Edd Interrupted
Chapter 9 - Junior Year

Now in his junior year, Double D was dismayed to find that, once again, he wouldn’t be getting his own room. He just wasn’t high enough on the waiting list. He shuffled down the crowded, noisy hallway of his dorm building, struggling under the weight of his suitcases. The best he could hope for was that his roommates hadn’t arrived yet and he would have a couple days to himself before the semester started. Alas, it was not be. All three of his roommates were there, all three of them large, all three of them freshmen. He tried his best to stay on his side of the room, unpack quietly, and stay invisible. It didn’t work.

When Kevin stepped into the dorm room, he was greeted by the sight of two bastards tossing Double D’s model skull around the room while a third was tying his bath towels into knots. And there was the dork, ignoring them, solemnly folding his clothes and tucking them away into his rickety dresser. With a thoughtful sound, Kevin popped his gum and caught the skull mid-air as it flew between the two bullies.

“The hell!” one of them grunted and advanced forward to take it back.

“We mustn’t touch what isn’t ours,” Kevin tutted.

At the sound of that low, lazy drawl, Double D whirled around, clutching a handful of underwear to his chest. There he was, in all his athletic glory, khaki shorts, college T-shirt, cap, and flip flops. The wardrobe would probably never change. He was studying the skull boredly. “Hey, Dorky.”

“K-Kevin? What . . . w-what are you doing--”

“Come to check up on you.”

“Who the fuck are you?” one of the roommates demanded.

“I’m his brother. Who’re you?” Kevin shot back.

“This is our fucking room!”

“Good for you.” He grinned at his neighbor. “We’re outta here, loser.”

Double D was still frozen, in shock.

“Now. You got your own room.”

“I . . . I . . . no, I . . . I . . .”

Kevin rolled his eyes and went to the bed to begin gathering the suitcase and few belongings Double D had managed to put away. When he saw the knotted towels, he frowned at the offending roommate.

“What the fuck, ass hole. Get your damn hands off his stuff!” He turned to glare at the three of them. “Stay the hell away from him, cock suckers. Just ‘cause a guy’s shy doesn’t mean you can flirt with him.”

One of them looked green. “We’re not gay!”

“Bull shit. Fucking bunch of fanny bandits in here dicking around for a guy’s attention.”

He snorted and began carrying Double D’s things out of the room, effortlessly, while the three freshmen sputtered. When he saw Double D was still frozen to the spot, he growled.

“Hurry up! You’ll catch queer!”

As Double D hurried to the door, one of the roommates found his voice. “I’m not gay!”

“Like I believe that.” Kevin escorted Double D out, carrying the suitcase and boxes easily. “Hey!” he shouted down the congested hallway. Some of the crowd turned to look. “Three butt pirates in 3B!”


“How did you manage this?” Double D asked, looking around his new, private room.

Kevin began rummaging through his things curiously. “Persuasion.”

“I do hope you weren’t violent. You know that’s not way to solve anything--”

“I didn’t hit anyone. I used charm and all-American good looks.”

The bed was a typical twin with a bare mattress and wooden frame. The wood matched the desk and hard, straight-backed chair. The four walls were an unfriendly white, the tile a dull gray. It was clean, though Double D was already unpacking his cleaning supplies. Clearly, he and Kevin had different definitions of clean. Apparently, it was going to be cleaned again. The closet was small, but the window was big and afforded him a spectacular view of the lush, green campus.

“What do you want me to do?” Kevin asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Like, you want help unpacking or what?”

Stunned and oddly touched by the casual question, Double D took it without hesitation.

“Perhaps you could wash the walls inside the closet?”

Even more touching was that Kevin didn’t balk at the seemingly ridiculous task.

One hour later, seeing as how there wasn’t much to clean, the two of them began unpacking. Double D was neatly folding clothes and laying them inside the drawers and hanging others on plastic hangers. Kevin assembled the vinyl bookshelf Double D had purchased. He watched the dork put his clothes up, so carefully, and had to smile because he seemed to genuinely enjoy the task. What sort of person enjoyed organizing their closet? Double D, apparently. He would smooth out his shirts, wearing a vague smile on his face, meticulously pleat and hang his blue jeans. Kevin finished wiping dust off all of the books that had been in storage and stood just as Double D pushed his suitcase under his bed and out of sight.

“You like your room?” Kevin asked.

Double D turned and smiled so wide that the little gap in his teeth practically winked at him. “I can’t thank you enough.”

“Sharing a room’s really that bad, huh?”

The smile faded. “Well, they . . . it’s hard to study--”

“And they all pick on you?” he interrupted and then flopped onto the freshly made bed.

“Oh, Kevin, you’re mussing my sheets!”

“Beds are for lying on.”

“Not in your day time clothes, they’re not!”

“Seriously?” Kevin didn’t budge. “You don’t take afternoon naps on your bed?”

“No! I’m very careful to get eight hours of sleep so I don’t need one! Kevin, they’re freshly laundered! Please!”

“All right, all right. Don’t piss yourself.” He sat up and pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it onto the floor before lying back down. “There.”

Nothing had ever turned Kevin on faster than when the dork got flustered and started to sputter. The bullying and slightly sadistic side of him, the side most bullies harbored, loved knowing that he could cause it.

“You can’t let people push you around forever,” Kevin said when Double D went back to organizing his bookshelf, though his back was rigid with tension. “I’d try to teach you how to stick up for yourself, but I don’t think you would. You’re too girly.”

He huffed. “That is an unfair judgment on the opposite sex. Many women--”

“Your logic won’t change my opinion.”

“Please stop interrupting--”

“And your girly moans are one of my favorite parts about you.”

“If you think that insulting me will--”

“I’m not insulting you. I’m just telling you what I like.”

“You like that I’m weak and helpless?”

He shrugged and crossed his arms behind his head, ready for a nap. “You always were.”

“You don’t need to remind me, thank you.”

Kevin cracked one eye open. “Don’t get uppity with me.”

“I am not uppity. I am annoyed.”

“Annoyed because I’m telling the truth?”

“I would prefer not to discuss the unpleasant--”

“The hell.” Kevin sat up. “You think you’re unpleasant?”

“Eddy always said--”

Growling, Kevin leaned forward on the bed, glaring up into Double D’s flushed face. “Don’t tell me you have self-esteem problems because the birth mother of all ass holes treated you like shit during high school.”

“I . . . I was terribly over-bearing and perhaps a little too--”

“No one else thought so. You know the only reason you never fit in with the rest of us? Me and Nazz and the others? Do you know why?”

“I was . . . too smart?”

“Eddy! The frog-faced, no-neck chump was always in your damn way! He ruined fucking everything. We could have gotten along just fine if he wasn’t always shooting his pointed mouth off!” He snarled under his breath and looked away. “Damn dork.”

After a few moments of silence, Double D cleared his throat shakily. “I apologize for my friend’s short comings--”

“They’re not yours to apologize for!”

Temper well and truly lost, he launched off the bed, pressed himself against Double D’s back, reached around him, and gripped his wrists tightly.

“I won’t stroke your ego,” he warned, teeth scraping almost painfully against the curve of Double D’s neck. “Because you don’t need your ego stroked. You know you’re brilliant, you know you’ll go on to some big ass career. You know you’ll be a damn millionaire some day when you invent an escalator to heaven. What you need is to get fucked. Hard.”

Double D screwed his eyes shut, bit his bottom lip, and whimpered when Kevin pressed his rock hard pelvis into the small of his back, the equally hard erection wedged between his cheeks. Kevin went on, lips brushing against the delicate earlobe he loved. “You don’t need anyone to tell you you’re important. You need someone to want you for something other than your brain.”

The window was right in front of the desk so that Double D was on wide display to anyone passing through the campus quad. Third floor or not, all they had to do was look up.


“Get the hell over Eddy. Guy was a bitch straight out of the womb.”

“That’s the wrong usage of that word--”

“He ruined every relationship you could have had. You could have had more if he weren’t around.”

“More, Kevin . . .”

“Son of a bitch. I haven’t seen him in two years and I still want to kick his ass.” He bit down on Double D’s shoulder. “You’re worth more than smarts. You deserved better than him. I see you and I can’t keep my hands off you. I want to be inside you. I want to hear you when I shove myself into you.”

“Kevin, please--”

“You’re more than a brain. You’ve got a body, too . . . all fragile and delicate . . .”

“Please, Kevin. The window . . . the door--”

“Is locked.” He wasn’t grinning when he pushed Double D’s shorts and white, cotton underwear down. The time for teasing had passed. He’d entered the inescapable mode when he had to have what he craved, now, hard, and fast. And he had never craved anything the way he craved the scrawny boy from across the street.

“Kevin, no!”

“Fight me. I dare you to try to fight me off.”

Double D shuddered when his pale skin was exposed to the air conditioned room and he felt Kevin pull his cheeks apart. “Kevin . . .”

“You can’t fight me . . . can’t tell me to stop . . . because you’re weak . . . and I love that.”

Suddenly, without so much as a warning, Kevin speared him. He only briefly wondered where Kevin had found the lube and when he had managed to unzip his pants, let alone put the lube to use. No matter. Kevin pulled out and slammed back in sharply and Double D whined sharply.

“There’s my good girl,” he grunted, fingers digging into the soft flesh of Double D’s hips.

“I’m not a girl,” he whined and leaned forward to brace his palms against the window.

“Don’t argue with me.”

That said, Kevin reached forward and gripped Double D’s shoulders. He pulled him back just as he thrust forward and set a punishing pace. With half-lidded eyes, Double D watched students cross through the quad below and he almost wanted them to look up and see him, see Double D, the skinny dork on the third floor being thoroughly taken advantage of by a gorgeous jock from out of town. Then they would know he was desired, that someone wanted him. He, of all the thin, brainy dorks in the world, was passionately, violently craved by the handsome, law-school-bound Kevin.

Knowing this gave him a new enthusiasm for the cock invading him. It made it more important, somehow.

“Kevin . . .”

He had his eyes shut, concentrating on the sensation of Double D’s impossibly tight channel clenching around him, swallowing him deeper and deeper. “Yeah?”

“Oh, Kevin . . .”

He chuckled a little. “Uh huh . . .”

“Pound me like a whore . . .”

With a startled gasp, Kevin’s eyes shot open and he gaped at the back of Double D’s hat-covered head. “What--”

“I need you so bad. I want to feel your seed inside me.”

“D-Double D . . . shit . . .” It was getting harder to keep his composure. Something low in his pelvis twisted violently. “Dammit, stop--”

“Uuuugn, you feel so good, Kevin. So big . . . I can feel . . . every inch of you . . . I’m wet . . .”

A little confused, but too aroused to care, Kevin wrapped his arms around Double D’s chest and jerked him upwards, so he could lock his mouth around the side of his neck. He was amazed further to watch his skinny body writhe back to meet his thrusts. As graceful and erotic as a belly dancer, he pushed back into Kevin’s cock like a seasoned expert.

“Kevin . . . ugn, Kevin, I’m gonna cum. I feel it . . . Please let me cum, Kevin. Please . . .” His head tipped back to rest against Kevin’s shoulder. He opened his mouth and proceeded to pant heavily, like a dog in heat. “Kevin, Kevin, Kevin . . .”

“Dammit, you little slut--”

Suddenly, Kevin stiffened and let out a long, gravely shout. He was clenching Double D so tightly, he was sure to leave bruises. It was the first time he’d ever lost himself before Double D. He was still trying to catch his breath when the boy in front of him cried out and clenched around his cock. His convulsing muscles felt like a velvet vice, squeezing him cruelly before releasing.

After a few moments, Kevin chuckled. “Where the hell did you learn to talk like that?”

Double D giggled, actually giggled after sex. That was new. “I read things.”

“Read what?”

“Just . . . things.”

Kevin kissed a leisurely line along his neck and up to his jaw. “Like . . .”

“Well . . . I . . . the best way to acquaint yourself with the unfamiliar is to perform extensive research. So I read . . . I read some erotic fanfiction.”

“What the hell is fanfiction?”

“Never mind.”

“Whatever you say, dork.” He pressed the bridge of his nose against the back of his neck. “You smell good.”

“I don’t want you to go,” Double D said, almost inaudible as Kevin supported him from behind. Those bronzed arms cradling his chest were the only things keeping him standing.

Kevin chuckled, nose buried against the back of his neck. He was sorely tempted to pop the dork’s hat off and have a look, but it would have spoiled the afterglow. Ah, well. Another time. “No one’ll bother you now.”

Shifting on his feet, Double D relaxed his muscles and Kevin slid out of him with a wet noise. He winced and lowered himself to his bed while Kevin righted his shorts.

“It’s lonely. That’s all.”

Kevin glanced down at his conquest, sitting on the edge of his bed, breathless, hat askew, cheeks flushed. “Then make some friends.”

“I’m not good at it.”

“Why not?”

“I’m afraid I’m socially awkward. I don’t even have an oven to bake friendship bread to offer as an ice breaker.”

Laughing heartily, Kevin flopped onto the bed and rested his head in Double D’s lap. Automatically, as though it were second nature, Double D threaded his fingers through his auburn hair lazily. It absently occurred to Double D that they had never made love in a bed before, or even facing each other.

“I’ll come see you,” Kevin said at length. “Once a month. Friday to Sunday night.”

Double D’s sharp gasp couldn’t have sounded more delighted. “Would you?”

“Sure. Someone has to keep the fairies at bay, huh?” Kevin grinned up at him from his lap. “Now come down here and give me a kiss before I head out.”

And Double D was ever obedient.


True to his word, Kevin came back. Once a month, from Friday night to Sunday, Kevin came into town and got a hotel room near campus. They spent their days together, here and there, doing this and that, something that usually involved Double D bending over. At night, when it was too late for them to stay awake any longer, Kevin took Double D back to his dorm room and Kevin stayed at the hotel. They never slept together. The extent of any cuddling was post coitus and lasted until they had caught their breath and separated.

Double D looked forward to those visits more than final exams. Those were the rare weekends when he put his books away and didn’t touch them again until Kevin had left.

The first month, Kevin brought him a mini-fridge, claiming he didn’t need it anymore since his parents had bought him a condo near his own campus. The second month, Kevin brought an electric cook top so Double D could have warm milk before bed. The third month, Kevin gave him a Vespa to carry him to and from class when he didn’t feel like walking. When December rolled around, he got a phone call.

“Hey, Double-dork.”

He had to smile. “Hello, Kevin.”

“You have plans for Christmas break?”

Even if he had, he would have changed them. “No.”

“You wanna come stay up here with me?”

“Up here” obviously meant his new condo. “Yes.”

The grin was audible in Kevin’s voice. “My last class is on Thursday.”

“I won’t be finished until Saturday.”

“Then I’ll come get you Saturday.”

“All right.”

“Awesome. Later, dork.”

“Good bye, Kevin.”


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