Edd Interrupted

Chapter 10 - Junior Year: Christmas

Kevin wasn’t necessarily spoiled in Double D’s summation. It was just that he was an only child, his parents were well off, and they figured they could buy him a condo near campus since his scholarship was paying his tuition. And his condo was very, very nice.

It was on the seventh floor of a handsome, gray stone building. Kevin’s campus was visible in the distance, much bigger than Double D’s. It was three bedrooms, two baths, with floor to ceiling windows in the living room, adjoining kitchen, and master bedroom. It was strikingly modern with straight, clean lines of black and white. The floors were a glossy granite tile that squeaked when Double D stepped inside wearing his wet sneakers. He stepped out of them and shivered when his warm feet met the frigid floor.

“What do you think?” Kevin asked when he shut the front door behind them.

“It’s very handsome. It isn’t what I pictured when . . .”

“My mom has nice taste. They wanted a vacation home up here anyway.”

“Will they be joining us?” Double D felt a heavy stone of dread at the prospect of Kevin’s parents knowing about this awkward relationship they had.

“Like hell. I’m not stupid. They’re cruising Mexico.”

The dread eased, but it left a minor ache. “Oh.”

“What about your parents?”

“Peach Creek.”

“Why aren’t you at home with them?”

Because I wanted to be here with you. “They didn’t offer and I didn’t ask.”

He grunted and stretched, ran both hands through his hair. “Are you hungry or what?”

Cautiously, Double D stepped into the wide open living space. While the lines of décor were clean, Kevin’s clutter made the place look comfortably lived in. There were a few books and things on the kitchen table, sweatshirts were draped over the stools against the bar counter that separated the kitchen from the living room. Video games and controllers were scattered across the living room rug. And there was Kevin, sitting on the back of the leather sectional. A lap top sat on the coffee table.

“You can make yourself comfortable, you know.”

Double D sighed and stood beside Kevin, leaning forward against the couch, fingers sliding across the black leather. “Do you ever feel like you’re still twelve years old? And any moment, Eddy will burst into the room and Ed will pluck you up and drag you away?”

Kevin was frowning when he turned to study that somber profile. “No.”

“You never feel adulthood is surreal?”


“I’m the only one?”


When the dork sighed forlornly, Kevin gave in and grabbed his arm, maneuvering him until Double D was standing between his knees, fidgeting with the hem of Kevin’s sweatshirt. “You need to chill out,” he murmured and pulled him forward even more until he was leaning against Kevin’s chest, head on his shoulder. His black hat smelled like fabric softener and shampoo. In a gesture that felt entirely natural, Kevin wrapped his arms around him and held him firmly. It didn’t feel awkward comforting him. Just like comforting a girl, really.

“You think too much.”

“I can’t help the way I feel.”

“Like you’re pre-pubescent?”

“I haven’t accomplished anything yet. I don’t have a job, or . . . published a paper or made a great discovery--”

“You’re fucking twenty one! What the hell did you expect from yourself?”

“I’m nineteen.”

“Wait, seriously?”

“Late birthday. And I skipped fourth grade.”

“And you don’t think that’s an accomplishment?”

“Not particularly.”

“Well, it is. And stop expecting so damn much. You’re brilliant, but you don’t rush stuff. You never did. Even when we were kids.”

Without anything to say, Double D hugged Kevin’s waist and lost himself in the spicy musk of his cologne. Two weeks alone with Kevin. It was exciting and frightening. What would they do? What would they talk about? What did this mean for them?

He squeezed his eyes shut, hoping they never figured it out.


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