Chapter 12


Sokka grimaced as the old man clapped joyfully, and repeated in a boomingly gently voice, “Again! I want to see it again!”

Sokka groaned out loud, and flopped to the wooden deck in a daze.

“I can’t do anymore!” He complained, and pointed out his aching feet. “See!? I’m going to die soon!” Sokka wailed and groaned. He was being a general pain in the ass.

“Now now, you wouldn’t want my nephew to get angry would you?” Iroh asked tauntingly, and the blue eyed Water Bender glared back in a way that was sure to curdle milk.

“I hate you, and him...” Sokka growled out in a moment of rage.

“I’m sure you do, but for now practice the dance again!” Iroh clapped happily like a young child as he put his strange instrument to his mouth once more.

“Spirits...save me please.” Sokka prayed as he stood, and started in the position that would start off one of the many dances Sokka would have to learn for his new lord as being his consort.

Iroh was currently teaching Sokka off of a scroll how to dance a particularly hard dance. Then, as the student stood and took those positions, Iroh would correct his limbs and then nod for the other to keep going. Not the most accurate way but it would work for now.

Taking his position, Sokka reviewed the areas he was supposed to twist in the beginning. Trying to not blush at the most...elaborate thing he was doing, Sokka wondered how females kept their sanity doing this sort of thing.


Zuko watched his consort and could feel his chest tighten along with his groin and his fists. He watched as Sokka took up one of the most erotic dance beginning positions that a person could do. With sleek muscles bunched like a cats, Sokka had his left arm hanging behind him in a way that would make a contortionist jealous. His back was rippled with spare muscle along his rib cage, and his legs were widely spread in a way that made him look ‘wanton’ with lust. His right arm started at his chest right above his right nipple, and began to drag slowly downwards as his Uncle began the soft tune to which the other was dancing.

Zuko almost jumped the poor boy’s bones on the spot but was captured by the sight of his consort dancing as if no one were watching. Well, no one but his Uncle at least. Sokka’s right arm continued its decent until it reached the flimsy waist clothe which was wrapped around the other, Toga style. The left arm smoothed up the back and finally into the air where Sokka’s right hand changed direction, and smoothed back up towards the other hand, groping its way along his chest and up into the air clasped in his other hand. He started to ripple and lower to the deck in a graceful arch of legs and back. Settled to the bottom of the wood, Sokka spread his legs out in a half split that let his front leg bent underneath him, and his other to be stretched out behind him. Zuko wanted to rip into the gorgeous body as he saw fit when Sokka suddenly sprang into a flurry of limbs, and skin.

Leaping upwards, he managed a split in the air that would make most mean wince in pain just to watch. Leaning backwards, Sokka caught himself with his hands as he made an arc out of his body and his hair fanned out behind him. Rippling again, Sokka kicked with his legs, and brought his arc up to a standing position once more and laid out his hands in the gesture of ‘giving’.

Bringing those hands down, he stroked along his own thighs in a gesture of ‘receiving’. After the second symbol was finished, he limply fell in a toned fall that was the third and final gesture of ‘completeness’. It was a beautiful dance, only mastered by consorts with time and much hard practice. This incredibly rough and splinter like beginning of a ‘male’ consort’s dance made Zuko harden just that much further in anticipation for the completed dance. It would be a life altering experience to watch the thorny Water Peasant complete the Consort’s most difficult dance.

Clapping, and breaking Sokka out of his hard breathing exercise state, Zuko grinned maliciously as all colour drained out of Sokka’s face. “Z-Zuko!? You were watching this whole time!?

Iroh calmly crossed his arms over his chest, and watched. This would guarantee a good show.

“In fact...I have been. Does it make a difference to you?” Zuko asked, walking slowly up to the other, taking pride in the fact that he was one making Sokka flinch back in embarrassment and fear.

The other male’s outfit seemed to even scream sensuality. It was made of a sheer blue green material that wrapped around his thighs until about five inches above his knees. Then, it split into two segments that let his legs move freely, but showed the slits up the sides. A darker blue material was wrapped cautiously around his mid-section, hiding all the wonderful surprises that a teenage male body had. It clung to his curves as if the sea had splashed it on, and it had dried there.

“It matters, because I don’t want you to see me do...doing this kinda stuff! It’s disgusting as it is!” Sokka complained, and pouted as he looked off towards Iroh. “He even made me do it! He said he would play along with me! Damned old man...” Sokka tried to vent his frustration, and anger upon someone else’s cost.

“Hey!” protested Iroh, but was sadly ignored.

“That..old man, is my Uncle. It would do you good to show respect to your Lord’s family.” Zuko said icily, and slapped at Sokka’s thigh. “That, or you will be punished. Although...punishment sounds like a nice alternative to being out in this sun anyways.” Zuko threatened the other with a creeping hand that started it’s accent to higher grounds.

“Oooo~ooooh no. You stay away from me you maniac...I’ve had enough of a lesson from you about...punishment. Leave me alone!” Sokka crowed out, thinking he’d won this round.

“SOKKA!” Cried out a voice, and the other melted into a pile of Sokka-esque glue. This day had just gone to Hell in a hand basket.


Katara stared at her brother and just let her mind float. It was better than pining it down to the image he currently displayed to her which was a little more skin than she ever wanted to see on her older sibling.

Laughing in his chair, Iroh knew that this show was about to get ten times better.

“Uh...K-Katara?” called out a familiar voice, and hand grappled for her own. Feeling the warm pressure squeeze at her own appendage, she tried to keep her mind to herself at this particular moment.

Was she really looking at her older brother who claimed he was a warrior more than half of the time and here he was...dressed in something that she would only see female Royals wear to a very special ceremony. Female royals. It was starting to eat away at her mind that her older brother had started wearing female clothing. She’d thought that Kiyoshi Town had been a fluke but this was proving otherwise.

“Sokka? Is that really you?” Katara asked in a small voice, looking to Aang and then back to her brother.

The Fire Prince Zuko suddenly made his appearance from out of thin air it seemed. Snarling, he reached over, and pulled Sokka behind him. “What do you want?” He threatened to them while still bristled, ready to fight at an instants notice.

“What do we want?...WHAT DO WE WANT!? I want my brother back! I want him away from your....your brainwashing, and back to Aang and me! What have you been DOING to him!?” Katara burst out in ritechus anger.

“No...” Zuko growled, and pulled Sokka closer to him which was an odd feet since the other male was behind him.

“What do you mean, ‘no’?! What are you going to do with him!?” Katara let the cork in the water skin at her waist come undone, and she brought out the water with a smooth flowing of her arms. Bringing it in front of her, she scowled as she got ready to fight with the other.

Zuko quickly let the Gouka inside of him flame up in defense for the consort that it had claimed. It wanted that boy’s body, mind, and soul and this one little girl was not going to stop him at any cost, even if she was the younger sibling. Although, killing of a sister of the consort never boded well for a compliant consort. It was the same with wolves, you accepted parts of other packs into your group, but you couldn’t kill of the weaklings because the stronger ones would come back ten fold at you to murder you in fury.

Zuko couldn’t stand the loss of this one male.

He could feel the boiling in his stomach that shrieked and clawed at him to roast this female that threatened to take his consort into a crispy piece of charcoal. She had no right to land on his ship and demand his property. He would burn her limbs off slowly yet surely. He would-

“K-Katara! I can explain!!” Sokka tried to explain to his younger sister, and stood in front of Zuko, wildly waving his arms.

Katara shied away from the other on instinct that it was to much flesh shown by her brother of all people. “Sokka, I do love you even if you’re an oaf, but would you please put on some CLOTHING!” Katara wailed out, and covered her eyes with one hand while holding the other out as if to fend off her sibling.

“Uh....Yeah! Hold on!” Sokka raced over to the side of ship, and pulled on his robe that he’d gotten to cover himself on such an occasion that Zuko would happen by. It was made of a Fiery red silk with shimmering silvers and golds threaded through it.

“Now...will you PLEASE explain to us why you’re practically naked on the same ship as Zuko? The Royal Prince of the nation you despise?” Katara asked, this time crossing her arms over her chest, and tapping her foot.

Aang still stood their agape, but the sudden vibration of the deck in front of him cause The Avatar to gain enough brain cells to sit and watch this play out. It was better than the time that Katara had not fixed Sokka’s pants and he’d had to sew for himself. It was quite hilarious at the time.

“Uhm....yes? Yes and no...Damn, is there any place we can go to have any privacy to talk?” Sokka turned to Zuko expectantly.

With that, Zuko’s scowl turned into a full blown snarl of rage and hate. No one would go near his consort and certainly no one in a closed off room. It was silly of him to be thinking of this since it was his own sister, but you never knew about these things! Their was also that silly Avatar to think of. He was capable of overpowering the Water Tribesman and Zuko would MAIM the twelve year old if he even looked at Sokka.

“Aaaa~aaalright. That’s a no. Well, the main story of this goes a little like this. Uhm, I agreed to be Zuko’s bargaining chip for your help Aang.” Sokka looked pointedly to the boy and Katara gasped at the horrifying information.

“No, well....not exactly. As long as he only ruled the Fire Nation and left the rest of the world alone, I told him that I’d convince you Aang to over throw Ozai. So...right now, I’m just kinda being the prisoner.” Sokka kindly left out the information that he was also currently be called a consort for his...’lord’ and that he had been practicing a dance of all silly things before they’d come here.

“Wait, let me get this straight. You offered to be a bargaining chip so that Aang could defeat his father? And Zuko would only get the throne? How does that make sense?! I thought Zuko wanted to ‘gain’ Ozai’s respect!” Katara cried out in confusion.

“That’s what I thought as well, but it turns out that he only wants to stop the war...actually, it’s more like he just wants to have the throne because his father’s a bitch.” Sokka grinned out in a leering sort of way until he felt another’s warm hand slide around his stomach to rest on his hip.

“Did you not tell them the rest of my bargain?” Zuko whispered maliciously into Sokka’s ear clearly staring out at Katara, daring her to say a word at the circumstances.

“Zuko!! Stop it!” Sokka shrieked out and immediately started to try and pull out of the other’s arms.

Zuko gently pulled the other back flush against his chest, and stroked a steady finger along Sokka’s hip at the line of his leg meeting his torso. It was strangely erotic but mortifying seeing as how the stare from his sister and friend went from weird, to HOLY CRAP!.

“Uhm...a-also...It seems that Zuko’s made me a...ah...a consort.” Sokka muttered out, blushing horrendously now. He seemed to not be able to look farther above than their knees. It was indeed, a mortifying fact to himself. He was somehow connected to his man who couldn’t control his temper or the Fiery beast that lived within him.

“A...a CONSORT?!” Katara gasped out, and stared without shame at the two. It was so much for her mind to wrap around, she had to sit next to Aang with a thump to keep from falling completely over.

“Yeah....he kinda forced me into it.” Sokka blushed, and looked to the side trying to escape the other hand that settled across his chest and shoulders.

Zuko growled happily as the utter submission of the other soothed the Gouka within him. It almost purred out its delight at having the other so close and showing such a strong show of ownership and understanding.

Zuko felt as if for once, the burning heat within his chest was quenched even if it was for only seconds. Sokka was still pulled against him and where their flesh touched, flame cooled and ice heated. It was the perfect balance between royalty and peasants. It was the perfect mixture to cool one’s mind with sanity and raise the other’s in a blaze of passion.

“He belongs to me now.” Zuko growled out and eyed the younger teens with his good eye. He dared them to try and say any different of his relationship with Sokka. He would always try and protect the boy but he would also kill for this person that could so well make him sane enough that he wanted the other with out reservation. He almost had the other a few nights ago, but he had to wait. The Gouka was now constantly clawing at him to try and take the other, but Zuko’s human mind knew that it had to be voluntary. At first, at least.

“That may be true Nephew...but why don’t we go down to the hold to have a nice cup of tea hmm?” Iroh asked happily in the middle of everything.




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