Duties to the Throne

Chapter 8 - Give Yourself

Saiyajin babies were different than the Earth ones Gohan had babysat in his younger days. Though fundamentally the same, Saiyajin children tended to age quicker before slowing down progressively by their preteen years. Because children were so hard to come by in a warrior society, babies needed to develop quickly in half the time of an Earth child. The same went for death; an old Saiyajin who survived multiple battles could live 350 planetary cycles (200 Earth years) before dying. That was something that made the warrior race proud.

However, their children were still a threat to themselves. One of every five births would die of gluttony before they reached a year old. Normally, the six months of breast feeding made due, considering the mother’s milk was made of just the right fatty substance to fill the child up with ease. However, there were babies such as Yuutu who could no longer drink his mother’s milk and were forced to have a formula not as fatty as the original milk. It was when this happened that babies began to eat too much to meet their monstrous appetite.

The formula was designed to affect the child thirty minutes after eating, but the hunger cries normally were met with more food than the child needed. After thirty minutes, the child’s stomach began to stretch and was overfilled, leading to discomfort, or in worst cases, minor ulcers from the formula.

This fact crossed Gohan’s mind as he tread across the carpeted floor, bouncing his screaming baby and trying to ease the boy’s pain. He had overeaten earlier while trying to fill that void the formula couldn’t immediately touch. Luckily, Gohan had stopped the feeding two bottles in, but the damage was done, and now neither mother nor child was going to sleep.

He’d hummed every song he could think of to urge his son into a restless sleep and was almost tempted to call for a nursemaid to stay awake with his son, but a part of him wanted to prove that he could care for his son even when Gohan’s presence was expected elsewhere, namely his husband’s birthday ceremony in the main hall. It was understood that he had other obligations when he’d walked out of the party with a fussy Yuutu, just recently stuffed with cream puff deserts he’d grabbed when neither parent was looking, and a forgiving parting glance from his husband. He’d promised his father-in-law to dance with his husband just once for the event, and that had never happened considering Yuutu had found a possessive streak towards his mother .

Not that Vegeta had cared. The man was just a possessive and wanted his son to know that at an early age. Ignoring his sore neck when Yuutu rubbed his runny nose along the bruise, Gohan patted the baby’s cushioned bottom as he took a seat in a rocker off in the corner of the room, giving him a view of the twin moons overhead. “Sleep, sleep, sleep,” he hummed softly. “Live, live, live.” He rocked a little slower, hearing a deep sigh from his son. Patting the boy’s bottom, Gohan closed his own eyes, losing himself in the faint lyrics of a typical lullaby for the planet.

He didn’t know that he’d fallen asleep until he felt Yuutu being lifted from his arms. Jerked from his own sound sleep, Gohan calmed down his breathing as he watched Vegeta lay their son back in the crib. The prince gave his princess a side glance. “The Royal court was wondering if you’d be back.”

“What,” Gohan brushed the sleep from his eyes, “what time is it?”

“Time for little ones to be in bed; up you go.” Gohan bit back a squeak when his body was lifted by the prince’s smaller frame. Wounding his arms around Vegeta’s neck, the princess dropped his head under the man’s jaw. He’d forgotten about his mate’s strength. The prince was always so gentle with him. With a soft smile, Gohan laced his fingers into the tips of the Prince’s cape, escaping out from under the metal casings of his shoulder pads.

“I hope you at least had fun.”

“Ch. Father insists on these parties for appearance. I couldn’t care less.” Vegeta stopped in front of Gohan’s private chambers. It had taken a lot of fighting (from the prince, of course) to get Gohan to separate his room from their son’s, but it had worked. Now the small Royal Family all lived in the same grand hall, not far from the Prince’s own private chambers. Gohan could tell that the prince had preferred for both mates to share a same room, but Gohan didn’t feel ready for that kind of emotional bond with the man that had started their sexual relationship with no reassurances. His bed came into view and Gohan tightened his grip as he was deposited onto the large piece of furniture, pulling his mate down with him.

He proudly watched Vegeta stop his own heavy body from landing on his slowly rising gut. Though their mating hadn’t started well (and Gohan still wasn’t sure where he and Vegeta stood with each other), the man did love his children. “—What the hell are you thinking? Give a man some warning before you—”

Gohan sealed their lips together, his fingers kneading the back of the Vegeta’s spiky hair. The man tasted of fine wine and laced with expensive finger foods that only the rich could have. The boy moaned as his tongue was sucked on, his silk tunic removed, and the white undershirt discarded. His sensitive nipples were assaulted by grabby hands as his own fingers broke the clasp keeping the heavy metals of Vegeta’s House Uniform, removing the shoulder guards.

Pulling away, Vegeta took a deep breath, quickly removing the metal barrier blocking him from feeling Gohan’s own warm flesh. “Are your hormones spiking again?” he asked breathlessly.

Gohan didn’t respond. He knew that wasn’t it, his hormone levels had normalized a week before according to his doctor. No. He just wanted to give Vegeta a birthday gift that no one in that room could have ever given him – an unforgettable night of sex. When the heavy material was dropped beside the bed, Gohan pushed Vegeta down, on the side, ignoring the surprised look the prince gave him. He was on a mission before his heart, all ready beating rapidly, gave out.

He decided to focus his attention on the his mate’s neck first. Plain and tan, it was nothing like Gohan’s own inflamed one with multiple bites from a man attempting to maul his jugular vein. With uncertainty, the Prince tilted his head to the side, offering himself to the princess. Gohan planned to return the favor.

Biting any human always reminded Gohan of cannibalism. Canines, especially in Saiyajins, were sharp enough to bite the flesh off. It seemed like a weak type of attack as well – can’t kick, might as well bite. Vegeta seemed to love it every other time he’d come close to chewing on the man’s neck. Testing the waters, Gohan kissed the junction where the man’s shoulder and neck connected. It earned a change in breathing from the man, urging the princess to change tactics. Nipping and licking the wound, Gohan moved his hands down to sketch to memory each and every muscle formation on his mate. He’d never noticed how toned his mate’s chest and abs were. Now that I think of it, when does he find the time to train?

The muscle under his hand shifted, tightening just as he pressed against it. Shifting back to watch, Gohan repeated this action. Showing off…

With an equally playful smirk, Gohan kneaded Vegeta’s stomach, loosening the muscles to take in the sight of the man’s belly when he wasn’t trying to look more powerful. The man was still toned, just not as much as he’d been just seconds before. The boy giggled, working his way down. Starting just under the man’s belly button, a barely visible trail of fine black hair worked its way down, towards the links of the his black trousers. Gohan blinked in surprise, having never considered the man’s pubic hair. His own, as standard with females, had been waxed and burned off at an early age. As a Kainin-sho, his body was expected to be the epitome of all things pretty – and pubic hair was not so.

“Starting to feel self-conscious,” Vegeta murmured lowly, a growl escaping his throat. Gohan tensed up, knowing that by simply pushing Vegeta down earlier, he had approached a line of submission and dominance that was taboo in the culture. Vegeta was being a sport by just letting his little mate have any culture in their sexual encounters; had it been anyone else, the boy knew his body was simply to lay prone to relieve any frustrations the dominant mate could have. “And don’t think you’re topping,” the prince added.

Gohan felt the urge to childishly pout about that rise in his gut, but he ignored it. “Wasn’t thinking of it, but if you want me to…” he stopped short, giving a long glance at the tent pooling in his mate’s trousers. “I was going to…”

“Don’t do anything you’re not ready for.” Vegeta ran his hand through his hair. Gohan blushed, watching the man’s toned body in a different angle. He never felt as lucky as he did at that moment to have a mate that considered all of his own needs. Brushing the palm of his hands over the bulge, Gohan used his free hand to remove the man’s pants. He was able to get them halfway down before Vegeta sat up on the bed, removing them completely with a grunt about the mood being ruined. Gohan ignored the comment, noting the man was still hard even considering the time wasted from Gohan’s inexperienced exploration. Repositioning themselves to their earlier forms, Gohan gave him one last apprehensive look before swallowing the man’s cock.

It’d been awhile since he’d actually performed fellatio, the act still leaving a feeling of disgust in the pit of his belly, but Vegeta had done it for him on multiple occasions. It had felt good all those times and he remembered how pleased Vegeta looked the last time, no matter how forced the act had been. With half-lidded eyes, Gohan watched the prince’s face screw shut in pleasure. The man’s fist tightened around the comforter as he tried controlling his sudden rapid breathing. Encouraged, Gohan wrapped his hands around the warm flesh, taking more in. When the tip brushed against the back of his throat, the boy fought back the urge to gag as he pulled back to the tip, licking the slit.

Becoming lost in the act, Gohan repeated swallowing the shaft again, practicing his tongue skills as he fondled his mate’s quickly tightening testes. He smelt the oncoming of semen before his mind registered it, but it was too late as a flood of heat hit his tongue. Swallowing, Gohan worked to keep the mess from spilling until not a drop remained. Licking his lips for any stray spills, Gohan pushed himself up from where he’d laid on his stomach.

Returning his fingers to the softening flesh before him, the princess watched Vegeta jerk at the flow of senses that suddenly overcame him. His eyes shot open, watching again to see what Gohan was doing. His leg braced itself to push Gohan back should the boy overstep his boundaries, but Gohan had no intention to as he brought his mate to stiffness again. Satisfied that Vegeta could go another round, Gohan finished removing his trousers, dropping them off on the side of the bed before climbing above his mate’s prone form. “Gohan?” Vegeta whispered, his hand immediately going to Gohan’s hips to stop the pregnant boy from hurting himself.

“P, please – let me do this.” Gohan reached under him, positioning the prince at his entrance. With a deep breath, Gohan lowered himself onto the man’s erection, biting back the urge to scream at the intrusion. Placing his hands on the man’s tense abs, the princess waited for his body to adjust, all the while Vegeta rubbed his hips lovingly. Their tails brushed against one another, one trying to sooth the other of any discomfort. “It’s your birthday, I want to--!” Gohan shifted his hips, causing his body to jerk forward when the tip of the prince’s cock brushed the sensitive nerves of his inner canal. Had he not been pregnant, the boy realized, this position would be perfect to ensure pregnancy. The man was so deep… “Oh god…” Raising his hips, the boy lowered himself, slowly aiming to brush the same nerve. It worked. “-Vegeta!”

The prince’s grip was harsh on the boy’s hips, controlling the speed of the thrusts to avoid hurting the younger lover or their unborn child. His own lips were parted as the pace picked up, his movements precise. After what felt like forever, Gohan tensed, forcing his body to stop moving. He panted and licked his lips, trying to come off his sexual high as his hands moved and tweaked the man’s nipples. He ignored the distressed cry from the man so close to his second release, enjoying the feeling of being with his mate too much to care that they had been seconds away from their release.

Sitting up, Vegeta wrapped his arms around the boy, their mouths connecting. When he felt he had himself under control, Gohan began thrusting himself onto Vegeta’s erection with the aid of the prince. Both men’s eyes locked onto each other. Lost in those dark eyes, the half-Saiyajin whimpered when he began to lose control again. This time, he had no intention of prolonging the experience. His lower body was already straining and Vegeta’s grip was becoming almost painful as the man neared his peak again.

“’Gee-geeta!” Gohan clung to the older man. He was no longer forcing the movement; Vegeta had taken control. His strong arms kept Gohan upright, letting Gohan feel that he still was in control, but he knew it was gone. Those deep eyes held power that the kainin-sho could never have, the power to control hormones. “More! Please!”

“You’re mine.” Vegeta growled. His grip was tightening. His knuckles whitened.

“Yours, ‘Geta-!” Gohan’s head tilted back, allowing the prince access to his tender neck. The man needed no other cue to leave another bite on his neck. It was then Gohan noticed that the man was offering up his neck for him in return. Blushing, Gohan followed through with his instinct, clamping down. The taste of copper was all it took to throw Gohan over the edge. With a loud scream, the teen exploded. Semen covered both men’s bellies and Vegeta pulled the boy down on his erection as he came with a powerful growl. The sudden flood of heat against his prostate caused Gohan to come again, causing the boy to black out.

The sound of the door sliding open roused the boy from his deep sleep. Forcing his eyes open, Gohan winced at the light flooding in his room from an open window before focusing his attention on the door. The automatic door was opened by Vegeta, still standing half dressed in the door as a servant dropped off a platter of dishes. When the door slid shut, Vegeta carried the platter towards the bed, placing it on the bedside stand as Gohan pushed himself up, trying to get comfortable. “Did you check on Yuutu?”

“Your mother came by earlier to get him. Since Raditz has been on bed rest, she’s needed a break from taking care of him and wanted our son.” Vegeta poured the vial of lemon water into two separate glasses, handing one to Gohan, Vegeta seated himself on the side of the bed. From his angle Gohan could see the inflamed skin on the prince’s neck, reminding him of his odd present the night before. Reflecting back on it caused the boy to blush in embarrassment at his behavior. He hadn’t known what came over him until it was too late.

“Thank you.” Gohan whispered, returning the empty glass to his mate. “I’ll give you that dance when I’m feeling more up to it. My feet are starting to swell.” Vegeta’s tail flattened on Gohan’s lap. Without prompt, the teen pet the prone tail back to life. Vegeta watched from the corner of his eye. “Do you have any meetings today?”

“Father was going to handle them – his gift to me. I already had plans.”

“Oh.” Deflated, Gohan began the grooming process, ignoring the irritation coming from his mate when finer hairs on the sensitive appendage were pulled.

“Mmhm.” Vegeta nodded, yanking his tail away from the boy’s hands. It coiled around his waist protectively as the prince reached for the breakfast tray to give Gohan some toast. “After you shower, put on your ceremonial robes and meet me in the garden.”

Surprised with the order, Gohan could only watch as the prince walked out of the room. After finishing his breakfast, the boy showered and dressed in the robes he rarely wore. Fixing his hair in the mirror, he took in the sight of himself with some displeasure. He’d have to ask his mother to trim his hair the next time he saw her. He’d never liked his hair long, not since he was four and it matted together when he trained. So messy. Pulling the strands into a short ponytail, the princess left the room, making his way to the higher gardens.

The Gardens of Vegeta-Sei were open to the public and guarded by the finest of guards. With the prince’s birthday the day before, the grounds were nearly empty since most Saiyajin’s had used the day as a reason to drink hard liquor until weakened by their own hangovers. It made the walk easier, since he hadn’t needed to find his personal guard to protect him. He despised going that extra mile for protection, not when he’d lived his whole life tending to himself.

He found Vegeta standing before the engineered waterfall, gazing longingly into the distance. The man was dressed in his own ceremonial robes that Gohan had never seen before. It made him, the boy realize, look smaller. The uniform held a more powerful symbol than the thin outfits of their ancestors. “Ah.” Vegeta chimed, noticing him finally. “Come here.” He held out his hand.

Not knowing what else to do, Gohan placed his narrow hand in the prince’s rougher one, allowing his body to be led forward. Their fingers laced, and an odd feeling shot down his spine as he gazed awkwardly at the embrace. They stood quietly before the environment, lost in their own thoughts before Vegeta spoke again, “I couldn’t get the old Lords to speak with us again so we’ll make our own ceremony.”

“Huh?” Gohan tilted his head to his side.

Turning to Gohan, Vegeta exhaled sharply. “Our first mating ceremony didn’t end right. This is our second ceremony. Maybe we can do better this time around…that is…if you’ll accept a second chance?” Vegeta couldn’t meet Gohan’s gaze. The boy didn’t have to ask what he meant. It was all too clear. If given the chance, Gohan would have wanted to forget that first day when he gazed so heatedly at the man forced to become his mate. The very man that had taken his innocence so forcibly on the lake shore. The one who’d abandoned him soon after to care for himself.

“Will you take care of me?” Gohan whispered suddenly. “When I’m weak like this? When I depend on you for everything – will you protect me from even your more Saiyajin side?”

“Until I die.” Vegeta whispered. “And will you stand beside me even if the crown fails and the planet is destroyed?”

He’d never thought of that. Vegeta-Sei had many generations of little Vegeta’s protecting the throne, making it feel like the planet was invincible. “As your mate, I will stand by you no matter what.” Gohan blinked when he felt something slide onto his ring finger. Glancing down at it in surprise, Gohan looked over the silver band that was an Earth tradition.

“That idiot Kakarot was talking about these.” Vegeta explained, showing that he, too, wore a band. “He said that all this Saiyajin culture makes no sense to your Earth-side and that I should try things your way. I’ll give you a few things – that diplomacy between Earth and Vegeta-Sei certainly works wonders. This will be our diplomacy, my pact to you to stand beside you no matter what comes our way. It is my duty, not only to my father’s throne, but to you.”

“You’re such a sap.” Gohan chuckled, clutching his claimed hand to his chest. “I like this you more than that arrogant bastard.”

“Do you now?” Vegeta grunted, crossing his arms. “I supposed I’m just going to have to be my ‘bastard’ self once in awhile to prove I mean business?”

Enjoying his game, Gohan giggled. “Think you can?”

“Oh, I know I can.” Vegeta smirked back.

Before he knew it, Gohan felt himself being picked up and dragged under water by a playful mate. With a shocked cry, Gohan declared war on his mate and pulled the man with him.

They were found hours later, by a guard informing them that Raditz had gone into labor.




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