Chapter 6 - Reality

Sanji’s golden hair glinted in the sunlight that spilled from the high windows. Every beaded drop of water on his skin became a prism and he looked like he was scattered with diamonds. His knuckles were white where he pressed his palms into the slick tiles. His long, powerful legs were spread and his back arched. The water from the shower was running down his back and over his dimpled ass. After a minute offering up his perfect body, he turned around,

“You’re not going to back down now are you, moss-head?”

In a breath, Zoro was between his legs. He clutched one hand to Sanji’s sharp hip and the other to the cook’s shoulder, pulling him back and against the swordsman’s hungry body. He felt the water running down his hyper-sensitive skin and the cook’s heat was dissolving into his skin.

“I never back down,” Zoro growled in his ear. Sanji responded by grinding his ass against the swordsman’s body causing hot shivers to shoot from his groin. The cook was so full of lust and passion, the smell of his hot skin alone reeked of sex. Zoro pushed back and the friction made Sanji moan and squirm. The feeling of the cook grinding against him and his soft urgent moans were so delicious. Zoro drew his hands together and his fingers squeezed Sanji’s nipples, then he arched his back and he rubbed his cock slowly and deliberately against the cook’s eager thrusting ass. He could feel the heat from between the Sanji’s legs and watching the water flow off the cook’s perfectly round and dimpled buttocks was almost too much. Sanji’s hand grabbed Zoro’s cock and began to guide him forwards. It had been a long time since Zoro had a lover that was so eager and he was torn between sating Sanji’s desperate lust and toying with him for just a little longer…

Zoro could tell the cook was seconds off coming when he stopped the swordsman giving him head. Zoro may not be a professional but he knew his technique was pretty good. He liked to be in control in bed and he loved the sound of desperate whimpers, so proper technique was a must. Anyway, he was not the sort of man who did anything by halves. He let Sanji lead him forwards but stopped when his cock pressed against Sanji’s tight slick hole. The blonde groaned in frustration and growled over his shoulder,

“You’re so fucking slow, I’m falling asleep here!” The cook’s desperation was clear in his husky voice. His hand stroked up Zoro’s cock and urged him on; he was more than ready. The swordsman grabbed Sanji firmly by the wrists and then slammed him forwards into the wall, pinning him there. He was going to do this his way.

He bit slowly down the cook’s neck, running his cock down the cook’s ass crack. Sanji moaned and pushed back against him, hungry for more contact, more sensation. The water flowed between their bodies, caressing every curve and angle. Zoro leaned over the cook’s back and pushed until he felt the heat give and the cook arched towards him and spread his legs. He watched as his cock disappeared inch by inch until he had to close his eyes and just let the water run over him. Sanji bucked against him and he tightened his grip,

“Hold tight,” the swordsman whispered. He drove up firmly between Sanji’s legs, feeling the heat close in on him. Sanji moaned and ground his hips back, forcing Zoro into him up to the hilt. Sanji was so fucking tight; Zoro struggled against the wriggling, gasping cook. He secured his feet on the slippery floor and lifted Sanji into the air, bringing him down hard and fast to press deep between the cook’s legs.

Sanji’s hands spread wide against the wall, his arms taking the force of Zoro’s urgent thrusts. “There! SHIT, there!” The cook gasped as Zoro angled Sanji’s hips to get as deep as he could go. He felt the muscles ripple around him and then Sanji’s screams echoed on the marble, as streams of white coated the tiles in front of them. Zoro slowed his pace and started to lower the cook back to the ground. His cock was aching with the effort of stopping but he wanted Sanji to know the some men weren’t just assholes looking for someone to fuck. Sanji legs touched the ground and he stood, wobbly for a minute. Zoro made to pull away, but the cook stopped him, squeezing his ass around Zoro’s thick, aching cock.

“Keep going,” he gasped, “more…” He braced his arms out and turned away squeezing Zoro’s cock again and moaning with the delicious friction. Zoro took in the sight, the messy blonde hair and flushed cheeks, legs spread wide. The smell of his come in the air was intoxicating, Zoro wanted to turn him over and lick it from his muscled stomach, but the cook’s ass was so hot and so fucking tight… Zoro thrust once, deep, near lifting the cook off the ground again.

“Shitty… swordsman…” Sanji moaned. He bucked his hips back as Zoro closed one hand on the cook’s firming cock. It was still sticky with come and Zoro licked it from his fingers. With each delicious lick he thrust hard. He could feel every contour of Sanji’s insides, every rough inch of pleasure. Harder and harder he pushed, letting the strength of his legs carry the cook’s weight. Sanji’s forearms buckled and he pressed his elbows into the tiles, resting his forehead on the cold surface. Zoro lessened the pressure but the cook pulled him back with his ankles, practically kicking their bodies together. With every stroke the cook bucked against him, squeezing his tip and groaning like he was coming all over again. Zoro was so hard, watching the firm, round ass cheeks clench over him as he drove deep between the blonde’s legs.

He let one hand explore the cook’s body, roughly slamming him against the wall with upward thrusts. He pinched Sanji’s nipples and grinned when he heard the breathy moans get deeper. He raked his nails slowly down and brushed his hands against the cook’s ridged cock. He kissed Sanji’s neck and tasted the wet salt on his skin and the blonde began to swear louder,

“Fuck! Hard… I’m coming…”

He closed his hands around the solid weight of Sanji’s erection and finally let himself go. The blinding heat wrapped around him as he lifted the cook high, he took control of the pointed hips and moved the cook to his will, finding the place where he could press the deepest. Sanji’s swearing faded away and his whole world became flesh grinding on bone. Being inside this perfect body, bending it to his will. Making the cook scream in pleasure, making him come so hard that he wouldn’t be able to fuck for a week. In and out, in and out, rhythm and sweat. Higher and deeper and harder every thrust. Sanji’s body was so tight, rippling muscles drawing against his, fighting his every move for more friction. Slamming against him with a force that would knock anyone else clean off their feet. Zoro felt the tingling in his spine too late, he slid in so fast plunging deep into Sanji’s heat. The cook pulsed in his hand and Sanji’s scream slammed him back into reality with a bolt of lust like lightning. Suddenly he was wet, sweaty and growling as he took Sanji’s body as his own, pinning him fast and pumping stream after stream of come into the perfect heat.

They were left, gasping as the water cascaded over them. Sanji’s hand dropped and Zoro realised the cook had been pulling his hair. He hadn’t even felt it. He lowered the cook to the floor and slowly pulled away. Sanji turned and a lazy, satisfied smirk lingered on his lips.

“You’re in trouble now,” he said, blue eyes sparkling with mischief.

“You wouldn’t tell on me,” Zoro scoffed.

“Want a bet? I have quite an ironic sense of humour you know.” The blonde smirked some more and Zoro suddenly remembered why he annoyed the crap out of him.

“I know. You’re very fucking funny,” Zoro glared at the cook and ignored his post-coital urge to cuddle the annoying prick, “I know you won’t do it.”

“Why?” The cook was clearly enjoying this a lot. “Like I said before, you can’t do anything.” The cocky grin had nearly taken over his entire face.

“Oh yes I can…” The swordsman leaned forwards and looked straight into Sanji’s twinkling eyes. “You tell the Sultan… and I won’t fuck you.”

The grin sagged comically. He clearly had not thought of that. Zoro collected his clothes and left the room as Sanji was finishing his shower. He couldn’t make sense of the cook or his weird moods, but one thing was for sure: he had never made such an empty threat in all his life.


The swordsman slept. He trained. He ate. He lazed around as much as way humanly possible and then some. He ignored the gorgeous sun-kissed days. He ignored the gorgeous star-filled nights. He ignored the gorgeous half-naked blonde.


Sanji had been quiet since the day when Zoro had seen him so upset. Everything else after that seemed like a dream, especially because that was all he had dreamed about ever since he had seen Sanji's ass. But he had been so determined not to be left alone with the cook. So determined to be strong… and then one minute he was just doing his job like every other day and the next he was pounding Sanji’s brains out against the bathroom wall.

Why hadn’t he just gone to the village and gotten laid like he had planned?!

Something about Sanji had changed though, since that day. The blonde was still cocky, he was still a mouthy idiot… but there was just a little less force behind his words. He seemed preoccupied, almost angry. He was even too distracted to make the swordsman’s days hell with overt glimpses of flesh and incredibly crude flirting. Zoro thought over the events of that day: Sanji’s pained face, his desperation and his barbed words. So much had happened; it was hard to sift through the memories to get to the meaning underneath.

If Sanji was so miserable, what the hell was he doing here? And what had happened to him? What had made him so damn angry?! Zoro’s imagination was never one of his weak points and suddenly, he was livid with rage. Just because Sanji was a concubine, it didn’t mean these wealthy scumbags could use him however they wanted! No-one deserved to be treated like that and the fact that Sanji just accepted it made him even more angry. He knew that he really shouldn’t give a damn but he just couldn’t sit back and watch a friend just fucking fade away. There had to be something he could do. Think!

There had to be a reason that Sanji was here. Despite years perfecting his body, the swordsman knew he had brain if he could be bothered using it. Sanji only cared about two things: cooking and women. He also liked flirting and fighting a hell of a lot but Zoro put that down to personality. He wasn’t here to cook because the Sultan didn’t even know he could cook when he hired him so it had to be a woman. He had seen the blonde talking to Nami before but he had never really thought about it too much. He talked to all the girls whenever they were within earshot.

But just maybe...

And even though he didn’t know it at the time, with that fatal thought, it was over.

He really was too practical for his own good sometimes.


A short talk to the Sultan later and Zoro found himself standing in a corner in the rose garden. It had all been deceptively easy, so he was still trying to figure out the catch. He didn’t even know how the hell it had happened. One minute he was vowing to butt out and the next, he was here with Sanji. He seemed to be having more and more of these lapses of reason recently. Most of the time they were accompanied by memories of low groans and desperate heat. He resolved not to think about it too much, put it down to mind blowing sex and returned to the task at hand. The scent of the roses was heavy all around him and all he could see was the cook’s stomach.

He remembered feeling it slick with water and come as he took Sanji to that blissful brink… Stop. Come on, concentrate.

The blonde was staring at him. He slowly put a cigarette to his lips and lit it, closing his eyes in pleasure as the first smoke hit his lungs. Zoro blinked twice and re-focussed his eyes to a more appropriate place for conversation. Sanji smirked,

“Why’d you drag me out here? Want another taste?”

He looked the blonde in the eyes and told him straight out. It was his style in life and it seemed to work most of the time. “Sanji, I got you a job as a chef here.”

“A chef?” Sanji glared through his pale fringe, “I don’t want to be a damn chef.”

“Well you are one.” Zoro glared. The guy loved to cook, what was his damn problem? He should have expected it though, temperamental bastard.

“Well un-make me one.” The blonde glared back and took a deep drag on his cigarette.

“I can’t,” Zoro glared back. Of all the ungrateful… “I was only trying to help you!”

“Well un-help me, asshole! I want to stay here,” Sanji pouted something fierce.

Suddenly Zoro was pissed off. Stupid asshole hated the place and was miserable all the fucking time! This whole situation was too ridiculous for words! “What the hell is it with you and this place? Why the hell are you even here!?”

“I want to stay with the ladies!” Sanji was slowly turning red with frustration and rage.

“The ladies can take care of themselves.” Zoro snorted. Crazy women.

“No she can’t!!!”

“She?” Zoro softened his voice just a little, he didn’t want the guy to go nuts.

Sanji glared, pulled a face and then sighed, “Nami.”

“…and…” Zoro leaned forward, trying to be encouraging. Just spit it out already!

“She came in here with some crazy plan. I just wanted to make sure that she didn’t get hurt. She’ll do anything for money. It’s kind-of scary…”

“Ah,” Zoro nodded. Dumb-ass. The cook really didn’t give him enough credit. “Would it make any difference if I said you were the chef for the ladies and you’ll still be around them all day?”

This was the real question. Was it just about her or was it about the men as well? Did he really like bein.. Zoro’s train of thought was cut off by a very enthusiastic cook. One flying tackle later and the swordsman was beginning to feel that the world didn’t look so bad.


Nami lay in the biggest bed in the palace and congratulated herself. Even if she hadn’t been able to get close to the Sultan’s son, she had still managed quite well for herself. It had also been much more enjoyable than the alternative. She was a little concerned that she hadn’t thought of it quicker, actually. It just showed how good the smell of treasure was here though… Very distracting.

The curtains of the bed rippled in the breeze and a dozen hands bloomed on the bed around her naked body. Robin’s voice floated in from the room beyond, confident and ever-so-slightly smug,

“Would you care for a massage before breakfast, Nami-kun?”

The words reminded her of that silly cook that had followed her into the Palace. She had only met him a few days before that but for some reason he insisted on helping her achieve her goal and she certainly wasn’t going to dissuade him. A little help was always appreciated even if he was a total idiot. He was pure lust and chivalry as far as she could tell. At least he would be easy to ditch once she had her treasure safe and sound.

“Hai, that would be blissful. I think I might have stretched a muscle or two last night,” the Navigator grinned at the memories of contorted bodies. It had been fun. She also felt like she was finally getting closer to her goal, after this she might even have enough money to buy her village back from that bastard…

“You seem tense,” Robin soothed, as she sat down on the end of the bed. The hands began to caress her body, ironing out kinks with gentle, sweeping strokes.

“No, I’m fine,” she beamed her best smile and relaxed. Of all the things she had done to fulfil her dream, this was certainly not the worst. Robin smiled back with dark eyes full of mystery; now this one would be much harder to figure out.


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