Edd Interrupted

Chapter 12 - Junior Year: January

It was the most memorable, most special Christmas Double D had ever had, and he meant that literally. He was still daydreaming about it in January when Kevin came to spend his monthly weekend with him.

It was a brand new adventure. With lawns and parks packed with snow, they were usually deserted. After a fresh snowfall, when the roads hadn’t been ploughed and filthy children hadn’t been released to stomp through the untouched blankets of white, Kevin woke Double D with a gentle kiss to the tip of his nose. He took in a deep sigh and rubbed his eyes with his fists, murmuring “Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy . . .”

It was barely six in the morning when Kevin wrapped him in a quilt from the foot of their hotel bed. He carried him to the elevator and took them down into the parking garage. His breath puffed out in white clouds and he held Double D tighter to him.

When he put Double D into the passenger side seat of his car and buckled him in, the smaller boy shuddered awake and looked blearily at him. “Kevin?”

“Sssh, it’s all right.”

“Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy . . .”

“I know. Go back to sleep, babe.”

He put the heater on but left the radio off as he drove through the quaint college town, enjoying the stillness of the streets. It had stopped snowing for now and the sun was preparing to rise. He pulled into the small, empty parking lot of the hillside neighborhood park that looked over the valley where most of the town still slumbered away on that cold Saturday morning.

Kevin briefly indulged himself as he watched Double D sleep, cheek resting against his window, lips parted just enough that he could see the gap between his teeth. He could have fallen asleep himself to the deep, soothing sound of his breathing. But, before the sun rose and people started coming out of their homes, he had to get down to business.

The next time Double D woke and opened his eyes, he was in the back seat of Kevin’s car, warm and snuggly in his pajamas and quilt. Kevin was stretched out beside him in a college sweatshirt and jeans. He was smiling down at him.

“Morning, dork.”

“Were we kicked out of your hotel room?”

Kevin laughed. “No. Why would we be kicked out?”

“For our loud and possibly disrupting reunion last night.”

“Naw. They can’t kick us out for enjoying ourselves.” He gently wriggled his hands inside the folds of the quilt and pushed it away before flicking the buttons of his pajama top open. “We gotta get our timing right.”

“What timing? Do we have a schedule to keep today? Did I sleep in?”

“Stop worrying about shit and sit up.”

In minutes, Double D had his bottoms pulled down to his knees and was bouncing on Kevin’s lap, hands braced on the head rests of the front seats. He caught fleeting glimpses of himself in the rear view mirror as he rode the thick shaft in him. He longed for the right angle to be able to see Kevin. He’d never seen Kevin’s face when they made love. Surely, it would be spectacular to watch him when they were together.

But Kevin had other ideas. He leaned forward to take Double D’s ear lobe into his mouth, one of his favorite recreational activities. “Watch the horizon. Got it? Keep your eyes on it.”

He nodded hurriedly. “All right . . . why?”

“You’ll see why . . . Mm, fuck, you’re tight, babe. Your pretty little ass is totally yummy.”

Double D giggled breathlessly. “Yummy, yummy, yummy.”

“You still watching?”

“Yes . . . Yes, I am . . .”

When the yellow and blue sun came over the horizon in a sudden rush of color and warmth, Double D gasped. The timing was perfect. It was possibly the best morning he’d ever experienced, watching the valley fill with savory light as he clenched his muscles around Kevin and came all over the back of the front seats.

Kevin held him tenderly, kissed along his shoulder blades, and didn’t even mind.


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