Chapter 5 - Dreams

The Sultan’s reception hall was lavish and large. Made from white marble, arched open windows let the light and the scented air in from the gardens and made the walls shine. The Sultan sat, enthroned in green, a long satin robe falling from his broad shoulders and a golden turban on his dark brow. Said brow was furrowed with thought and his normally impassive face was covered in an expression that screamed trouble. No rest for the wicked, it seemed.

Zoro stood at the Sultan’s right, enjoying the slight breeze tugging at his open dark blue shirt. Why the swordsman was here, at the unearthly hour of ten in the morning watching a blue and purple butterfly drift slowly across an empty room large enough for a full court was too much for him to understand. Whatever it was, it obviously required privacy, which usually meant that the topic was going to be a certain dark headed imp. Zoro briefly considered jumping out one of the lofty arches, but he was not a man to be defeated by anything, even uncomfortable conversations about Luffy’s virginity... Surely it couldn’t be any worse than what he had endured already?

“You called for me, Sultan.”

“Indeed I did and I appreciate your prompt attendance. Now I don’t wish to alarm you so I am simply going to make my request which you are free to accept or decline no strings attached.”

Alarm? You’ve got to be kidding.

The Sultan’s dark serious eyes fixed on Zoro, seeming to make some calculation. Zoro tried not to sigh audibly. Instead, he nodded at the Sultan, who continued to speak, “Zoro, I’ve noticed that Luffy seems to like you quite a lot. You don’t think perhaps that you could…?”

He could see where this one was going all too soon.


“I mean that he might like to…” The Sultan continued.


“Given that he doesn’t seem to like…” The Sultan persisted.


“Oh.” The Sultan sighed. “What do you think he wants, Zoro?” The man’s eyes focussed on the horizon, hiding the worry clear on his ‘questions about an uncertain future’ face. For a man like him to ask the advice of someone like Zoro, he must be worried. The swordsman wished he had something constructive to say. This type of thing was not his strong suit.

“To be a kid for a little longer.” Why had he said that? This guy’s whole empire rested on Luffy’s shoulders. Now the swordsman would be fired for sure. Idiot.

The clear black eyes turned back on Zoro, taking in everything. His creased face – lined from years in the desert – crinkled into a smile. “Yes, I suppose you are right. He never did like the trappings of State much. Maybe if we just found him the right girl though…”

Now it was Zoro’s turn to sigh. Looked like he was going to be accomplice to this crazy match-making for some time to come. Didn’t help that Luffy could have what he wanted so desperately. To think that he had been alone with Sanji dressed like that and he hadn’t done anything! There was something wrong with the kid. Simple. But apart from obviously being dead from the waist down he did seem to have the right ideas. Maybe he should ask Luffy what to do about Sanji…

Zoro remembered the wrestling incident and smirked. Then again, maybe not.


Sanji sighed and blew a few scattered strands of gold from his eyes. His whole body was sticky with sweat and his left buttock was going numb. The heavy man above him grunted and shifted his weight giving the bored cook a much needed chance to shift his ass. Mr. Bunton (or was it Bonton? He hadn’t taken much time to introduce himself…) took his moving as a sign of enthusiasm and squashed wet kissing lips up to Sanji’s own. The cook reciprocated the gesture and tried not to shudder as the hairy businessman drooled into his mouth. Who the hell would want this shitty job!? His face was wet with slobber, his ass was tingling where the blood was finally starting to circulate again and he had counted every stitch on the canopy above his head at least twenty times. If it wasn’t for her there would be no way that he would do this shit but as it was… he just had to lie there and take it.

Not that there was much to take.

This guy, for example, he wasn’t exactly well hung. Like most of them, he wasn’t too inventive either. Sanji preferred it this way. He didn’t have to perform like some kind of organ grinder’s monkey. He could just lie back and close his eyes and pretend that he was somewhere else, with someone else and that his room didn’t smell like a middle aged accountant’s armpit. What would Zoro think if he could see him here, legs in the air and eyes bored and unfocussed? All his dignity gone and all his power suppressed to the point where it was almost painful. He would probably laugh. He exuded a calm kind of arrogance that made Sanji’s blood boil even when he was asleep; his attitude to this kind of thing would have to be pure smug git.

Mr. Bunton grunted, drooled some more and began to grind away at a more fevered pace. Sanji put his incredible leg muscles to good use to try to speed the guy up. He didn’t have to entertain all day so once this lump had blown his load the cook was free to spend his time with the ladies again. And Zoro. Sanji’s thoughts wandered to the idiot Marimo’s body. He did have such a strong body… He wouldn’t rut away like a rusty plough, that was for sure. Zoro would be the type to take control from the start. He’d want to see every little emotion that flicked across your face when he took that first breathless push into bliss. His hands would be warm and firm, pulling you in and holding you down just where he wanted you, every sensation would be calculated, every forceful move designed to elicit the most delicious agony… Suddenly Mr. Bunton’s rutting wasn’t feeling so bad. Sanji smiled into his messy fringe and moved his position for maximum friction. Zoro would know, he’d know just where to thrust when Sanji whimpered, he’d hear the noises that the cook tried to suppress and draw them out with every touch. He would be big too… Hard and angry and forceful…

Mr. Bunton grunted loudly and collapsed on Sanji, crushing his lungs with the full weight of twenty years eating banquets and sitting down. Sanji stifled a groan of annoyance; he was just starting to enjoy himself! Maybe a few more minutes and a bit more wiggling and he might even have managed an orgasm… Maybe. The cook wiped the sweat from his eyes and stared at the canopy and the heaving shoulder in front of his face. Finally, Mr. Bunton rolled off him and grabbed a handful of Sanji’s silk bedding, shoving it between the cook’s legs before turning away to get dressed.

“To your liking then, Mr. Bunton?” Sanji smirked. If he was going to do this shitty job at least he could do it well.

“Hmmm?” The man turned and raised an eyebrow. “Oh, yes. You have a tight little ass; next time we’ll find out if your mouth is as tight. A face full of come would suit you!” He laughed out loud and turned around to do up his shoe laces. Sanji crossed his legs and counted to ten. Then to twenty. Then he reminded himself he didn’t have to do this very often and most of them were much nicer.

Nope, still want to kill him.

The suppressed rage burned roses in his cheeks as he sat in the silence and mopped himself up after the man had left. Asshole! If he only knew what Sanji could do to him with one fucking toe, he’d be more careful when he opened his big mouth. Asshole. Asshole. Asshole.

All for her. He just had to remember it was all for her, to get her money, to save her family… he would do anything. Even fuck that stupid ASSHOLE.

He washed carefully and then left his room, leaving the windows open to blow away the last traces of that horrible smell. He could still feel the heat in his cheeks as he walked down to the rose garden. Thank Kami no-one could see him like this: used up and thrown away. Sanji the human tissue.


Zoro watched the cook come down the stairs, his face was flushed and he looked even more angry than usual. Not a good time for a chat by the look of it. He saw some smug asshole leave the cook’s room ten minutes before. Zoro had no idea why but he had the distinct urge to just take the guy’s head clean off. He had contented himself with staring daggers at the man so hard that he had practically ran off screaming. He might get in trouble later, but it was worth it. The guy was clearly a bastard.

Sanji looked so angry… embarrassed. What had the guy done to him? Zoro felt his own cheeks colour as a few select images flashed in front of his eyes. If he had done anything to hurt the cook… what the hell was he thinking? He couldn’t go to Sanji’s rescue! Even if he did want to – which he didn’t – the blonde would get all shitty and scream at him. He was so cocky and sure that he could take care of himself… but he looked so upset. Something had obviously happened.

Zoro hovered at the foot of the stairs trying to figure out if he should follow the cook and ask him what had happened or if he should check the blonde’s sheets for blood. If that ape had split a single drop then he would kill him before his ass hit the ground.

He took a deep breath.

Stop it.

He could take care of himself. He was tough and annoying as hell. Brooke had saved the swordsman from getting fired last time, but he couldn’t rely on being so lucky in future. If he was alone with Sanji he knew he would give in. A lover that looked like that was one thing, but someone who could fight too? Once the cook started sparring with him, it was pretty much all over. Now his body reacted to Sanji in a very embarrassing and quite public way. Zoro didn’t need to be beaten off the grounds by thirty angry women staring accusingly at his erection. Plus, Sanji didn’t need Zoro to do anything. In fact, he’d screamed at him for even trying and Zoro knew he was much better off to just keep his head down and stay out of it.

At least, that was the plan.

In practice, he ended up standing around in the cook’s ridiculously pink room three days later quizzing Sanji on his sex life. It had started with the swordsman escorting one of Sanji’s ‘guests’ from his room. How it ended up like this was a mystery.

“So you really like sex then?” Zoro raised one sceptical eyebrow as Sanji gaped in disbelief. Probably could have worded that a little differently, but the stupid cook would be offended no matter what.

Sanji lay in the dishevelled sheets, his eyes blazing behind long lashes as he stared the swordsman down. He was wrapped in bolts of gold cloth and fiercely sexy. Zoro could see half his body and had no trouble imagining all the rest.

“What sort of a question is that, pervert?! That your idea of foreplay? Go ahead. I do it with less all the time.”

Zoro blinked at the rage behind his words, this wasn’t the normal ‘I’m just going to argue cause I’m a mouthy fucker’ glare… Suddenly, it clicked. He hated it. He hated what he was doing… Being a whore. No wonder he was so angry. That front that he put up – so proud and cocky – was probably the only thing keeping him together. What was the idiot doing to himself?

The cook sat on the edge of the bed and lit a cigarette, standing and walking to the window that overlooked the lush gardens.

“I mean… Your work,” Zoro cringed.

Sanji slowly turned around, examining the swordsman’s expression. Finally, he returned and sat down, blowing smoke rings into the canopy of his huge bed.

“Not really. There are worse things though…” Sanji flashed that cocky smile, hiding pain and anger.

“What would you do if you could do anything?” He had to have a dream…

Blue eyes stared the swordsman down, pure determination.

“Find All Blue.”

“All blue?” Zoro scoffed, wasn’t that just a myth? He blinked at the foot that was suddenly inches from his face.

“Don’t you dare laugh,” Sanji fixed him with cold eyes.

“I’m not laughing.” Zoro deadpanned, he knew better than to mock another man’s dreams. Even if it did seem like a lot of effort to go to just to cook some weird fish…

“What about you, asshole? You got some amazing plan or you just going to grow old watching the rest of the world get laid?” The cook broke into a smile as he said the last few words. He put his foot down slowly and leaned on swordsman’s chest. The warm weight of his body was so enticing…

Zoro opened his mouth and then closed it. None of the words swirling in his brain sounded like a good idea. He settled for glaring.

Sanji cocked his head to one side and narrowed his eyes: yet another random Sanji expression that the swordsman couldn’t make any sense of.

“Come on asshole, I bare my soul and you just smirk? Spit it out or I’ll knock it out of you.” The clear blue eyes looked more amused than angry, but this way Mr. Unpredictable after all. He had already gone from angry to flirting twice and now he was back on the bed where he started.

“I’m going to be the best swordsman in the world.”

“Not too ambitious then.” Sanji laughed.

“Shut up!” Tell me not to laugh and then laugh in my face. Typical!

“I only stop talking when my mouth is full.” Sanji grinned and rolled over on his bed, fisting pink satin sheets and winking at Zoro suggestively.

“I’m not surprised,” Zoro replied.

“Hey asshole if you don’t like it then you can always fuck off,” Sanji grinned and gestured at the door. “…or you can help me have a shower. I’m really dirty,” he stretched and layers of muscles rippled just beneath the skin. The thin fabric clung to him revealing everything.

Yes, yes you are.

“I think that the Sultan needed me…”

Sanji grinned knowingly and raised one eyebrow. “Always running away swordsman, what are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid of anything shit-cook!” Zoro raged, realising too late that he had just taken the bait.

“Well get a towel then, cause you’re about to find out why you should be.” Sanji threw off half his gauze halo of gold and strode off, powerful legs leading the way.

While Zoro’s mind was trying to figure out if any of this was a good idea, his body walked into the bathroom.

Sanji was waiting for him, the bolts of bright gold in his hand. He dropped the flimsy material to the floor and winked at the swordsman. He drew long delicate fingers across his stomach raking nails on white skin and leaving pale pink marks on the pristine surface. Sanji’s eyes closed as his fingers reached his nipple and he smiled, licking his lips.

“Come here, Marimo.”

Zoro strode across the room and stared, level into Sanji’s clear blue eyes. The cook’s arms encircled his waist and began to remove his swords. Zoro put a steady hand over Sanji’s own,

“No, I’ll take them off.”

The cook moved his hands away from the sword belt and rested them on the swordsman’s chest. Zoro put his hands behind his back to remove his swords and the cook leaned in close, his body was warm against Zoro’s bare skin. The swordsman leaned into the heat of the body so close and the tickle of Sanji’s hair on his throat. He knelt for just a second to place his precious swords out of the way and then his hands were at Sanji’s drawstring pants. The cook sunk slowly to his knees, the silk strings slipping from Zoro’s grasp. The swordsman sighed in frustration, his huff becoming a moan as Sanji’s wet lips pressed on his nipple and an expert tongue flicked across the sensitive skin. He tousled Sanji’s perfect gold hair and felt the blonde’s hands slipping the fabric from his shoulders. Zoro’s open shirt fluttered to the ground and blunt nails scraped across his stomach. The wet lips followed closely and Sanji’s hands went to Zoro’s belt. The cook’s arms brushed against the swordsman’s erection and he felt a rush of hormones, Sanji’s smell was all around him and his wet lips were hotter by the second.

The cook’s hands grasped Zoro’s hips and eased his trousers over them and onto the ground. He took the swordsman’s underpants with them and left him standing, proud and naked. Sanji slid one hand up Zoro’s thigh and used the other to position Zoro’s aching erection just perfectly. For a second Sanji’s lips brushed through Zoro’s mossy pubic hair and then they were smothering wet kisses up Zoro’s cock. He felt the blood rushing down as he swelled in the cook’s mouth. He was so hot and perfectly tight. Zoro could feel himself being swallowed deep, as Sanji’s golden head bobbed. The sweet lips slid effortlessly up his shaft, varying the pressure to a tight squeeze at the end of every long stroke. His tongue flicked from between pink lips to swirl around Zoro’s tip before he was greedily swallowed again. Now this was worth paying for…

Zoro’s brow crinkled at the thought. Sanji pulled him deep and he tried not to moan as he put his fingers down to lift up the cook’s head.

“Sanji, you don’t need to worry about that.” The swordsman said firmly.

Sanji’s hot lips slowly released Zoro’s cock, “Why? I like it.”

I bet you do.

Shit he’s hot…

Zoro’s heart rate rose as Sanji’s finger’s trailed slowly down his own chest, finally encircling his erection and stroking a teasing palm along it. For a second, Zoro wanted nothing more than to throw the cook face down onto the hard tiles and explore every crevice of his body. He took a deep breath and remembered that he was meant to have some kind of will power.

“I like it too, but it’s time you got a proper fuck.” The swordsman replied, turn Sanji’s head up to look him in the eyes.

“Proper fuck?” The cook asked, eyes twinkling.

Zoro stepped away and turned on the shower, he offered a hand to Sanji who scoffed at him and stood up unassisted. The swordsman adjusted the water temperature then turned back to Sanji. He put his hands around Sanji’s wrists and pulled him into a kiss. The cook tasted like smoke and spice and the feel of his body pressed so close was making Zoro feel like a starving man. He drank deep of Sanji’s smell and undid the cook’s trousers, letting them fall to the bathroom floor. His nimble fingers lifted the cook from his underpants and the last few wisps of gold fabric floated off. The kiss ended and Zoro pulled away,

“Proper, how?” Sanji persisted.

Zoro leaned in until his earrings were getting tangled in soft blonde hair, “I’m going to make you come,” he whispered. He closed his hands over the cook’s erection, stroking him and pulling him closer. After sating himself with another deep kiss, he pulled the cook into the running water. It beaded on his pale skin in the sunlight and threw rainbows on the tile floor. Zoro grabbed the nearest bottle of lotion and poured some onto his hands, it foamed in the water and he began to rub the bubbles into the perfect blonde curls below the cook’s belly button.

“What are you doing?” Sanji asked,

“You said you were dirty.” The swordsman’s hand slid between the perfect orbs of Sanji’s ass and delicate skin quivered at his touch. Sanji moaned as soap coated fingers slid into him, Zoro pressed their bodies together and pushed his fingers deeper. Sanji’s head rested on his shoulder, the water cascading over blonde hair and washing the bubbles away. Zoro coated his other hand and slid it between their bodies, crushing Sanji’s cock against his own as they ground together. He let his fingertips trail from the cook’s balls slowly higher. Sanji’s hips began to rock forwards with every targeted thrust.

The cook’s fingernails raked down Zoro’s back and the pain egged the swordsman on. He kissed Sanji roughly and pulled him out of the main force of the water. He kissed the cook’s wet, clean skin and pushed his fingers still deeper. He kissed down Sanji’s stomach and took the cook in his mouth, tasting salt on his tip as he pulled the hips closer. Sanji’s moans got louder and his nails dug into Zoro’s neck, he hooked one leg over Zoro’s shoulder pulling the swordsman closer. Zoro ground his fingers to the third knuckle and felt the cook pull tight around him. A powerful thigh clamped around Zoro’s head and he heard Sanji swearing loudly above him,

“Shitty…. Marimo… fucking stop it…” but desperate hands pulled Zoro’s hair, urging him on and Sanji’s skin was slick with water and sweat. “Fucking… yes… no I have to… oh fuck…. Fucking… shitty… stop, oh fuck….”

Sanji’s leg was unclamped from Zoro’s head and the swordsman was roughly pulled to his feet. He pushed his fingers deep into the cook and felt the desperate heat quiver. “Oh… fuck… stop…” Sanji pulled Zoro’s hand away sighing as the heat left him. He focussed dark eyes on Zoro and wiped the hair from his eyes. Then he stepped back into the water, turning away from Zoro and putting both palms flat against the tile wall. He turned and winked over his shoulder, spreading his legs and pushing his ass out towards Zoro,

“Make me come,” he demanded.


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