Duties to the Throne

Chapter 6 - When Things Changed

Vegeta couldn’t remember a time that he felt smugger than he did at that moment. Even when he was warrior of the year in his training days, he hadn’t been as satisfactory as he had been when he had finally conquered his mate. He didn’t think his name could sound any better unless it was being moaned out between the two plump lips of his beautiful little
Kainin-Sho. The six months of celibacy had been worth every second that he’d plowed into Gohan’s tight heat. He didn’t know how he’d gotten rid of Yuutu for the night, but he would reward the person for helping him finish his mating ceremony. He was proud of his marking, more proud than he’d thought he’d be.

A month since that night, he was still pleased with finally claiming Gohan for his own. It had made him a more likable person, especially during his political work. Especially now, as a Sister Planet’s occupants were feuding over land. The prince usually would ignore this, taking the more profitable side, but he was in such a good mood, he felt like researching both sides. Besides, if he recalled correctly, the planet was mostly made of ice. He didn’t want to make a hasty decision. That was how he found himself on the way to the library one crisp midsummer afternoon.

As of late, he hadn’t seen a fine hair on his mate’s tail, but he’d brushed it aside as just being too busy to tend to his mates wants and desires. Making a mental reminder to visit his son and mate that evening, the Prince pushed into the grand library to make a beeline to the cultural documentations and maps, but was stopped when his sharp ears picked up a sniffle from the far end of the chambers. Taking route to where reading couches had strategically been placed, Vegeta stopped just short of his mate.

Gohan’s cheek’s glistened with tears, putting him in a weakened state that Vegeta would rather not have seen. Freezing, the prince took in the scene set out before him. Little Yuutu would nurse for a few seconds before backing away to whimper. Gohan was in the process of switching nipples. The teen looked up, breathing deeply to get his words in order. “I, I’m not lactating!” The teen cried out. “My breasts are hard; I can’t be going through a dry spell yet. I still have three months left!”

“Calm down.” Vegeta bent down, placing a comforting hand on Gohan’s tense thigh. His fingers brushed across a mound, noting that Gohan’s mammary glands were getting smaller and were hard as rocks. His hormone levels were probably down, which wasn’t a good sign. “Have you called for your physician?” Vegeta pulled Yuutu away, ignoring the distressed cry that came from his son. There was no reason for his son to hurt his own mother just for food. “Nurse Maids can feed him.”

“B, but…” Gohan glanced, scared, down at his son.

“Have you called for a physician?”

“I thought I was just having an off day because of those massaging oils and didn’t want to bother the doctor. He has other, better mothers to take care.” Gohan tightened his tunic shut. Rolling his eyes, the prince shouted for the guard outside. Gohan’s Guard, Naveti, was quick to respond with getting the doctor while Vegeta glanced over his mate. The boy looked pitiful, and going so far to question his parenting skills wasn’t helping. However, the teen’s vacant look made the prince’s curiosity spark.


The teen giggled, hiding his smile behind the back of his hand. “Yuutu.”

Looking down at his son, Vegeta’s own lips twisted into an unfamiliar smile. His son, hungrily, was attempting to fist where he would assume his father’s nipples were, looking for food. A sniffle escaped the baby’s lips because he knew his efforts were in vain, however the shirt remained clamped tightly in his mouth. Not sure what to do, Vegeta seated himself on the couch beside his mate, using shaky hands to hold the padded bottom of his son. Gohan giggled, brushing his fingers through the patches of dark hair sprouted on their son’s head.

Now his little mate was smiling as he whispered baby talk to their child. Vegeta just sat back and watched the interaction of child and mother, not wanting to startle his son. His soft military uniform (he had no appointments today, thus felt no desire to wear his complete metal uniform) would have to be sacrificed to Yuutu’s exploration. The little problem of Gohan no longer lactating was almost forgotten in the face of Vegeta’s speculation on the paradox that was Gohan. Annoying and loveable, the boy was a bundle of everything Vegeta would usually hate in a person, but now he held the main characteristics of the mate the prince had fallen hard for.

“Dr. Abuji.”

The short doctor was the best obstetrician on the planet. An immigrant from the Western Sector, the man was green in scales and often terrified more conservative women of society, but he was still the best all the same. With clicking claws, the lizard approached Gohan before bowing sharply to the royal couple. “I apologize for the wait.”

Gohan spoke before Vegeta could respond back. “We weren’t waiting long. Doctor-san, the little prince Vegeta can’t eat.”

“That would be a job for your pediatrician,” the Lizard chimed, turning to the baby.

“What he means,” Vegeta scowled, “in what he calls ‘Saiyajinese’ is that his body isn’t feeding our son anymore.” The lizard changed directions, approaching the princess again, but Vegeta stopped the doctor from getting too close. “This is hardly the place to be examining him.” Bringing his son up to his shoulder to hold on, the prince guided his mate from the couch and out the door. Abuji followed behind as they took refuge in the Prince’s Wing Living Quarters.

Gohan took a seat on a luxurious couch, clasping his hands between his knees waiting for the doctor to set out his medical bag. Bouncing Yuutu in his arms, Vegeta busied himself with getting a nurse maid to prepare some formula. He couldn’t stand watching those scaly hands touch his mate, brushing across the boy’s pelvis, stomach, and nipples. Even if it was to check for any abnormalities, Vegeta couldn’t help but define it as sensual. The nurse returned with a bottle, leaving Vegeta to figure out what he was supposed to do with the cylinder. Gohan watched him carefully as Vegeta pressed the rubber nipple near his son’s mouth. The child latched on tightly.

The doctor stepped back, his long, thick tail hitting a side table as it twitched. “Congratulations, Princess.”

“You’re congratulating him for not being able to do his mothering duties?” The words escaped the prince’s lips before he realized how malicious they sounded. He didn’t even have to look to see the pained expression on Gohan’s face.

“Let me explain myself,” The lizard twisted toward Vegeta, “The princess merely stopped lactating because he is expecting – again. I only congratulate you on your second child.”

“H, how?” Gohan closed his shirt again, especially around his belly. Vegeta recoiled, trying to see if there was any difference in his mate’s scent. He didn’t recall the boy once going into heat!

Abuji just shook his head in annoyance. “It’s a misconception to think that a Kainin-Sho can only become pregnant during his moments of heat, but like any other male Saiyajin, he’s fertile all year. The only difference is, a normal Saiyajin is harder to impregnate because the sperm has to survive the long travel through various tubes, whereas a Kainin-Sho, like a female, has a direct route to the egg to insure pregnancy the first time.”

Scowling darkly, Vegeta kept his attention on his mate’s doctor. “What are we going to do about our son then? He still is in the early stages of development.”

“That formula has the key nutrients for the healthy development of a Saiyajin babe. Just keep feeding him and make sure the mother keeps a healthy diet and a low stress level to ensure the healthy development of your second child. Again: congratulations, my lady, my lord.” The lizard bowed his head in dismissal before leaving the room.

Silence fell between the two mates. It was only broken when Yuutu spat out his bottle, the plastic tube slipping from Vegeta’s hand, falling to the ground with a noisy clatter. Reaching down for the object, Vegeta rested his son on his hip. His dark eyes rested on the dumbstruck Gohan. “I can’t believe it!” The teen covered his face.

“Believe it,” The prince scowled. “Why didn’t you know you were fertile still?”

“I didn’t know I was capable of getting pregnant until this was mating-thing was sprang up on me!” The teen sobbed. Not sure what to do Vegeta slumped on the couch, wrapping a comforting arm around the teen’s shoulders. “I’m not ready for this. Not again.”

“By the time he’s born, you’re body will be lactating again.”

“Not that!” Gohan screeched. “I was ready to abandon Yuutu. I… I was ready to leave!” The boy’s voice was quivering. Raising a brow, Vegeta filed that bit of information away. “I can’t let Yuutu get attached to me and leave him. I can’t leave two children.”

Then stay with me. “That’s not my problem. As long as you’re carrying child, you will remain under my care. You should have taken the proper precautions last month.” The prince stiffened, waiting for Gohan to hit him, but the teen had fallen into another mood swing. Sturdy shoulders shook as the boy started crying, taking fault for their second child. Dropping his arm in defeat, Vegeta repositioned Yuutu. “It’s not your fault. We were lost in the moment and didn’t know.”

“Of course you’re okay with this!” The teen fisted his bangs, drawing his legs up to his chest. Yuutu began squirming, aware of his mother’s distress, but Vegeta didn’t release his hold on his son. “You get to see both of them grow up! I’m just a fucking oven for you!” Again with his weird, Earthian language. The Prince rolled his eyes.

“You’re hardly an appliance. If it bothers so much to leave, why did you even agree with it?”

“I, I thought I could!”

“Well, obviously you thought wrong.” Vegeta rolled his eyes. “Look, stay here then, raise our kids. We’ll just,” he didn’t want to say it, but a part of him that wanted to keep Gohan close spoke for him, “avoid any more physical contact and keep our distance during our moments of heat.”

It was enough to calm Gohan down. The teen released his grip on his hair, relaxing into the chair as the news of their second child began to set in. With a side glance at Yuutu, the half-saiyajin smirked. “Did you hear that, baby? You’re going to be a big brother.” Reaching over, Vegeta gave up his son’s embrace in order to step back and watch mother and child snuggling into each other. Little fists were swallowed by a curious mouth, inky eyes meeting similar ones. Content, the baby gurgled in response about being a big brother before resting his eyes. “Vegeta?”


“C, could you just hold me a little more?”

“Hn.” Vegeta slumped in the chair, wrapping his arm again around Gohan’s shoulders. The dark haired teen lowered himself into Vegeta’s sturdy shoulders. His sharp ear almost didn’t pick up the purr that escaped his mate, nor the barely audible whisper of:

“I like this.”

Smirking, Vegeta couldn’t help but think he wasn’t the only one that had fallen deeply in love.

Hormones never made the perfect plan easy. During his first pregnancy, the sudden rise in hormones had made Gohan more irritable, but never anything that bothered him. This time, however, it seemed to him that he was more emotionally charged and the prince hadn’t the faintest clue of how to handle his crying mate. Working purely on emotion on both parts, Gohan had initiated the kissing. He didn’t care if they’d promised to keep physically apart, but he needed to feel loved. His hormones were overpowering, urging Vegeta back in the bed.

Wrapping his arms around the sturdy neck, Gohan situated his thighs on the prince’s hips, keeping the older man level over his own body. It was an exceptional feeling that he’d been abandoning several months, especially since the last time he dragged the prince into his bed. It was exceptional how whole he could feel with the prince in his presence. That little part of him, once empty, felt complete. “Vegeta…” His body fell back against the plush coverings on his bed.

The prince’s hands rubbed against the submissive teen’s belly, light touches that moved to the teen’s hips, pushing in the skin as both men’s cocks aligned. Vegeta shifted, using a free hand to wrap around both of their stiff penises. Grip tightening, Gohan pressed his hips up, thrashing his hips into the prince’s. He didn’t need to be filled with the prince, all he wanted was the right to come and relax in the prince’s arms after, but his ears could hear heavy boots coming towards the door over the pulsing blood in his ear.

Vegeta must have heard it to, because his hand worked to bring both of them to completion in time with their thrusts. The bed hit the wall, nails scratched into bare shoulders, and finally Gohan’s head threw back before the prince’s own did. Body shaking from exertion, teen let his body fall back to cushion the prince’s head. Whoever was on the other side of the door finally knocked, letting Vegeta know that Raditz and Nappa wanted an audience.

Glowering, the prince pushed himself off Gohan. “I have to take this.”

“I know,” Gohan whispered, wrapping the loose comforter cover over his sticky body. The teen watched awkwardly as the prince entered the showers. Going towards the sink, Gohan filled the sink to clean to semen from his belly before he went to take care of Yuutu. “Vegeta?”


“This doesn’t change anything.” Gohan moved his flaccid cock, cleaning along the thin bushel of hairs. “This time, however, I can’t get pregnant. It won’t happen after this baby is born.”

“Don’t,” Vegeta stepped out of the shower, drying his gravity-defying hair, “make promises you can’t keep.” Blushing, Gohan kept his eyes diverted from the prince’s penis. A small tingle in his belly made the teen grab a towel to cover up. The prince smirked. “Consider it part of my ‘husbandry’ duties to please my pregnant mate whenever he may call. Cheaper than a new wardrobe any day.”

“B, bastard. I, I want clothes!” Gohan turned away.

“Too late, brat. You chose sex,” The prince pulled on his uniform trousers, lacing the belt through evenly. “Has Yuutu eaten yet?”

Brow raised at the question, the teen opened his closet to decide what outfit to wear to bed. “Yep. Will he sleep through the night? I doubt it. Hey, can I come down to see Uncle Raditz? I want to tell him the news.” Dressed in a pair of loose trousers, held up by a tied drawstring, and a loose tunic Gohan rested his hand on his stomach, imagining the baby growing inside. Vegeta shrugged his shoulders, waving his hand for Gohan to follow.

“I wish to inform my Father, the King, myself at a later date.” Vegeta made his way out of the room, straight neck and normal. Gohan followed a distance behind. The transformation in Vegeta’s character surprised Gohan. One moment the man was throwing caution to the wind, screwing the teen into oblivion, and then joking in his cold sense of humor. Next he could be back to business, the moody prince that acted as if the universe was out to get him.

Even the sudden rise in the guard, standing at attention for the short prince, was enough to make Gohan smile. None of them had ever seen the real Vegeta, the one he’d spent a good portion of his day with. It made his stomach twist realizing that he’d taken the cold condition of the prince as a main personality (not that Vegeta was a happy guy to begin with, but still). “You should smile more often.”

“I am smiling, now.”

“No, you’re smirking. You should smile like you did for Yuutu.”

“Ch. Don’t kid yourself. I am not weak.”

“Showing your emotions don’t make you weak,” Gohan whispered, turning his eyes to a tapestry, “it is what makes us stronger than the enemy.”

Rolling his eyes, the prince continued forward until he reached his private officers where, surely enough, Nappa and Raditz were standing before the imported desk. The two kept their distance from each other, never once acknowledging the others existence. Nappa, craned his large neck to look at the Prince, not even flicking a salute or bow to the nobles that had come in the room. “We’d prefer not to have this discussion in front of the princess.”

“I want to talk to my uncle after your meeting.” Gohan crossed his arms.

Nappa just rolled his eyes, returning his attention on Vegeta. “Suit yourself.”

“Please, Nephew.” Raditz raised his barely audible voice. “I’d prefer to speak with Prince Vegeta without other ears.”


“Gohan.” Said boy turned to face his Mate. The prince’s face was stern, but his aura was one of superiority and Gohan knew he was to leave immediately. “I will send Raditz to you. Go check on Yuutu.”

Not wanting to destroy his good mood, Gohan gripped the bottom of his tunic with a sharp nod of his head. Just as the large, iron doors slammed shut behind him, the teen knew what was going on. Raditz’s scent, once always faint, had become obviously milk-based. His uncle was pregnant and seeking an approved abortion.




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