Edd Interrupted

Chapter 13 - Junior Year: February

In February, Kevin came the weekend of Valentine’s Day, though he complained that it was cliché. It seemed important to Double D, so when he came to pick him up at his dorm, he had a bouquet of red roses, a frilly, heart-shaped box of chocolates, and red wine. He laughed when Double D’s lower lip trembled and his eyes filled with tears. It was endearing.

That visit, they didn’t leave Kevin’s hotel room, not even for the pool or the restaurant downstairs, or to stroll the quaint shopping district downtown. They had their clothes laundered in-house and ordered room service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Double D worried more than once about the expense of such lavish treatment, but Kevin just laughed the concerns away.

Then, on Sunday morning, a few hours before Kevin would have to start packing up and make the semi-long drive back to his own school, they had already had sex twice since waking. Later, Kevin was lying on the bed, chin resting on his crossed arms as Double D straddled his thighs and massaged the weary muscles of his shoulders and back.

“Kevin? Do you think it’s possible we have sex too often?”

He grunted. “Yeah right.”

“I’m quite serious, Kevin. I think it’s possible. We do have it an awful lot.”

“Healthy couples have sex twice a week.”

“But in a three . . . technically two day period, we have enjoyed intercourse no less than . . . eleven times.”

With a grunt, Kevin rolled over so he could look up at him. “Are you sore?”

“No, but . . . that seems excessive.”

He sat up, frowning. “Are you getting bored?”

“No! Oh, no, of course not! Don’t be silly!”

Slowly, Kevin’s eyes perused him, all delicate and lily white in his underwear. He’d started shaking, an uncontrollable reflex when he was nervous. There were few things that turned Kevin on faster and fiercer than when Double D got that frightened look on his face.

In the end, he shrugged and kissed his forehead. “All right. We’ll cut back.”

When Kevin dropped him off in front of his dorm later that afternoon, he tenderly zipped up his coat to hide his frail frame from the cold and then cupped his hand behind Double D’s head and pulled him in for a long, luxurious kiss. He felt the smaller boy shiver and hug his waist tighter, the sign he was getting hot. Just as Double D’s little tongue began dueling with his earnestly, he pulled back.

“You’ll be a good girl, huh?”


“See you in a few weeks.”

“Kevin, wait--”

But he was already heading down the icy walk, hands in his pockets, whistling. Maybe over the next few months, the dork would learn a few things about himself.


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