Incubus Lessons

Chapter 2


Lilu made a low, annoyed growl in his throat as he awoke to a bright light shining in his dark violet eyes. He definitely wasn't used to that sort of thing and it made his slit pupils ache at the excess of light. Come to think of it, it was far too warm, too, and he didn't like it at all. As an incubus, Lilu was used to sleeping during the day and prowling at night. His kind usually hunted in cold, dark places, because the humans living in these places were usually more stressed than other people. Humans that were stressed were also more likely to be seduced and not realize who he really was. Because he was a demon, he had always been careful about sleeping arrangements. A demon hunter, angel, elf, or other entity that wanted to slay him were always abundant.

He had made a habit of never sleeping near anyone. When he was awake, he could be charming and seductive, weaving his natural web of sexual desires and pheromones, but when he was asleep, those little things, like his sharp teeth and pointed ears, were much more obvious. He, like most incubi, had taken to sleeping in mausoleums, places that few humans would go, and he could let his wings out without anyone seeing. Despite popular belief, his kind did not sleep like bats, clinging to ceilings and such, but they did wrap their wings around their bodies because their wings were heavy and produced a great deal of warmth.

Lilu thought it was unnatural for him to wake up with the sun shining cheerfully in his eyes, or for the air to be so warm, or even to be sleeping on soft grass and blankets, instead of cold, hard stone, but that didn't mean that it was completely unwelcome, just strange. His eyes finally adjusted to the light and he opened them wider. The flap of the tent had been blown open by a gentle, soothing wind, but that was ok. That was another thing, he could sleep now and not have to worry about anyone trying to slit his throat. He could sleep with a tent flap open and not have to worry about it. There was little to worry about in this place, especially with a high elf sleeping, literally, on top of him.

It had been five days since Alexander had found Lilu in Romania and since then, they had been having sex non stop. That would be just fine for him, but eating from an elf was like eating at an all you could eat buffet, so having sex three times a day made him feel full and groggy. They had only been in the Elfen Lands for two days and Lilu was still trying to get used to it. Everything was sunny and warm, fields of long, golden grass in every direction. Alexander had informed him that the Elfen Lands were as abundant as the human world that Lilu was more accustomed to, that there were roaring oceans the color of emeralds, deep dark forests, huge orange mountains, deserts that went on almost forever, quaint villages, and huge cities, but as far as Lilu was concerned, he rather liked the field that they were camped out in.

Alexander was a high elf, not only a high elf, but an exorcist high elf, which meant that this pleasant little vacation of theirs would have to end sooner or later and the golden haired fey would have to report in to whoever. Lilu was definitely not looking forward to his new Master dragging him off to Elf territory. He wasn't looking forward to a meeting with another elf at all, as he was quite sure that few elves would receive him as well as Alexander had. He had only met one elf in his entire life, but he had always viewed them as puritanical, righteous, royal, and very powerful. There was a reason why elves were considered the law upholders in the ethereal world. To an elf, a demon of any kind was trash, better to destroy it than risk anything and really, who would give a shit if a demon was killed?

For that reason, Lilu supposed that he would always be grateful to Alexander, to his Master. It was weird calling him that, but Lilu's kind had a great understanding and respect for certain hierarchies. Alexander had taken Lilu, had given him shelter, a food source, and a source of protection and in turn, Lilu was not allowed to feed off of anyone else without Alexander's say so, he was not allowed to go anywhere without him, and he certainly had to do everything that the elf said. Examining that relationship, Lilu easily branded Alexander as his Master, he was only really alive right now because of him. It wasn't like he minded, though. There were aggressive incubi, those that usually went after women and forced them to bear their demonic children, and then there were submissive incubi who simply took pleasure from humans, mostly males. As one of those, taking orders came easily to Lilu and he liked it, it was just weird considering that the person ordering him around was someone that was supposed to be his natural enemy.

But, as long as it remained just him and Alexander, he could handle that. He didn't now how to act around other elves, if he should run from them or truly act like he was the high elf's slave, it was something that they had never discussed. Actually, the two of them had done very little talking. It was mostly, 'I'm back, get on your hands and knees,' and 'Yes, Master,' which seemed to amuse Alexander to no end. It was the kind of relationship that made Lilu want to curl up and purr like a large cat in contentment on a regular basis. They didn't even need words. Alexander's cock was always huge and hard and hot, whenever he needed it to be, and many times when he didn't, and that was all that mattered to him, anyway.

And the elf was good to him. He thought that it could be a lot worse. Better to be a slave and only treated like one in bed than be free and treated like a slave all the time. The blonde didn't treat him like he was trash, but it made the incubus wonder what would happen when they finally got to wherever Alexander was trying to go, wherever his home really was. Would he just lie around, waiting for the elf to come back so they could fuck, or did the fey want him to get a job? What the hell would a minor demon like him do with himself in a place filled with high creatures like elves and angels? In the past, he had spent all his time hunting, but he didn't have to do that anymore, his meals were being supplied for him. In a way, he would miss the hunt. He would miss coasting from bar to bar, looking for the perfect prey. He would miss the seduction and the games. But his past life had been far from perfect. He wouldn't miss having to go to sleep half alert, wondering when he would be snuck upon by some righteous demon hunter. He wouldn't miss worrying that he might not find healthy enough prey for the night and he would go hungry.

Most of all, Lilu was quite sure that he wouldn't miss the cold feeling he got when the feeding was over and he left a dried up corpse behind. Like all demons, Lilu didn't really regard death like humans did. When someone died, humans considered it a tragedy. But, to an incubus, they were just food and demons were predators. It was regrettable, but necessary. He didn't even think that elves and angels cared so much about death as they did that such lowly creatures as demons were breaking their laws. It just made him feel weird knowing that the only way he could survive at all was to kill another living thing. It wouldn't make him feel so weird, ironically, if it weren't for the new fact that he could survive if he fed off other ethereals.

Alexander had proved to him that he didn't have to kill to feed, so why were his kind so hardwired to attack humans? Why not other demons or low level ethereals? Why did they have to go after mortals who couldn't live past their feedings? He had been thinking about that a lot lately. It made him wonder if he could even live as a parasite, or if he was too wired to be a predator, but it had been working so far. He just wished that he could stay here, in this field, with just him and Alexander forever, but he somehow didn't think that would happen. True, Alexander had never really confided in him about what was going to happen, about where they were going to live, but he couldn't imagine a high elf living out in the wilderness like this, not when every day, they kept moving. They were definitely heading towards somewhere, but Lilu was insanely nervous about meeting other elves.

He didn't know how high his Master's status was, if his taking on an incubus would go uncontested or if he might get arrested and executed anyway. He closed his violet eyes again, suddenly feeling too hot and uncomfortable. He supposed it wasn't a big deal. His life had never been very stable in the past, either. Lilu fidgeted among the blankets. It was way too hot today. He was going to have to get used to this weather sooner or later, but it just felt so oppressive. He hoped that Alexander knew if there was a lake nearby. He couldn't swim very well at all, especially not with his wings out, but he wanted to wash the sweat off his wings, and maybe his long hair, too.

Lilu squirmed around, but couldn't sit up. There was some kind of heavy weight on his back that was making it harder for him to breathe in this heat… he looked over his shoulder and frowned. Alexander had managed to sleep in the exact position he had lost consciousness in from last night, directly on top of him with his arms wrapped around his waist. It was no wonder that he couldn't move with Alexander's larger weight bearing down on him. A delicate blush spread across Lilu's cheeks as he realized that the elf really hadn't moved at all since last night. His cock was still trapped inside Lilu's ass. Even at barely half hard, the organ was bigger than any mortal man that he had had, not that that was a bad thing. His base instincts told him to squeeze his muscles around that delicious length and have a little breakfast, but his sore, tired body had him squirming to try to pull away from his overzealous lover. Suddenly, Alexander's arm tightened around his waist and Lilu froze.

'Shit, he's awake,' Lilu swore even as his body got excited.

He groaned as he felt the elf's cock swell inside of him, stretching apart his muscles as it hardened in his heat. He felt his own cock, trapped painfully under two heavy bodies, start to react to the strange feeling of a dick growing inside of him.

"Mmm," Alexander hummed sleepily, "Your ass feels so nice first thing in the morning. It's just so hot and tight and wet… I think I should always wake up like this."

Lilu almost groaned out loud again as he realized that the reason why his ass was wet was that he was leaking fluid again. He might still be half asleep, but his body clearly wasn't. He tried to sit up so he could thrust back on the lovely thing in his ass, but Alexander grabbed his hips and bore down on him more, so he was effectively trapped underneath him.

"No, no, no," Alexander scolded him, "I think today I'm really going to run you ragged."

"R-ragged?" Lilu stuttered even as his cock hardened fully at the feeling of being trapped by the stronger ethereal.

Alexander pressed his lips to the back of Lilu's pale neck and Lilu could feel them curl into a mean smirk.

"You'll see," the elf murmured, running his tongue over that slender neck, sucking lightly on the silken skin.

Lilu's breath hitched as he felt Alexander nip the skin above a vertebrae and a tiny shock of pleasure traveled from his neck to his groin. Inside of him, Alexander's cock continued to get harder until Lilu wondered if he might burst from how big and hot it was. He could feel his fluid dripping out of him and down his thighs. The head of his cock rubbed against the soft blankets underneath them as Alexander ground his cock into him. The elf moaned happily at the feeling of warm lubrication sloshing around his member and soft skin clenching him. He cupped Lilu's ass cheeks with his hands, giving them a rough squeeze. He loved how full and tight they were, but still soft and pliant. He especially loved as they rubbed against his crotch when he was fucking the little incubus. Even after their round last night, Lilu's insides were so tight, Alexander wondered how his mortal prey hadn't immediately gone insane from pleasure.

The blonde chuckled at the thought. It was no wonder why Lilu had caught the Elven Council's attention enough to send an exorcist after him. They had thought that the incubus was some kind of glutton, killing more humans than an average incubus. But the reality was that Lilu was simply too good at hunting and being seductive. It was true that Lilu had taken more prey than the average sex demon, but there were plenty of incubi and succubae that ate like he did, simply because they were good at catching their prey. Alexander could attest to the fact that Lilu was good at hunting and feasting. Alexander thought that he was the one getting the benefit out of this relationship. True, Lilu was getting protection and stability, but what foolish male would say no to a hot sex demon that was both adorably naiive and erotically experienced? Not to mention the stamina that incubi possessed… though Alexander found it amusing that he, a mere elf, seemed to have more energy at the end of each night than Lilu did.

Well, that wasn't exactly true, he supposed. Lilu was starting to keep up with him in the sex department. After an entire life of catering to mere, pathetic mortals, who couldn't last very long when it came to sex with a demon, the black haired ethereal probably felt overwhelmed by an entity that could not only live through his feedings, but eagerly wanted more. Poor little incubus, Alexander thought with a smirk, so neglected. It just made him want to see how far he could drive Lilu, if the demon had limits when it came to sex or if his libido could become as big as Alexander's, with some practice. With a smirk, he gave Lilu's ass cheeks another rough squeeze, then parted them to see the tantalizing image of his cock sliding in and out of the demon's hole.

He lightly traced the tight ring of muscle that was stretched tightly around him, rubbing it with his finger tips. Lilu squirmed and made a small mewling sound, but the slippery, clear fluid dripping from Lilu's insides, down Alexander's dick was all that the elf needed to know how good the light touch was making his lover feel. It just looked so cute, that hole clenching around his member. Lilu's skin was a lighter color than Alexander's genitals and the contrasting colors were as adorable to Alexander as Lilu's little moans. He continued to rub the delicate muscle relentlessly, his touch making more fluid drip out of the shorter ethereal, until the flesh was just wet and loose enough that he could slip his finger inside, underneath his cock.

"Don't stretch it like that!" Lilu gasped out between soft moans, the feeling of a cock stretching him, as well as a finger, was strange, but nice.

He felt the elf lick the length of one of his pointed ears, sucking the tip into his warm mouth, and shuddered, his eyes slipping closed at the mixed feeling of pleasure and comfort. He felt Alexander's teeth sink into the tender flesh of his ear and the finger that was inside of him slip out. The elf's agile tongue trailed from the very tip of his ear down to his neck, leaving a wet trail on Lilu's skin. The demon gasped, bearing his fangs in the morning light, as he felt Alexander's talented fingers caress his balls, almost lovingly. Then, just as suddenly, those fingers wrapped around both his sac and the base of his cock. He heard the high elf whisper something in his ear, but he either wasn't hearing him correctly, or it was in a language that he had never heard before. When the blonde let go of his genitals, Lilu could hardly tell because, for some reason, that feeling of tightness remained.

"W-what did you just do?" Lilu stammered, his natural distrustfulness of elves and their magic rearing its head.

Alexander chuckled again, but it sounded darker and more cruel, as though he were teasing the demon.

"You'll find out, soon," he promised.

He lifted Lilu's hips slightly and slowly slid his cock out of him. Lilu groaned at the feeling of the engorged head slipping out of his sensitive hole. After sleeping with that cock inside of him, and now that his hormones were going wild again, the sudden absence was almost painful. Under him, his cock throbbed, that strange pressure around its base making pain and pleasure spark through him.

"Please, put it back in!" he begged, raising his butt a little and tried to snake one of his hands under his body to touch his hard dick.

Alexander grabbed both of Lilu's wrists, keeping them pinned and Lilu whined in annoyance.

"You're so needy," the elf scolded, pressing the head of his cock back against Lilu's stretched entrance, "I'm the one in charge here, remember? If you're going to whine like this, I should just leave you here, hard up and horny."

"I'm sorry," Lilu cried out earnestly, struggling against the urge to thrust his hips back and impale himself on Alexander's cock again.

The feeling of Alexander's long, golden hair caressing his back as he leaned forward made Lilu shiver.

"You should feel lucky that you're far too cute and sexy like this for me to do that," the elf teased.

Lilu's back arched and he let out a hoarse cry as he suddenly felt Alexander's cock enter him swiftly once more, filling him up and making more fluid gush out of him at the intense feeling.

"Is that better?" the blonde continued to tease him.

"Y-yes," Lilu panted, loving the feeling of the elf's thick length inside of him.

"Please, fuck me," he panted as he felt Alexander's weight bear down on him again, forcing his length further inside of him.

"Your wish is my command," the elf grinned and grabbed Lilu's hips.

The incubus moaned happily as he felt his lover pull out of him slowly, then plunge back inside. His dark, violet eyes slipped shut and his cheeks were bright red as he panted in pleasure. His fingers gripped at the blankets underneath him as Alexander fell into a slow, steady rhythm. The pace was maddening because it felt so good, too slow for him to get any release from it, but so slow, he could feel every sensation, every push of Alexander's cock, how his fingers bit into his skin, and how each thrust made his own body move forward and the head of his cock rub against the blankets.

It was the perfect feeling, all hot, tight, and wet, the surging of his lover's dick inside of his body, the incredible sparks of pleasure as that length struck that intense part of his insides that made his hips jerk and both his ass and his cock drool. Fluid dripped down his thighs and his ass felt soaked, streaming down his tight balls, which were nearly screaming for release, but his body wasn't quite ready for it. He thrust back against Alexander passionately, his cries high pitched as the elf quickened his pace slightly, but still not fast enough for Lilu.

"Please… harder… please," he managed to gasp out between his moans.

"Not yet," Alexander panted in his ear, his hips jerking faster into the tight, wet heat that surrounded him, "a little longer."

Lilu's heart raced, the feeling of Alexander's cock pistoning in and out of him made him feel like his body was on fire. If Alexander so much as breathed on his erection, Lilu knew he would come hard and fast. His body was so excited, he literally hurt with it and his ass felt like it was melting with each hard thrust and the liquid that was flowing out of him. He wanted to come… he needed that feeling, that rush, feeling Alexander's energy inside of him, mingling with his own…

It seemed to go on forever, the feeling of the elf's hips brushing against his own, his long cock stretching and rubbing inside of him, driving him crazy. His body burned with the need for release, a need that his master refused to give him yet. His dick hurt and dripped long strings of pre-cum onto the tangled, nest of sheets that they had used for their bed.

"Please…" Lilu almost cried, his hips jerking back against Alexander's, "Please, finish it, make me cum…"

The blonde laughed in his pointed ear, his weight bearing down on the demon's folded wings.

"I'm almost there…" the laugh melted into a deep moan, "You're ass is just too nice. I love it when you're like this… I love it when you beg."

Lilu groaned in frustration as his lover still refused to touch his weeping cock, but his grip on his hips tightened and his pace quickened enough that the incubus panted and cried incoherently with it. It felt so good, too good, his nerves were screaming at him and he felt like he was getting lost in the haze of pleasure. He heard Alexander yell, felt that thick, hot cock twitch as it poured cum into his ass, but it seemed distant to him. Finally, finally, he could feed and orgasm himself! Violet light glowed along his skin and he felt the elf's incredible, warm-white energy fill him. Lilu closed his eyes again in complete and total bliss as pure, raw sexual energy coursed through every one of his nerves. His muscles tightened in a spasm and a painful ache filled his cock. He was going to cum… his fingers tightened their grip on the blankets… Too good, that energy, this feeling, the feeling of Alexander's sexual release and the feeling of his cock, still trapped inside of his body…

Lilu's dark eyes shot open wide in shock. The violet light slowly faded, the feeding complete. It couldn't be, he told himself, it was impossible, and yet… he hadn't come. He could still feel his dick, hard, hot, and aching between his legs, deprived of orgasm. But he always came during a feeding! Every incubus and succubus came when they fed, so why… why did his cock still feel so tight, why was his body still burning while his stomach was full? He felt like crying with the pain of an almost orgasm being cut short. He continued to pant as his laid there, his ass still dripping fluid as it begged to be fucked again. His heart was still beating too fast, too.

"Why?" he choked out.

The elf laughed again and Lilu thought that he was really starting to hate that teasing sound. He felt the blonde's arms around his waist as Alexander rocked back to sit on his butt, pulling Lilu into his lap. The demon cried out loudly as the move forced Alexander's cock, which was already hard again, deeper inside of him. In between his legs, his own cock gave a feeble twitch and another stream of pre-cum slid down his reddened length. His toes curled at the strange feeling of cum slipping out of him and the elf's dick rubbing against his prostrate at the same time. His hands ached to touch himself, but he didn't dare, knowing that Alexander would just punish him for it.

"I told you that I was going to run you ragged today," he reminded the incubus.

"But why… why can't I cum?" Lilu begged to know, almost crying at the mix of pain and pleasure that he was in.

He hissed, his teeth bared once more, as he felt the green-eyed ethereal's finger run a tantalizing trail from his balls to the slit of his cock.

"D-don't…" he stammered, his back shaking as a jolt of pleasure shot through his body at the slight touch, jerking as Alexander grabbed his balls in a tight grip that had him crying out again.

"I just put a little spell on you, nothing special," the elf explained as he massaged Lilu's balls in his hand, loving how his strained moans sounded, "It won't do any lasting damage. I would never do that to this lovely body of yours, but you won't be able to cum until I say the counter spell."

Lilu gasped at the strange feeling of the elf's long, graceful fingers around his balls, rubbing the sensitive skin and squeezing them in his soft hand.

"Please," he begged, "Please take it off…"

Alexander gently released the demons enspelled testicles and trailed his hand up his stomach to his chest. When they had first met, Lilu's body had been beautiful, but also very scrawny, his chest about an inch away from having his ribs showing through his skin as a result of years struggling to find a meal. After just a little while of getting constant nourishment, Lilu had gained a few pounds and now his frame was healthier, still thin and very cuddly. With a slight smirk, the elf found one of the demon's nipples and rolled it in between his fingers. He heard Lilu make a strained sound as he played with him and his insides clenched around his length.

"No," the blonde whispered in Lilu's pointed ear, continuously rubbing the petal soft nipple, "There are a million things that I want to do to you. You incubi, you all think that sex is some basic process. You think that all there is to it is fucking when there are so many ways to make you feel even more pleasure. Just look at your stamina, it's pitiful. We'll have to work on that first."

Lilu made an annoyed sound as Alexander lifted his body off of his cock and let him fall back onto the blankets, rolling onto his back. The incubus' normally pale face was blushed a brilliant red, his purple eyes clouded over with an intense lust. In between his white thighs, his cock was deep red, soaked with various fluids. To Alexander, he looked delicious.

"W-what are you going to do to me?" Lilu stammered, swallowing nervously at the hungry look in his master's face.

"You'll see," the elf said with a grin, then started to speak in that strange language again, but this time, the words were a little bit different.

Suddenly, it felt like someone was shoving his legs apart and pinning his ankles to the ground. His knees remained bent, but his legs were so far apart and the force was so strong, he couldn't move. The same force pinned his wrists to the ground in the same manner.

"What the hell?" Lilu yelled.

"You squirm too much," Alexander said in amusement, "Now I can play with you all I want."

He stroked the black haired demon's cheek, which soothed Lilu a little for some reason, then bent down between his thighs. He gently spread Lilu's butt cheeks and pressed his thumb to the entrance. The hole was stretched and still leaking cum, as well as Lilu's lubrication and various other fluids. He stroked the well-used muscle with his finger, listening to his captive's little moans.

"Don't…" Lilu begged, but his voice was weak and easy to ignore.

Alexander was more interested in his body's reactions than his words. He slipped his first finger into the loose entrance, watching with interest as a clear liquid dripped down his hand. Even from such a small touch, Lilu's body had this kind of reaction… He slipped his finger back out, glistening with the fluid. He spread his fingers apart and the oily lubrication spread across the gap in a long string, like saliva between the lips of two lovers. Alex lifted his hand to his mouth and sucked the fluid off of his two fingers. Unlike semen and pre-cum, the incubus lubrication wasn't bitter, but tangy and just slightly sweet. Lilu was looking up at him with huge eyes, as though he couldn't believe that the elf had just done that. Alexander defiantly sucked on his fingers for a big longer, then leaned down again and swiped his tongue along the rim of Lilu's hole.

"Ah!" the demon cried out at the strange sensation of the wet muscle ghosting along his very sensitive, almost sore, flesh, "Don't lick there!"

"I'm just cleaning you up," the elf teased, "Just look at you, leaking all over the place. It's shameful."

He licked around the stretched muscle, his own cock throbbing at the sound of Lilu's gasping moans. A little bit of cum dribbled out, along with more of the sweet tasting fluid, and he lapped it up. It was a strange taste, the mix of sweet and bitter, but not totally unpleasant.

"Tell me," Alexander asked in between tiny licks along the delicate rim, "Has anyone ever done this to you?"

Lilu somehow managed to blush even darker than he already was and looked away from his master.

"No," he said hesitantly, "Why would anyone do something so weird?"

"Really?" the elf smirked, "Then this doesn't feel good at all?"

He swiped his tongue over the orifice again, a little harder, then pressed his lips to it and sucked, nipping the skin a little, and tasting more of that strange mix of fluid and semen. The mixture was slippery and made thick from his cum. Lilu gasped at the very strange sensation and squeezed his eyes shut, shaking his head in stubborn denial. The feeling of Alexander's tongue against his entrance was so strange, wetter and more agile than a cock, but stronger and thicker than a finger.

And it did feel good, that strange muscle dancing over his flesh, but there was no way he was going to tell Alexander that. He was already a bit disturbed by the elf's admission that he wanted to try new things with him… he should fight back, he dimly realized, but whatever spell Alexander had used on his limbs, it was like being pinned by steel and his limited dark magic didn't so much as graze the bonds. Besides, it was so hard to think when his body felt so good, it actually hurt and, honestly, as weird as it felt, he didn't want Alexander to stop.

"You don't like it? That's no good. I guess I'll just have to try harder," the elf teased.

Lilu groaned as he felt that torturous tongue trace over the rim of his entrance again, his cock throbbing uselessly as the ministrations sent little shocks of pleasure running through him. He felt like he was going mad, fluid gushing down his reddened length, almost endlessly. His nails had lengthened into claws, something that incubi seldom used, and were sunk into the sheets. His purple eyes were glazed over. No one, not a single human, had ever made him feel this kind of pleasure, this kind of screaming need. No one had ever made him this helpless… or this happy.

His eyes shot open in shock as he felt that slick muscle slide inside of him, swirling around and rubbing against every inch of his channel. Alexander worked diligently in cleaning the little demon of his semen. Lilu's insides felt silkier and wetter against his tongue than on his cock, like licking hot custard. It seemed like with every tiny movement of his tongue, more of Lilu's fluid trickled into his mouth. He gulped it down eagerly, already loving the taste and how embarrassed the incubus was. He hadn't even known that incubi could get embarrassed from sex. That was an interesting little tidbit. It was truly adorable, though, the thick blush on Lilu's cheeks and how he could feel his steadily rising pulse through the thin walls of his anus, right along his tongue.

Alexander almost wish he was part dragon, so he could shove his tongue deeper inside of the demon and play with his prostrate, just to hear him scream a little. Even after he had stopped tasting his own thick cum, he kept stroking Lilu's insides, wetting him further with his saliva, just to listen to the sounds of the incubus' struggle and heavy moans. By the time he slipped his tongue back out of the slick, leaking hole, Lilu was panting and his eyes were so clouded over that he looked like he was heavily drugged. Alexander trailed his tongue from the black haired demon's entrance upward to his balls, taking one into his mouth and biting down lightly, smirking as Lilu gave out a strained little yelp.

"Don't… don't touch me there…" Lilu pleaded.

"But I have to," Alexander murmured, popping the salty flesh from his mouth and trailing his tongue further up along the length of his reddened cock, "Look how hard you are. Do you really want me to stop?"

Lilu shook his head frantically in denial. No, he didn't want Alexander to stop touching him. But it hurt when he touched him. It hurt and it felt so very good, like he could scream and lose his mind in it. He just wanted to let go, but even through this pain of being unable to climax, this playing felt really, really good. He could feel every little spark of pleasure, every caress of the elf's tongue and fingers along his skin, like he was something special. Like his pleasure was actually important to the high ethereal.

The muscles in his thighs clenched as he felt Alexander press his lips to the side of his cock and suckle it at the same time that he slipped two of his fingers back inside of his entrance. Pleasure shot through his groin at the dual feelings and his cock gave a feeble twitch, pre-cum dripping down him, only to be swiped up by the elf's graceful tongue. Alexander tilted Lilu's hips slightly, hooked his fingers around the demon's anal muscles and stretched them as widely as he could without hurting the other male. Lilu squirmed uselessly in embarrassment as he realized that the elf was examining his insides and the feeling of anal fluid dripping down his back at the new position.

"I wonder if you'll ever run out of this stuff," Alexander mused as he pulled his fingers out and stared at the clear fluid coating them, "Let's find out, shall we?"

He wrapped his hand around the base of the demon's dick, squeezing it a little and traced the slit on the head with his tongue. The organ was burning hot to the touch and Alexander could actually feel Lilu's rapid pulse as he wrapped his lips around the weeping head. The cock was almost as wet as Lilu's insides from the constant teasing and torture, tasting bitter and salty. Lilu gave out a loud cry as he felt his dick slip inside of the elf's warm, tight mouth. It made him feel almost like he was melting, especially when that very talented tongue wrapped and squirmed around his sensitive flesh like an eel. With his other hand, Alexander continued to play with the incubus' ass, his fingers moving in and out of him. The both of them could feel a puddle forming under them, fluid dripping liberally out of Lilu's hole.

Alexander traced every bulge of veins and every curve of the length in his mouth, spurred on by Lilu's pained moans. He grazed the soft skin with his teeth, but Lilu seemed to like that, too, his legs tightening with the need to thrust himself inside of the wet mouth. The elf slowly raised his mouth up until only the head of Lilu's cock was still inside of him and suckled it, his hand stroking the wet base up and down. Lilu's balls throbbed with every little touch, his body trying to find some kind of release, even though it was impossible. When he felt Alexander pop his cock out of his mouth, only to relentlessly lick the slit, his hips jerked uselessly, his entire body tight with need, but he had no idea what to do, how to make Alexander take the spell off.

He was in pain from all of the teasing, but there was still that strange, instinctual part of him that wanted to feel more, to know what else Alexander could do to him to make him feel more before he broke. Could you really go insane just from sex? Right now it sure felt like it. He groaned in annoyance as his master rolled him from his back onto his knees. To his shock, the binding spell didn't dissipate. Though his position had changed, his legs remained spread so widely, it was a bit uncomfortable. His wrists and ankles remained pinned to the ground, though now his wrists were also pinned together and out in front of him a little. He panted a little as he felt Alexander's familiar, strong hands on his hips and his thick cock started to slide in between his ass cheeks.

He couldn't control his own rapid heart beat, so fast that it almost made him feel sick, like he had a terrible fever, at the feeling of that familiar organ. However, the fat head slipped by his entrance, continuing to move until the length was sandwiched between his ass cheeks. It felt weird, full and hot, but not penetrating him. He wished frantically that he could move his lower body so he could take that delicious length inside of him again. Not that it would do him any good, he thought numbly. With that spell on him, penetration would probably completely destroy his sanity, but his body was burning for it. He tried to twist his head around to look at his tormentor, but with his limbs pinned, it was impossible.

"Fuck me," he begged, "Please, just fuck me…"

"No," Alex said with a tone of finality, defiantly moving his cock back and forth, moaning a little at the feeling of Lilu's hot fluid coating his length.

He reached under Lilu's body until he found his soft nipples and rolled them around with his fingers. Lilu cried out again at the feeling of sharp pleasure shooting from his chest to his groin, thrusting backwards, but it only made the elf chuckle. Alexander continued to move his hips and rub Lilu's nipples until his own cock was dripping with the lubrication, then slipped his member free. Lilu trembled at as he felt the sudden lack of the elf's body heat. His slit eyes tracked his lover as Alexander walked in front of him, taking his time as though his own urges didn't bother him at all. Lilu's gaze was completely on the large organ that was standing straight up, hard and wet. Fluid, most likely Lilu's, dripped from it and onto the ground. The cock was flushed red and was so hard, it almost looked angry. Just looking at it made the demon nearly drool.

Finally, Alex was standing directly in front of him, wearing that damned smirk again. The heat that Lilu could feel coming off of the other male was intoxicating and the mere scent of the elf's arousal was making him crazy, but even when Alex pressed the head of his cock against his soft lips, because of the way that his wrists were pinned, he couldn't move forward to swallow it, not even one, single inch. He looked up pleadingly at his master, feeling like a dog begging wordlessly for a treat. The blonde gripped his jet black bangs tightly, but even though the action was rough, Lilu felt a little bit comforted by it.

"Open your mouth," Alexander ordered.

Lilu obeyed without a second thought, opening his mouth as Alex pushed forward, his large dick slipping inside. The elf used his grip on Lilu's bangs to keep his head tilted upwards and thrust his hips, moaning at the feeling of his captive's silken lips wrapped tightly around him. Lilu slid his tongue along the length that was slowly pushing its way inside of his throat, tasting the slick skin. It tasted different, the usual taste of the elf's sweat, pre-cum, and some remaining cum from Alex's previous orgasm, bitter and sharp, mixed with slightly sweet taste of his own fluids slathered onto that long length. Alexander started to thrust harder inside of the tight, hot mouth, groaning at the feeling of Lilu's tongue stroking his cock.

"So good," he gasped out, wrapping his hand around the back of the demon's neck and fucking the heat surrounding him mindlessly.

Lilu felt completely controlled. There was nothing he could do but taste and let Alexander use him however he needed to. In the past, he had never enjoyed the feeling of being restrained. His human lovers had all been the dominant ones, but in reality, he had had the upper hand. With his magic, sharp teeth, and fangs, he had never been in real danger from them. So, having this elf grab his head and restrain his limbs should have scared him, but it was odd. It was like he trusted him, something no demon should ever feel towards an elf. But he didn't struggle. Though his body was vibrating with nervous energy and he felt like he was going insane with the need to come, he just let Alexander use his mouth, trying to keep up with him.

Alexander's unearthly green eyes slid closed as he felt an incredible heat fill his groin. He gripped Lilu's hair tighter, pulling him forward and feeling his cock move in and out between those lips, his pre-cum making them slick. Their tent was filled with the sounds of wetness and his thrusts. The elf let out a horse cry as all their foreplay finally caught up with him and he ejaculated inside of the incubus. Lilu drank the thick stuff up quickly, feeling it slide down his throat like pudding or custard, only bitter and salty. He felt like he was choking with it, even as Alexander's cock was slowly starting to soften, but he loved the taste. His own cock pounded with the mere thought that he was consuming his lover's seed. He sucked the organ that remained in his mouth softly, effectively cleaning it. Even soft, he loved the feeling of his tongue running over the sensitive skin, tasting fluids and seed and feeling Alexander's pulse there. He felt annoyed when the elf finally pulled out of him and looked up at him with half lidded, clouded eyes.

Alexander kneeled down on the badly rumpled blankets and lush grass and pressed his lips to Lilu's, tasting his pre-cum on the soft skin. He slipped his tongue into the same mouth that had been wrapped around his dick only seconds before, not caring about his own bitter taste on Lilu's tongue. Lilu, still unable to move, stroked the elf's tongue with his own, sucking it into his mouth eagerly. The kiss was long, rough, and messy, but when Alexander left him again, Lilu felt frustrated at the loss. Incubi didn't 'settle down' like humans did. His erection and his intense, sexual need wouldn't go away until he orgasmed. It was painful, but it wouldn't make him sick at any rate, it was just very irritating. As Alexander stood up, his skin brushed against Lilu's cheek, sending strange, almost pleasurable sensations through him. It was ridiculous. He couldn't remember another person who could make him want sex just with a little brush.

"Well, we certainly made a mess," the elf said with a little snort, looking around the tent.

The blankets were twisted and dirty from their sex and all the tossing they had done on the ground. He eyed Lilu critically. The demon's skin shone with sweat, his paleness flushed with exertion and his thighs were literally soaked with various liquids. Even his wings looked in desperate need of a good washing. Then again, it had been days since they had found a creek to wash in and since then, they had had sex seven times and had walked about eight miles under a relentless sun. Lilu looked like getting clean was, literally, the last thing on his mind. In fact, he looked like he was about to kill him in frustration. That only made Alexander smirk. He would never regret taking the little demon on. Lilu made things far too fun. With a flick of his fingers and few words from the ancient Elven language, he freed the demon from his bonds, but still didn't undo the curse he had put on his body.

Alexander was quite sure that Lilu was under the impression that the spell was an Elven one, but in reality, the spell was a curse, one he had picked up from a lust ifrit in Persia in exchange for sparing his life. Ironically, the curse worked better on demons than it did on other creatures and was quite useful against higher ranking sex demons. Sex demons got their magic from sexual energy and the curse blocked it, the side effect being that they couldn't orgasm. The curse seemed to have a similar, but slightly different effect on Incubi if Lilu was any indication. He could still absorb sexual energy, but he couldn't come and Alexander doubted that he could use his dark magic. But they were on Elven territory anyway, which meant that Lilu's demonic powers were being drained anyway by the environment.

Any elf would see Lilu's vulnerability as an asset. In normal circumstances, the incubus would still be unable to kill an elf, but when he got older and trained up a bit, he could cause some damage. However, Alexander was worried about an ambush once Lilu was discovered. In his current state, he wouldn't even be able to run away. By demon standards, Lilu was little more than a child in age and his powers had a lot of maturing to do. The Elven world was nearly annihilating those powers right now. He would have to stay with Lilu every waking moment, or someone powerful who he trusted. Though, currently, that wasn't really such a huge problem… Lilu wasn't just sexy and fun, he was interesting to Alexander.

Very few elves, especially High Elves, would have offered to take care of Lilu's needs, but even fewer demons would have accepted such a deal. Demons were even more prideful than elves, if that were possible, and would rather die than allegiance themselves with a high creature. Besides, most incubi wouldn't really care that they were killing, but Lilu had jumped on this opportunity. Maybe it was just because he had become addicted to the long lasting sex, but for all his anxiety about being with an elf, Alexander thought that Lilu had seemed almost relieved when he had agreed to be with him. Lilu was a hunter, a natural predator, but he didn't strike Alexander as the kind of demon that loved the chaos and destruction that their species usually thrived on.

Lilu breathed a tiny sigh of relief as he felt the invisible bonds around his wrists and ankles release. He sat up and rubbed at his wrists, even though there were no marks there, his long black hair falling over one shoulder. He dared a glance down at himself. His dick looked engorged, a deep red that he had never seen before. Of course, he had always finished off his prey efficiently, none of this long, drawn out playing. The organ twitched, just at the mere thought of climaxing, another stream of pre-cum trickling down, making him swallow roughly. He looked away from his hard cock and up at Alexander. It was difficult enough just feeling the heat and hardness down there, that heavy throbbing, looking at it just made him more desperate.

"Please," he begged the elf, leaning his body against the taller male's leg.

His fingers itched to touch himself… just a little bit. Just to feel how hard and hot he had become, how utterly wet, but he knew that that would just make things more strenuous. Even if he jacked himself off for hours, until Alexander undid the spell, he couldn't orgasm and the blonde would probably find some erotic, but painful, way to punish him for it. He felt Alexander's hand on his head, stroking his hair and he slid his plum colored eyes shut.

"No, not yet," the elf said, "I'll release you once the sun goes down, but not before then."

Lilu looked up at him incredulously, not believing his words.

"But… that's hours away! Why are you doing this?" he pleaded to know.

Alexander smirked, like he had the last time that Lilu had asked that question, but this expression seemed somewhat kinder this time.

"I told you, I want to see how far I can push you," the elf said, getting down on his knees and lightly touching Lilu's pale, thin neck, "Besides, if you can't last the day, there's no way you'll last an entire lifetime with me as your partner."

Lilu shuddered at that thought. He had never had anyone do these things to him before. Every touch and sexual game that Alexander played with him was new and intense, but Alexander seemed so… unflappable. He felt like a hatchling next to him. Did the elf even consider everything that they had done so far to be plain? What else could he possibly do to him that the blonde would consider to be hard core? It scared him, thinking about trying to survive the rest of the day without coming, without even touching himself, but there was also a part of himself that felt even more excited at the idea. He wasn't even sure if that excitement came from his physical dependency on sex, or if it was Alex.

The elf was terrifying, but very intense and mystifying to him. He was powerful, Lilu could feel that in his bones, but had been nothing but kind with him. He had absolute control over him, but even though some of the things he did with him could be seen as harsh, like this latest stunt, Alexander had never been cruel to him. Maybe it was more the fact that it was Alexander who was fucking him that drove him crazy and not just the sex, or maybe having an erection for this long had turned his brain to mush.

"I can handle it, Ma-," Lilu started boldly, not wanting to look weak and pathetic, then bit off his sentence, realizing that it probably sounded weird to the elf.

Alexander chuckled.

"You like calling me that, don't you?" he teased.

Lilu blushed, the red bright on his white features.

"I-I guess," he muttered, "I know it's weird but… you kind of are, aren't you?"

Alexander trailed his fingers down Lilu's throat, grasping it gently, making the demon shiver in anticipation. The touch was barely there, but it made his entire body ache. He wanted to taste Alexander's cock in his mouth again, wanted to feel his cum fill him.

"No," Alexander said with a rare, soft tone, "You aren't my slave. You aren't inferior to me and I have no real control over you. This is a partnership," he chuckled again, "Although, it does amuse me when you call me that."

The elf's green eyes shut and he whispered something that Lilu couldn't hear, but it made his stomach drop as he realized that Alexander was casting another spell. A bright light formed a ring around Lilu's neck, then slowly darkened and become form and matter, turning into a collar. It looked a bit like the collars that humans made for their pets, jet black with a silver buckle. On the right side, also in silver, read Alexander's name in Elvish. If Lilu could have read it, he would have blushed. The collar was firm around his neck, but not too tight, and he couldn't help but loop a finger in it.

"It suits you," Alexander said with a coy grin, leaning down to swipe his tongue against Lilu's cheek, which made the demon blush bright red and close his eyes.

It really did suit him, or so Alexander thought. The inky black collar made Lilu's skin look even paler, like it was glowing white, while matching perfectly with his long hair. It made him look submissive, beautiful, and definitely sexy. He had done it as a one time thing, a kind of joke on how Lilu saw their relationship, but he rather liked how the demon looked wearing a collar that bore his name. Lilu didn't seem offended by it, either, just touching it with curiosity, maybe a bit embarrassed with the redness on his cheeks, but he wasn't yelling at Alexander to take it off. Alex's forest eyes drifted down from the collar to the impressive cock that was still as hard as ever and licked his lips with a sly little smile. It certainly made the picture complete, that hardness and the collar, driving home to anyone who saw the demon that he was his.

The elf trailed his hand down Lilu's body, loving how hot the slim form was, until his fingers wrapped around the long, hard cock. Lilu gave out a long, strained moan, his back arching a little as the elf slid his hand up and down the length, making his hips jerk.

"D-don't," the incubus stammered, his eyes squeezed shut and his thighs shuddering from the feeling of that strong hand on him.

"You look pretty hot," Alexander teased, "I guess all this messing around has been too much for you," he pressed his own naked body against Lilu's, his newly awoken erection rubbing against the demon's, making the black haired ethereal moan louder, "I'm sure there's a lake nearby for you to cool off in."

Lilu nodded. He felt hot all right. His heart was beating rapidly and he felt like he was covered in sweat, but he knew it had nothing to do with the temperature in their tent, though it was a bit too humid for him. A bath sounded great to his sore and tired body, though he doubted it would help him very much. Alexander hooked a finger in his new collar and Lilu let him lead him out of their tent.

The second that Alexander pulled him out of the tent, the bright light of the afternoon sun struck Lilu in the eyes. He bared his fangs and had to fight against the urge to hiss as the sensation burned. Light was definitely not a good thing for a nocturnal creature like him. It took a few minutes for the burning and blurriness to fade and Alexander waited patiently until Lilu was ready to move on. Once he could see again, Lilu took a good look around the area. They were camped out on a field of endless grass and low hills, the sky above filled with silver-white clouds and a blue so deep, Lilu had never seen one like it in the human world. The grass smelled sweet to him, and even though he hated the bright sun, his sensitive nose preferred it to the smell of human pollution.

It was the longest hike Lilu had ever taken in his entire life. Having spent most of his life moving from place to place, the difficulty had nothing to do with how many steps or miles he and Alexander had gone. The sun beat down on them relentlessly and with every step that he took, Lilu's thighs brushed against his balls, sending little sparks of pleasure running through his cock. The fluids coating his ass and legs had quickly turned tacky and uncomfortable in the heat. Lilu was a bit worried about the fact that they were both completely naked as they walked through the field, but there didn't seem to be anything or anyone around except for a few brightly colored birds that he had never seen before. He swallowed roughly as he watched Alexander's naked body walking in front of him. There mere sight of that flawless skin and his very male and well built form made his cock ache even more. It hurt so much… if he could only touch it… just a little…

"Don't even think about it," Alexander's scolding voice caught Lilu's drifting attention and he realized that the elf had stopped walking.

Alexander was looking over his shoulder at him, wearing one of those coy, teasing smiles again.

"Every time you touch yourself, I'm adding an hour until I take the curse off of you," he warned.

Lilu shuddered at the authoritative tone and nodded, then continued walking. He balled his hands up into fists to try to stave off the temptation. He kept telling himself that it didn't matter anyway. If he couldn't reach completion, what was the point? But he still wanted to. It was like a poison ivy rash. He knew that scratching it wouldn't make the itch go away, but it would give him a tiny bit of satisfaction. Still, he kind of liked it when Alex told him what to do, even if it was something he didn't like. Or rather, truth be told, he did like it, he just wasn't used to it and it scared him a little, but it also excited him. Hell, before meeting Alexander, he had had no idea what kissing was, let alone all the other stuff that the elf had introduced him to, but no matter how mean Alexander's games were, he always liked them at the end. He followed the blonde elf, feeling like a puppy following his owner, the sensation of pre-cum dripping down his cock and trying to walk with his heavy erection odd to him.

In between the strain that walking was putting on his oversexed body and the clear sky, Lilu's instincts were screaming at him to spread his wings and fly, but if there was anyone around, that would just make it more likely for them to be spotted. He couldn't remember the last time he had flown, though. After walking up a down a few small hills, they finally reached a huge, sparkling blue lake that seemed to stretch out for miles. Alexander stopped walking and Lilu stayed still behind him as the elf murmured in that strange language again. He looked back at his demon companion and nodded to him.

"I don't sense anyone around, or any creatures in the water that might try to harm us," he told Lilu.

Lilu paled a little. He was so worked up thinking about his own needs and sex that he hadn't even thought of the possibility that they could be in danger just from a swim. Then again, Earth had sharks and all manners of poisonous fish, so why should the Elfen Lands be any different?

"Is there a lot of stuff like that?" he asked nervously, "Dangerous animals and things?"

"Well, we share this land with various dragons and fairies," Alexander said in amusement, "There are more things in this land that can kill you than in the human world, but only if you don't know what you're doing."

"And you know what you're doing?" Lilu asked cautiously, though he was sure that he already knew the answer.

"Of course," the elf smirked at him.

With Alexander's confidence that there was nothing dangerous in the water, Lilu approached the shallow edge of the lake. Looking down into it, he couldn't imagine that there were any monsters in there. The water was almost as blue as the sky and crystalline. He could see right down to the bottom, where the sand was pale white and there didn't even seem to be vegetation. It looked more like a swimming pool to him than a lake, though he was used to the black, freezing waters of Romania that were usually filled with weeds and algae. He stood at the edge of the water for a few seconds, just staring at his own reflection. With his almost narrow, slitted eyes, pointed ears, and the collar around his neck with the pretty symbols that he couldn't read, he looked kind of like a cat.

Lilu shook off the weird thought and touched the clean water with his toe, preparing himself for a chill to go up his leg. To his shock, instead of the icy temperature he was used to when he bathed, his foot met a pleasant warmth, though still cool enough to soothe his sun and sex heated skin. Without any more hesitation, he walked into the water until it was around his upper thighs. He almost moaned in utter bliss at the feeling of the warm water lapping against his skin. The bottom sand of the lake felt oddly soft on his feet and he definitely didn't feel any slimy weeds or rocks. The sand almost felt creamy and light as he sank to his knees in it, shuddering at the feeling of the water surrounding his hot cock. He stayed like that for a few seconds, just floating on the calm, wave-less water, feeling happier than he had been for a very long time.

Alexander smiled warmly as he watched Lilu disappear under the water and stay there for several minutes like some kind of water sprite. Most demons, while not as capable as their water-born counterparts, could hold their breath under water for a lot longer than humans could, so he wasn't at all worried about his companion drowning. The water really wasn't that deep anyway. Keeping one eye on the submerged incubus, his long black hair like a curtain of the deepest darkness along the clear water, Alexander put together a few spells to make sure that their bath wouldn't be disturbed.

He still didn't feel the presence of any magical creatures, but there was no way he was going to risk Lilu's welfare just because he was careless. He wasn't the only high elf in existence and it was very possible for something stronger than him to hide their presence from his magic. With these spells in place, even a very powerful creature would have the sudden feeling that they shouldn't come near this area, like there was something evil here or dangerous. And even if they continued in this direction, they would just see a lake, not them. It wasn't full proof, but it would do. He had to admit that he hadn't done a whole lot of thinking concerning what they were going to do when they reached the city that Alexander lived in.

He had no idea what he was going to do when that happened, how he was going to convince the Council that Lilu wasn't dangerous and that he could handle him, but he wouldn't let them hurt the demon. There were plenty of places for them to hide if the Council decided to kill the incubus, he just didn't want it to come to that. In the meantime, he just wanted Lilu to enjoy himself. Alex's breath caught in his throat for a second as the demon suddenly emerged again in the thigh deep water, tossing his wet hair over his shoulders like a silken waterfall. The bright sunlight struck that glorious mass, creating an iridescent effect and giving Lilu's hair glimmers of millions of different colors. That hair clung to the demon's thin, sensuous form better than skin tight clothing from his shoulders to his delectable ass, parting in a few places to give Alexander a teasing view of creamy skin.

Water dripped from that skin and streamed down every curve and angle and Alexander was momentarily enthralled by watching each water trail move down his back and thighs, knowing how it felt to move down that body. His large wings, which were usually either hidden or folded to keep them out of the way, were for the first time since they had met completely unfolded in their amazing ten foot span. Seeing those jet black, bat-like wings with their pointed tips and razor sharp claws made Alexander realize for the first time that Lilu really was a demon. He wasn't vicious or cruel, but those wings made him look dark, deadly, and incredibly beautiful, in a way that holy creatures like elves and angels could never achieve.

'Fuck, he's hot,' Alexander thought, a grin forming on his lips.

He stood there on the bank and watched as his lover meticulously combed his long fingers through his ebony hair, more water dripping from the soaked locks, his bangs plastered to his white face. When Lilu bent down to gather handfuls of water to wash away the dried semen and fluid from his thighs, Alex was given a very lovely view of his ass and could take no more. He waded out into the warm lake, his cock already fully hard from watching his demon lover bathe himself. He snuck up behind Lilu, wrapping one of his arm around his thin waist, pressed his body against the other male's, and cupped one of his ass cheeks with his other hand. Lilu jerked at the sudden feeling of his master's taller form against his, inadvertently stumbling even closer to him.

"You're so dirty," the elf murmured in Lilu's ear, the demon shuddering as he felt him trail his tongue over the side of his neck, his teeth grazing and nipping his skin, "It looks like you need some help cleaning yourself."

Lilu let him push him to his knees, the water rising to his waist and looked over his shoulder at him.

"You don't have to-," he started to protest, his words melting into a loud groan when he felt Alexander's familiar hand wrap around his cock again, stroking it slowly and lightly under the water.

His eyes squeezed shut and his breath came out in a whooshing pant as pleasure ran through his body like an electric current.

"D-don't," he stammered, struggling to breathe, "I can't take it…"

"What are you talking about?" Alex teased, using the tip of his thumb to trace circles around the slit, the rest of his fingers gripping the organ tightly, "This thing is so filthy, I have to wash it extra well."

Lilu trembled, feeling overwhelmed as Alexander pumped his cock, his other arm still wrapped around him, keeping him pinned. His groaned to an almost scream as he jerked his hips, trying to reach climax even though he knew he couldn't. His mind felt clouded. He didn't even want to fight back at this point. He stayed trapped in Alexander's embrace, his head thrown back, and simply road out the incredible waves of pleasure. He let out a pitiful whine as the elf let go of his tortured cock, only to rub his fingers against his balls, massaging the sore skin. Lilu knew that, if he had been a cat, he would have started purring at that point.

"This place is especially dirty," Alexander released Lilu's testicles and traced his well used entrance with his fingers, sliding three in with ease.

"Ah!" Lilu cried out as his hole was stretched once again, those torturing fingers sliding in and out of him.

"Is it sore?" Alexander asked in concern even as he continued to play with his captive.

Lilu shook his head frantically, his hair falling into the water again.

"N-no," he fought with his words, "It's not that. It's just… it feels too good…"

Lilu blushed darkly at the confession. He was a sex demon, something like foreplay shouldn't make him feel this good, right? After all, he fed off of orgasmic energy, so why did Alex playing with his body make him feel so incredible?

"Really?" the elf asked in interest, twisting his three fingers inside of the moist channel, "Just my fingers make you feel good?"

"Yes," Lilu breathed out, his breath hitching as he felt Alex's middle finger brush against his prostrate.

Alexander mournfully slid his fingers out once he was sure that he had cleaned out any remaining semen or fluid, but vowed that he would play with Lilu more when he was clean. He muttered a small spell to trap water and used his hands to spread it over Lilu's back, erasing any sweat on his skin. Lilu's back was so thin and elegant looking, just touching it made Alexander want to fuck him. He loved how silky his skin felt and the slight muscles under that skin. He especially liked the area near Lilu's shoulder blades where the white, creamy skin melted away to black, the beginnings of his wings.

Lilu slid his eyes shut and moaned as he felt Alexander's fingers trail up his spine, sending little shivers of pleasure through him and his cock twitched under the water. He would never admit it to anyone, but he loved it when his lovers touched his back, especially the light, loving, almost massaging caresses that Alexander was using as he washed him clean, his strong chest pressed against his side. He knew, logically, that the little sparks of pleasure were due to the nerve endings that connected his sensitive wings to his back, that those nerves were needed to feel the wind through them and fly correctly, but it was more than that. When he was touched there, he felt comfortable and soothed. He bowed his back a little, wanting Alexander to touch his spine more. He didn't know if the elf understood what he wanted, but he felt the delicious sensation of a fingernail moving up and down the ridges of his vertebrae.

Alexander pressed the nail of his thumb against the curve of Lilu's spine, knowing full well how sensitive winged creatures were in that area, and trailed it up until it reached the start of his left wing. Demons, unlike Angels, Fairies, and Dragons, had a wide range of wing types. They could be feathered and bird-like, transparent and fragile like an insect, scaly and reptilian-like, and Alex had even seen one demon whose wings had looked like crystalline coral. Some demons were even too large and their wings too small for them to fly, so the wings were probably just evolutionary in design, but with the sheer size and power of Lilu's wings, Alexander had no doubt that his little demon could fly and, from the looks of the design of those black, bat-like wings, he was probably very, very fast and agile in the air.

Lilu's wings, just structure wise, looked like those on a bat, but that wasn't exactly true. The bony structures spreading from his back were covered not in scales but in skin as soft and silky as the rest of Lilu's body, but the flaps of skin that were visible when the wings were spread fully were actually hardened, like soft leather. The tips of his wings were terribly sharp looking and almost as deadly as the single talon on the top tip of each wing. Those talons were something special, too. They were pure white, like teeth and bone, but the talons actually had a structure closer to steel than bone. They never dulled and would never break, no matter what they struck against.

Lilu was small and seemed harmless on the surface, but Alexander had never underestimated him. His magic was pitiful, but where his powers were lacking, he made up with those wings, sharp claws, and impressive fangs. If magic weren't involved, Lilu, like many demons, could kill even the largest ogres. Alexander knew just by looking at Lilu's wings that they were resistant to magic, fire, ice, and a bunch of other elements. Lilu, unless he had tangled with magical creatures before and given the incubus' lack of scars, he clearly hadn't, it was unlikely that he knew that fact about his wings. In a fight against a dragon, creatures that even elves feared, a demon like Lilu would probably win. Those claws that he kept hidden, and especially his teeth and talons, could easily rip through a dragon's hide.

Lilu thought so little of himself, but he could protect himself if he weren't so vulnerable to Elven magic. The first thing he was going to do when they got to a village was to teach Lilu some curses so he might stand a chance against an elf, Alex vowed. If he could find a curse that blocked magic, Lilu would never have a problem defending himself. Though, that might be seen as a threat to the council… With a shake of his head, Alexander pushed those thoughts away. Later, he told himself, there would be time to worry about the council much, much later.

He pressed his tongue to the area where white skin became black and licked a trail up the thin appendage that formed out of Lilu's shoulder blade, all the way up to his talon, then nipped the bony structure with his teeth, careful not to bite too hard on the fragile parts of the wing. Lilu's eyes shot open and he gasped deeply. He had never felt that before… no one had ever touched his wings but him and it was the weirdest feeling ever, that sensation coming from his wing instead of his cock or ass. He couldn't believe that Alexander even wanted to touch him there! It wasn't like his wings were pretty like an angel's or fairy's, and certainly not as unthreatening as those.

"Don't touch that!" he pleaded, not sure if he liked Alex playing with his wings.

It felt good, there was no denying that, but he was very touchy about his wings. It had been so long since he had been able to fly freely, but he remembered the feeling well. To think that he might never be able to have that feeling again terrified him, so though he trusted Alexander, it made him a little bit uncomfortable. Besides, nobody liked wings like these. They were sharp and ugly and created a stigma the second they were seen. All anyone needed to do to label him as evil was to look at these black wings, so he tried to keep them hidden as much as possible.

"What are you saying?" Alexander asked, using the water spell to wash the bony curve of Lilu's wing, wringing more little moans from the demon, "These are dirty, too. I guess you have sweat glands in your wings, too, huh? And they're so big, it must be hard for you to wash them."

"A little bit," Lilu admitted in a small voice, "I can't reach my shoulder blades and some times I cut myself on the claws."

Alexander smiled fondly where Lilu couldn't see and nuzzled the area of Lilu's back between his wings.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to wash them from now on. It'll be quicker and easier when you bathe. You should keep them out from now on, too. It's probably uncomfortable for you to keep them tucked into your back all the time," Alexander said, his hand rubbing Lilu's back in comfort.

"I can't!" the demon protested, trying to look over his shoulder at the elf and failing, "They can hurt you and they get in the way of everything. They're useless."

"That's not true," Alexander scolded, moving his hand from Lilu's back to his wing, stroking the skin there as well, "They're beautiful… so sexy… Besides, I'm not a human. As long as I know they're there, I won't hurt myself on them."

Lilu's heart gave a strange throb. Alexander thought that his wings were sexy? To hear that coming from an elf…

"You don't think they're ugly?" he murmured.

"Of course not," the elf said in a confident tone.

Lilu bowed his head, hiding his smile from the blonde and feeling like those silly girls he often saw in the human world who blushed prettily at men and swooned whenever the slightest compliment was thrown their way. He closed his eyes again as he felt Alexander continue to clean the sweat off of his huge wings, trying to keep them as still as he could, even though each touch sent sensations of pleasure straight to his groin. Kneeling there in the warm water with Alexander so carefully bathing him, he felt kind of like a prince. It was a very, very weird feeling that he didn't know how to approach.

Alexander finished with Lilu's wings, noticing with a small smile how the demon was shivering from all the light caresses he had given his wings as he had cleaned them. The sight of Lilu's clean, glowing white skin was making Alex's own body throb with need. The hornier Lilu got, the more pheromones he gave off. The more he gave off, the hornier Alexander got, which just made him want to play with Lilu more… it was a vicious cycle. He flipped Lilu around so he could clean his chest, his smile growing into a smirk as he saw how bright red the incubus' face was. Fuck, he was so cute, a far cry from the other demons that Alexander had met.

Lilu's breath was coming out hard, the red tip of his cock poking out the water as Alexander slid him forward until Lilu was sitting on his leg, straddling it. The black haired male gave out a tiny groan as his balls rubbed against the soft skin of Alexander's leg. The elf could feel his lover's erection twitch against his stomach as he trailed his hands and water over his flat stomach, slowly moving up to Lilu's chest. The demon's breath hitched as he felt those nimble fingers wrap around his nipples and rubbed them. Alexander watched the soft skin between his fingers harden and listened to Lilu's gasps, continuing to twist them gently. He leaned down and swiped his tongue against one of them, bringing it into his mouth and sucking on it lightly.

"Don't," Lilu groaned, pleasure hazing over his thoughts, his hips jerking uselessly.

Alexander licked a continuous train up Lilu's collarbone to his neck, nipping and sucking the place where his neck met his shoulder.

"Does it feel good?" Alexander asked as he wrapped his hand around Lilu's cock, giving it a light squeeze.

"Nnng," Lilu groaned again and nodded.

"Are you hungry?" he pressed his lips to Lilu's neck again, feeling him nod.

Lilu had suspected it before now, that the atmosphere of this world wasn't just draining his magic, but his life force. Higher creatures couldn't survive in the demon world and lower creatures couldn't survive here. It was a great way to keep one world from invading the other and, if Lilu had been an imp or another low level demon, he would have gone into a coma the second he had arrived here. Only a Devil could last in the Elven Lands because they had so much power to begin with. Lilu was lucky. Being an incubus, he didn't need to feed on pain and darkness, or blood and flesh like other demons did. He could easily replenish his energy through sex and Alexander had such a large amount of sexual energy, Lilu could survive as long as he had sex with him once a day, but to not go hungry, he had to do it at least twice, or three times. Not that he complained.

He could do it more than that, too, like any other creature gorging on a large meal. But just like any other creature, he could also get sick if he had too much. He could also dispel the energy, if he used his magic, but he didn't know if he could in this world.

"I guess I'll just have to feed you, then," Alexander said.

Lilu cried out as Alexander suddenly shoved him off of him, making him fall fully into the water. Alexander grabbed his legs and pulled them up until they were balanced on his shoulders, Lilu's upper body, including his head, completely submerged. Alexander watched him carefully, making sure that Lilu wouldn't have trouble breathing. To his astonishment, Lilu didn't even panic at being under the water. The demon just looked up at him with wide purple eyes, making Alexander feel as though he were looking at him through a sheet of glass. If it were possible for succubae to mate with other demons, Alexander would have thought that Lilu might be half Dagon, but he doubted that the incubus could hold his breath for more than an hour, at the most.

The little demon looked beautiful under the water, his skin as white as the sand, and his hair floating on the light currents, reminding Alexander of the tales of mermaids he had heard as a child, so very long ago. He grabbed Lilu's hips, keeping him steady and angled his own hips, pressing the head of his hard cock against the incubus' hole. He wasn't so loose now, so as Alexander pushed the head of his cock inside of the other male, his green eyes drifted shut and he moaned deeply. It felt utterly amazing, his cock squeezed by silken flesh. Lilu's anal muscles weren't fragile and stubborn like other beings'. They took his cock in easily, but remained tight enough for an exquisite sensation, very durable and slick with sexual fluid.

Lilu had to grit his teeth to keep from swallowing water, his back arching intensely as he felt Alexander's girth fill him. The elf was slow in pushing his cock inside of his ass, but it felt too good for him to care about pace. It was a weird feeling, his ass above the water with Alex moving in and out of him slowly, while his head remained underwater, but it wasn't unpleasant. As long as he remembered not to breathe, he could stay underwater for about forty-five minutes. He felt like he was floating. His fingers gripped at the sand under him, an impossible surface to gain any kind of leverage. Pleasure surged through him as Alex thrust into him again and again, making fluid run down Lilu's back and into the water.

His lower body, especially his ass, felt unbearably hot from the sun and the sparks of sensation soaring through his cock and insides, but the rest of him felt cool in the water, the dual feelings making everything feel even more intense. Lilu was frustrated because he knew that he still couldn't cum, but loving the feeling of Alexander's very familiar cock filling him, the engorged head rubbing against his sensitive insides, his weight bearing down on him. His body didn't seem to care at all about the curse that Alexander had put on him, his hips thrusting upwards to meet his lover's. He panted through his teeth, his heart racing again of the feeling of that thick flesh inside of him and Alex's tight grip on him.

Alexander's eyes were tightly closed as he thrust harder and faster into the tightness surrounding him. The demon's insides were already soaking wet, and not from water and sweat. Because of the strange angle, and probably from being half underwater, Lilu squeezed down on him sporadically, not how he usually did. He was panting hard and he felt like he was losing control, not something that he was used to. It was too much. All that playing they had done earlier, and bathing Lilu's delectable body, had made his own body sensitive, his libido soaring. This was completely different from his other lovers. Usually, he got bored after a short while, but Lilu was so intense when they had sex, he felt like he could fuck him forever.

Alex felt that he had hit Lilu's prostate again as the incubus thrashed under the water, his head thrown back, and his muscles clamped down on him one last time. The elf cried out loudly, his back arching severely and he emptied himself inside of the tight channel. Violet light surrounded Lilu, as it always did when his lover climaxed inside of him. Under the water, the light looked like it was alive, taking the form of long tendrils, wrapping around the demon's shaking body. Even in the middle of his orgasm, Alex was mesmerized by that light. As it started to fade, the elf grabbed Lilu's arms and pulled him out of the water and into his lap, still impaled on his cock.

Feeling air hit his wet skin, Lilu finally let his heavy pants leave his lips, resting his head on Alexander's shoulder, pressing his trembling body fully against him. He wrapped his long legs around the blonde's waist, trying to steady himself. His cock ached, pressed against Alexander's stomach, weeping heavily, the color dark and painful looking. His legs wouldn't stop shaking as his body tried to reach an impossible completion. He felt Alexander's hands on his bare back and they were comforting, but also made him ache for more. Every nerve in his body was on fire, even worse than they had been before. It intense, a torture, but not a terrible one. He could almost feel, himself, the immense pheromones his body was producing, having been denied his release for so long.

His body felt tight, his mind numb when he tried to think of anything other than his hard cock, throbbing between his and Alex's stomachs. His ass kept squeezing down on the elf uncontrollably, in a silent pea. Even after the feeding was done, his heart continued to pound. No matter how he wrapped his body around the high elf's, he felt like he couldn't get close enough to him, his intoxicating smell, the feel of his body. Lilu's eyes widened as he suddenly felt Alexander's member harden inside of his ass, stretching his insides again, feeling hot and firm.

Lilu let out a loud cry as the elf grabbed his hips again and slowly lifted him up until the head of Alexander's cock was slipping out of his passage, then brutally forced him back down, sending a shock wave of pleasure through Lilu's aching body. He felt Alexander's hands move down his body until they were cupping both of his ass cheeks, spreading them apart as his large cock moved in and out of his hole. Alexander ground his hips up, against Lilu's rounded ass, his cock easily reaching the demon's prostate, making him cry out again and again. He could feel Lilu's own cock rubbing against his stomach, leaving a trail of pre-cum and feeling unbearably hot.

"Please," Lilu begged, putting his hands on the elf's shoulders and moving his body up and down on the rod that was penetrating him.

Alexander was silent as he used Lilu's movements to thrust inside of him harder except for a few moans and gasps, feeling the demon's wonderful tightness, feeling hotter as Lilu continued to make his own moans. His hands traveled from the incubus' ass to his chest, finding his nipples and rolling them both between his fingers.

"Ah!" Lilu cried out, tossing his head back, his long hair caressing Alexander's cock as it pumped in and out of him.

Pleasure spiked through Lilu's chest as Alexander continued to play with his nipples. He panted harder, almost as though he were in pain, as the elf leaned down and lapped at the sensitive flesh, one after the other, sucking on each as his fingers continued to work them.

"Too much," Lilu moaned as Alexander's cock hit that part deep inside of him that always made him cry out with desire.

Alexander could feel his lover tightening around him again and moaned, moving his hips faster as waves of pleasure filled him. Lilu's purple eyes were half-lidded, his face almost as red as his cock. He wrapped his arms around the black haired boy's waist and ground into him, grabbing his ass cheeks roughly as he came again, gritting his teeth as white cum erupted into Lilu. Lilu let out a loud, hoarse moan as he felt Alexander's cum fill his ass again, still filled from their previous coupling. Lilu fell limp onto his lover, even as his ass continued to tighten on Alexander's length, milking him. Through his post-orgasmic haze, Alexander watched his semen slide out of Lilu's ass and into the water, like a creamy cloud.

Alexander lazily dipped his fingers into the water, swirling the cum around his fingers with a satisfied smirk as the light from Lilu's second feeding reflected off the water, Lilu almost screaming again as the intense pleasure filled every inch of his body. How could Alexander possibly be satisfied so early when Lilu looked and felt the way he did, his own cum leaking down his leg? He gently lifted the little demon off of him, breathing hard as the head of penis slipped out of Lilu's tight ring of muscles, positioning him on his hands and knees in the water.

Lilu's entire body trembled, but he didn't seem to have trouble staying on all fours. Alexander licked his lips as he watched as his thick cream dripped out in a torrent and down Lilu's shapely legs. He put his hand on the back of one of the demon's thighs, stroking the skin lightly. Lilu was too tired and consumed by his own need to pay much attention to what the other was doing. Alexander loved this body, and not just because the sex was great. It was wonderful to look at, and even more so to touch. It was strange, but, in the short while that they had known each other, Alexander had felt a sort of connection with the demon.

Alexander had been around long enough that he had met all kinds of supernatural beings. Elves, angels, pixies, fairies, Devils, imps, Dagon, he had even done the impossible and had befriended a dragon. In that time, he had become bored with life, as must creatures who could not die of old age did. What relationships he had soon grew stale and made him feel listless. His job as an exorcist had given him some adventure, to see things that he hadn't witnessed before. He wasn't selfless. Unlike the younger beings in his line of work, Alex didn't do it because he wanted to save humans and higher beings, he did because it was fun. Not the killing, not watching mortal humans die under a demon's influence, but wrestling with creatures that could tear him to shred, facing the darkness so few were willing to even glance at.

He enjoyed the feeling he got when he was faced with a creature of darkness, knowing that he was about to do battle. And every now and then, he let one go. He was powerful enough that the Council didn't reprimand him, if they ever found out about it. In his age, Alexander had learned the difference between demons who loved carnage and demons like Lilu, who were just living that way because it was in their nature. Demons that could survive without killing. The Council hated him for his practices, but Alexander didn't care. As far as he was concerned, the universe was not made of creatures who were good and bad, like how the Council wished to believe, but that some demons could be good and some higher creatures could be bad, it just depended on how much.

He didn't do it out of the goodness of his heart. Alexander had learned a long time ago that elves going around saving demons didn't get much of a reward. Usually, they were the ones who got hunted. He got away with it because he didn't do it that often. He always had a price, like with that imp who knew the sex curse. And Lilu. Though this was the first time he had actually taken a demon to travel with him. For the first time in a very long time, he actually cared about another's welfare. There were moments when he felt bad for what he had done to Lilu, and he never felt bad about anything.

He had told Lilu that they were equals, partners, but that had been a lie. They were far from equals. Even in their bargain, Alexander held all the power. He could survive without Lilu, sure he would be miserably bored, but he could just find another lover. Lilu, on the other hand, was relying on him for food and protection. He could go back to his old life, but the life of a submissive Incubus was not an easy one. Dominants could take what they wanted from any human, subs had to hunt for the right ones, had to let the humans take the lead. And word would get out that Lilu had agreed to go with an elf. Other demons would eat him alive for such a betrayal.

He actually did care about what would happen to Lilu. For a demon, he had this strange innocence, like a child, not entirely jaded about the world. Dangerous, yes, but he had been strangely interested in the Elven world so far, like a little boy seeing a butterfly for the first time. When they had met in Romania, he had thought it would be a shame for a demon with a body like Lilu's, not to mention his sex drive, to die. Now, the more time he spent with him, the more he worried about how the rest of the elven kind and other high beings would deal with Lilu, if he had made the right choice. He would call such feelings friendship, but he had only ever had two friends in his entire life.

Alexander gave Lilu's right butt cheek a very light squeeze. The black-haired demon didn't even hate him. He had clearly hated him when they had first met, or rather, he hadn't trusted him. It was the natural order of things. Any creature should be wary of another that could, and probably would, kill it, but higher creatures and lower creatures had a biological hatred and fear towards each other. It was something that was easy to ignore, but few tried to. There was no point when they were trying to kill each other all the time. It amazed him that Lilu didn't seem so scared of him anymore.

From between his legs, Alex's cock started to harden again. Lilu was still radiating pheromones, a large amount of heat coming off of his body, and Alexander could smell the sex on his body, as well the delicious sight of his hole dripping fluids. It was impossible for him not to be aroused by all that. It made him smirk, thinking that the young incubus was running him just as ragged as he was running him. If Lilu didn't act so oblivious all the time, Alexander would have thought that he was preying on his naturally large libido. His flesh hardened fully and he pressed himself against Lilu's ass again, his own semen running down his cock. Lilu felt the movement and looked back, his eyes wide in shock.

"How?" he gasped.

Lilu knew that Alexander's sex drive was impressive, or at least he was really, really creative, but this was… what, the fifth erection the elf had had today? Let's see… there was two times in the tent this morning and twice in the lake… yes, he was sure that this was the fifth time they had done it. He knew that humans had sex more often than elves, or was that just a myth? Were they all like Alex? All thoughts ceased as the blonde grabbed his hips and entered him in one, smooth, painless thrust, making him completely full. Lilu screamed happily, his body shuddering. His stomach was getting full, too, but he didn't care. It felt so good… Alexander's cock inside of him, dominating him, making him feel pleasant things. He knew he should be worried about getting too much sexual energy, but the curse on him just made him want to fuck over and over, even if he was tired. His body was so strained and needy, he didn't care how many times Alexander put his cock inside of him, as long as he fulfilled his promise. But at this pace, Lilu wondered if he would survive until the end of the day.

"Because you're so cute," Alexander said with a soft chuckle, thrusting gently inside of Lilu.

The circle of muscles wrapped around his dick was reddened from all the use Alexander had put it to today, but Lilu didn't seem to be in pain and the muscles didn't look sore, but Alexander still wanted to be gentler this time. Both of their bodies were worked up into a fever pitch and Lilu's ass was literally soaked from his cum. Lilu moaned lowly as he felt the elf move slowly inside of him, still hitting him in all the right places, but the pace made his nerves tingle and he could feel every inch of Alexander's hot cock. He closed his eyes, just trying to feel everything, grabbing fistfuls of soft sand, and spread his legs wide. He felt like he was going crazy. His dick hurt, but the rest of him felt good. He felt so hot, like he was going to burst into flames.

Lilu made a sharp sound as Alex grabbed his right ankle and pushed his leg up, so he was just balanced on his other knee and hands, which made him tighten up further. Alexander groaned happily at the sudden tightness, knowing that he wasn't going to last much long after ejaculating twice in such a short amount of time. He reached under Lilu's pale body and easily found his cock, which was radiating the most heat, letting his fingertips slide up and down the wet length in a caress, his thumb rubbing against the weeping slit.

"Ah!" Lilu screamed, almost crying as the pleasure coming from his cock was nearly sickening, "Alex!"

The demon's petal-soft muscles spasmed around the elf and he easily came for the third time, intense sensations filling him and he cried out with Lilu, his seed splattering inside of him and falling into the water. He panted in Lilu's ear, trying to get some control over himself, but his heart was racing too hard.

"So… good…" he breathed harshly.

Lilu felt Alexander pull out of him and more cum slide down his legs, feeling thick and warm. He collapsed boneless into the water, just barely managing to tuck his legs under his butt to keep from being completely submerged. The light that was the same color as his eyes surrounded him again and he arched his back, a rough scream sounding in the air as the feeding hit him like a tidal wave. His entire body jerked and his cock twitched, his balls tightening painfully. When it was done, sweat covered the parts of him that were above the water and he was shivering, though not from any cold.

Lilu wrapped his arms around his stomach, feeling it ache from having consumed too much. He felt completely engorged and knew that he wouldn't be needing any dinner. Alexander put a hand on his shoulder, realizing that Lilu was in pain.

"Too full," Lilu murmured.

"Does it hurt?" Alexander asked, his face flushed from all the activity, worried that he had gone too far.

He had been monitoring Lilu's energy carefully and he didn't think he had given him so much that he had actually hurt him, but it was hard to tell. To his relief, Lilu shook his head.

"No, just full," he confessed.

Alexander smiled and wrapped his hand around Lilu's cock again. The demon gasped loudly, his hips jerking.

"I think I've put you through enough today," he said.

Hope filled Lilu's heart. The sun was still high in the sky, not yet time for the curse to be lifted, but maybe Alexander would take pity on him.

"I'll take it off when we get back to the tent," the elf promised as he started to clean off Lilu's body again.

"If I take in anymore," Lilu started to protest.

His stomach didn't hurt, but if he took any more of Alexander's energy, it certainly would.

"I won't come inside you," the blonde soothed.

"Thank you," Lilu murmured.

Alexander kissed his shoulder, showing his appreciation.

The walk back to the tent didn't seem even half as long as the walk had been that morning. Lilu thought it was because Alexander's promise to take the curse off of him. There was a gentle, warm wind blowing and the once oppressive sun was now blocked by strange, green-tinted clouds. Lilu wasn't familiar with the Elfen Lands, it's colors, or its climate, so he had no idea if that meant it would be clear in the morning, would rain, or even snow, but it was nice to have the sun off of him for a little while. He walked ahead of Alexander, knowing how to get back to the tent and not noticing that the elf was adamantly staring at his back side. He was too deep in his thoughts, trying to think of things that would keep him from thinking about his raging need.

Lilu wondered if he could convince Alexander to let him fly at some point. Probably not. While this area of fields and lakes was vast, there were too many hills to tell what lay in the horizon, if they were near a town or if others were walking near them. Lilu could sense magic and if not, his sense of smell had never failed him, but it seemed like too big of a risk, even to him. Behind him, Alexander's emerald eyes were completely focused on the slightly swaying, pale ass in front of him. He had cleaned the little demon well, but his overactive imagination could still paint the white cum dripping down his thighs and the smell of sex in the air.

Alexander had always been, as more prudish elves put it, 'high strung'. He called it a mixture of creativity, horniness, and spare time. Sure, there were probably better things to do than have sex all day, or try to find a spell that would make such joinings more enjoyable, but he doubted they were much fun. Still, when he was around Lilu, he felt like he was in lust all the time. He knew that a lot of it had to do with Lilu being a sex demon, all the hormones and chemicals working overtime in the lovely body, trying to drive his lovers mad. But it was something more than that. He could easily say that Lilu was nothing like his other lovers. Other elves and high creatures had limits. They couldn't fuck all day like he and Lilu did, or they didn't want to try some of things that he wanted to do.

When Lilu said no, it was playful, not disgusted or angry. Alexander knew that Lilu was a sex demon, so there was probably very little he could do that Lilu would be offended of, but he was so naïve at times, yet he honestly loved everything that they did together, eventually. Their shabby, tan colored tent stood just where they had left it, undisturbed. Alexander had put protection spells on it, to make it invisible to anyone else but them. It could still be seen by very powerful supernaturals, though, so the elf was glad to see that it was exactly how they had left it that morning. Alexander wrinkled his nose a little as they entered the tent. In hindsight, he should have taken the soiled bedding to the lake with them, but they had been in a rush to get clean and he could always just clean it with his magic.

Lilu didn't seem to be bothered by the smell, which wasn't all that strong anyway. Alexander thought that, to Lilu, this smell was probably like the smell of cold potato soup to Alexander, not as good as when it was hot, but not unpleasant, it just made him feel hungry, that scent. He didn't mind the dirty blankets, sitting down on them. They were just going to pack up in the morning anyway. They still had a while to walk, past the fields, through a long forest, some mountains and canyons, and then they would finally reach the Elven Capital. It would only take a few days if they used the portals, but the Council monitored them and he didn't want them to be alerted to their presence this early on. He hated not having the upper hand, the element of surprise.

Lilu turned to look at Alexander as they entered the tent. He swallowed roughly as he saw the elf sit down and spread his legs, his long, thick cock standing up proudly, pre-cum already dripping down it. Just how much stamina did Alex have? But still… he licked his lips… with all those juices sliding down it and the reddish tinge on the skin, it looked delicious. He knelt down on his knees in front of his blonde lover, wrapping one hand around the base of that hot cock, stroking lightly, and the other just underneath the engorged head. He licked the length between his two hands up and down, tracing every vein and curve with the tip of his tongue.

"You got good at this fast," Alexander moaned in appreciation.

Lilu blushed, though it didn't make much of a difference on his already flushed skin, not quite sure if the elf was teasing him or giving him a real compliment. As he licked, he moved his grip from just below the head a little bit higher until his fingers were squeezing the head and continued to pump at the base, lapping up pre-cum as it slid down his hand. After everything they had done today and the taste of that slightly bitter fluid, Lilu felt bold. He released Alexander's cock and got up onto his lap, flipping himself around so that his back was to the blonde's chest. He lifted his body up slightly until Alexander's hard on jutted out between his paler thighs, the head rubbing against his own tortured cock.

The elf and demon moaned as one as Lilu started to move his hips forward and back, rubbing their bare members together. Fluid dripped everywhere, smeared on their organs until they couldn't tell whose was whose. It reminded the both of them of the first time they had met, in Romania. Their very first sexual encounter. It was extremely rare that Lilu took the initiative in anything and Alexander loved it, putting his hands on the incubus' narrow hips, more just to feel him than to control him in any way. It wasn't something he did with a lot of other lovers, either, this rubbing and grinding.

It felt good. When Lilu moved forward, the delectable curves of his ass caressed his weeping cock. When he moved back, Alexander's cock ground against the tip of Lilu's, which felt searing hot and sticky by now. Lilu was in heaven. Alexander's erection was warm against his skin, comforting like a blanket was when it was chilly, that heat spreading to his thighs, stomach, and dick. He gritted his pointy teeth together as he felt the elf's head rub against his balls, tight and strained. Alexander hadn't taken the curse off yet, but Lilu didn't care. He knew that Alex would keep his promise, ignoring the part of him that was questioning why he put such trust in an elf.

Alexander suddenly twisted Lilu's body around so that they were facing, Lilu crying out at the sudden, strange friction, and pressed his lips to the demon's. Their tongues swirled around each other, a thin stream of saliva dripping down the corner of Lilu's mouth as they sucked on each other's tongues. They parted as Alexander pushed Lilu to the ground, grinding his throbbing erection against the demon's stomach and slowly trailing upwards, leaving Lilu's skin wet with pre-cum, until the head of his cock was pressed firmly against those soft lips. Lilu opened his mouth wide as the elf shoved his cock down his throat, sucking on the treat eagerly.

The length tasted juicy and he swallowed down the fluid easily, sucking on the thick road as Alexander thrust in and out of his mouth. Alexander panted heavily as he felt the black haired male's tongue caress him, but struggled not to come inside of his mouth. Not yet, anyway. He wanted to taste the demon's ass one more time, when he released him of the curse. He pulled out, just as he felt his orgasm cresting, denying himself. He shuddered for a few seconds, feeling the ache radiating from his balls and cock.

"Roll… over…" the elf panted.

Lilu realized what Alexander wanted to do and obeyed, looking back at the flushed blonde over his shoulder.

"You won't cum inside, right?" he asked nervously.

He could take it if Alex did, but he didn't think it would be very pleasant. He felt soothed as the elf put his hand on his right butt cheek, caressing it lightly.

"Don't worry," Alexander assured him, "This is for pleasure, not food."

He pressed his cock to Lilu's loose entrance and very slowly started to ease himself in. Lilu had the thought that he had never had sex just for the pleasure of it before. He knew that was how most creatures did it, because it felt good, or for the whole reproduction thing, but 'sex for pleasure' was an alien thing to an incubus or succubae, like eating a rare steak when you weren't hungry, just because it tasted good, to human who could barely afford what food they had. Sex felt just as good, no matter what you used it for, but it felt like he was fighting against his natural instincts.

Those thoughts quickly vanished as Alexander abandoned his gentle pace for something rough and fast, grabbing his hips and laying his chest against Lilu's back. Lilu could feel him rutting into him, more like an animal than an intelligent creature and realized that they had both reached the edge of their limits today. Alexander was panting just as hard as he was, his long blonde hair trailing over Lilu's back and shoulders, the elf's body pressing against his wings, but not painfully. Lilu's fingers clutched at the sheets as he moaned. He had never mated for this long, this many times, in his entire life, but instead of being in pain or sore from it, it just made him feel really, really good, like he was overflowing. His cock ached, but it was a nice ache, even if it was driving him crazy.

"Ah!" Alexander cried out as he felt his orgasm approaching again, arching himself off of Lilu's back.

He hadn't paced either of them at all today and now he was paying for it, but he had promised that he wouldn't cum inside, so he used all of his willpower not to reach completion just yet. He continued to pump himself in and out of Lilu's soaked hole, the fluid from the demon dripping down his cock and his testicles. He felt like he was going to go crazy, his cock buried deep inside the silken warmth and denying himself release. With a panting, heavy breath, he finally gasped out the words to release the curse on Lilu.

Lilu's eyes widened as a rush of sensation shot through his cock and balls, like a surging tidal wave that had him gasping to catch his breath. It was like all the tension from this morning til now had collected inside of his gut and with those unrecognizable words, had been sent straight to his crotch. His orgasm was even worse. White, thick semen erupted from the slit of his cock, twice as much as he usually spewed. It splattered all over the sheets and some of it landed on his stomach. His eyes almost rolled up in his head and he made an inarticulate sound, his body shuddering. His insides spasmed, clamping down on Alexander, who pulled out of the demon to keep from loosing himself.

"Lilu?" Alex asked in a strained voice, concerned that the little incubus had cum right when he had taken the curse off.

Lilu looked back at him, his chest heaving from exertion, looking tired, but still horny with his half-lidded, plum-colored eyes.

"Please…" he begged, "More… I need… more…"

He could feel it deep in his gut. He need to cum again, his body still felt tight and stressed from the curse. Just once more… than he would feel better… His whole body felt wonderful from coming, his skin tingling, and he wanted more. Alexander reached under Lilu's trembling body and lightly touched his cock. His green eyes widened a little as he realized that the organ hadn't even gone limp, it was still hard, now soaked in cum and dripping. The elf gathered some of the thick semen on his fingers and sucked on it up. Lilu's cum was slightly sweet, like his anal fluid, but also slightly bitter.

"Roll onto your back," Alexander ordered, "And lift your legs."

Lilu did as he was told, lifting his legs as much as he could and spread his ass cheeks. Alexander stroked the demon's hard dick with the blunt edges of his fingernails, making him cry out in pleasure.

"You really want me to make you cum again?" he teased.

Lilu nodded, his eyes pleading.

"All right, then," Alexander said, putting his hands on Lilu's thighs to push his legs back further, and plunged his own erection back into Lilu's ass.

Lilu gave out a strained cry, tossing his head back and arching his back. Having Alex inside of him normally felt wonderful, but after having ejaculated, it was now indescribable. He squeezed his eyes shut and focused on that feeling, how it felt when that large cock pushed in and out of him, the heat in his ass, and the feeling of fluid pouring out of him. His own cock twitched against his stomach, still hard and weeping. He felt Alexander hit his prostate, sending sparks through his vision and his hips jerking. His second orgasm hit him a little less violently than the first, though mostly because he was expecting it this time. His fingernails grew into claws as he came, spilling seed on his and Alex's stomachs, the claws ripping the bedding.

Alexander barely noticed how Lilu fell limp on the blankets like he had turned into rags, just lying there and panting like he couldn't get enough air. He felt his own orgasm approaching like a lightning bolt and pulled out of Lilu at the very last moment, his cum joining Lilu's on his fair skin. Alexander fell just as Lilu had, though he had one moment of sanity to roll away from the smaller ethereal and not fall on top of him. The two lovers lay there, their bodies taxed and tired, trying to regain their senses. Lilu quickly curled into a ball, exhaustion taking its toll on him. He felt Alexander's arm go around his waist and smiled. It was definitely nice to have a lover who could survive sex with him. He had never understood what was so great about post-sex 'cuddling', if this could be called that, until he had met the elf.

"You ok?" he heard Alexander ask tiredly, as though he were already half asleep.

Lilu nodded, then laughed.

"This was pretty stupid, wasn't it?" he asked in good humor.

Alexander raised one golden eyebrow where Lilu couldn't see.

"You didn't like it?" he asked.

He certainly had enjoyed it, but Lilu had taken the brunt of the strain with that curse, not him. To his relief, Lilu shook his head, his black, silken hair rubbing against Alexander's nose and chin.

"No, it's not that. I did like it," Lilu admitted, unashamed.

When he had figured out that he couldn't orgasm that morning and that he would have to last the day with that curse on him, he had been scared. Not because he thought that Alexander would really hurt him, but because he had thought he wouldn't be able to endure it. He had never done something like this before. He had always been able to cum whenever he wanted, so that unknown part of it had been kind of scary. Lilu didn't really know what his limits were, if he even had any. But most of all, he had been afraid of not living up to Alexander's expectations.

The whole reason why Alexander had proposed this deal to begin with was because, for some reason, Lilu excited the elf. If he couldn't do what Alexander expected from him, would Alexander break the deal off? He didn't think that he would be that cruel, and he hadn't felt pressured to do something that he really didn't want to do. Lilu wasn't very strong. He didn't have a lot of magic. He wasn't smart or self-confident like Alex was. When Alexander gave him challenges like this, Lilu wanted to prove that he could do them, that he was good at something. And when Alexander told him or forced him to do something that was new and strange, and when he did it successfully, it boosted his confidence like nothing else.

"I meant that this was stupid, having sex right after we took a bath," Lilu explained with a grin, "Now we're filthy again. It's counterproductive."

Alexander chuckled at that and rubbed his nose against the back of Lilu's neck. He was right, they were just as dirty as when they had left the tent that morning, dirtier, actually. All that work gone to waste… though, he wouldn't really say that. They had had some great sex after all, and he had seen the demon's wings glistening with water under the sun, not to mention how pretty Lilu looked under the water. That was something, at least.

"I guess we'll just have to take another bath tomorrow, then," he reasoned, reaching down to pull a blanket over them.

Thinking about having Alexander bathe him again, Lilu's cheeky grin melted into a softer smile and his pale cheeks turned slightly red. That might not be such a bad thing… The demon and the elf laid there for awhile, feeling drowsy and lazy. The sun was lower in the sky outside of their tent, but still hours away from setting. Alexander dimly realized that he should get up and find himself his own dinner, having not had breakfast or lunch, but he was more tired than hungry, and it didn't really matter to him when he slept and woke up. If it was dark when they woke up, he might have Lilu hunt for him.

Alexander got up on one elbow and watched the black haired demon. Lilu's eyes were closed and he looked relaxed, but Alexander knew that he wasn't asleep yet. Even though Lilu didn't have to hunt for live prey, he still had the instincts of a predator. He had better hearing and sight than an elf did and his sense of smell was amazing. Plus those claws and teeth of his made adequate weapons for killing live game. To Lilu, it wasn't just that he could see in the dark, but like all nocturnal creatures, he excelled in the darkness. Plus, though Lilu didn't need to eat food, Alexander knew that he enjoyed how things tasted. He didn't know if the incubus had made a habit of trying human food, but he had loved the grunoew Alexander had found yesterday.

Grunoew was a large, squash-shaped fruit that only grew around these fields, in both bushes and trees. They smelled very sweet, like a pineapple, but their texture was like a plum and their taste a mix between a strawberry and an apple. With their sweet smell, Lilu had been able to find some for him and had climbed up the tree to get the fruit a lot quicker than Alexander had. Alexander had noticed Lilu watching him as he had eaten it. He had offered the demon some and Lilu had devoured it with a light moan, licking the juice off his fingers. This had, of course, led to Alex giving Lilu his own special kind of food, but he hadn't forgotten Lilu's love for the exotic fruit.

Alexander wondered what else Lilu might like. The demon couldn't eat a lot, since he digested real food slowly and his body really wasn't equipped for it, though he could eat without any kind of health problems. Food to Lilu was like sex to Alexander, it held no real nutritional value, but was pleasurable. He wondered if Lilu was like a flying fox and, despite a demon's reputation for eating bloody meats, preferred fresh fruit. It was something that he wanted to explore, like watching the demon fly. He had taken Lilu on as his mate, only for sexual reasons, but as they had entered his homeland, Alexander had realized that he was Lilu's guardian, and that meant he had more responsibilities towards him than just sex.

The blonde frowned a little. There wasn't much that he knew about Lilu, just like how the demon knew little of him. Even his name was a mystery to Alexander. It was easy for an incubus to be puzzling to an elf. They didn't live as the higher species did. Incubi and Succubae were especially different. They were born through a mating between either an incubus or a succubus to a human. Most children of incubi didn't turn out looking like Lilu did, with his wings and claws. The mother seemed to be dominant with demons, so if the mother was human, the child would look human, only slightly off putting and very, very beautiful. They fed like all sex demons did, but had limited magic and, since they lived in a human family, were often found out and killed.

Lilu was obviously the product of a succubae mating with a human male. He had demonic features and his lack of strong magic was simply because of his age. Succubae, like many sex demons, made poor mothers. Unlike with incubi and female human parents, succubae laid eggs. The second she did so, she abandoned them and continued with her life. Unlike birds and other egg-born animals, sex demons didn't need warmth for their eggs to hatch, but if the hatchlings were born all the same time, or if one lingered, the siblings would often kill each other. They were born in a cold world where they couldn't even be near their own kind out of jealousy and territory disputes. They weren't even given names.

Incubi named themselves, usually after their first impressions or their first prey, or even the first word they heard being spoken. Every elf knew what 'lilu' was, but it perplexed Alex how the demon lying next to him had heard it. Alexander remembered his own parents. His mother, Lily, was a kind elf, her hair a fiery red and her eyes a deep blue. She was a Healer, a good occupation for someone who seemed to care for the welfare of everyone, even strangers. His father, Haemon, looked just like him, green eyes and blonde hair. He, like Alexander, was a warrior, though he was a soldier for the Council and not an exorcist. He snorted. 'Alexander'. It meant 'defender of the people', someone who cared for others and wished to protect them, more like his father than himself.

They were still alive. Most elves lived the equivalent of five human generations, maybe more, if they didn't become ill or died from unnatural causes. He visited them every now and then, but didn't feel any urge to stay for long periods of time. He was too old to play the dutiful son, but still loved them, in his way. Incubi were lucky, he had once thought, because they could choose their own names, instead of having a name thrust upon them.

"Lilu… why did you choose that name?" Alexander suddenly asked.

Lilu turned and looked up at the elf, confused by the question. He shrugged.

"Why? Is it strange?" he asked.

Alexander realized that Lilu didn't even understand the significance of his own name and shook his head in amazement. At least Alex had always known what his name meant, but Lilu had probably just picked his at total random. Before Lilu turned on his side again, Alexander saw that he looked sad and reflective.

"I remember hatching," Lilu murmured, "We all do."

Alexander looked down at him in astonishment. He hadn't known that. He had always thought that, like all babies, demons couldn't remember being that young, let alone the act of being born into the world. He did know that incubi weren't biologically distant creatures. They, like all children, felt an intense need for their mothers, a need for love and care. They were born helpless, not immediate, incredible hunters like reptiles were. There were numerous studies on this phenomena, why nature would make a predator that had such a need for a mother, a mother they would never see or feel.

There was a pervasive theory that incubi were born this way to harden themselves. That this harshness of nature made them tough, and that neediness turned to the need for physical comfort, for sex. It was sexual psychology turned at its most simplistic: the need for the mother turned to the need for the lover. It made them survivors in a world that tried its hardest to kill them for being the only demons in existence that cavorted with humans instead of trying to pervert them or kill them. It made Alexander sad just thinking about it. If Incubi were born without any kind of need for parental guidance, like some animals were, he could accept that. But they were born looking for something they would never had, and to remember that must be painful.

"It was cold," Lilu continued, "There was snow on the ground and I remember shivering. There were other eggs around me, my brothers and sisters. We were out in the open, were anything could find us and kill us. I looked around for my mother, but she wasn't there. Even when I cried for her, she never came. I remember feeling, more than hunger or cold or anything else, being frightened. I wanted to stay, to look for her, but there was something in my gut screaming at me to get away from the nest, that I would die if I stayed. So, I flew away."

And he would have, Alexander knew. That, or he would have killed all of his brothers and sisters. The biological need for survival and supremacy was too strong. The more incubi in one area, the more likely there would be a shortage of food and that the humans would find out what they really were. So, siblings had to either leave or kill. It was interesting to know that Lilu had been able to fly even as a hatchling. Incubi who could use their wings at such a young age survived longer than those that didn't have them. It was more than just a case of getting far away from the nest and being hunted by their siblings.

Incubi matured fast, their bodies becoming adult in only two years time, but not fast enough. They spent those two years using their varied demonic features to kill animals and humans, to eat their flesh and blood like other demons did, while their bodies slowly changed to fit their adult lifestyle. They would stay close to sexually charged areas, harems, brothels, sex slaves, feeding off the sexual energy these humans gave off, making them sick and taking years off their lives, but not killing them. What humans didn't know was that all those diseases that infected the whores and sluts of the human world were symptoms of a hatchling feeding off of them, and when these humans bred, the diseases took on lives of their own. After two years, these little demons became full fledged incubi, feeding off of sex instead of meat and killing instead of infecting.

It was no wonder why elves and angels hated demons so much. Demons were savage, doing whatever they had to to keep on living. They were survivors. How could someone who was born into a family who cared for them and loved them, protected them from everything, and grew into immense magical power understand someone else who had to kill and attack just to live? They hated demons because they terrified them. They terrified them because elves and angels knew that they would never be able to do those same things, if their lives depended on it. They envied such creatures, and they were repulsed by them. Alexander, however, admired them.

He wasn't some bleeding heart, pro-demonizer. He didn't think that demons were the better species or that they shouldn't be killed. Many demons were so insane and immoral that even Lilu would probably agree that the world was better off without them, but not all demons were like that. The elven lifestyle was pompous and detached. While the rest of the universe was struggling to survive, to live and follow the flow of biology, elves and angels lived in the lap of luxury, using their magic and divine powers to lift themselves up. They were neither predator nor prey. They had become mini-gods, something perverse, elevating themselves out of the food chain entirely.

It was the way things had been for thousands of years, the elves and the angels looking down on the lives of humans, demons, and the 'lower creatures'. Alexander had grown up in a rich, elvish family, but when he had started to travel, he had realized how much that lifestyle disgusted him. It was hypocritical of him, he used his magic to make himself rich and powerful, like most elves, but every time he was told to kill a demon that wasn't even a real threat, just because the higher society thought it was inconvenient for such a creature to share existence with them, it angered him. He admired demons because, after thousands of years of being hated by every other living thing, they were still here. The demonic races had a kind of primal strength that elves would never be able to tap into.

"My nest had been built on a high ledge on a mountain," Lilu told Alexander, still not meeting his gaze, "The wind was terrible and I crashed into the side of the mountain a lot, but the wind kept my scent marked. I was able to get to the base of the mountain while my siblings fled in different directions. I stayed close. At the foot of the mountain was a little village. I only remember that because of the smells and the sound. The mountain had been quiet, except for the rush and hollowing of the cold wind, but the humans were so noisy. My instincts confused me. A part of me said that humans were good, that I should stay close because I needed them to survive, but another part said to stay away from them because, with so many humans around, I could be discovered. I didn't know how to fool them yet, I had pheromones, but not enough to keep me safe. So, I hid in the heavy woods that was in between the mountain and the village. My wings kept me warm enough to survive and I thought it would be enough, but I was hungry, had been since I had hatched. I waited hours and it grew and grew into this terrible fire in my gut. I stayed up in a tree, terrified that a human might find me. They came and went in the forest, laughing and making loud noises, jumping on these flat pieces of wood and going down hills. I knew I should hunt, but even when it grew dark and the humans left, I was afraid. Then, I smelled the blood," Lilu hesitated for a moment and Alexander wondered if Lilu was bothered by what he was saying, or if he was merely wary that Alex would be bothered by it, "My hunger destroyed my fear. That smell… it's disgusting to me now, but back then, it was wonderful. I had enough sense not to fly and followed the scent on foot. When I got there, there was blood everywhere, dripping off the leaves on the tree and splattered on the snow. Covered in it was a Wendigo, standing over a dead human, a woman, I think. Probably separated from the group that had been in the woods earlier. I don't know how I knew what it was, I just did."

Alexander swallowed roughly. Wendigo… just the sound of the word sent terror through every living thing. His arm tightened around Lilu, though he didn't realize that he was doing it. Wendigo were strange, horrible demons. Every young elf knew the tale, a cautionary one for any higher being daring to visit the human lands during the winter. Wendigo were one of few demons that had not been born with demonic blood. They were once human, but through heavy despair and a taste of human flesh, usually from desperation, they had become twisted, addicted to the taste of their own kind. They became Wendigo, a demon of air, cold, and cannibalization. As fast as the wind and very strong, they lived in very cold, snowy regions and hunted during the winter, whisking humans away into midair, never to be seen again.

They could only be killed by a strong blow to their hearts and could not be harmed by magic. Their taste for human flesh mutilated them, turning their bodies a pale white, without a trace of muscle on them, just skin and bones, quite literally. Their eyes became large, with only pinpricks of color in them, their fingertips black from frostbite, and their teeth, blunt as a human's were, looked large from their lips becoming dry and pulled up, like a dog snarling. They were monsters from a child's nightmare and though they preferred human flesh, they would be tempted to eat any kind of meat, as demons of hunger and fury.

"It had seen me before I had seen it," Lilu said, "It stared at me with these eyes… they were white, except for a little bit of blue, just a tiny circle of it around a black dot. It hesitated as it looked at me. I think I must have been exuding pheromones, as a defense mechanism, and that it was confused by it. If I hadn't been, it would have killed me by the time I had known it was there."

Alexander nodded. That made sense. Even a half-demon like a Wendigo would be enticed by the pheromones. For some reason, the pheromones of succubae and submissive incubi were stronger for other demons than humans and while a Wendigo had the sexual drive of a rabid dog, the pheromones would have been an alien thing to the wind demon and it would have taken fatal seconds to analyze it. Otherwise, a newly hatched demon like Lilu would have been dead in the time for one to blink. That was all the time it normally took for a Wendigo to move. It was no wonder Lilu had stumbled into things like that. Wendigo didn't smell like demons, they smelled like the wind, and death, which would have been masked by the blood.

"And I think…" Lilu hesitated again, "I think, if I hadn't been so hungry, I would have tried to run away and I would have died anyway."

You couldn't run from a Wendigo, Alexander noted. Whether on foot or in the air, you couldn't escape from a Wendigo once it got your scent. You might as well kill yourself to escape the pain of being eaten alive, but even then, you probably wouldn't be fast enough.

"It hesitated, but I didn't. I pounced on it and ripped it's throat off with my teeth. It screamed," Lilu shuddered, remembering the sound of the Wendigo's scream, a scream that, Alexander knew, was more terrifying than a Banshee's, "I didn't know how to kill it, but I knew it was going to live. So… I used the claws on my hands and wings and I ripped it's heart out. Then, I ate it. The Wendigo and what was left of the girl."

Alexander winced. He wasn't disgusted by what Lilu had done as a child. Like a predator, he had done what he had had to do to survive. The Wendigo had been a threat, but once it had died, it had also become food. Though, a scrawny, hunger demon had probably tasted terrible. Still, even if Lilu hadn't realized it at the time, or even now, it had been a gutsy move. By killing and eating a Wendigo, Lilu had sent the message loud and clear to every demon nearby that he wasn't a pushover. He was a hunter and he would kill to protect himself. It had ensured that other, low-powered demons wouldn't try to take him out, especially other incubi. It took balls for an incubi, especially a hatchling, to so much as look a Wendigo in the eye, let alone eat it.

"I was so hungry…" Lilu whispered and, not for one moment, did Alex blame him for what he had done, "And between it and the human, it kept me fed until the next day. Before it died, though, while it was sinking my fangs into its throat, it called me that, lilu. I thought it was as good a name as any other."

"You must have been very brave as a child," Alexander complimented, "I met a Wendigo once. It was in a human wilderness, where a tribe of humans were hunting deer. The Elven Council had sent me there to exorcise a wolf spirit," he laughed bitterly, "When members of the tribe turned up as gnawed on skeletons, they had thought it was the work of a spirit or a werewolf. I caught a glimpse of its back and teleported my ass out of there. Only a very strong and vicious demon could tangle with a Wendigo and win without luck and fear."

Lilu turned and looked up at him again.

"You don't think its disgusting?" he asked nervously.

Alexander shook his head.

"I doubt it had tasted very good, but you used what you had to survive. If I hated you for doing that, I would have to hate myself for teleporting away from certain death. It's pretty much the same thing," he paused for a moment, "Do you know why he called you that?"

"No," Lilu confessed, "I've never heard that word before."

"It's an old word," Alexander told him, "That Wendigo was probably decades old, if not centuries. Lilu is a word that the humans used to use for the earliest species of incubi. They were a powerful species. They didn't hunt humans like you do. They would break into a woman's house at night and sit on her chest. They stop her heart, but she would still alive, but feel dead. They would then rape her, very violently and bloodily, forcing her to have their children. Coming from a Wendigo, I would take it as a compliment."

Lilu blushed. He wasn't a rapist, but to be called strong and violent by a hunger demon was pretty cool… and it was nice to know that his name didn't mean something stupid. And Alex didn't think that what he had done as a child had been gross, which was a plus. Alexander saw the concern in Lilu's eyes when he told him about his ancestors. He caressed Lilu's cheek with the knuckle of one of his fingers.

"Does it bother you?" he asked.

Lilu shrugged.

"It's how my kind are," he pointed out, "Maybe nowadays we aren't quite as violent as we were back then, but in the end, we still kill the people we have sex with. It isn't so much the violence as the rape. Dominant incubi still do that a lot, but isn't something I can do. It's weird being associated with something like that. I don't even know if it bothers me. I've never been raped and I've never seen it happen, so I guess I don't know if its good or bad, my name."

Alexander thought hard about that. He supposed that, for an incubus, rape was an alien concept, or at least for a submissive one. On a biological level, Lilu adapted towards concepts of 'lover'. When sex was initiated, Lilu picked that person as a mate, so anything they did to him, he accepted. Sex was food, so rape wasn't really a possibility, unless Lilu couldn't accept that person as his lover, but even that seemed unlikely. But he still worried about some of the stuff he did to Lilu, Lilu liked it, but it wasn't like he ever gave him a choice. Talking about rape and violence made him more conscious of his own actions.

"Am I too rough with you?" Alexander blurted out.

Lilu's expression was perplexed.

"I'm a demon," Lilu needlessly reminded him, "You can only hurt me if you use your magic against me, which you haven't."

Alexander sighed. How could he possibly explain something like this to an incubus?

"With my kind, sex isn't food. It's done between two people who want to feel good. Sometimes, one person does something to another that they don't like. It may feel good, but they don't want it, but the other person does it anyway, even though that person said not to. That's when we call it rape," Alexander explained.

"But I've said no to you before," Lilu teased, "and you didn't stop."

Alexander smirked at him.

"That's because I know you didn't mean it. You were just a little bit nervous, and I knew that if I had stopped, you would have clawed my balls off," he said, touching Lilu's now blunt fingernails.

"Exactly!" Lilu pointed out, "If I had said no and meant it, you would have realized it and stopped. So there's no reason for you to worry about forcing me to do something or being too rough with me. Yes, it was rough and painful sometimes, but I still loved it and you know that I did. And damn straight I would have clawed you if you had stopped, just not your balls. I need those. Maybe just your eyes or your nose."

Alexander shook his head in amusement.

"Cheeky demon," he grumbled, but was smiling, "Take a nap, already."

"Yes, Master," Lilu grinned at him and snuggled against his chest.

He loved touching Alexander's bare body. Even when it had nothing to do with sex, it was comforting to him. He closed his eyes, curling up against his elven lover. He didn't want to admit it, but in a way, Alexander had had a point. The elf could very easily force him to do things that he didn't want to do. The new things felt good, but were strange to him, so he wondered why he let Alexander do whatever he liked. He could attack him if he went over the line, but that thought hadn't really entered his head. Was it just his nature? Did he let Alexander push him around, put curses on him and play with him like this just because it was in his nature to do whatever his lover wanted of him in order to get sexual energy? Or was it something else? Did he trust Alex that much? He fell asleep thinking those strange thoughts and wondering what Alexander really was to him.

Lilu wasn't sure just how long he slept, but it felt like only a short while when he was roused by loud noises coming from outside his tent. He sat up quickly, on alert, his senses telling him that something was wrong. He twisted around in the blankets, looking desperately for Alexander. The high elf was the only defense that he had and he trusted him to keep him safe, but to his dismay, the rumpled sheets where the elf had been lying were vacant. He listened closely to the noises, trying to figure out what they were.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

That voice was definitely Alex's. Lilu's heart started to race and he got to his feet in a flash, his wings stretched in agitation. If Alexander was fighting, he would join him. He was useless in this environment, but he hoped that whoever was attacking them would think twice about his claws and teeth. He got dressed in a rush, pulling his small, black underwear up his hips and quickly finding the black cloth that would cover the rest of his body. It had shoulder straps like a tank top, but was long like a dress, ending with long, thin pieces of the black fabric that would fall between his legs, covering everything from his chest to his crotch. He wrapped his black corset around his chest and waist, buckling it as quickly as he could.

The outfit he normally wore was ill-suited as a fighting uniform, but the corset was made from the hide of a Romanian Double Horn, a midnight dragon with skin that had no scales, but was as hard as metal. Even the silver buckles on the straps were made of steel. He pulled on the black strips of clothes that covered his arm from elbow to below the knuckles on his fingers and did the same for the leggings. He didn't realize at the time that the collar that was still on his neck was in the same exact fashion as his corset. He practically flew out of the tent, wishing that he had a knife or a sword on him. He pulled back the flaps, ran outside, dimly realizing that it was now night time, and felt the blood in his veins turn to ice water.

Alexander was standing in front of another figure, his hands grabbing the man's shirt and had him pulled forward, his handsome face contorted in rage. The figure was beautiful, but in the way that a statue was beautiful, breathtaking and perfect, something that should be worshipped. Something that made Alexander's demonic blood boil and chill at the same time. Something… ancient. Even compared to an elf like Alexander… It was an angel, but not like one Lilu had heard about. He had heard that most angels had white wings, blonde hair, and blue eyes. This one had long black hair, just like Lilu's, and his eyes were the color of a sunset, a startling mix of deep red and orange. It was his wings that really drew Lilu's eye, they were enormous, about the size of Lilu's and Lilu knew that his own wings were overgrown. They were feathered, like any other angel, but were as pitch as his hair. What angel had black wings? And at such a size…

His outfit was strange to Lilu, too. He had thought that angels wore robes, but this one had on a fitting tank top, his arms had bands around them at the wrists, his cotton-looking pants fell baggy over his ankles and had long ties falling from the sides and waist, and he was bare foot. The entire outfit was a lack of color so perfectly white that it couldn't possibly occur in nature, even whiter than snow. If someone had told Lilu that there could be such a thing, he never would have imagined it. The angel carried no sword, but with the way that Lilu's eyes felt magnetically drawn to the bands on both his wrists, he knew the holy ethereal was armed, probably heavily.

Just looking at the angel made his stomach churn. Lilu wondered if it was just because he was face to face with an angel, sworn enemy to all demons, or if this angel was that powerful. He certainly carried an air of power with him. And then there was something that Lilu had noticed right away, but was too terrified to think about. The wind was blowing harshly, had been since he had woken up. The grass under Alexander's feet was moving this way and that and his blonde hair was whipping around his face. However… though they were standing so close to each other, the grass under the angel was still. Completely still. His black hair fell down his slender shoulders, not a hair out of place. It was as though the wind refused to touch him. Everything… as still as death itself. The angel was Lilu's size, but everything about him was frightening.

"I know you're behind this, Samael!" Alexander accused, daring to pull the angel closer to him by his shirt and yell in his face, "No one knows that Lilu is here, so why are you telling me this now? You told the Council!"

Samael, looking terribly bored by the elf's anger, put one hand to Alexander's chest and pushed him away. With only one hand, the angel shoved Alexander hard enough that he struggled to keep on his feet. Despite his fear of angels, Lilu tensed, ready to rush to his master's aid.

"Why should I care who you…" Samael's orange-red eyes fell on Lilu and a shiver went down the demon's spine that was so severe, he almost threw up, "… fuck?"

Alexander realized they had company now, but was too enraged to look at Lilu, keeping his eyes on Samael, in case the tricky angel tried something.

"Because he's a demon," Alexander growled, "Why should I trust you? Why would they send you as a messenger if you weren't the one who told them this in the first place?"

"You know very well that I don't care about the trifles of angels and demons," Samael remarked, tossing his hair over his shoulder, "They sent me because they are afraid of me. I requested to be the one to tell you. Any other might be tempted to kill the demon on the spot. He might be a Dark One, but on this land, he deserves the same punishment as one of us," the angel looked at Lilu again, seeming to find him fascinating, "As to how the Council could possibly know that you brought a demon into our midst, a very punishable crime, I might add, you are a fool. You pass through the same gate to reach this land as any elf. Did you forget that the Council monitors those gates for those that might be possessed?"

Alexander gritted his teeth and curled his hands into tight fists, cursing his own stupidity. He had forgotten about the protective spells on the gates to the Elven Lands. How could he have been so foolish? He had put Lilu's life in jeopardy… He instantly hated the angel, despite their long, almost friendly history for deflecting all his accusations. But it was too suspicious and he didn't trust the very powerful angel. He would be a fool to trust him.

"'Xander…" Lilu took a brave step forward, his voice wavering in fear, "What's going on?"

They were going to kill him, Lilu thought, his heart trembling. This angel was going to exorcise him, that was why he was here. Even if he had been told not to, the angel would. That was what angels did, kill demons. It was as natural to them as breathing. His heart eased a little as Alexander walked to him, gripping his arm in an attempt to soothe him.

"Lilu, it's ok," Alexander tried to settle the scared demon, reading the fear on his face like it were an open book, "He's not going to kill you. He's just here to bring me news," his green eyes glared at Samael, then softened as he looked at his lover again, "I had planned to go to the Council myself, once I had taken the measures to ensure your safety, but I made a mistake. The Elven Council knows you're here. They want to hold a trial."

"They want to kill me," Lilu whispered.

Alexander wanted to convince Lilu that that wasn't the case, anything to ease his troubled heart, but the angel cut him off.

"Yes," Samael said, but to Lilu's intense shock, he didn't say it coldly, merely as though he were stating a fact and had no opinion of it, "The Council will eagerly try to find evidence to kill you. Officially, their purpose is to decide whether you will be allowed to stay here or not. If not… there is no reason to keep you alive."

"Leave us," Alexander snapped, "You've given me your message. We were on our way to the city to begin with. You've done your duty."

Samael nodded at him, and then to Lilu, giving the frightened demon one last, interested stare. Then, he disappeared in a brief flash of what looked like black, smoky mist, which lingered in the air like an afterimage. Alexander hugged the young incubus to him.

"Don't worry," he urged, "I'll make the Council see things my way. This had to have happened eventually anyway… You'll be safe, I promise."

Lilu nodded, because that was what Alexander expected him to do, but inside, in his heart, he was quaking and felt like his world was dissolving into chaos.


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