Duties to the Throne

Chapter 5 - Every Once in a Moon

Gohan wasn’t sure exactly what had changed, but things had. Vegeta was still the horrible man that Gohan had been given to like a sacrifice, but there was something new that the teen couldn’t quite place. It had taken three weeks before Gohan had let Vegeta hold their son, allowing him to see a softer side of the prince. The man was almost sweet when Yuutu was in the area and had Gohan almost thrown through a loop when the prince had willingly offered his arm for Gohan to embrace during the Observation Ceremony of the second prince.

Time and time again, Gohan watched from the side at the paradox that was his mate. One second, Vegeta was acting cold, pushing Gohan and their son away, but late at night, the prince would want to hold Yuutu, and ask for pointers that Gohan had picked up from his reading. The two would talk about early Saiyajin military history before Gohan would attempt to do a final feeding for the evening. It was then that the strangest side of the prince would come out: one that seemed to care about Gohan’s feelings.

The biggest discussion was how Gohan’s upbringing thought of leaving their son Yuutu in the next four months. It would send shivers down Gohan’s spine at the term ‘abandon’ that the prince seemed to use to describe what was going to happen. It wasn’t new in Vegeta-Sei for parents to ‘abandon’ their children, especially those of weaker blood. Normally after just being weaned, the child was sent off to other planets or out to war, as such was the case with Gohan’s father. Having spent a lot of time on Earth, Gohan knew of a negative stigma the planet had for ‘unfit parents’ that ‘abandoned’ their children. Though he didn’t feel that he was leaving Yuutu to fend for himself, Gohan still felt like an unfit parent, and it felt like Vegeta was shoving a knife into his gut and twisting it.

Even though his mother had visited him periodically throughout the last few weeks, Gohan hadn’t confided his problems to her. Instead, Raditz appeared to know what was going on and had offered his words of advice – to put Yuutu first. Ever the friend of the prince, Raditz had insisted there was more to Vegeta than the bratty prince he acted like. Still, Gohan had promised to leave at the end of the sixth month. There was no way the prince would ask Gohan to stay, even for Yuutu’s sake.

Earlier that day, Gohan awoke to silence. An oddity in itself, Gohan had shot out of bed, reaching for his son in a matter of seconds. He wanted to hope that Vegeta had come in late that night to take Yuutu out and about, but that wasn’t the case. His son was twisted around his thin blanket, tiny hand clenching and unclenching while dark eyes blinked curiously. Not sure how to react to his son’s behavior, Gohan reached into the crib. As his fingers brushed against Yuutu’s cheek, the little boy’s mouth opened to a wide smile as limbs stretched out. He rocked in a flimsy movement. “Yuutu…” Gohan frowned. His little baby had done small movements since he turned five weeks, but now that he was closing in on nine weeks, the boy’s legs were stretching out of his own accord; he was also getting minor control over his tail movements, but never once had he smiled. “…Yuutu…” Gohan tried again. The baby repeated the action, tail curling around the blanket it delight with another toothless smile.

Not knowing what else to do, Gohan took his son and rushed out the door to find Vegeta. It was still early in the morning, too early for anyone to really be up save the guards. Only one asked the princess if everything was okay, but Gohan continued his trek to the Prince’s chambers, a room he’d only been in once back when he first arrived at the castle. The doors chimed open with his override code, allowing Gohan inside Vegeta’s dwelling with a whine of gears. Stepping in, Gohan moved carefully to avoid walking into a wall or piece of furniture. “Vegeta?” The princess started towards what appeared to be a lump under covers.

“Mm.” The lump moved, and the spiky-headed man sat up in the bed, “What, brat?”

“You have to see this!” Gohan shot towards the bed, taking a seat to situate Yuutu on his lap. Vegeta ordered the lights on, wincing as he sat up. If Gohan remembered right, the prince had been drinking with some of his buddies – a habit that made the young teen frown more. He didn’t want Yuutu to see his father as an alcoholic, but it wasn’t his problem. “He was smiling.”

“Probably gas, he’s been eating a lot more than usual.” The prince flopped back down, pulling a pillow over his head. “Now leave, I have a morning appointment with the Leader of Tention Seven.”

“No! Watch! Yuutu, smile for Vegeta!” The teen bounced the fully awake child. Yuutu stretched again, his tail wrapping around the blanket for the supplied warmth. Vegeta’s tail moved at that moment, pushing back the baby’s to keep it from coiling too tightly in the blanket. The motion brought a smile to Yuutu’s face, along with a string of drool. “See!”

“He smiled before this.”

“Yeah, when he had gas-!” Gohan cried out. “He knows his name.”

Thick brows raising, Vegeta pulled up so his back was pressed against the bed board. When his arms stretched out, Gohan handed Yuutu over before Gohan climbed across the bed to lie on his stomach to keep a watchful eye on Yuutu’s face. The baby moved his feet, stretching out. Small toes curled around the fabric of Vegeta’s pajamas, tugging at them innocently. Gohan giggled. “Why is his face scrunched like that?” Vegeta kept Yuutu at arm distance.

“He’s trying to play with you. You can bring him closer; he won’t do anything to you.” Little Yuutu drooled some more, curling his fingers in a fist. Vegeta sat the child down, using one hand to prop the baby in a sitting position. Testing the waters of ‘play’, Vegeta slipped his fingers into his son’s open palm, letting it close into a fist. “He’s going to be a little warrior,” Gohan admitted, “he’s got a lot of strength, but I want him to learn his letters well too.”

The prince didn’t say anything and pulled his finger away; in reaction, the tiny hand opened, moving slowly to Yuutu’s mouth. “Should I…take his hand from his mouth?”

“No, it’s okay. He just discovered he has hands and he’s trying to understand them with his mouth. If you put your finger next to his mouth like this,” Gohan took Vegeta’s free hand, placing a digit next to their son’s mouth. Yuutu latched onto the new appendage, sucking as he would have with Gohan’s tit. “That’s how he learns to identify objects.”

It was then Gohan noticed that his own hand hadn’t left the prince’s, his body pressed gently into Vegeta’s side. The prince still smelt like sandalwood. Judging the fact that the prince hadn’t stiffened nor had he pulled back, Gohan didn’t pull away, wanting Yuutu to have some good memories of his parents in peace. “How long have you been up with him?” The smaller man finally asked.

“Just shortly, I was concerned that he didn’t cry throughout the night. I haven’t really slept since he was born.” Gohan reached for Yuutu, who Vegeta readily handed over.

“I’m going to take a shower then; you can feed him here if you haven’t already.” The prince made to leave the room and gave one last glance over his shoulder before disappearing in his private bathroom. Gohan frowned, loosening his shirt to do just that. He didn’t know why he had felt the need to share Yuutu’s first smile with the prince, but he somehow felt closer to his mate.

Later that day, Raditz had come to visit. The man had been nervous when he’d asked to babysit Yuutu for the evening, but Gohan had allowed it all the same. His breasts were now sore from milking them raw so Yuutu would have something to eat that evening. It was hard to part from his son, but Gohan wrote it off as a form of weaning their child that his mind readily agreed he needed one day ready himself for. It had been a long time since he’d been given the freedom to just walk around without his son in his arms and it made Gohan miserable.

He had avoided making friends with the help and Vegeta, his only source of contact, had been in meetings all week. Now lacking even his son to talk with, Gohan locked himself in his private chambers in shame. Though he’d been alone for the most part growing up, after studying, he had usually found his mother to help bake cookies or maybe his uncle to have a friendly battle with.

Now free from parenting duties and stuck in his mating union, Gohan realized that his hormones had been forgotten the last couple of months. Prior to his mating ceremony, Gohan had never been a masturbator. His hormones were, at times, harder to control but he’d always been able to ignore the feelings. He had gone years without touching himself. But ever since his first time with the prince, Gohan had been thinking about sex but had ignored the need. He had a child to think about.

Taking a seat on the bed, Gohan reached toward a lower compartment on his metal framed bed where a package from his father’s Earth friend’s had been placed. He had opened it when he returned from his ‘mating honeymoon’, only to discover a series of sex toys (a mean joke from the Earthlings who didn’t quite understand the point of Saiyajin heat), ranging from vibrators to dildos. Choosing the long dildo, Gohan leaned back in his bed, his free hand unzipping his trousers. Putting the toy on the side table, the teen slipped his long pants off along with his boxers. The last to go was his blouse.

Hiking his bare legs on the bed, Gohan closed his eyes, trying to lose himself in the feelings. The central air in the metal building was nipped pleasantly against his warm skin. Brushing his finger down his long body, Gohan stretched his folded legs out to avoid snapping his legs shut as his hand brushed lightly against his soft penis. He could already feel his belly twist, reminding him of how long it’d been since he’d paid attention of his personal needs. Sliding the tips of his fingers under his sacs, he pushed lightly against his perineum. His legs stiffened, desperately wanting to shut out his grabby hands.

Stifling a cry, Gohan picked up the dildo in his free hand and brought the object towards his lips. One deep breath to calm his nerves was all he needed as he sucked on the plastic tip of the purple phallus. His other hand moved against his hardening shaft. His cock was hardening fast from months of abstinence, a horrible reminder of what mating had reduced the hormonal teen to. “Mmm…”

The dildo pushed further in his mouth, stifling another sharp cry as his fingers wrapped around his penis. He could feel the blood’s route; he could hear it draining from his head, leaving a pounding behind. Could Vegeta have ever loved Gohan this way? Consider what Gohan needed? The teen moaned again, stroking his cock. His left foot fell from the bed, but the teen didn’t care as he sucked the plastic dick in his mouth. His breathing was sharpening, hitching as his forearm brushed across his sensitive breast. He repeated the innocent action, causing his back to arch as he cried out in pleasure.

It was so good, he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. His hand was moving rapidly, milking his swollen shaft. “Aa...aah…” The dildo dropped from his mouth. Almost there

He almost jumped from his skin as another hand brushed across his belly. Eyes snapping open, Gohan was about the scream, but Vegeta’s lips had covered his own. Grabbing Vegeta’s shoulder, Gohan squeezed tightly as he realized that one of the Prince’s hands had covered the one stroking his stiff penis. Tense, the teen threw his head back as his hard penis exploded stream after stream of hot essence over both their hands. The prince let go, moving to the purple dildo Gohan had been sucking on. The man smirked, looking it over.

It was slick with saliva, glistening in the artificial light. Red in the face, Gohan didn’t know what was going through the prince’s head as the prince spread Gohan’s legs open. Not thinking clearly, Gohan could only watch as the prince looked over the teen’s entrance in thought. Apparently unsatisfied with the fact that Gohan wasn’t producing lubrication on his own, the prince wet his own fingers with spit, his free hand (no longer holding the dildo) working up the teen’s legs, belly, and chest. Their eyes were locked on each other.

He wasn’t sure if his mind was still hazy with the prospect of getting laid, but Gohan couldn’t help but note the prince looked exotic sucking at his fingers while intently tying to keep Gohan still with the right touches. He pinched and brushed across sensitive nipples every so often, but for the most part he paid adequate attention to the teen’s spent cock, rousing it back to stiffness. Wet fingers popped out of the prince’s mouth, moving between Gohan’s ass cheeks. Tensing, Gohan felt the first digit moving in, curling against his internal muscles. It didn’t hurt, not as the Prince’s hard penis had been way back when, but it was uncomfortable. The digit moved in and out before the prince slid in a second finger. Gohan wince, not quite in pain but at the weirdness of it all. This followed by a third finger. Finally Gohan mewed in discomfort, stretching his legs out further.

“Don’t tense.” Gohan nodded, watching as the dildo was picked up again, replacing the long fingers that had been in him. “Is this what you wanted?” The prince asked, Gohan cried out as the long phallus brushed against his prostate. Grabbing his pillow, Gohan bit into his forearm, trying to avoid the prince’s gaze, but Vegeta was having none of that. The prince grabbed Gohan’s arm, sliding it away from the teen’s face. Unable to stifle his scream, Gohan bit his bottom lip.

There was a nerve next to his prostate – part of his Kainin-Sho physiology – that was the lining of the tube leading to his uterus. It was sealed when he wasn’t in heat, not needing to get knocked up by his mate, but the tender muscle blocking the tube was sensitive to touch, causing Gohan to feel overwhelmed by pleasure. “N, no more…”

“You want this…” The prince whispered, touching the teen’s nipple again.

“N, no-!” Gohan twisted his spine, trying to get away from the plastic phallus in him. He needed more. “Ah-! Ah!” The prince was jabbing his prostate with the toy, torturing him.

“Don’t lie to me.” Vegeta whispered, kissing the boy’s neck. Gohan shivered at the feeling of warm breath against his jugular vein. The toy was pulled from him, the prince dropping his pants, discarding them near Gohan’s. The teen watched with lust as the prince leaned back against the cold metal wall, encircling his own hard penis in his hands. Stunned at the sight, Gohan pulled himself up, watching his mate pleasure himself. It was more exotic to watch the brunette masturbate than suck his own fingers, but all Gohan could really focus on was the hard, swollen red cock arched up against Vegeta’s toned belly. Sliding off the bed, Gohan took the large penis in his hands, amazed that for such a small prince, Vegeta was an adequately large man.

He had originally wanted to bring Vegeta to the edge, to force the man to fuck him hard, but the sudden shocked look on the prince’s face made Gohan realize the true power he had over his mate. “You want to fuck me?” Gohan asked back, rubbing the prince’s erection. “How long have you wanted to?” He grinned.

The prince’s head threw back against the wall. “Ugh…” He was squinting, watching Gohan intently. “..Take me in your mouth.”

“What?” Gohan looked up, shocked at the order. Looking back at the swollen cock and the bead of white at the top, the teen looked back up. “T, that’s—” All it took was him opening his mouth for the prince to push Gohan into his crotch. Mouth filled with heated flesh, Gohan placed both hands on his mate’s hips, pulling back. It sounded sick to take another man’s dick in his mouth, but at the same time, the loud moan of pleasure from above perked Gohan’s attention.

Rubbing his tongue along the slit, the half-saiyajin worked with just the head of Vegeta’s cock, causing the short prince’s hips to roll. He could feel a spurt against his tongue, causing him to pull back. Another spurt of white semen hit his face, making the teen wince. It was hot and sticky. Using his finger, the teen brushed the essence towards his lips, licking it playfully.

“Get on the bed.” Nodding, the teen did as instructed, laying back. Vegeta watched as he stroked his still hard penis. “Spread your legs, let me see your entrance.” Again, the teen followed his orders, stretching his legs out enough. Vegeta smiled, approaching the boy with his dick in hand. “Tell me if you want me to stop.”

“I, I need it.” Gohan whimpered as the prince took another step forward, a strong hand touching the boy’s thighs. He could feel the hard penis touch his entrance, pushing past sphincter muscle. Shivering, Gohan gripped the blanket as the large penis pushed into his body. Besides the salvia from the fingers and the dildo, he was practically dry, almost tearing at the pure force of Vegeta entering him, but the princess didn’t cry out. Biting his lip, Gohan fought his own desire to lock his legs together. The prince must have noticed the teen’s internal struggle, because he grabbed both thighs, spread them open as he pushed into the hilt before stopping.

Vegeta brushed his thumbs along the warm skin of Gohan’s inner thigh in a soothing motion. “I’m in. You’re not producing lubricant.”

“I’m not in heat, idiot.” Gohan winced as Vegeta shifted.

“Maybe I should move, hm?” The prince shifted his hips, nudging the nerve his tip would have been swallowed by, Gohan screeched in delight, arching his back in delight. “What’s this?” Vegeta did it again, receiving the same response. The second time around, however, caused Vegeta to groan out as Gohan’s internal muscles squeezed his shaft. “So tight-!” He cried out. The prince began thrusting into the warm heat, pushing into the nerves and prostate. Gohan knew by the end of the night, he’d be mute, but it felt so good.

Clenching his toes, Gohan raised his hips, placing all his weight on his arms. Propping Gohan’s thighs on his hips, Vegeta started to pound into the younger male’s tight form. The bed under them creaked at the strenuous activity, but neither cared. Too lost in their own pleasure, they didn’t hear their own voices rising, calling each other’s name.

Gohan felt himself unwind first. His stomach twisted as he came hard, blinding his vision. Unable to fight off the urge, Gohan bit into the prince’s shoulder to stifle his scream as he finally reached the completion he’d been waiting for. Vegeta returned the marking on Gohan’s shoulder during his own pinnacle before collapsing on the teen. Unable to keep his eyes open any longer, Gohan fell asleep to the soft scent of sandalwood.




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