Edd Interrupted

Chapter 7 - Summer After Sophomore Year IV

“Dear, sweet heaven, what are we watching?!”

Kevin chuckled around his mouthful of popcorn. The dork was hugging his legs to his chest in the arm chair across the room, trembling as he watched the movie from behind his knees. Maybe it was cruel to invite himself over to Double D’s and pop in a horror film, but he couldn’t help it. Every conniving man knew that a chick and a horror flick usually meant getting to third base, at least. Strangely, Double D wasn’t following the trend. It might have been because he only acted like a chick sometimes and wasn’t actually one.

He didn’t squeal, didn’t hide behind his hands, and didn’t coo and cringe against Kevin’s side. He didn’t bitch and moan like a girl would have, and Kevin found he appreciated that.

“You scared?” he asked.

Double D shook his head. “No, because I know that logically, this could never happen. But I am still stunned and bothered by the sight of human innards, no matter how poorly portrayed.”

“Why do guts bother you? You read anatomy shit.”

“Because the idea of one’s intestines spilling into zero gravity and being consumed by aliens is--”

“You wanna come sit over here, dork? I’ll protect you.”

He rolled his eyes. “Protect me from what? It’s a movie.”

“Just get over here.”

“As you wish.” With a long-suffering sigh, Double D hurried from his single chair and perched himself beside Kevin stiffly. “I don’t suppose you’re watching where your discarded popcorn kernels fall.”

He set the popcorn bowl onto the coffee table and reached over to yank the dork closer. As though he couldn’t resist, but wanted to, Double D hesitantly let his head rest against Kevin’s shoulder. Then, his skinny arm draped over Kevin’s chest and he settled down to cuddle with a contented sigh.

Suddenly, the gore was no longer important as it had gotten Kevin what he wanted. He tipped his head slightly and kissed him, coaxing his attention away from the movie. It didn’t take long before Double D was kissing him back, one of his hands sliding into Kevin’s hair.

“You know the movie was just a pretense, right?” Kevin chuckled as he nibbled along Double D’s smooth jaw. He didn’t even have a hint of stubble. It helped the illusion of femininity along.

“A pretense to what?”

“Give me a break. Like you don’t know what I’m about to do.”

“What are you about to do?”

“Something fun.”

A few minutes later, Double D was naked and facing the TV with Kevin still seated on the couch behind him. Kevin’s hands rested on his hips as his mouth enjoyed the delicacy of the flawless, round globes of his ass. He entertained himself there, leaving Double D nothing to do but fidget awkwardly with his hands. Then, Kevin was easing him back to sit on his lap.

The thick, hot length of Kevin’s lubed cock was pressed against his entrance. As he sat, he took it in with a shuddering whimper.

“K-Kevin . . .” It was deeper from this angle. He was shifting on Kevin’s lap, panting heavily. “It’s much . . . much . . . tighter this way.”

“I know, dork. Just settle down and you’ll stretch.” He reached around him to rub his nipples encouragingly. “Move when you feel like you can.”

“Move? I shall be the one moving? I thought . . . as the dominant partner, you would set the pace--”

Kevin gave a sharp thrust upwards and Double D cried out.

“I’ll be interested to see how much you enjoy yourself,” Kevin prompted and poked the small of his back. “Go on.”

“Well, all right. But this is a rather lurid endeavor and I’m not comfortable with it at all.”

With a bracing breath, Double D balanced his hands on his knees, squatted forward a little, and raised his bum out of Kevin’s lap. He could feel his cock sliding out of him until only the mushroomed head remained. He sank back down and made an aroused cooing noise. That was rather lovely. He rose and fell again before he seemed to find a rhythm that pleased him. Gripping his knees, he began bouncing back onto Kevin, lips parted, eyes on the TV, though they had glazed over and lost focus.

Kevin grinned, pleased with the sight of Double D enjoying himself. He rested his hands on the small of the boy’s back, loving the sight of his cock appearing and reappearing.

“Oh, my, Kevin . . . Kevin . . .”

“Yeah, you like that, dork? Ride my cock like a little bitch.”

Double D was too enthralled to correct his language. In fact, he was embarrassed to find that there was something erotic about being spoken to in such a way.

“Keep going, Kevin,” he panted.

“Kinky bitch, huh? There’s my good girl. Do you like it when I talk dirty to you?”

“Oh, yes. Oh, my . . . more, please.”

Kevin leaned forward to grip his hips tightly, helping him rise and fall. Who knew the Double Dork had such a kinky side? “No one else can do this for you. I’m the only one who can give you the cock you need. Isn’t that right?”

“Kevin, Kevin, Kevin . . .”

“Mmmm, who’s my pretty little girl?”

“Me! I am! Oh, Kevin, fuck me like a girl, please!”

Something in him seemed to snap, because he gripped Double D’s hips with crushing brutality and gave him three, frantic, violent thrusts before filling his ass with cum. In return, his petite little lover arched his back and grabbed hold of Kevin’s knees as he released with a howling cry, head thrashing from side to side.

Kevin chuckled, massaging the muscles at the small of Double D’s back. “Kinky little slut.”

“Such . . . such vulgarities . . .” he panted helplessly.

“Yeah, yeah. You know it’s more fun.”

“Yes, I think I enjoy this awkward combination of movies and intercourse.”

“Sex, dork.”

“Sex. Yes.”

“Hanky panky, horizontal tango, the worm, the in-and-out boogie--”

“Dirty, filthy fucking.”

Kevin flinched, startled, and sat up to turn Double D’s chin so he could see his face. “The hell did you learn to talk like that?”

Double D just covered his mouth with both hands and giggled.


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