Incubus Lessons

Chapter 1


The castle of the Baron Soaka, located deep in the land of Romania, was usually a cold, lonely place. The Baron liked his privacy and had few servants, preferring the cold stone of his castle to the warm taverns in the village. So, the loud moans and high-pitched cries coming from the Baron’s room late one night were odd enough to scare away most of his servants. Inside of the room, on the large, elegant, four-poster bed, the muscular, black haired Baron had a young boy on his hands and knees underneath his much larger, thrusting body. It would have been obvious to anyone why Soaka had chosen the boy to warm his bed, even for just a night. He was small, but slender and lithe with silken, long black hair and violet eyes that Soaka could swear glowed in the dark, though that was impossible. His pale skin stood out beautifully against Soaka’s more tan skin as his hands gripped the erotic boy’s slender hips. The only things that were a bit… off on the youth were the tiny fangs he had and his pointed ears that reminded the Baron of a bat, but they made him seem more cute and exotic than strange. But, even the little, out of place physical features didn’t matter to Soaka anymore. He no longer cared about how he had met Lilu or why he had brought him to the castle, he barely even remembered those things with his large cock buried in the boy’s lovely, tight ass. He was so hot inside, his muscles squeezing him intimately, that it felt like he was going insane. Lilu’s cries were equally wonderful to him as his rough fingers rolled his satin-soft nipples between them.

Soaka panted as Lilu’s insides spasmed down on him. He had never felt this good in his life and he had had quite a few bed partners in his younger years, both male and female, but now he was glistening with sweat as he fucked the longhaired boy and the pounding of his heart beat in his dick was nearly unbearable. Lilu’s groans equaled his and Soaka knew that his cock was just as hard as it was rubbed against the silk sheets underneath their bodies. The older man’s cock pushed in and out of Lilu’s tight channel, the constant rubbing against his delicate nerve endings making the boy moan and tighten.

Suddenly, Soaka flipped Lilu onto his back and pushed his legs up against his chest, his thrusts becoming wilder and wilder as an animalistic feeling built up inside of him. Lilu squeezed his eyes shut, his arms, clothed in black except for his slender fingers, the cloth secured by deep violet ribbons around his upper arms, were flung above his head, his fingers digging into the sheets as the man’s large cock brutally dove into his tender ass over and over. Soaka’s large hands gripped at his leggings, the same black cloth and violet ribbons as on his arms, only his toes uncovered, and his cock rubbed against Lilu’s prostrate. If the Baron had any sense left, he would have chuckled as the boy arched his back almost in half and gave out a keening wail, but then the boy’s silken inner muscles convulsed sharply at the pleasure and Soaka couldn’t stop his orgasm, his cum shooting inside Lilu’s warmth.

As Soaka pulled his shrinking cock out of the longhaired boy’s body, his black eyes widened as he felt that, amidst the bliss his body was still experiencing, something was very wrong. He suddenly felt very tired and his skin felt tight. He looked down at his hands and opened his mouth to scream, but the process was instant and the forces that had mummified his hands had also attacked his throat and no sound escaped. Lilu arched his back again and screamed in pleasure as a wispy, violet light glowed around his body. It was an intense shock, the sudden flooding of erotic energy filling every nerve that he had, and his hard cock erupted creamy semen all over his stomach. The sex was great, it always was, but the feeding was something else entirely. He panted at the erotic aftermath of it, the brilliant aura fading as his body absorbed the dying man’s life energy, and he got to his knees on the bed. He gave Soaka’s corpse a grateful look.

“Thank you,” he said lovingly with a lick of his little pink tongue along his upper lip, feeling more alive and awake than he had in days. Soaka had lasted a lot longer than he had expected, so the energy he had stolen from him was large and strong. He rolled off the bed and put his clothes back on, a black leather corset that started just below his collarbone with large straps and buckles around his stomach and waist. He flung his midnight hair over his shoulder, cum leaking down his legs as he pulled on his tight, v-shaped black underwear that did little to conceal his body. The semen on his legs and stomach was trapped under his clothes, but he was used to the feeling and it was far from uncomfortable. Now that the human was dead, he unfurled his black wings from his back and let them dangle down words. They were long and like a bat’s, but each tip of his wing had a dangerous claw, in case he ever needed to defend himself. They automatically went into his back when he had sex, so he didn’t accidentally hurt his partner. Even though he killed his lovers, that didn’t mean he had to make their last moments painful.

Lilu was an Incubus, a type of demon that fed off the life energy humans gave off during orgasm. In other words, he needed sex just to live, his body ached for it, not to mention he got weak and could die if he denied himself it. Unfortunately, he had to kill the men he slept with when he took their energy and he had to feed at least three times a week just to keep going, but humans didn’t have a huge surplus of energy like supernaturals did and, as far as Lilu knew, no immortal creature would want to become a midnight snack for an Incubus. He sighed.

“Just one more and I can call it a week,” he told himself.

“I’m afraid you won’t be eating for awhile. Sadly, I can’t allow you to feed on anymore men, Incubus,” a sweet voice said from behind him. Lilu whirled and met face to face with a pale figure that was a half a foot taller than him with shimmering blonde hair, tied in a pony tail that only reached his shoulders, and glowing green eyes. The boy looked about Lilu’s age and wore a small green top that ended at his midriff and elegant green pants, almost like the kind that the dancers from Lilu’s land wore, but they weren’t see through . There was a cold, professional look in his eyes, but what made the young demon shiver were the blonde’s long, pointed ears.

“I suggest that you return this man’s energy, demon,” the blonde warned, “but still…” his pretty face lit up with a smile.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, little one.”

Lilu smiled back, though it didn’t quite meet his violet eyes.

“Nice to meet you. Pardon the… mess, I don’t often have guests over for dinner,” Lilu greeted sarcastically. His expression was calm, but on the inside, he was panicking.

‘Just what the hell is a high elf doing here in Romania?!’ he thought in fear. He had a bit of dark magic in him, enough to take down imps, fairies, and other simple creatures, but compared to an elf, let alone a high elf, he might as well be human.

“My people had heard of men being seduced, then disappearing in these parts. It’s my job to take care of troublesome creatures like you. I’m Alexander, by the way,” the elf explained, keeping up his fake, pleasant demeanor. However, Lilu caught the way Alexander heatedly looked at him and it made him blush.

“Lilu,” he announced, “but I’m afraid you’ve come all this way for nothing. You see, there’s no way I’d return the good Baron’s life to him.”

Suddenly, anger filled the elf’s face and he shoved the incubus back onto the bed.

“Don’t fuck with me, Demon! Until you change your ways, I can’t go back home!” Alexander threatened. Lilu’s eyes widened at the elf’s violence, but raised an eyebrow at his words. Change his ways? He was a demon, for fuck’s sake!

“If I don’t drain sexual energy, I’ll die. I have to kill to live,” Lilu pointed out. Alexander gnawed on his lip, thinking it over when something came to him and he smiled wickedly.

“That’s true, you incubi thrive on sex, don’t you? But, obviously, a mere human could never satisfy you,” Alexander got up on the bed and leaned in close to Lilu, making the young demon want to back away out of fear of their close proximity. He wasn’t used to being the powerless one.

“So, instead,” the blonde whispered, caressing the longhaired boy’s cheek with his fingertips, “How about I satisfy you?”

Lilu stared at him in shock. What could a gorgeous high elf possibly want with a lowly demon like him? Suddenly, Alexander moved forward and pressed his lips to Lilu’s.

Though he was a little loathe doing so, Alexander had to admit that the little demon was quite cute. When his elders had told him that he was being sent to Romania to subdue a murderous sex-demon, he had imagined a nasty imp or a big busted succubus, not a pretty little incubus that actually appeared to show some remorse for his killings. He could still smell the sex on the demon, as well as his natural pheromones, something that no creature, even an elf, could ignore. With his incredible power, he could keep the incubus fed for the rest of his life, no more death. If he could get him to agree to that… he wouldn’t have to kill or jail the lovely creature.

Lilu couldn’t understand what the elf was doing to him. Alexander had promised him sex and with the elf’s touch and unique scent, his body was already hard and read for it, but the thing with his lips… it was soft and warm and it made his insides flutter in a very erotic way, but it wasn’t sex. What sort of elfin trick was it?

“What was that?” Lilu wondered out loud. Alexander stared at him like he was crazy. What sort of sex demon didn’t know what kissing was?! It didn’t make any sense that an incubus could be so innocent.

“It’s a kiss!” the blonde practically screamed, “Are you an idiot or just clueless?!”

Lilu blushed at the insult.

“Well, excuse me!” he hissed, his wings sinking back into his pale skin in irritation, “No one’s ever done that to me before!”

Alexander shook his head in disbelief. The raven haired boy’s lips had been perfect, soft and full and incredibly kissable, how could none of his victims ever tried that? What other forms of foreplay did Lilu know?

“Well, how do you have sex, then?” the elf asked in a calmer tone.

“You just stick it in and get on with it, right?” Lilu said brightly with a sort of innocence that both melted Alexander’s heart and annoyed him. So, the incubus didn’t know anything after all.

“Idiot,” the elf grumbled, shoving Lilu onto his back on the bed, “There’s more to sex than the sex,” Alexander unbuttoned his green pants. Lilu’s eyes widened at the sight of the high elf’s thick, long cock poking out of the soft material. The impressive looking organ was rock hard and dripping and, despite Lilu’s fear of the elf, his natural instincts yearned to discover what sex with an elf would feel like.

“I’ll show you how real sex feels like,” Alexander promised with a dirty grin. Lilu barely had the time to squeak as the blonde bent him double, his hands pushing the demon’s legs near his head. Alexander sniffed at Lilu’s underwear and ran his tongue over where Lilu’s asshole was, making the demon give out a tiny moan.

“I can smell it, that human’s seed on your skin. You didn’t even clean yourself off, you naughty little thing!” Alexander cooed as he bent to lap at the leather material, his slick tongue moving over every little delve and crevice that Lilu’s ass had. Lilu cried and groaned as he could feel the blonde’s ministrations through is underwear, the agile muscle stroking his skin, along with the cloth. No one had ever licked him down there. No one had ever made him feel this way while he was fully dressed. How could that be possible?

“Please, fuck me!” the incubus begged. He wasn’t used to this slow build up of fire in his gut or how his cock was pushing against his underwear, desperate for freedom. Alexander looked up at him with slit green eyes, licking his lips.

“No,” he said sternly, “You’re not ready yet.”

Lilu groaned in pleasure and frustration as Alexander’s tongue traveled over his ass cheek and up his thigh. The fire in his gut followed the movement and his thigh muscles tightened in need. Alexander’s hand snaked under his other buttock and his long fingers stroked at Lilu’s heavy sac lightly, barely giving him any friction, but just enough to drive him crazier.

“No,” the long haired boy moaned as the elf stroked his genitals with no mercy, rubbing at his balls, his hands keeping Lilu’s legs spread.

“Please don’t touch me there!” Lilu whined pitifully, feeling completely powerless in the elf’s presence, but he realized that he didn’t really want to get away. His natural instinct to fuck, no matter the cost, was too great.

“Ok,” Alexander conceded teasingly, “How about I touch this place, instead?”

Lilu breath hitched sharply as Alexander’s finger left his crotch and moved up to his chest, rubbing at his nipples through the black cloth, rolling the tender flesh between his fingertips.

“Ah…” Lilu cried out, his chest blossoming in an intense heat at the elf’s touch. Usually, the pheromones he produced drove his victims into such a frenzy, they would only just rut like animals, but this elf still had the self control to play with his body and to Lilu, sex was like a drug. Even a slight touch from the blonde was making him crazy with desire.

Lilu blinked, his sex-clouded mind finding it hard to follow what was happening around him, as Alexander rolled them around so Lilu was on top of him, his rear near Alexander’s face. Lilu moaned loudly as he felt the blonde’s finger dig into his underwear, the tip penetrating the tight ring of muscles and rubbing the sensitive nerves, overly sensitive from his last fucking. The elf’s hard cock strained against the soft material of Lilu’s chest and the demon’s hands clenched at Alexander’s pants, his own cock twitching and wetting his underwear with pre-cum as his lover’s finger continued to rub and twist in the cloth. His whole body jerked as he felt Alexander’s tongue trace his erection through the underwear, his other hand cupping his testicles, rolling them around in their confinement. Lilu could feel them tightening with each caress and swipe of the talented ethereal’s tongue. He wanted to force the elf down and impale himself on his long cock, but he knew that nothing was going to happen until Alexander wanted it to. Alexander’s saliva as he lapped at his restrained cock made the leather heavy and it clung to his genitals.

Lilu couldn’t just lie there, feeling all the sensations he was feeling, Alexander’s tongue and hands traveling all over his lower body. Cradling the elf’s long, hard erection in one of his hands, Lilu ran his own tongue up the formidable length, savoring the blonde’s unique taste, his tongue lapping up thick pre-cum. He didn’t know what was more satisfying, know how hard the blonde was for him, or the hard moans Alexander made at his licking. His nimble tongue traced every inch of the member he had wrapped in his hand, feeling its warmth pulsating and sending his already over excited, Incubus sex instincts into over drive. He loved this bitter taste, the feeling of something hot and strong under his tongue.

His kind were literally made for this. He hadn’t tasted Alexander’s seed or essence yet, but he felt like he was gorging, while with humans he only felt that way at the moment of ejaculation. His entire body was singing, reveling in every little feeling, smell, and taste. Alexander’s incredible tongue was making his dick twitch and drool in his underwear, but all he could do was lick and suck at the elf’s engorged cock to show his appreciation. Alexander smiled against Lilu’s underwear. The demon’s body was amazing, his hair and skin were like silk and he had a lovely scent as Alexander dug his tongue into the clothed crevice of his ass, unlike other demons and humans. He truly was a sex demon, given how hard Lilu’s dick was already and how horny Alexander was feeling. If this little scheme of his worked, then he would have a very long life filled with great sex to look forward to.

Lilu gasped as he felt the elf lift him up slightly by his corset, making his mouth slip off his delectable cock, and flipped him around so that Lilu was sitting in the blonde’s lap. The gasp melted into a loud piercing moan as Alexander gripped his hips tightly and started to move him back and forth on his lap. The movements made Alexander’s thick, slippery cock slide between his butt cheeks and he could feel the organ’s hotness through his underwear, the fluids dripping on it soaking the cloth. The incubus’ violet eyes widened as the cock stroked the sensitive skin of his ass and the swollen head insistently nudged at his balls, making the soft cloth of his underwear rub against his genitals.

“Ah, it feels too good!” Lilu cried out at the wonderful friction.

Alexander’s grip on his body and the rubbing of his hard dick was relentless. Lilu felt like he was going insane. If the elf kept stroking his lower body that way, he was going to cum for sure. With each undulation of Alexander’s hips, he felt his member sliding over his trapped cock, the head slipping past his sac and rubbing in between his cheeks, spreading juice all over his thighs and underwear. It was so maddening, his entire body was screaming at him and he could feel an incredible pressure building up, driving him crazy with desire and heat. It was impossible… he couldn’t cum just from this, right? Who had ever heard of a sex demon that could have an orgasm without penetration and fucking? This wasn’t sex, was it? And yet, it felt too good not to be…

“That’s it,” Alexander purred, pulling down Lilu’s corset, “Enjoy yourself, little demon. After I’m through with you, no human will be able to satisfy you ever again!”

Lilu’s cries escalated as his blonde lover ground harder and faster into his body. He was going to cum like this, he just knew it, but he wanted the elf to slip that beautiful cock inside of his ass. He reached under himself, grabbing Alexander’s cock by the base, and moved his hips along with Alexander, closing his eyes in bliss and just concentrating on the sparks of pleasure the friction was causing. He felt Alexander’s slender hands slid up his chest and long fingers roll his stiff nipples between them. His thighs shuddered at the contact and he grabbed blindly at Alexander’s shoulders to steady his burning body.

“… feels so amazing!” he cried out.

This was ‘foreplay’? It was probably a good thing that he had never done this with humans before, or he never would have gotten a proper meal, not to mention he would be exhausted all the time. How in hell was he going to survive a relationship with this high elf?!

‘He’s ready,’ Alexander thought with a sinister smirk.

It hadn’t been very hard to rile Lilu up. For a sex demon, he was strangely sensitive. Or maybe his means of having sex had been so remedial that something like this could excite him. Alexander licked his lips and lightly pushed the demon, who fell on his back on the bed, his legs spread slightly. The elf’s green eyes widened at the sight of those creamy thighs which were completely slick with a clear fluid. Was that his precum or… could it be? He experimentally swiped up some of the fluid and licked it off his finger. It was most definitely not his precum, or Lilu’s for that matter. It had a strange, bitter sweet taste to it and was very slick.

“Please don’t do that,” Lilu begged, his face an even darker shade of red than it had been before.

Alexander grinned down at him and leaned down to run his tongue over one shapely thigh, licking up the fluid like it was a delicious snack. It definitely had a strange flavor to it, but he loved it. He lightly nipped the skin and dug his nose into the bulge in Lilu’s underwear. From the smell coming from Lilu’s crotch, the source of the fluid was obvious. How interesting… and useful. To his shock, as he rubbed and licked, another trickle of the fluid escaped Lilu’s underwear. He quickly cleaned it off with another swipe of his agile tongue.

“Are you embarrassed of it, Lilu?” he teased.

Lilu looked away from him and nodded. He was sure that something like this was strange to an elf. By the time that his human lovers realized it, they were almost dead anyway.

“I had heard that male incubi get wet like Succubae do, but I always thought that was a myth,” Alexander mused, “It’s different than a female, though, it tastes sweeter.”

The elf continued to clean the incubus until the demon started to whimper and his thighs got wetter and wetter. Alexander straddled his waist and pushed his cock against one of Lilu’s exposed nipples, his corset pushed down to his waist and the loincloth tossed to the side. Lilu’s eyes were closed and a beautiful blush was spread over his cheeks. He looked so adorable, it made Alexander’s cock throb harder. The pressure against his nipple made Lilu open his eyes and he lost his breath at the sight of Alexander’s cock, huge, red, and glistening with precum. He nearly drooled at the sight of it, like a dog looking at a steak.

“Want it?” Alexander asked, teasing Lilu by displaying his cock to him like a special treat.

Lilu nodded in earnest. Oh, fuck, yes he wanted that cock! His thighs had never been this wet before, and his cock had never been this hard before. He wasn’t sure if it was that fluid or precum that was making his underwear feel so wet, but he was starting to feel frustrated.

“Please fuck me,” he begged.
Alexander grinned.

“Good pet,” he said and slowly slipped Lilu’s underwear down his thighs.

Lilu’s long, pale cock popped out of the discarded garment, completely soaked with various liquids and brilliant red from all the sensations Alexander had given him. He didn’t care how embarrassing Alexander’s nickname was to him, Alexander could call him anything he liked as long as he thrust that incredible manhood into him and soon. He wasn’t disappointed. Alexander spread Lilu’s legs and raised them slightly so he could see the demon’s pretty asshole.

The little hole was just as pale as the rest of the creature and Alexander watched as more liquid lazily dripped from it. The hole was slightly stretched from Lilu’s romp with the human and he could see that the fluid was almost white, probably from the man’s semen. He imagined his own cum dripping out of Lilu’s anus and had to contain himself from just thrusting into him immediately. He pressed the head of his cock to the demon’s entrance and slid in slowly, taking his sweet time in feeling the silken walls that gripped him and pulled him inside.

Lilu squeezed his eyes shut and screamed in joy as he felt Alexander’s large cock spread him and fill him with delicious heat. His passage was so slick that the organ went inside of him all the way with no effort at all, but he was still tight enough to make it intense for both of them. The elf was bigger than the human had been, that was for sure, and that girth made Lilu lose all control over himself. Alexander gritted his teeth as Lilu’s heat squeezed at his dick, making him want to just pound into him and end it all, but he wanted to do this right. He wanted to hear the little demon scream some more.

“You feel so good inside, incubus,” he moaned, “You’re so tight and hot… it would be a shame to let an ass like this only cater to mortals…”

Lilu could only moan in response, his entire body shivering with the need to thrust up and down on the length, but Alexander had a tight grip on his hips and it was impossible. He swore that the elf really was going to drive him insane. He wasn’t used to this, this slow torture. He just did what came naturally to him, not these games. He could barely breathe when Alexander rolled them over so that Lilu was on top of him, but his grip was still tight, keeping Lilu from moving. Lilu screamed again, the cry primal and animal like, as Alexander’s dick seemed to slip even deeper inside of him, rubbing against that special place that always made him cum the more it was stroked.

Then, Alexander finally let go of him and started to thrust in and out of his tightness. The feeling of that cock slipping in and out of him was incredible and Lilu let the elf take complete control of him as they moved together in a biting rhythm. Lilu’s juices were practically pouring down Alexander’s cock as he thrust up into Lilu harder and faster, quickly losing all control of his actions. When Alexander suddenly twisted Lilu around so that the demon was lying back to chest with Alexander with his dick still inside of him the whole time, Lilu cried out and his body shuddered at the torturous feeling.

“Oh, I’m going to cum!” he panted, almost on the verge of tears.

He could feel the cock inside of him going deeper and deeper at this new angle, the head assaulting his prostate mercilessly.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Alexander gasped out.

He could feel it, too, that stirring in his stomach. He wasn’t going to last much longer. Lilu’s balls bobbed with how hard Alexander was fucking him. Then, suddenly, those balls tightened and his release hit him like a tidal wave. Pure white cum spurted from his dick and splashed all over his stomach and clothes. Lilu gave one final scream with it, his fangs showing. Alexander screamed with him as he felt Lilu’s insides spasm around him. Lilu’s eyes widened at the sudden, intense feeling of thick cum filling him. It was strange, thicker and in a higher volume than a human, like three or four of them had cum inside of him at once. If he hadn’t had orgasmed already, he would have feeling that hotness in his ass. A beautiful light surrounded Lilu as Alexander orgasmed and a powerful wave of sexual energy struck the demon. His cock rose and he came again, cum dripping down his length in huge drops. He shuddered with it, his tired body struggling to keep up with the feeding and second orgasm.

Lilu collapsed, limp, on top of his new lover, almost passing out. His chest heaved with exertion, suddenly feeling exhausted, but a sated smile was on his face. He made an annoyed, kittenish noise when Alexander slipped out of him, robbing Lilu of his toy.

“Good, wasn’t it?” the elf panted in his ear, rolling Lilu over on to his side, but tossing an arm over his waist so he wouldn’t stray far.

He had no intention of letting the incubus out of his sight for a very long time. Lilu looked over his shoulder at him with a sleepy expression and nodded.

“But… what are you going to do with me?” he asked tiredly.

Alexander grinned at him and pulled him into a deep kiss, slipping his tongue into Lilu’s mouth and making him moan all over again. When he let go of him, he realized that Lilu was hard again, which made him grin wider.

“Why, Lilu, you’re going to be my sex slave for a very long time. That way, I can have fun and you won’t have to worry about being hunted down anymore,” Alexander proposed.

Lilu thought that over as the elf’s thick cum dripped out of his ass. He felt completely engorged right now with the elf’s energy. That energy had been like feasting on six humans in a row. Absolutely incredible. The deal didn’t sound so bad at all.

“Does that mean you’re taking me to the elf lands?” Lilu asked.

He moaned loudly as he felt Alexander’s warm hand wrap around his suddenly aroused cock and stroke it.

“Of course,” Alexander said and pushed Lilu to his knees.

The demon cried out as the elf slipped his cock back inside of his dripping hole.

“Please,” he whined.

His body was exhausted, but his cock… his cock was like a needy dog, begging to be pet. Alexander’s hand wrapped around him again and started to stroke as he thrust blindly into Lilu’s heat.

“As you wish,” he growled and aimed for Lilu’s prostate, too tired to make this go anything longer than a quick one, but he desperately wanted a taste of the demon again.

He knew it was dangerous, that Incubi were addictive and that the demon would keep stealing his energy, but he, as a high elf, could endure it. Besides, his body was still burning with the need to fuck the beautiful creature. He pinched the head of Lilu’s cock and came hard inside of him again. The boy was practically filled with all sorts of fluids and liquids and it felt so good to let go inside of him. The light that surrounded the demon wasn’t as bright as last time, but Alexander still thought that it was beautiful to look at. Then, Lilu orgasmed again, his cum dripping onto the not so clean sheets and Alexander was amazed that the incubus could cum three times like that. Lilu fell limp under him, struggling to catch his breath.

“No more…” he begged.

If this kept up, he was going to get a stomachache and his ass was starting to hurt from being fucked three times, not to mention his cock which had come… he had lost count. On top of him, Alexander started to laugh. A sexy incubus living in the elf world… this would be interesting.


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