Edd Interrupted

Chapter 24 - Going Back to Graduate School

Going back to school felt surreal. Kevin didn’t even remember getting there. The past little while had been a long blur of moping and depression. Somewhere in the past week or so, he’d packed up the rest of his childhood room. He wouldn’t be coming back for the summer. The condo on the coast would be his permanent home. He’d gotten a new SUV, yet another graduation gift from his parents, loaded it with a few last boxes, his old bike, and began the day’s drive back to campus.

He didn’t remember the drive. All of a sudden, he was in his parking garage and hauling one of three plastic boxes into the elevator.

Wearily, he rested his back against the elevator wall as he rode up. Damn law school. Was that really what he wanted? He knew what he wanted immediately, and he knew he couldn’t have it. He was having a hard time fathoming beyond the next few days, let alone the next three years.

He stepped into the entryway of his apartment and dropped the box at his feet. He could see rain through the windows on the other end of the room. He hadn’t noticed the dark, looming clouds. It was only noon and it could have been well into the evening.

It had been raining the night he’d gotten Double D back and then lost him again. The rain would always remind him of that loss.

And where was Double D now, he had to wonder as he stood there in the entryway, fists clenched. He was probably on his couch, reading, a blanket draped over his lap while his parents were off doing fuck knew what. Ignoring him, neglecting him when he was still bruised and sore. It fueled the fury in him to know that he could have brought him here to take care of him. To hell with everyone else: Kevin could have taken care of Double D like no one else could.

With an enraged roar, he picked up the red vase that sat on the black wood end table in the entry. He threw it into the living room and watched it hit the marble floor and shatter. Next, he rammed his fist into the mirror. The glass cracked. He threw it into the living room where the frame broke apart. He picked up the little end table by its legs and had it high over his head when he marched into the living room, planning to do further damage with his impromptu weapon. Then he froze.

There were boxes, labeled boxes, stacked neatly between the living room and kitchen. School books, Recreational books, Underclothing, Shoes, Bed clothes, Decorative accessories . . .

The table slipped out of his grip and clattered to the floor.

“Shit . . .” He ripped open the closest box and found it neatly filled with alphabetically organized DVDs and CD cases. There was only one person he knew who could pack a box this efficiently . . .

“Kevin! What on earth have you done? Look what you’ve done to your tastefully chosen home décor items!”

He gaped openly as Double D came hurrying out of the back of the apartment with his label maker in one hand. He tip toed around the red glass in his house slippers and put his hands on his hips, shaking his head disapprovingly.

“Now you listen here, mister. It is entirely inappropriate to take your anger out on inanimate objects like a ruffian. If we need to find you a therapist, we will, but--”

Kevin lunged across the room and gathered him up in his arms, holding him tightly. Double D whimpered, but he didn’t care. He yanked the hat off his head and kissed him. His hands ran over his body, clenching, groping, and pulling.

“Fuck, I was scared it was over. Like you wouldn’t give me another chance and . . . fuck.” He kissed him again.

“We really need to work on your language, sir. It’s hardly becoming of a gentleman.”

“When have I ever been a gentleman?” he snickered and bit the curve of his jaw.

“True enough, I suppose. But don’t you want to be a gentleman?”

“Sometimes. Not right now.”

Double D sighed, shaking his head in a disappointed fashion. His hands rested against Kevin’s chest, stroking the fabric. “Oh, Kevin . . .”

“Mmm, babe. We’re gonna have so much fun, you and me.”

“Don’t forget school, Kevin. I am not here to distract you from your studies or mine. Grades are priority.”

“You’re my priority.”

“I think not. You’re priority shall be your career. Law school will not be like--”

He laughed and kissed him, if only to shut him up. “Don’t deny us both the fun you know we could have.” He kissed both corners of his mouth.

Finally, finally, Double D smiled and blushed. Kevin hadn’t seen it in a year. It was so missed, so cherished, it made his knees weak. He was fidgeting again and Kevin found he’d missed that as well.

“Babe, I love you. Fuck, I love you so damn much, I don’t know what to do with it all. I’ve never loved anyone before.” He pressed his nose into his hair and lost himself in the smell of his little neighbor boy lover.

“Not even Nazz?”

“The hell?” He pulled back to snort down at him. “Give me more credit.”

“It was a valid assumption considering the time you spent together. I should ask, are you on familiar terms with your neighbors? They didn’t seem alarmed that I let myself into your apartment.”

“Naw, I don’t care about neighbors.”

“Oh. I should bake some friendship bread for them.”

“How come you don’t bake me friendship bread?”

“Well, obviously, because we are not new neighbors and we are already more than friends.”

Kevin laughed and squeezed his arms around Double D’s torso and lifted him high enough that his feet left the floor. “’Cause I get your ass, huh?”

“A crude observation, but yes.”

“Awesome. Kiss me and tell me what you’d like, babe.”

Double D seemed to think briefly before lowering his head to obey. Kevin groaned at the long missed sensation of his dainty little mouth sucking delicately at his lower lip.
“Perhaps I would enjoy having your penis split me like a piece of lumber.”

He flinched and gaped down at him. “The hell did you learn that?”

He just pressed his hands over his mouth and giggled.

“Shit, babe, you’re gonna kill me talking like that.” Still holding him, he took him into the living room to sit him on the couch and then knelt in front of him, already pulling off his shirt and shorts. “So, your punk boyfriend teach you any neat tricks?”

“In fact he did. Shall I show you?” Double D slapped his hands away.

Kevin shrugged and backed away, hands up. “Fine, fine. Take it away, babe.”

“Thank you. Stand, please.” With Kevin’s pelvis more or less at eye level, Double D scooted to the edge of the couch, still in nothing but his underwear, and began unzipping his jeans. “Now, I will have you know, that this move took almost three months to master. Also consider that I am a dedicated student.” He had parted the front of Kevin’s underwear and reached inside to pull the semi-hard length of him out into the open. He licked his lips and glanced up at his much larger lover. “May I?”

“Babe, I’m all yours.”

“Thank you.” That said, he gripped Kevin at the base and slid his mouth over the length of him.

Groaning, Kevin pushed his fingers into Double D’s hair, massaging the scalp encouragingly. “Only you would be so polite while sucking a guy off . . . mm, fuck . . .” He looked down at him, careful to keep his black hair away from his face. His lips were stretched around him, moving up and down gracefully. Every ridge of that mouth was easily felt against the sensitive skin of his shaft: the ridge of the tongue, the gap between the front teeth. Within moments, he was at full hardness.

“Dammit, babe . . . fucking . . . shit, you’re good at this.”

His head fell back and he fought the overwhelming urge to hump against his mouth. He didn’t want to hurt the guy, even though he was swallowing his cock like a professional.

He grunted and gripped Double D’s hair tighter. “Babe, pull off. I’m gonna cum, babe. Shit . . . I can’t stop it!”

Double D just giggled and cupped Kevin’s balls in his hands, rubbed them twice, and then felt his large lover lose himself down his throat. Swallowing with the grace of practice and the ease of loving Kevin’s seed more than any other’s, he finished a few loving licks before pulling off and smiling up at him.

“Mmm, babe . . . oh, babe, you do know how to take care of me.”

“As I’ve said before, I do pay attention.” He leaned back on the couch, hugging his arms to his chest.

“I never paid enough attention to you, did I?” He straddled the smaller boy’s lap on the couch and caressed him with both hands, tracing the lines of his face with his fingertips. “I’m having a hard time fathoming you’re mine again. And I’m not losing you to anyone.”

“Oh, Kevin . . . I had never wanted anyone else.”

That late and lazy morning, they both forewent unpacking. Kevin laid Double D onto the couch and braced himself above him. He spent a long while running his mouth over every inch of him. He started at his hair line and continued down, taking in the smell of his shampoo, the silk of his skin, the fleshy offerings of the insides of his thighs, and the baby smooth arches of his feet. He took his time knowing that they both had it to spare.

“Kevin, please . . . oh, please, now . . .”

He was busy consuming his earlobe. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, now. Please . . . oh, my . . .” His hands were clinging to his arms, squeezing his biceps, tugging on the small of his back as he arched and twisted under Kevin’s larger body. He wrapped his legs around Kevin’s waist, urging him to give him what he needed. “I can’t take it . . . inside me! I need your cock in me!”

Unable to deny him anything, Kevin reached between their bodies to aim himself. Before he could thrust, Double D arched up and took him in greedily. Despite the tender moment, Kevin had to grin and lean down to lick a lewd line across Double D’s lower lip. “There’s my good boy . . .”

That seemed to please him, because he arched his back and tightened his legs around Kevin’s hips. Unlike many of the half-drunk college girls he’d fucked, who had lain quiet and lazy under him, Double D reached up to grasp his shoulders, lock his mouth around a nipple, suckle across his chest, and pay open mouthed homage to Kevin’s chin as he was plowed.

“Who’s my good boy? Who’s my pretty, tight little lover?”

“I am! Ugn, Kevin! I am!”

“Mmm, my baby. Never gonna let you go . . .”

“No . . . never, Kevin . . . I’m yours . . . I need you hard!”

“Kevin loves his Double D . . .”

“Yes, Kevin! It’s coming . . . it’s happening, ah! Kevin . . . oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear . . .”

He lowered himself to his elbows, braced on either side of Double D’s head, low enough he could rest his forehead against the other’s and watch him. He wriggled his hand between their bodies to grasp Double D’s straining shaft in his hand and jerk him. “Let it come, baby . . . Mm, I love you . . .”

Suddenly, he arched his back and came, his hole squeezing Kevin’s cock like a vice. It triggered his own orgasm, so as Double D clutched Kevin’s arms for support, he watched the beauty of his little lover in passion while emptying himself into his enthusiastic lover. He tossed his head, hair flying gracefully, mouth slack, eyes rolled back, slim body convulsing. Kevin came quietly, relishing the sight as he filled Double D’s anus with his seed.

When those lovely aftershocks faded, Kevin was smiling down at him, finger tracing a lazy line down the bridge of his nose.

“Oh, Kevin,” he sighed and turned his head to nuzzle his nose against Kevin’s naked chest.

“You’re my priority now. You know that. You’ll come first in everything.”

“Pretty words from such a--”

“Mmm, babe, you have no idea. I’m gonna make you so happy.”

“Why do you always interrupt me?”

“Because it makes me happy.”

Double D giggled, hands cupping his mouth in a familiar, childhood gesture. “I will make you happy as well.”

“Oh, babe. I’m already happy.”


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