Duties to the Throne

Chapter 7 - Return to His Arms

Vegeta had to bite his tongue to ignore the glares from his dear friend. Raditz had been anguished to learn that he didn’t qualify for an abortion. Not that the prince cared that his friend was giving him the death glare, he had other things to worry about, such as his own pregnant mate who’d taken refuge at his parent’s home ever since Raditz’s conference. Taking his father’s advice, Vegeta had given Gohan his space, having the feeling the problem resided in the boy’s uncle’s recent pregnancy.

After two weeks of not seeing either his son or his mate, Vegeta took a personal day to see his in-laws for the first time since the mating ceremony. The moment he’d meet Kakarot, Saiyajin Commander, the prince knew he hated his mate’s family. The Earthling, Chichi may have been an excellent cook but she was a control freak more cunning than Lord Freiza had been. It probably didn’t take much for her to control Vegeta-Sei’s strongest, simple minded, warrior. How someone like Gohan, whose faults in only his simplest pleasures could have grown up in such an environment was beyond the prince’s understanding.

“Commander.” The prince crossed his arms over his chest.

Kakarot gave a similar stance, leaning against the frame of his Earth Style home. For an idiot, his smirk was as cunning as his wife’s. “Prince Vegeta, what brings you to my home? It couldn’t be for my son, I mean – don’t mates usually keep track of one another?” His finger, the prince noted, was on the door panel. Before the overgrown baboon could shut out Vegeta, the prince placed his hand firmly along the door frame, stopping the mechanism.

“I have better things to do than banter with an idiot – move, Kakarot!” The prince prepared to push his way in, bracing his body for anything the commander would throw at him for entering uninvited, but nothing came. The man seemed to sidestep the short prince; gracefully returning to the table where Chichi was cooing over a basket holding her grandson. “He’s in the backroom,” the man said, never once looking up from Yuutu.

“Goku--!” Chichi turned to her husband, her broken Saiyajinese grating on Vegeta’s nerves. From what few conversations he’d had with Gohan, the prince had learned that the Earthling populous had given Kakarot their own name – Goku. Though rarely used on Vegeta-Sei’s, the man preferred it to his given one. “—I’d rather those two not do anything in my house!”

With a side glance toward his son, at the mercy of his overbearing grandparents, Vegeta followed his mate’s milky scent to a back bedroom that belonged to Gohan in his youth. The room still looked ready for the half-Saiyajin to return home, except now it appeared slightly lived in with a crib in the corner and boxes of old baby clothes scattered about. At the desk, nose buried in a book, Gohan craned his neck back.

Letting the door slide shut behind him, the prince leaned back against the metal frame. “Is there a reason you left the castle?”

“Just had to get away.” Gohan returned to his book.

“Raditz’s choices aren’t going to affect you.” The Saiyajin prince moved to the bed, taking a seat on the plush material. “I dismissed his case. He’s hardly eligible for the procedure just because he’s been playing with chance for years. It was only a matter of time that he’d get pregnant with Nappa’s kid. Because Jijun, Nappa’s mate, is infertile, Raditz’s child will be Nappa’s heir. Should Raditz seek out a back alley abortion, then he will be tried in court and possibly be forced to reproduce to replace the lost child by two.” The prince lay back on the bed, folding his arms behind his head. “I don’t know why he’d assumed I’d okay an abortion, Saiyajin law in set in stone; abortion is only applicable if the fetus is sickly as every Saiyajin-breed child is needed to repopulate our planet.”

Beside him the sheets crinkled, signaling that Gohan had taken a seat beside his mate. “Do you think Raditz would--?”

“I doubt it, he doesn’t want to admit it but he has feelings for Nappa. Bah, like I care,” Vegeta rolled his eyes. His two idiot friends were just another Housewives’ Holoview episode. If one wasn’t fucking the other, they were crying in the arms of some prostitute that night. Sometimes he was ashamed to call them his best friends. “You should have,” he changed topic, “told me before you left with our son.” Hah! I used it! ‘Our son’ -- that feels nice.

Curling up in Vegeta’s side, Gohan draped an arm across the prince’s torso. “It’s just…I felt ashamed that my uncle would tarnish his reputation so openly. I was scared what people would say about him, about me, about Yuutu, about…you. I don’t know why I…I was scared.” Gohan whispered.

Letting a hand fall on the small of Gohan’s back, the prince rubbed the spot soothingly. “You’re doing your duties. You need to worry about our family in every aspect, as the princess.” Vegeta shifted his body, pulling Gohan onto his chest to purr lowly. Gohan relaxed into the prince, enjoying the attention he was receiving. Thick tails coiled around each other. Faintly he could hear his mate’s family in the dining room, cooing over Yuutu. The sweet milky scent of his mate was tantalizing, but the prince knew not to act on the urge. He’d come so far with his reluctant mate since Yuutu was born, he wasn’t going to lose it all on the spur of the moment.

Even if it would be a wonderful gift for the idiot Kakarot and his Earth mate to hear their son being pounded just a room away.


“Hn?” The prince tightened his grip, trying to fight off the fantasies of hearing Gohan scream his name (with proper titles) to the moonlit sky.

“…why are you being reassuring with me? Is this just for Yuutu’s sake?” The boy was letting out a low growl, but Vegeta’s purring overrode the irritation.

“I’m just performing my duties as your mate.” The prince didn’t flinch as Gohan rolled completely onto him. Only a grunt escaped him as bony elbows dug into his gut, pushing the metal chest guard into his ribs. Keeping his eyes on his mischievous mate, the prince kept an open ear for the door to move. He didn’t want anyone to interrupt whatever was going to happen on the small bed.

But Gohan’s gaze shifted to the prince’s hands. Reaching for one, the boy dragged it down to his belly, toned once again from sit ups after feedings that had started to extend with pregnancy. Right under the prince’s palm, the skin stretched out: a kick. Dark eyes widened as the feeling. During Yuutu’s term, Gohan had been reluctant to let Vegeta near him and their unborn child. It made the prince’s heart swell that he’d made it into Gohan’s personal space. “He’s strong,” Gohan smiled. “And smart,” the boy added fast, “Yuutu didn’t kick me this soon. I wonder when…” He blushed.

Vegeta just smiled, kneading the boy’s belly. Already he could see pale cheeks turn red followed by the heavy scent of lilac. His second child would probably be his favorite one considering the effect the pregnancy was having on his lover. “Drop your pants.”

The brunette half-Saiyajin blushed but didn’t argue, lowering his pants until they dangled at the bottom of his left foot. Lifting Gohan up, Vegeta positioned the boy over his head as he lowered his back on the mattress. His hand worked at completely removing the teen’s bottoms as Gohan leaned forward, propping his upper body against the window frame. Smirking, Vegeta enjoyed the view of his mate’s lower portion. He’d rarely seen this much of Gohan, even recently. The boy was always embarrassed about sex in general, making this the first time the prince had been close enough to breathe in the natural aphrodisiacs the teen’s body produced all years. It was a much stronger scent in that area. Taking a deep breath, Vegeta rubbed his nose into Gohan’s perineum. The boy tensed.

“Relax.” Vegeta rubbed the round globe under his thumb. The teen shifted, rolling his hips as he tried to relax. It was obvious the boy was still scared about what was going to happen, but the prince shifted his fingers to the base of the boy’s tail, rubbing the flesh where the pale back joined with the furry appendage. Like butter, Gohan relaxed against the window, his tail wrapping around the prince’s wrist.

Lifting his head, Vegeta licked the boy’s perineum. His fingers moved from the teen’s tail to between the Gohan’s round globes, brushing along the boy’s tight entrance. Carefully nibbling on the skin, Vegeta pushed his index finger into the teen’s tight entrance. Though not quickly, the light stimulation was causing the teen to secrete his sweet essence, preparing to be taken. It wasn’t enough to really prepare the boy though, considering the teen wasn’t in heat and his body didn’t need to prepare for reproduction. Pushing Gohan’s hips towards his nose, Vegeta ducked his mouth between those firm globes and inhaled. Sweet lilac. His cock stiffened immediately in response to the teen’s alluring scent.

Finger still pushed in Gohan’s wet entrance, Vegeta pressed his tongue past the boy’s perianal muscles. Sweet nectar touched his tongue, urging him to push as far as his tongue could go. He worked his tongue and finger in until the tight muscles became mush for him to take the boy with mind discomfort on both parts. Sliding out from under the boy, Vegeta rolled himself behind the boy’s lithe back, wrapping his arms around the teen’s waist as he kissed the boy’s back. Gohan mewed under him, eyes screwed shut.

Moving his hands down to the boy’s pale, tight bottom, Vegeta cupped both globes as he nipped at his mating mark on the boy’s neck. “Ahn,” Gohan cracked open his eye, watching the prince cautiously. His tail shook nervously, flicking against Vegeta’s belly. Releasing one of the round globes, Vegeta worked to unhook his metal belt followed by his uniform clasps. Reaching in the loose material, Vegeta freed his stiff cock from its confines. His other hand laced Gohan’s tail around his palm, bringing the furry appendage up to his lips to kiss.

“Relax…” He breathed softly, rolling his hips against the boy’s bottom. Positioning his cock at Gohan’s entrance, the prince pressed against the boy’s back, kissing the teen’s shoulder blade’s as he pushed his erection into the warm heat. The boy mewed again, arching his lower back to take more of the prince in quicker. Moving his hands around the boy again, the prince fished his fingers through the boy’s blouse to pinch swollen nipples. Another cry followed muscles tightening around Vegeta. Perfect. The prince groaned as he started to thrust into the ready body below him.

There was too much clothes between them, Vegeta groaned. He needed to feel Gohan’s skin, to know that no one else had marked the boy in his absence. Sliding the teen’s blouse off, Vegeta tossed it in a random direction. His eyes searched over the boy’s body for anything out of the ordinary, but it was just as he left the teen. Unclasping his metal plate covering his tunic, Vegeta shed both outfits. His pants remained on, as his hips were too busy at thrusting into the tight heat. Gohan’s internal muscles were twitching, approaching the first of many orgasms.

Even pregnant, Vegeta noted absently, Gohan’s body was prepared to be thrown into heat at any given moment. This gave the prince something to worry about should someone try to get a piece of the princess. I’ll kill them.

Gohan’s breathing became deep and fast, his face pressing into the circular window. Vegeta gripped the boy’s hips as his penis was locked in by the boy’s canal. Taking his own deep breaths, Vegeta waited for the teen to relax before he continued. His heavy balls began to tighten up again but he slowed his thrust until he was ready to go around. The second orgasm came again, causing the teen to bite his lip to keep from screaming. The prince wrapped his hand around the boy’s shaft. The boy was starting to tense all around him. Gohan’s tail wrapped around the prince’s waist, locking their bodies together as he finally came. Moving to his own completion, Vegeta growled lowly as he came, covering Gohan with his scent.

Pulling out, the prince watched as Gohan slumped against the window from exhaustion. Carefully picking Gohan up, Vegeta tucked the boy into bed, pulling the covers on the boy. The teen, gripped the blanket, his tail moving swiftly under the blankets. “…’m glad.”

“About what?”

“You came for me…” Gohan shut his eyes, asleep in seconds. Vegeta watched the boy slumber before dressing himself.

The shifting of his blankets roused Gohan from his deep sleep. Trying to ignore the shift, Gohan moved as warm arms wrapped around his middle. The soft scent of sandalwood came over him, followed by a soft purring that only his mate could do. It made the boy smile as he tucked himself under the prince’s chin; basking in the attention he wouldn’t be given had he been in the castle. When Vegeta’s breathing slowed to a luring sleep, Gohan cracked an eye open to look up at the man.

Asleep, Vegeta looked much more relaxed. His mouth, usually fixed in a scowl, was parted as he breathed. He looked younger. Gohan giggled as the prince’s tail flicked against his hip. The man snorted in his sleep before relaxing. Remembering to be quiet, the boy shifted his attention to something other than the suggestive tail coiling around his thigh. Sharp ears picked up Yuuto’s breathing from the crib, bringing a relaxing atmosphere to the family.

He shifted again, pulling closer to his mate. On instinct, a soft purr rippled through the prince’s sleep, encouraging sleep from the younger male. “I think I love you, ‘Geta.”

In the dark room, inky eyes focused fully on the tree line. Soft purring increased as the very tip of a strong, well-groomed tail brushed along the dimples on the princess’s firm thighs.




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