anyone – that’s why I’m telling you to be careful. There’s probably enough dust down there which is why I’m giving a warning. Yuutu’s lungs aren’t developed enough to take it and I am telling all the guards that if you’re down there, to bring you out after some time so you’re not inhaling too much dirt.”

“Why wasn’t the room properly sealed off in a temperature controlled room?”

“Does ‘Forbidden Text’ not ring a bell? If they disintegrated, it’d be the least of our planet’s problems. Proper text is kept in the Royal Library.” Vegeta’s hand touched Gohan’s chin, bringing their gaze to meet. “Lay on the bed.”

“You’re not touching me!” The boy screeched.

“Ch. There’s a lotion that can be applied to sore muscles to cause numbness, so you can sleep peacefully. I was going to apply it for you.”

Scowling, Gohan pulled away from the Prince’s hold. “I don’t need you to touching me. I can apply it myself.”

The prince flicked Gohan’s nose. “It causes numbness. If you want to be able to hold our son, someone else needs to apply it.”

“Then get someone else.”

“Lie down!”

“Get away from me!” Slap!

Vegeta and Gohan froze. Lowering his red hand, Gohan placed all his attention on his mate’s inflamed cheek. The prince’s own scowl came back, not letting Gohan flee even as their son’s cries started. Shivering, Gohan stepped back. It would be nearly impossible to fight back in the weakened, lactating state.

“Go calm him down, then remove your blouse. I won’t listen to your cries of pain all night.” Vegeta stepped back, blocking the only escape route for Gohan to take.

Defeated, Gohan walked over to the crib.

The sting of his cheek sent pleasurable pulses down Vegeta’s spine. Sheer willpower stopped the prince from jumping his nervous mate. Besides that, he could hear his son screaming, as if knowing that something wasn’t right between both parents.

Stepping back, Vegeta watched as his mate tended to Yuutu’s dirty diaper. The teen was relaxing again, kissing the baby’s tail while making gibberish noise.

Approaching the bed, Vegeta tilted his head to get a better view of his mate’s smiling face. Gohan looked up through his bangs, still uncertain. With a side look, Vegeta opened a bedside drawer, removing a yellow bottle. “Remove your tunic and lay back; he seems to be calm when you rub his tail.”

Suspiciously, Gohan did as he was told, opting to lie on his side to keep little Yuutu away from Vegeta. Raising a thick brow, Vegeta poured the lotion into his open palm.

Lathering the teen’s back in the sweet-smelling substance, Vegeta watched Gohan’s tail with rapt attention.

It coiled around their son’s tail, petting affectionately. Ever expressive, the tail shook in delight when Vegeta’s hands rubbed against swollen breasts to knead swollen glands. If he had been feeling daring, the prince knew he would have tugged at the perky nipples. He would kiss the boy’s sweet neck, nip the teen’s collar, and reclaim his mate.

“V, Vegeta?” The teen twisted his head, pulling away from the prince’s hands. He didn’t pull away far enough as Vegeta moved to the other breasts. “S, stop…please…” Gohan pressed his face into the pillow.

Yuutu’s tail slapped against the bed, bringing Vegeta back to reality. Releasing his hold from Gohan, the prince coughed into his palm as he climbed off the bed. “Are you in pain anymore?”

“N, no.” Gohan whispered, holding Yuutu as he sat up, trying to look small. “You didn’t need to touch me like that! And Yuutu saw everything! You, you pervert! You asshole!”

“I have been controlling my primal urges rather than fucking you in front of my son. Your body is still releasing a small level of pheromones.”

“You just wanted to cop a feel, you ass!” Gohan screeched, causing Yuutu to start crying.

Smirking, Vegeta started towards the door. “And you’re on your way to Mother of the Year with that mouth. Our perverted Yuutu will also have a mouth unfit for a prince if you have your way.”

“Y, you…” Gohan shook as the door slid open. “I hate you!”

The words stung, but he Prince couldn’t back down from the fight. “Mutual, Half Breed.”

The teen glared, tensing. With a final nod, the prince left the room. Alone in the hallway, Vegeta slammed his fist into the wall – denting it. He had originally only wanted to make Gohan smile for him, and though he’d received something of a pleasant response, his grabby hands along with the desire to dominate took away the glory of a win. As an old Earth saying that was now popular on Vegeta-Sei went, ‘one step forward, two steps back.’ The prince rubbed his temples, trying to decide how to fix this newest problem. At least he had another six months to figure something out.




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