Edd Interrupted

Chapter 11 - Junior Year: Christmas II

They didn’t have sex their first night together, but it didn’t worry Double D. They had ordered pizza, played video games, flipped on the TV, and fallen asleep on the couch. In the morning, they ate cereal and Kevin took Double D on a tour of his snow-laced campus. They didn’t hold hands while they walked.

The second night, Double D made dinner and read while Kevin played video games. Around two in the morning, Double D fell asleep on the couch and woke up there. They hadn’t had sex the second or third day.

By the time the fifth day arrived, Double D was getting nervous. Kevin hadn’t even made advances toward him. They seemed to be more buddy-buddy than anything, and Double D realized he didn’t like it at all. Considering all they’d done together, he was more than a buddy!

The confrontation came that evening after Chinese take out.

“Kevin!” Double D narrowed his eyes when the jock casually looked up from his laptop and spicy beef. “I demand to know why you have not taken me to bed.”

He arched his eyebrow and shut the computer, but he didn’t answer just yet.

“Have you nothing to say, mister? You brought me here under romantic pretenses, and if you plan on changing the already befuddling aspects of our relationship, then I would--”

“Are you yelling at me?”

“I certainly am, Mr. Fancy-Pants! I will have you know that I do not appreciate being toyed with!”

The dork was actually waggling a finger at him, and it amused Kevin. “Okay.”

“And it is my right to be included regarding the parameters of our being together!”

“Uh huh.”

“Furthermore, I feel you are being deliberately cruel by withholding the physical expression of--”

“Are you mad we haven’t fucked since we got here?”

That stopped him, thoughts derailed. It forced Double D to pause and figure out a way to rephrase his upset so it didn’t sound so . . . horny. But Kevin had already gotten up and was approaching him, unzipping his blue jeans.

“I figured you’d like a chance to feel at home before I bent you over.”

The scolding finger fell as Double D backed away and began getting a little nervous. “I just meant that . . . you make it sound as though sex is all--”

“Got all girly and insecure because I wasn’t all over you.”

“I believe that’s an unfair label of the feminine--”

“I gotta tell you, Double Dork, you throw me off all the time. I think I’m gonna understand you and I don’t. Figured you’d want a few romantic days, but no.”

“Video games and take out aren’t romantic.”


“And they certainly aren’t foreplay.”

“Sure they are.”

“I won’t be made the irrational fool here--”

“Gotta let a guy get his strength up. It takes stamina to ream you the way I like.”

Double D bumped into the bar counter. “Don’t interrupt me. It’s rude.”

“You wanna get fucked, huh?”

“Vulgar language will not--”

Suddenly, Kevin was only inches away from him, grinning. He was an entire head taller than his prey, wider, harder, and stronger.

“If you want it so bad, then have it.”

Double D swallowed thickly. “P-Pardon me?”

“My cock. You’re the one throwing a fit like a girl. Take it.”

“And . . . and do what?”

“Use your imagination, dork.”


It meant something when Kevin took Double D to the master bedroom instead of putting him into the guest bed. Kevin may not have thought anything of it, but Double D did. They had never slept with each other, which was a truly intimate thing, and the idea of it was touching. His bed was large, his windows uncovered so the city lights cast shadows of the falling snow onto the walls, the floor, the bed. When Kevin laid him down, Double D was immediately enfolded in the chilled Egyptian cotton sheets that smelled like Kevin and his cologne. It was the perfect place to fall asleep.

Kevin had other ideas, though, because when he came into the bed, he rolled Double D onto his hands and knees, slid on top of him, and pushed Double D’s cheeks apart.

With a satisfied groan, Kevin pushed forward, burying himself, enjoying the way the dork made three sharp whimpers that ended on a sigh. Instead of thrusting hard and fast, Kevin took his time. He drew back slowly and pushed even slower, listening to the wet sound of flesh in flesh.

“Has anyone been giving you a hard time at the dorm?” Kevin asked in a calm, hushed voice.

“No. Since you came . . .” He paused to moan and wet his lips. “They leave me alone.”

“Have you made any friends?”

Double D clenched the pillows beneath him. “No.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not sure. I suppose I never made the time.”

“You should try.”

“I won’t be there much longer. Mm . . . I graduate soon.”

Kevin bent, kissing up the dork’s spine. “Still.”

“I don’t mind not having friends. Ugn, Kevin . . . yes . . .”

Groaning, Kevin thrust faster, made the mattress thump under them.

“You’re the only one I need, Kevin.”

Above him, Kevin was losing his reserve, thrusting harder and faster. Acting purely on instinct and the desire to please, Double D reached beneath himself, cupping and rolling Kevin’s testicles when they came within reach. The muscles of his slicked channel clenched hungrily.

“You need me . . . huh, dork?” Kevin panted.

“More than anything.”

Pleased he was coherent enough to help, Double D sighed prettily, encouraging him faster, deeper, have me, use me, until Kevin buried himself as deep as he could and locked himself into position.

“Is that what you needed?” he growled, biting Double D’s lips when they had separated.

He smiled serenely and licked an uncharacteristically lewd line across Kevin’s lower lip. “I think I need it again.”


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