Edd Interrupted

Chapter 5 - Summer After Sophomore Year II

Double D slept in his parents’ bed when they were out of town, partially because the king sized mattress was more comfortable than his twin bed, and partially because it was a little less lonely. It felt like maybe his parents were there, preparing for an evening out in the adjoining bathroom while Eddward lazed on their bed, begging them not to go. The clock on the nightstand glowed 3:55AM when Double D was awoken by a noise outside the bedroom door.

He sucked in a wheezing breath through his front teeth and froze, hoping the burglar would take what he wanted and leave without altercation. But he didn’t. The intruder lunged onto the bed and slapped a hand over Double D’s mouth when he started to scream.

“Cool it, loser, or you’ll piss the bed.”

He had just enough time to open his eyes before Kevin flipped on the sconces and the room filled with light. There he was, grinning like a loon, in a pair of basketball shorts and a college sweatshirt. His ball cap was missing, leaving his hair free and falling around his eyes. “You’re too wound up, man.”

“Kevin! How did you get in?”

“You showed me where your spare is, dork. Wasn’t hard to find it again.”

“Now I’ll need to find a new hiding spot!”

Kevin rolled his eyes and shifted on the bed, pulling Double D up and into a sitting position.

“And I very nearly wet myself! It’s against the law--”

“To use a spare key the homeowner showed you? That’d go over well in court.”

Huffing with irritation and left over adrenaline, Double D pushed back his parents’ sheets and climbed out of bed. Kevin smirked, watching him straighten the buttons of his sleep shirt and readjust the matching pants.

“You’re the biggest dork I know.”

Double D sighed and put on his slippers, heading for the hallway. “Can I get you a cold drink?”

“I didn’t come over for a cold drink.”

“Then what would you like?”

“A hot dish.”

Double D rolled his eyes. “You slay me, Kevin.”

They ended up in the kitchen with Double D filling the electric kettle for tea.

“I’m not surprised you drink tea,” Kevin said.

“Green tea is good for you.”

“Too bad it tastes like grass clippings steeped in ditch water.”

Double D giggled and tried to smother it behind his hand. “Can I get you something else?”

It still amazed Kevin that the house was so clean despite the fact that Double D was doing all the upkeep. He was such a little homemaker, completely at ease in his pajamas, making tea, wiping the counters even though they were clean. His robe was blue and green, had obviously come as a set with his pajamas, and his slippers looked soft. Hell, he was so very much like a girl. He would have curved hips and that silky skin would cover every inch of his body.

“Hot chocolate, perhaps? Or I have cheese and crackers. I’m usually a more prepared host. Though your true nature as a host is tested in a surprise situation, like now. I’m a terrible host! Oh, dear, oh, dear . . .”

He had just bent down to pull a hot house cucumber out of the vegetable drawer in the bottom of the refrigerator when Kevin grabbed the back of his robe and jerked him up.


He was interrupted when Kevin kissed him, hard. It was an assault on his mouth when Kevin’s tongue spread his lips, without even asking, and plundered ruthlessly. So much unlike the calm, calculated movements of that day in the pool, Kevin was frantic. His hands shot across his body, gripping the back of his neck, his shoulders, the small of his back, his waist, his hips, his . . .

“Kevin, please!”

He was breathless, eyes alight with an internal fire. “I’m having you. I’m fucking taking you.”

“Taking me where?”


Double D shrieked when he robe was yanked off his shoulders and tossed away.

“Kevin! Kevin, stop! Stop!”

“You can beg all you like, but this is gonna happen. Now.” He wadded the back of Double D’s pants into his fist and pulled them down, exposing the white briefs underneath. It ruined the feminine illusion, but not enough, especially when he pushed Double D’s shirt off and got to look at the creamy, soft body he knew was waiting. He turned him around to face the counter.

The dork had silky thighs, the hair so fine, he might as well have been bald. Those came up to join a warm ass, full hips, and a tiny waist. And smooth as silk.

Unable to resist, he bent and locked his mouth over one shoulder blade, took a mouthful of flesh, and sucked. His hands closed around his pectorals, massaging and enjoying the feel of the warmth he’d found.

“Kevin, please!”

He released his mouthful, eyes half lidded. He looked up to find Double D, looking over his shoulder and down at his assailant in terror. “Please what, dork?”

“I haven’t . . . I haven’t prepared properly!”

Intrigued, Kevin arched an eyebrow and straightened, resting his chin over Double D’s shoulder, looking down at where those scrawny hands laid flat on the granite counter top. “Prepared how?”

“Aren’t we supposed to have enemas?”

“Gross. No.” He kissed the curve of his jaw.

“But I read--”

“Not everything you read is true, dork.”

“It at least makes biological sense,” he protested, eyes closing in bliss at the feeling of lips on him.

“Doesn’t matter. You wouldn’t be able to pull away. Tell me you’d rather be somewhere else right now.”

Double D cried out when he felt the hard length of Kevin’s crotch against the thinly veiled flesh of his bum. Kevin was pressing against him, rubbing. He was losing his breath despite not being the one moving. It wheezed out of him noisily through the gap in his front teeth. Kevin loved that sound. Double D felt him move away, but before he could turn around to see where he’d gone, Kevin was back, pressed tightly against him, warm fingers slowly inching his underwear down.


“I’ll go slow,” he murmured, lips moving against Double D’s ear. “Nice and slow.”

“What does it feel like?”

“Hell if I know. I don’t take.”

The underwear fell to the floor and Double D whimpered at the feel of being naked in front of someone else, let alone Kevin, the bully from across the street. He shivered, but not because he was cold. Then Kevin’s warm hands slid down to clasp the twin globes of his ass and squeeze.

“Lovely view back here,” Kevin chuckled.

“Feels strange.”

“It’s about to feel stranger. Reach back here, grab your ass, and hold it open.”

Though he had plenty of questions, fears, doubts, and reservations about such a thing, he couldn’t possibly deny Kevin when he demanded it so forcefully. He reached behind himself, carefully took hold of both cheeks, and pulled them apart. He gasped when the cold air of the kitchen chilled him.

Double D swallowed thickly. “Is it usually this--”

“Efficient? Naw. Usually I’m with a chick, and they complicate everything. I like efficient.”

“So happy I could-AH!!!” He flinched away when he felt something warm and slick press against the tight pucker of his anus. With a cry, he struggled slightly, shying away from Kevin.

“Ssh, it’s all right,” Kevin murmured, finger massaging the hole into submission until he could slip the tip of his finger inside, then up to the first knuckle, the second, and finally all the way inside. “There.”

“It’s too tight,” he whined, hands clutching at the counter desperately. He shifted awkwardly on his feet that were trapped in his pants and underwear.

“Tight’s a good thing,” he said.

It took a few moments, during which Kevin stroked his back soothingly, spoke to him in a low, encouraging voice, and finally, the muscles around his finger relaxed. A second lubricated digit began joining the first.

“Oh, dear . . . oh, dear, oh, dear . . .”

“Ssssh, you’re all right, baby.” He kissed the back of his neck, slowly working the fingers in and out, scissoring and stretching with care. “Tell me what you’re feeling.”

“It burns.”

“Mmhm. Anything else?” He angled his fingers, wondering if men had a magic button the same way women did.

Double D let out a shuddering breath, which ended in a whimper that sounded suspiciously pleased. Grinning, positive he’d found what he was looking for, Kevin moved a little faster.

“Getting easier now?”

He nodded, eyes shut, lower lip caught between his gapped teeth. But he kept a faithful hold on his ass cheeks. Once he learned to relax his muscles, it didn’t hurt as much. The burning began to fade and he found he could learn to accept the intrusion. Through senses dulled by the full sensation, Double D could hear a rustle of fabric before something much larger, slick, and achingly hot pressing against him just as the fingers slid out.

“You give me the word,” Kevin whispered, breath hot against the back of Double D’s neck. “One word, either way, I’ll leave or I’ll go on. Choose.”

All Double D could think was that he wasn’t stretched enough, Kevin was too big, he was too young to feel this way, was he ready to give his virginity to Kevin? All he could say was, “Inside.”

“Mm. Good girl.” He sank into the skinny neighbor boy with a low groan, mouth open and quirked with a grin at the feeling of virginally tight muscles around him.

But Double D, utterly speared in half, shrieked and kicked his legs frantically, instinctively trying to escape the source of the burning ache in his back side. Even as Kevin held him, murmured softly in his ear, he struggled. And then, Kevin started to pull out, but only an inch before he pushed again. Pull, push, back and forth. Had Double D not been concentrating so hard on not panicking, he would have been touched by the way Kevin held him, spooned against his back, and murmured soothingly against his ear.

“It’ll take a minute. Just relax.”

“I can’t breathe!”

“Ssh, you’re all right. Deep breaths.”

After a few deep breaths through his nose and pushed out through his mouth, Kevin could feel it when Double D’s muscles relaxed. He gave him a testing thrust and was rewarded when his partner let out a cooing noise.

“How’s that?” he asked and delighted himself by taking Double D’s earlobe between his teeth.

He nodded. “You can go faster now.”

“Thanks, dork. Like I needed permission.”

And it started. Double D braced his hands on the counter while Kevin thrust, back and forth. The wet sounds of flesh slapping together echoed in the kitchen, punctuated by the high pitched grunts forced out from between Double D’s gapped teeth.

“Mmm, good girl.” He thrust in again and groaned, thoroughly pleased with his virginal treasure. “How’s it feel?”

Double D’s head fell back, resting in the crook of Kevin’s neck, and moaned. “Oh, my . . .”

With that established, Kevin folded Double D’s torso over the counter and went to work, thrusting in and out. He watched the way the dork’s frail body jolted with every impalement. The tight canal clutched him like he were a life line and Kevin found himself enjoying Double D’s ass more than any ass he’d had before. Unable to help himself, he thrust faster and bent to take the back of Double D’s neck into his teeth, gripping like a cat holding onto its mate.

Double D positively howled and began bouncing back on the cock inside him.

“Oh, Kevin . . . yes . . . yes, there . . .” He spread his scrawny legs wider. “Faster, Kevin.”

Not expecting that, Kevin growled and pumped his hips faster. Nothing livened a party like begging.

“Tell me what you want, dorky.”

“Harder, Kevin. Oh, my! Ugn!” He was hard, and while he wasn’t touching himself, he was being stimulated enough. Every time Kevin’s pelvis smashed into his, his entire body was shoved forward, his own cock bouncing against the side of the counter. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. “Please, Kevin, please . . . oh, please, oh, please . . . something’s happening . . . oh, Kevin, it’s coming . . . Kevin, Kevin, Kevin . . .”

“It’s not coming. You’re cumming.” He scraped his teeth against Double D’s shoulder blade. “Cum around me, dork. Let me feel it.”

It didn’t take more than that. Double D reached back, gripping Kevin’s head, clenching his auburn hair between his fingers, and screamed. He spurted against the counter, but more than anything, he tightened around Kevin like a vice. He was still keening like a wounded animal when Kevin muttered “Fuck” and emptied himself into Double D’s willing channel.

Kevin recovered first, cradling Double D’s body against his chest. He groaned, breathing in the clean, fresh scent that lingered over his partner’s skin. He smelled like he’d just come out of a bath. The poor thing was trembling, though, hands shaking, breath still shuddering in and out of his chest.

“You’re all right. Just the after shock,” he murmured.

“I . . . I’m suddenly so sleepy . . .”

Kevin chuckled and kissed the curve of his jaw. “Perfect.”


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