Duties to the Throne

Chapter 9 - Conclusion


Dark clouds were starting to cover the Vegeta-Sei night sky, erasing all sight of the twin moons. Covering his eyes to gaze past the clear protective flexi glass shell surrounding the planet and its moon shifting inhabitants, the Gohan nibbled his bottom lip as he made his way through the well lit hallway. Guards stationed along the wall tried to not watch the princess, but it was too tempting of a sight. It wasn’t rare to see the boy angry, everyone who was anyone knew that the king-to-be had a way of setting off the half-breed, making it almost an art form. The princess, as well, was the only boy able to physically challenge the prince – and win. Some juggled with the thought of warning their royal patriarch of his wife, but none made an effort to move.

Lord Vegeta was tough, but standing up to the princess? That was stupid.

“You.” Gohan’s gaze turned to a guard after coming across Vegeta’s office bare. The guard swallowed, regretting a time he ever thought the princess of being the cutest thing that he would ever do things to. Back-to-back pregnancies had tricked the inhabitants of Vegeta-Sei, including the royal figureheads, into thinking that the princess was a stunning mirror of the Earth race only to discover that when his body wasn’t being used to nurture beautiful crown Saiyajin princes, the princess was a powerful advisory to even the best of warriors. The king had been pleased with this fact, having only heard through Bardock that his grandchild was twice as powerful as his father who was currently the strongest Saiyajin in existence but to actually see the boy in action… “Where is he?”

Some had suggested that Prince Vegeta keep his little mate knocked up to avoid a power struggle with the half-breeds while others sought out earth women to make strong half-breed children.

“Where is who, my lady?” The guard shifted nervously.

Gohan’s eyes narrowed but his voice purred playfully, “My loving mate.”

“I haven’t seen Prince Vegeta, my lady.” The man fought for his voice. He breathed deeply when Gohan turned away, crossing his arms in annoyance.

“Hiding his ki signature. The pathetic--!” The boy stormed off. It never ceased to amaze him how his mate could act so tough before his people and yet all his mate had to do was whisper that he wanted another baby to send the man cowering in fear. “I wasn’t even serious! I can’t have a baby now, my thesis is already taking a lot of time and Yuutu and his damn questions-! Vegeta!” Scanning the castle again, the boy threw himself in his personal study.

When the doors shut and he was finally alone, the boy dropped himself on a lone couch. Had it really been six years since he was mated with the world’s biggest prick? He hadn’t been serious. Yuutu and Ritz were already difficult without a third child added to the mix and lately Vegeta had been having such a sex drive that Gohan was almost sure the man was attempting to procreate anyway. If he hadn’t been forcing his mate to use those contraceptives (a Saiyajin taboo) he was sure he’d of been having children faster than a rabbit did.

But, there was truth to it. He imagined a third, maybe a fourth baby to take care of once his own babies were out of the cute phase. Someone that would focus on their attention (or rather their nonsexual attention) on him. Vegeta was starting to take over his father’s work, spending more hours at the office and less with his family but when he was there he still found time to mock fight his sons, work with little Ritz’s reading (the boy was going to be as intelligent as his mother) skills, and then coddle his mate until Gohan begged for space, but it wasn’t the same as having a single attention.

Snorting, Gohan cursed his hormones and maternal instinct. It would be the death of him yet. If only he could find Vegeta he could be happy—


Ritz threw open the office doors, uncaring that he probably broke the automatic closing mechanism as he threw himself into his mother’s side with a squeal of delight. His dark hair was as gravity defying as his fathers and it took Gohan’s fingers brushing through dark strands to discovered crusted dirt in his little boy’s hair. It was only a matter of time that he’d see his other son in all his dirt covered glory for Ritz wasn’t the kind of boy to go playing in the mud and dirt, taking his father’s arrogance to such demeaning activities. “Yes?” Gohan brushed his fingers over the boy’s neck where, sure enough he found mud.

“Yuutu pushed me into a mud puddle and then threw dirt on me.”

“I’ll talk to him about this.”

“He made fun of my tail.”

“I’ll have your father talk to him.” That made Ritz smile, his small tail coiling around his own waist in delight. “You have a very pretty tail; don’t listen to your brother.”

“I pulled his!” Proclaimed Ritz as he bounced happily on his mother’s stomach. “That’s when he pushed me. Are you going to punish him bad?”

Rubbing his forehead, Gohan grabbed his son’s hips in effort to stop the boy. “That wasn’t very nice, Ritzachik.”

“It’s Ritz, momma!” The boy cried

Ritzachik.” It wasn’t offered that the motherly tone disappeared, replaced by one of sternness when it came to the children, but when it did change it usually worked more than Vegeta’s own persistent ranting. “We’re going to go find your brother and you’re going to apologize for pulling his tail. How would you like it if he pulled yours?” The child sulked, thinking the question over. A pure look of remorse took his face, knowing all too well of the real pain that came from the sensitive appendage. “Come on, off.” The child climbed off the couch, helping his mother stand.

Together, the two rerouted their way through the many corridors until they came out into the Royal Family’s Private Gardens. Just stepping into the grounds brought a smile to his face. It was always Vegeta’s ongoing project, making it resemble the vast lands of Earth. With many different animals imported into the grounds, it was always an exciting walk for the family when they did go out onto the lands. Ritz whimpered, clutching his mother’s trousers as the winds howled above head. Gohan didn’t jerk when the first drop of water hit his nose. Storm season had finally started he noted. He’d have to find Yuutu and take both boys inside before it really poured.

Scanning the area for his child’s familiar ki, Gohan raised a fine brow when he felt not one, but two familiar signatures over by the roses. Taking Ritz’s hand, Gohan led the boy in that direction, ignoring the confused look from his son who had yet to learn how to track. Vegeta was bent to his oldest son’s level, not seeming in the least bit sympathetic the boy’s cries about his tail.

“That’s what you get for leaving your guard open.”

“…Vegeta.” Gohan sighed. The man was obviously not going to help him dull out proper punishment. It was always training for Vegeta. If the child broke a bone or lost a toy, it was always because it was a trait they needed to fix if they were to be considered powerful Saiyajin warriors. In the end, it always made Gohan to be the bad guy since he’d take both boys, placing them in time our, dishing out small physical punishments, or giving stern talks. “Ritz.” Gohan pushed his youngest towards Yuutu. Both boys looked hard at each other, but neither said anything.

It seemed like forever that they stood there in wait for the two to apologize for their behavior. Light sprinkles turned into harsh rains, making Gohan shiver. Vegeta seemed to notice it, his hand reaching out to pull his mate near him. “Whatever this is about can wait until we’re inside.”

“They were fighting again.” Gohan whispered.

“I had a feeling when I heard the mock battle go quiet from the terrace.”

“So that’s where you were hiding…”

“Warriors do not hide, we tactfully avoid.” Vegeta smirked. “Come on boys, I’m not waiting all day!” He stopped the two boys from jumping into forming rain puddles. Gohan frowned. He never understood how his two sons could still not have settled an argument and yet go playing together as if nothing had ever happened. It wasn’t something he’d ever been lucky enough to experience, especially since it wasn’t until last year that his parents had decided to be ambitious and try for a second child.

“Is it going to rain tomorrow?”

“Probably, it’s the rainy season.” The prince picked up his younger son, letting the boy drop on his back. Yuutu thumped his foot, grabbing his mother’s trouser leg with obvious jealousy. Without another prompt, Gohan mirrored his mate’s actions as they made it inside the dome patios overlooking the foliage. Servers were waiting readily for them with towels that Gohan took immediately, working it through Yuutu’s thick hair. The boy scowled at his mother, but didn’t fight the attention.

“Me too, momma!” Ritz pushed past his brother with his towel.

“You,” Vegeta smacked Ritz’s bottom before pulling the boy back towards him, “dry yourself off. Gohan!” Vegeta ripped the towel from his mate’s hands, “Stop babying them. Boy’s go change your clothes.” Vegeta pushed them towards the door, purposely ignoring Ritz’s sniffles. “This is why they haven’t grown up.”

“They’re only children, hardly adults.”

“When I was six I was taking over my first colony.”

“And that’s why you’re messed up now.” Gohan brushed the towel through his hair.

Eyeing the servants, Vegeta scowled. “This is not the place to discuss things that are messed up and give me that…” He grabbed the towel out of Gohan’s hands, working it through the younger male’s short hair. “Did you work on your thesis?”

Smiling at the change, Gohan shook his head. “No, I didn’t have time. I spent my afternoon looking for you to finish our discussion from earlier. I mean, we’ve never really sat and talked about future children. I want to give you a big family, like to First Saiyajin Families.” The boy tucked himself into the prince. Past the scent of water, he found the familiar trace of manliness that always laced Vegeta. It always eased his nerves to know that the prince was there with him. “But if your father got his way, I’d be bedridden and pregnant all the time.”

“I would like that.” Vegeta smirked. Playfully, Gohan hit him. “But you are right, it’s impractical to have too many children this day and age. Six should do nicely.”

“Three – I heard of a study on earth that selects the gender of the child. I’d like a little girl.”

“We try until we get the little girl then. We end at six.”

“That’s not fair. The chances of getting a female Saiyajin are miniscule at best; I’ve seen the statistics, especially between two males.” Crossing his arms, Gohan sulked. He knew it wouldn’t work. Vegeta never swayed with Gohan stuck out his bottom lip, acting like his little children. Now, if the half-Saiyajin began to seduce his older mate he might have stood a chance, but both knew that would never happen. Like Vegeta, Gohan had far too much pride to exchange sexual favors for his wants. “I still want a little girl.”

“We’ll talk about it after—” Vegeta’s sharp eyes turned towards the door. Frowning, Gohan let his attention follow. Unlike his full blooded mate his hearing wasn’t nearly as good but his ability to read unrestrained ki was beyond any single person the planet. His two children were outside the door trying to reach the key pad. With a snort, Vegeta threw himself on his mate, pushing the younger male into the couch. Warm breath trickled against the nape of his neck, causing a squeal of laughter to escape Gohan before he could stop it. “We’ll talk about this after our son’s are grown up enough to take care of a little sister.”

“Right.” Gohan nodded as the door slid open, both children falling into the room. Yuutu jumped up first, his little fist extended in preparation to fight.

“I told you! Daddy’s wrestling with mama!”

“I wanna play too!” Ritz rushed forward, climbing on his father’s back. Vegeta grunted as Yuutu began pulling on his arm. He never saw the smile child and mother exchanged before he was tossed off by hands on his chest. Thrown on the floor, Vegeta couldn’t move before both of his son’s jumped him. “Tickle him!” The youngest child ordered. Yuutu complied.

“Right here,” Gohan brushed his finger along the underside of Vegeta’s arm. Instinctively, Vegeta’s tail lashed out at the bothersome finger, but his face remained relaxed, almost pleased with his son’s teamwork and planning (with aid from his mate) to win the battle. Without anymore prompt, two rushed fingers brushed against the same spot. Playfully throwing his arm, Vegeta pushed his sons back to the floor, his own fingers making quick work along their sides. On the side, Gohan tucked his legs under him, watching the scene play out. It felt good to be there, included with his growing family.

From under Vegeta, Ritz crawled out. With wide eyes took in his mother before rushing for protection behind the man’s back. “Momma?” He whispered.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Gohan brushed his hands through his son’s hair. He could hear the tickle war between father and son become a lesson in proper fighting, but he paid no mind to it as Ritz crawled into his lap. Poor thing, Gohan smiled as both watched Yuutu attempt hitting his father again with a correct stance. His little tail, however, dangled too close to his legs in promise of being a bigger obstacle that Vegeta’s mock defense. “Them?” Ritz nodded, pressing himself firmly back. “Don’t worry; you don’t have to fight if you don’t want to.”

“…But…” The child licked his lips, unsure how to properly phrase Vegeta’s argument on why the boys had to train in fighting. Gohan never understood the Saiyajin Fighting Instinct (or whatever his idiot mate called it, for all he knew it was another excuse like “mating duties”), especially since his father had never trained with him. He couldn’t recall a time that it wasn’t someone else sneaking fighting lessons to him without his mother’s knowledge. His earliest memory was bashing his own head into Raditz’s chest plate when he was four because his uncle had been calling him a weak child. Sure he proved that he was strong, but he never wanted to do that again.

“You don’t have to fight unless you want to.” Gohan pressed firmly. His mother had declined that right. It was always studying, never another option. His children weren’t going to be forced into one path over the other.

“Good, ‘cause I wanna read like momma does all day.”

“Then you have to learn to read first. Vegeta get off him, he’s gonna bite--!”

“Damn it!” The prince pulled his tail out of his son’s mouth. “Yuutu!”

“M’orry.” The child sniffled, his head dropping against his chest in preparation of being fully chastised. From his spot, Gohan just watched, enjoying his husband’s lecture about honorable battling.

“He’s lucky I didn’t give him a red ass.” Vegeta dropped his tunic to the ground as he prepared for bed. Behind him, Gohan went about cleaning the mess all while nodding his head as he listened to his husband ramble. “And you’re no help, smiling instead of properly scolding his behavior.”

“And some warriors will argue that in battle, there is no such thing as honor. You should learn to keep your tail around your waist like an adult, now come here.” Gohan patted the cushion next to him. Dropping next to his mate, Vegeta let his tail relax on the male’s lap. Bringing the part that Yuutu had bit to his lips, Gohan kissed the fur soothingly. “There, all better.”

Red in the face, Vegeta pulled his tail from his mate’s loving grip. “Don’t treat me like a child.”

“Then let me treat you like my mate.” Gohan leaned forward, putting his weight on his extended arms. The older male smirked, leaning forward to press their lips together. It was chaste and innocent, a rare kiss between the two who acted as if they were still on their first rutting period. Pulling back, Gohan smiled. “Is that all I get?”

“I demand compensation for your treason in battle. Ch, aiding the enemy. I should have you formally punished.” Although his voice was stern and powerful, one he used against his staff, his smile was pleasant. Pressing his hand against Gohan’s chest, the crowned prince pushed his mate back onto the bed giving the teen a scrutinizing stare. It was a look Gohan was familiar with after all those years. The prince was never one to get into any situation without a battle plan and bedding his wife was no different. He’d probably been formulating plans since earlier that day. “Should I start here?” He asked, leaning over Gohan’s form to touch his hidden nipples.

Tensing, Gohan shifted his weight under Vegeta when heavy palms rubbed his soft nipples. “No…” he whispered, reaching up. His arms wrapped around Vegeta’s neck, pulling the shorter man down so that their lips touched again. “…here.” His tongue brushed along dry lips. Without question, Vegeta followed through, plunging his tongue into Gohan’s orifice. Their tongues dueled, his own quickly winning dominance as he mapped the other’s mouth with such familiarity.

Their kiss broke apart when Gohan felt hands reaching under his tunic, touching his harden nipples. Crying out, Gohan attempted to pull away from the prince, but the prince’s mouth stopped him from getting to far. Again, Gohan fell lost in the kiss, his fingers becoming lost in dark hair. Their lower bodies meet, sending a jolt through both of their spines that surprised both. Had it really been so long since their last joining? Gohan couldn’t find the blood in his head to think back on the last time they had the time to just be mates again.

His thesis had really been taking up a chunk of his time…

And Vegeta had been so busy slowly taking over the throne from his father who was ready to step down.

A hard elbow linked under his knee, bringing his leg up and Gohan threw his head back as their covered erections rubbed together again. Skilled hands under his tunic removed the stubborn article and their mouths meet again. Vegeta’s hand was about the slip into Gohan’s trousers when the man pulled back with a low growl just as his bedroom door slid open unannounced.

With no preamble, Yuutu rushed into the room, blankets trailing behind him. “I wanna sleep with mommy and daddy.”

Red in the face, Gohan wrapped the blanket around his form. “Yuutu, go back to your room!”

“But I had a nightmare.”

“You haven’t been asleep long enough to have a nightmare. Come on, I’ll sit with you until you fall back asleep.” Gohan climbed out of bed. Giving his mate a kiss, Gohan took Yuutu’s hand. He was barely out the door when Vegeta’s voice followed him.

“About earlier, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.”

A small smile touched Gohan’s lips at the thought. To some people, those words didn’t sound promising, it to him it was loud and clear. Vegeta wanted more children soon, but not in the next few weeks. Maybe next year when their two son’s could leave the parents alone longer than thirty minutes. “I’ll hold you to that, Vegeta.” The door slid behind him and Gohan disappeared with the first born.

In their room, Vegeta sat back and relished on his life. In the end, mating with a half-breed hadn’t been all that bad. It gave him his current family, a loving wife, two boisterous children, and…a year later…his third son.




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