Chapter 11


“Yes...OUR room. Why? The consort always lives with her...or in your case, his Lord.” Zuko replied while pushing open a door that lead down his hallway. The firelight from one of the torches glinted off the metal plaque with the poem that was attached to his door. The inscription really was something to ponder.

“Zuko?” Sokka asked again, forgetting for the moment the strange oddity of sharing rooms.

It was slightly different since he had been using one of the cells of the prison at the bottom ship. He’d remodeled it into a more...Sokka like area. It was covered in soft furs that he could find...or steal from the fire crew. His entire room actually was bits and pieces that he could steal away without anyone noticing.

“What is it Sokka?” Zuko asked with a little impatience. The Gouka was still trying to physically tear at him in a way that was sure to be noticed by the other in a very short period of time.

“What does that ...Poem, I think, what does it mean? Where did it come from?” Sokka asked, and lay a hand over the engraved surface. Brushing his hands over the cool metal, he looked back to Zuko, who’s eyes were slightly unfocused.

“It was part of my Uncle’s battle ship. The first one that was sunk, but he survived. It was wrecked in an attempt for a peace treaty. The poem was a gift to him by my grandfather when the elements were still at peace. He was one of the people that started the trade route that are still in business today between the remaining three elements.” Zuko said, and pushed the door open.

Suddenly, it was brought brazenly back that Sokka was sharing his room with Zuko; the Fire Prince that was rumored to eat little girls in their sleep and whip men till they cried tears of mercy.

“Uhm...About our sharing the rooms, what does that entail? What about the rest of my stuff? Do I actually SLEEP here now?!” Sokka asked with wide eyes.

Zuko grinned, and shoved the other, not forcefully, but firmly to the bed. Falling, Sokka let out a grunt of discomfort, and stared back up at the other. He was in a very bad position for making any progress in keeping his one man room, safe, and far away from the Fire Prince.

“You will be staying in my quarters for as long as you live. Better get used to it and you’d better hope to whatever gods you have that you don’t snore.” Zuko said with a well placed glare.

Sokka felt the pull of sleepiness begin to slip away as he puffed up his chest in attempt to look angry. “Don’t threaten me!” Sokka shouted out, and crossed his arms over his chest and looked away.

“I’ll do what I want. You are my consort and that leaves many openings to me. You know what a consort is now correct? Those lessons they’ve been teaching you in the galley, you’ve been learning them for me.” Zuko let out with a harsh laugh.

While the two had been speaking, Zuko was lifting off his armor to release some of the tension in his shoulders. It had been a long day and all he wanted to do for the moment was relax in the only person’s presence that allowed him comfort. It wasn’t like he was asking for much when he wanted to release the stress’s of the day. He really couldn’t fully relax until he’d let the Gouka fully bond to the boy across the room, but he didn’t have to let Sokka know that just yet.

“Yeah, but I’m trying to pretend I’m someone else during those gross lectures...” Sokka made a face, but couldn’t fully block out the flush that was spreading along his cheeks. It really was cute how Sokka tried not to think about sex. It was a natural part of life, but the naive boy didn’t seem to really understand that humans only really lived for procreation.

“If you do not remember your lessons, you shall make me unhappy  and angry with you.” Zuko reminded the other, and started to lift off the thick shirt beneath the armor. It was covered in dirt and debris with the occasional salt crystal accumulated from the cracks in his armor while being near the side of the ship. Spraying wind  and sea did that to one’s armor. It also rusted horribly.

“I don’t care if I make you unhappy! I just want to get this stupid little treaty over with!” Sokka shot out uncaringly, but Zuko’s eyes flared in dissatisfaction. His consort didn’t care about his happiness? That was unacceptable!

“I mean, I just want to go home and not have to worry about all this! This war is pointless and I-“ Sokka started into another one of his now familiar rants when he was halted by the wet lick over the shell of his ear.

Shuddering in the sudden touch, he tried to keep his body in control and not lean in towards the others body heat. He didn’t want to melt into the other’s touch. The random and unexpected attacks upon his body had become almost daily, but never in private. It was always in public to remind the crew that Sokka belong totally, and completely to Zuko.

“You don’t care do you? You should...” Zuko purred out almost enticingly before gently biting down upon the other’s appendage. Circling the smaller body with the more muscular arms, Sokka tried to push the other away.

His body was starting to betray him with tingles of satisfaction as the other spoke so possessively. He had never had anyone care so much as to what he did. Sure, he had his sister watching his every movement, but not even Yue had really kept him to just herself. Being a possession had its quirks, but he would never reveal them aloud. That would be a weakness and he wouldn’t stand for that.

“Wh-Why should I care? I’m just a hunk of meat to you!” Sokka tried to resist, and pulled at Zuko’s arms to make the Fire Prince release him.

“Because you may be meat, but are mine to do with as I please.” Zuko reminded the other with a nip to his neck. A carefully soothing lick was applied to the spot where Zuko was sure was going to bruise. He mouthed the junction between bone, and muscle along Sokka’s shoulder, and felt the other twitch and shudder in his arms.

“Don’t forget that. I can make your body sing, or scream with want and pleasure, or in pain and agony. Don’t ever forget Sokka that I am your lord and I will do with you as I please.” Zuko breathed into the other’s ear.

Sokka felt the very breathe in his chest catch, and thicken as he tried to force it out so he could get more in. He felt his muscles clench in an odd feelings of ‘wanting’ to be owned and recognized. He usually was just seen as the odd boy that hung out with the Avatar. He was being noticed as a human being, even if it was sexual and by the Prince of the Kingdom he despised. It was so strange to even know that the other wanted him. He could feel the hot skin that was covered by the clothe the other wore. His own muscles and body had turned to mush while he tried to push himself up out of the bed. It seemed like nothing would listen to him.

He was just an object to be owned. And frankly...Sokka enjoyed it.


Katara peered down from Appa and shaded her eyes from the fading rays of the sun as Aang whispered to the large animal. She wanted to find the Fire ship before it got any further away. Twice now, they’d had to fly back to some obscure island to let the six legged bison rest. They  collected food a few times, but they’d never given up on looking for Sokka.

He may have been a doofus, but he was the only family Katara really had left since she hardly knew her father anymore, and their mother had been dead for many, many years. Katara saw a glint of smoke in the distance, and she grinned to herself. It was about time they’d found the blasted thing.

“Aang! I think I see it!” Katara yelled out happily, and pointed off to where the smoke was rising.

The other grinned back at her, and cried out, “Yip yip!” to Appa, and they were off at a faster pace. They would make it to the Fire Nation ship before the next morning. Sadly, they would get no sleep that night in fear that they would again loose the ship to the wide open ocean.


Licking...Burning and biting.

Feelings of pleasure racing up his veins, and then racing down to pool in his stomach. The maddening feeling of someone watching you, but soothed by a comforting laugh.

The warm, but rough touch of scarred skin rubbed along his stomach and there it was again. The sensation of someone loving you like you were the only person that existed. It was so exquisite.

The feeling of someone touching you so intimately, and loving you so completely that it could bring tears to your eyes if you hadn’t been crying out for ‘more’ in a hoarse voice. It was an act of love that completely bonded you to the other. Sokka grinned up to the other, and brought Zuko’s lips down for a deep kiss-


“OH SPIRITS!” Sokka shot up in his bed. Well, it wasn’t his bed, but more like his ‘shared’ bed.

He’d just had a nightmare....or sorts. Usually when he had a dream as explicit and wanting as the one he’d just experienced he woke feeling slightly sated that someone had wanted him. He’d found himself with a very painful feeling in the lower regions, and a burning anger towards the one who was currently watching him.

Wait...watching him...?

“What are you doing!? How long have you been watching me!?!!?” Sokka burst out angrily, and tore the bed sheets away from his body to try and get away from the cause of his horrific dream.

“I’m watching you. What do you think? And how long? Well..probably as long as you’ve been writhing in your sleep. It was obvious you weren’t having a nightmare...” Zuko stated smugly, and pointed to Sokka’s nether regions with a graceful finger.

“GAH!” Sokka cried out, and grabbed the sheets back to his exposed body. He was wearing a pair of very sheer sleep pants that was completed with a silk rope to keep them from falling in his sleep.

He’d found them comfortable since he’d usually slept wrapped in a very suffocating bag of fur. It was a change to the grungy clothes he usually worked in as well.

“Do you mind!?” Sokka shrieked out angrily, and turned while Zuko chuckled.

“Not in the slightest. The view is rather enjoyable.” Zuko snickered again as Sokka’s face flushed with embarrassment. This-...This man was so annoying! He would do anything to set of the Water Tribesman.

Sokka’s dream had been one of the latest disturbing dreams on himself, and the Fire Prince in a very....intimate position, or many intimate positions depending on how you looked at it. Sokka always woke up with a very clear reminder as to how much his physical body actually enjoyed the dream attention. In the true world, he fought down those impulses with spoutings about Zuko’s father, and such. It usually put the Prince in a rather rough mood. Although, this last night had been different.

Sokka had to literally threaten to try and kill himself if the Prince continued his advances in such a forceful way. Being the smart one he was, Sokka had forgotten to shove in the deal that he didn’t want ANY of that attention EVER again. Well, last night had been interesting to say the least. He remembered the other trying to slip his hand over Sokka’s chest, and the other had caught hold of the fingers groping around.

Prying them apart, and holding them at arm’s length, Sokka tried to speak sense to Zuko. It wasn’t working if you could go by the glowing look in the other’s eyes. His eyes seemed to burn from the inside, and the warmth of his body was intoxicating. The heat was tearing at his soul to accept it, and become whole with it because of his own icey tendencies.

“Zuko...you have to stop this...it’s to..it’s too hot!” Sokka tried to complain, and swallowed heavily to try and rid the feeling deep in his belly that was telling him he wanted MORE than what the other was giving. He wanted to feel the other tight against him with those hard angular sides pressing into his compliant body. He wanted to feel the other’s incredibly smooth skin of royalty soothe his own scars and old wounds. He wanted Zuko to touch him like no one else had ever done. He wanted to be dominated like no woman could possibly do.

“Please...” Sokka tried again, but it turned more into a hoarse whisper that tickled across the Prince’s throat.

“Please what?” Zuko growled, his eyes lighting up with fire so intense it singed Sokka’s very skin to watch the other. Zuko reached down, and pulled Sokka’s body close to himself, letting the other feel the need he had for the other. He cradled himself in the dip of Sokka’s hips when Sokka thrashed suddenly. Reminding himself that he would NOT submit to the Fire Bender! The killer of his entire clan almost!

“NO! I won’t be seduced by you!” Sokka cried out, and turned away to fall upon the bed, and wrap himself in the covers.

“No. No of course not...

No Sokka. You were only experiencing these feelings because your hormones are in overdrive DUE to this male body that was willing to do things to you that your own body craved. But no, you can’t let that happen because of your pride.” Zuko replied scathingly, only to finish undressing, and slip in to the bed while still literally steaming with a heat that Sokka’s body writhed to diminish with its natural coolness.




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