Edd Interrupted

Chapter 6 - Summer After Sophomore Year III

Double D woke up the following morning, in his bed, alone.

The last thing he expected was for Kevin to come around again. Surely, last night he had merely scratched an itch, satisfied a curiosity about sex with another man. Now that the curiosity has been answered, Kevin wouldn’t return.

He did, though. He went downstairs to find Kevin in his kitchen eating doughnuts and drinking coffee. He had showered and put on a fresh pair of basketball shorts and a clean shirt. His flip flops were parked at the front door.

Double D couldn’t keep from blushing, pulling his robe around him tightly.

“Morning, Dorky.”

He hadn’t expected the nickname to change. “Good morning, Kevin.”

“You were so totally a virgin last night.”

Double D made a startled noise and blushed even deeper.

Kevin grinned at him over the rim of his mug. “What, did you think we’d pretend it didn’t happen?”

“Yes. I’d considered that an option.” He poured himself a glass of grapefruit juice.

“What’s fun about that? I intend to do it again.”

“Again?” He was choking on his juice when Kevin stood and approached him. “But . . . but we can’t, we . . .”

“Not right now. You look like you’re sore.”

Considering he’d had a very long, very thick phallus pushed into him last night, it was no wonder. He’d woken alone, feeling like he’d been pulled apart and haphazardly put back together. And he was limping. It couldn’t be helped.

“Of course I’m sore,” he huffed, his grip on his juice shaking as he backed away from Kevin nervously.

Thinking it a great game, Kevin grinned and began advancing on him.

“Kevin, please! The kitchen is no place for--”

But it was too late. Kevin pounced, wrapped his arms around Double D’s shoulders and wrestled him onto the island counter. His juice had spilled.

“Messy, messy, messy . . .” he whimpered, straining to see the pink puddle on the granite tile floor.

“It can wait. It’s gonna wait.”

Still grinning, Kevin bent over the counter to cup Double D’s cheek and kiss him. His mouth was infinitely patient, like he was sampling and savoring. When he pushed his tongue between Double D’s lips to caress the roof of his mouth, he whimpered and brought his hands up to push them through Kevin’s hair.

“You kiss like a girl, too,” Kevin said when he pulled back. “All soft and breathy. Sweet.”

“Is it good to kiss like a girl?” Double D’s voice trembled slightly.

“It is for someone in your position.”

He idly twisted a lock of Kevin’s hair between his fingers. “What’s my position?”

“The girl’s position. On the bottom.” He continued when the dork looked confused. “Taking the cock.”

“Kevin!” Double D blushed so prettily. “Your language!”

He snickered and kissed him again. “Whatever. You know you liked it.”

“Liking and talking about it are not the same. And now I have a limp.”

That seemed to delight Kevin who laughed harder. “It’ll get easier. Next time, it’ll be easier.”


“And better.”


“Oh, yeah. It’ll be much better next time. Fuck, I’m gonna make you moan like a bitch.”

“Kevin, please! You have a dreadfully filthy mouth!”

He sat up, grinning. “You’ve got no idea what my mouth can do.”

That said, Kevin pushed away from the counter and went back to his coffee.


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