Chapter 4 - Sun

The garden was filled with bees and birds. Hummingbirds floated, drinking the nectar of the many flowers. Brilliant parrots came for the water of the Oasis and the ripe, sweet figs that dripped from the trees. The rivers the birds relied on during the year dried up in the baking summer sun, so just like the merchants who plied their trade along the coast, they came to where the air was sweet and flowers bloomed all year round.

Sanji loved the sun. It suited his skin, it made his hair practically luminescent and it brought out the best in everything, especially women. Plus it gave him an excuse to wear even less than normal. In the last few days he had found it harder and harder to concentrate on his daily routines: gathering ingredients, tending to the ladies and entertaining the Sultan's guests. Despite the sun and the glorious surroundings he found his mind wandering to, of all the ridiculous topics, Zoro. He had felt the swordsman’s eyes on him. He knew why the bastard was looking even if he denied it. Sanji was a professional, after all. Not that he'd had any luck with Luffy... a fact that Zoro loved to remind him of at every opportunity.

The swordsman thought he was so hot with his three swords and cool-as-shit attitude. He thought he could tell the cook who to talk to and what to do. He thought he could just sit back and Sanji would be a good little boy and play with everyone nice. What an idiot. He had no idea what was happening most of the time anyway, he was asleep! Sanji could hear him snoring half the time so he wasn’t exactly stealthy. Even if he was strong… his movements were predictable. Plus, the way he froze up when Luffy asked him to join in their wrestling session was priceless. He had some issues, that was for sure.

His eyes lingered on the swordsman. Zoro was standing under a palm tree training - again. His muscles glistened with sweat as he punished his powerful body. Anyone else would wait until the heat of midday had passed, but not Zoro.

He had become the cook’s favourite hobby. The girls were lovely but he couldn’t always be with them and teasing Zoro seemed to kill the time. He liked to do anything that would raise the swordsman’s blood pressure. He wanted to show the idiot who was in charge here. He might have his black scowl and three swords, but Sanji had sex appeal and it seemed to be working just fine. Marimo could train as much as he liked and he’d still be helpless in the end.

Sanji leaned against the cool stone in the shade, eyes still lingering on Zoro’s rippling stomach. He lit his spiced cigarette and smiled as the intoxicating smoke hit his lungs, it had been a fun week. He had touched the swordsman at every opportunity; just lingering fingers on his chest, his shoulders. He teased him, with caresses and breathy murmurs. He found himself somehow completely naked on at least one occasion, where Zoro was due for his mid-morning nap.

The cook would have gotten bored with it quickly, but Zoro just wouldn’t react. Even when confronted with Sanji rolling in the grass wearing nothing but rose petals, he had just turned sharply away and thrown his shirt over his shoulder, demanding in a husky voice that he ‘cover the hell up’. Despite the fact that he was clearly rampantly horny, brutishly strong and probably had no genitals, he still didn’t bite. He just stood without moving and stared blankly at the blonde. Sanji couldn’t believe it. Any normal person would just snap. Shout, scream, fight or at least ravish him a little bit! It just wasn’t natural. Beyond the fact that he was horny, the cook knew nothing about him at all. His dark eyes gave up nothing. Even his movements were a mix of martial arts from many different islands. Luffy said that he was a famous bounty hunter. Luffy did say a hell of a lot of things, but Zoro certainly looked the part. The way he smiled when he drew his swords… it was a little intense.

He was also very hot. His skin was bronzed, his ass was spectacular and he had muscles you could crack nuts on. He seemed so rough and potently sexual. The way his eyes lingered over every part of the cook’s body… Sanji had always been told that if you had your cock cut off then you’d get a high voice and not have a sex drive anymore. If that was true then he would have hated to see what Zoro was like before… he bit his lip and imagined the swordsman throwing him into the grass and tearing the scraps of silk from his needy body. Maybe when Marimo did finally snap, they could have some real fun. Aside from the fact that he was probably a eunuch...

The cook sighed, for a second he had almost tasted the fragrant dirt and felt Zoro's weight determindly pressing into him. He had to be a eunuch, though. Surely he would have said something otherwise! Sanji certainly wouldn’t have kept silent if someone accused him of being a dick-less wonder. But this was Zoro. The man was a mystery.

The cook could still fantasise. And he could still run his fingers down Zoro’s tanned bare chest whenever he saw him.

Sanji pushed lazily off the wall and strolled across to where Zoro was towelling off his shoulders. He put a little swagger in his walk and made sure the swordsman saw him coming. Today, the blonde was in silk. A pale blue open shirt and soft draping darker blue pants. He picked them for the way they floated in the sea breeze and clung to the lines of his figure.

Zoro ignored him and started picking up his swords and strapping them to his body. “Zoro.” He said. The swordsman looked up as if he was thinking and then made to walk straight past him, back into the main garden. The cook raised one long leg and barred Zoro’s path. “I said Zoro deaf-head.” He was met by two angry black eyes.


Sanji raised his leg up, over Zoro’s head, and placed it back on the soft grass. “You can’t fake it forever, you know.”

“Oh yes I fucking can.” Zoro said slowly, looking straight ahead.

The cook grabbed Zoro’s shirt and pulled him closer. The swordsman turned and looked him in the eyes. Sanji slowly walked his fingers up Zoro’s chest and squeezed one tanned brown nipple. His other hand slid down Zoro’s back until it rested on his ass. Sanji pulled their bodies closer together and whispered into the swordsman’s ear, “You want to touch me, don’t you?”


He could feel the power of Zoro’s body… his muscles were so tense where the cook pressed against him. It was like he was physically holding himself back. Why wouldn’t the bastard just admit he was defeated? He was so damn stubborn!

The cook brushed his lips against Zoro’s throat, tasting the salt on his skin. Then he grazed his teeth against the bronzed flesh before biting softly down Zoro’s neck to his collar bone. He could hear the swordsman’s breathing become more deep and regular.

He still wouldn’t give in.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” Sanji whispered, his hands sliding Zoro’s open shirt from his shoulders.

“Nope. I've got better things to do.” Zoro smirked right in Sanji’s face and raised a bored eyebrow at him. He was such a smug asshole! Zoro’s smirk just got wider and wider and suddenly Sanji had a new strategy. Fuck it. There were more ways than one to show him who’s boss.

“Shut up shitty swordsman!”

Sanji lifted his knee up between them and kicked Zoro’s stomach, using the force of the kick he back flipped elegantly and landed on his feet. He tapped his toes into the grass and then wound up for a volley of kicks. Zoro looked baffled for a minute and then began to laugh. The asshole actually laughed!

One quick flip and the cook landed on his hands, wrists turning as his momentum carried him forward. Zoro jumped back, still grinning but Sanji was a little quicker. He flipped back onto his feet and pirouetted in a spinning kick, knocking the swordsman’s legs out from under him. Zoro rolled back onto his feet in an instant. He turned to face Sanji again, still without drawing his swords.

Arrogant… stupid… pig headed… Sanji twisted his body into a long, low kick, waiting for the exact moment when Zoro would leap into the air. The swordsman stepped sideways then jumped to try to get behind Sanji mid spin, but the cook was already there. The swordsman deflected two strikes, missed the third and then took the full force of Sanji’s whirling kick. The sharp crack of bone on bone rang out and a shock wave rolled out across the lawn. Zoro grunted with the force of the hit and touched his fingers to his cheek. He traced the thin river of blood to his chin and his face lit up with a wicked grin. Angry blue eyes met level black and for a second, Sanji’s heavy breathing was the only sound before he turned again for another strike. He went low, swinging his hips into the kick and then sailed into the air hitting Zoro in the chest and then barrelling into him. They both hit the ground with a thump and then rolled a couple of times. When the dust finally settled, Sanji smirked down at the swordsman, “Not too shabby.” He said. “That all you got?”

“I’m just comfortable.” Zoro replied. He was wrapped up in Sanji’s legs and the cook’s ass was grinding into his hip. Not too shabby at all.

“Pervert.” Sanji bit his lip as his eyes lingered on the swordsman’s chest. His cheeks were flushed and he was not making any move to get up.

Zoro kept perfectly still. As long as he didn’t do anything drastic then he wouldn’t get in trouble. He wasn’t about to stop Sanji though, his body was so lithe… It was just all creamy white skin and toned perfection. So strong and flexible that it was just sinful.

The cook’s blue eyes hovered in front of Zoro’s face, the movement grinding their hips together. “You want me to teach you how to wrestle?” He whispered.

Yes. Yes. Right now.


“Why not, still afraid you’d hurt me?” The cook scoffed.

Zoro could smell his sweat from the fight. He was still breathing fast himself, even though he had only been passively defending. The smell of smoke and testosterone was making the blood rush in his ears. This was the type of temptation he could never resist... Sanji was strong, surely one hit wouldn’t hurt?

The swordsman tensed his legs and twisted skywards. He shed Sanji like a second skin and then drew one sword: Wadou. He swung the silver arc high and brought it down as he rushed forward. A foot knocked his wrist out and he turned with the blow, turning his momentum into a sweeping back handed strike. Rock hard shins met the force of the blade and deflected it, striking back. The swordsman dodged and another foot was inches from his face and then suddenly it was just metal on bone. He reacted without thinking, twisting and striking. The ache of his muscles, the smell of sweat, the feeling of the force erupting between them… It made him so fucking hard that he ached.

Zoro knocked Sanji to the ground and felt his toned body wriggling to escape. He pinned Sanji to the grass and let his weight rest on the blonde’s lithe frame. He didn’t mean to say it, it just slipped out. In between the fighting, the force and the bare skin he just lost a little bit of focus.

“Still think I’m compensating?” the swordsman growled.

Sanji’s eyes widened. He wriggled just a little more and confirmed the solid erection pressing into his thigh. Not a eunuch. So. Not. A. Eunuch. Sanji's insides ached as he felt the solid weight.

The cook’s angry face finally melted into a grin. “Let’s find out,” he said.

Before Zoro knew it, he was on his back and his face was buried in sun kissed blonde hair. Hot wet lips trailed down his chest and a delicate tongue flicked his nipple. Sanji bucked his hips and ground them into Zoro’s crotch. The swordsman moaned and grabbed a fistful of gold as the blonde head sunk further down. Skilled hands skirted across his stomach and hot kisses followed. Somehow his pants got undone, although he swore that Sanji’s hands were on his chest the whole time. He lifted his frame onto his elbows to watch and moaned as a hand closed on his erection. Sanji’s kisses became more fevered and he loosed the fabric from around Zoro’s hips. The swordsman tilted the cook’s chin up, “You think we should move, maybe?”

The cook’s lips hovered… he was about one inch away from making sure Zoro didn’t care where they were. He didn’t want to miss the chance. He was skilled, it would only take a minute…

Zoro took a deep breath as Sanji swallowed him deep. His mouth was so hot and his lips drawn so tight against sensitive skin…

The sound of squealing cut through the hazy air. The squeals turned to indignant shrieks and Zoro let his head drop back into the grass. The lips which had been so expertly relieving him of all his sexual tension were gone, and the only thing he had to show for it was a raging erection which was now on display for the whole world to see.

Zoro did up his pants and then followed the Sanji shaped blur and the sound of girls screaming.


“Come on now Brooke, I told you. No pants,” Zoro lectured. The musician was at it again. The swordsman had lost count of the number of girls he had terrified with his attentions. The ladies were all currently crowding behind Zoro looking timid and occasionally pointing at Brooke demanding that he be killed, buried, or generally gotten rid of.

“But I just want to see one pair of dainty little…”

“I’LL SHOW YOU THE PANTIES OF ANGELS YOU PERVERT!!!” Nami shouted as she waved her Clima Tact and storm clouds began to gather directly above the over-keen skeleton. Ok, so not all of them were timid. Lucky Perona wasn't here really...

Sanji hovered around the ladies trying to placate them, his expression was jumping wildly between outrage and comfort. He hadn't even stopped to put his shirt back on. Damn it, why did he have to be so hot?

Zoro sighed and hoped that Robin was somewhere nearby. “Brooke,” he said, waving his hands in front of the man’s bony skull. “You need to get another hobby.” It was no use. He had spotted two of the girls stripping off as they headed through the trees to the pool. The static electricity was building in the air and Zoro stepped back from the fence and away from the menacing storm cloud. Brooke’s afro began to frizz up, nearly doubling in size. When the ladies were out of view he finally snapped out of it… starting and looking up at the black cloud.


“See you later then!” Brooke squeaked, “Though I’m a skeleton so I don’t have any eeeeeeeeyyyeeeee..!”


A massive bolt of lightning cleaved the air and hit the sand with a deafening crack. Brooke scuttled across the square and ducked into an alley.


If he wasn’t dead already, Zoro would certainly have had to kill him.


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