Edd Interrupted

Chapter 8 - Summer After Sophomore Year V

The morning Double D left for the airport, he was sitting on his suitcase in his driveway, waiting for the cab his parents had so graciously called. He was surprised when, around 5:30AM, Kevin came strolling out of his house, hands in the pockets of his basketball shorts. His red ball cap was pulled low over his eyes and he was grinning.

“’Sup, dork.”

“Um . . . well, good morning, Kevin. How startling to see you up and about so early.”

“Yeah, well. Heard my favorite fuck toy was going back to school.”

“Oh!” He stood, wringing his hands nervously, daring to hope that his assumptions about this meeting were correct. “Well, I . . . I was waiting for my taxi to arrive--”

“Naw, I’m gonna take you.”

Double D fought fiercely to keep from smiling too eagerly. It would have seemed needy, and Kevin was nothing if not the independent sort. “But the driver--”

“Can get over it. Hopefully he’ll honk his ass off and wake your parents.”

“But . . . I couldn’t possibly . . . it would be such a terrible inconvenience--”

Kevin was already storming across the street. He plucked up Double D’s suitcase as though it weighed nothing. He tossed it none too gently into the back of his SUV and walked around the car to open the passenger side door, gesturing him inside.

More than anything, it was that chivalrous, touching gesture that had Double D hurrying across the street to oblige him.

“You really didn’t have to do this,” Double D said as they cruised down the freeway. “Please mind your speed.”

“It’s not against the law to go five over.”

“Technically, it is, because that is what a speed limit is--”

“And anyway, I wanted to drive you, dork, or I wouldn’t have offered.”

He turned to look at the larger, more handsome man driving. “Why did you want to?”

“Don’t push it, huh?” He turned the radio down and casually leaned his arm against the console that separated them.

The drive was a good forty five minutes, so Double D could have gotten in a quick nap before he was met with the hustle and bustle of airports and the miserable campus and dormitory that awaited him. All he could do, though, was look through the darkness of the car at Kevin’s hand. What would happen if he casually reached over and . . .

Before he had fully weighed the pros and cons of the decision, he had already reached over to slip his hand into Kevin’s. Without missing a beat, as though it were natural, Kevin readjusted their grip so he could thread his fingers between Double D’s, pressing their palms together.

“Kevin?” he asked after a few minutes of uninterrupted intimacy. “Will you go back to Peach Creek for Christmas?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ve got some options open.”

“Oh.” He licked his lips nervously. “Well . . . I’ll miss you . . . while I’m away.”

Kevin grinned over at him in the dim lightning given off by his console. “Yeah.”

A little less than an hour later, at the sky cab, the attendants were checking in Double D’s luggage and hauling it away after giving him his boarding pass. He stood there on the sidewalk, wringing the strap of his messenger bag nervously. Kevin stood in front of him, a smirk on his face, hands jammed in his pockets. The dork looked so frightened and lost.

“Everything will be fine,” he reassured him and touched his quivering chin gently.

“I know . . . logically, I know.” He looked over his shoulder at the waiting airport doors. “Oh, dear.”

Kevin chuckled and went with instinct. He wrapped his arms around Double D’s skinny shoulders and tucked his head under his chin, rocking him slightly.

“Everything’s fine, all right? You’ve done this for two years now. You got this.”

“I know, but . . . but I’ve never left anything behind before . . . that I would miss.”

If Kevin had been more in touch with his sensitive side, his heart would have cracked in two.

Instead, he pulled back and took Double D’s chin into his hand. “Quit being such a dork.” He bent and tilted his head so he could kiss him good and proper, tongue tracing his lips before slipping past his teeth to rub the roof of his mouth.

When he pulled back, Double D didn’t look flustered the way he usually did. He didn’t blush or look away or fidget. Instead, he looked effectively calmed, even serene. It gave Kevin a sudden rush of power, knowing he could calm the ever twitchy bundle of nerves.

Before it faded, he kissed his forehead, turned him to the doors, and gave his bum an encouraging pat. “Go on, now.”

“All right.” When Double D reached the doors, he stopped and turned around. “I’ll miss you, Kevin!”

He grinned and waved. “I’ll miss you, too, dork.”

Smiling brightly, Double D stepped through the glass doors and disappeared from sight.


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