Chapter 13


Katara stared exasperatedly at the older man, but hung her head in acceptance. She still didn’t know how this was going to work out but at the moment she’d have to go with what they were doing. Sokka was doing so, which had already thrown her for a loop.

“Alright, but I want a good explanation for ALL of this.” Katara was exhausted emotionally and physically at the moment.

Aang also seemed to be frozen in place. Such a toll on his poor twelve year old mind would have caused three dozen anurisims or so by now. It was a bit much to take when your best friend that you looked up to was currently dressed in provocative clothing and seemed to be cavorting around with your deadliest enemy. Cats and dogs it seemed. ((A yaoi story reference. ~R.F.))

“Haven’t we given you explanation enough girl?!” Zuko spit through clenched teeth with his arms still wrapped protectively around his charge.

“Don’t called my sister ‘girl’.” Sokka grunted and turned his head away. Katara may be annoying every now and then due to their being siblings, but he still had respect for her and her accomplishments. There was no way he was going to let Zuko trail on like that towards his family; much less while he was trying to ‘woo’ Sokka. Ech, just the thought of it drove him up the wall.

When Zuko got in this possessive attitude going on, nothing short of a war ship could stop him. He would usually clutch onto Sokka like a fiery leech until Sokka somehow managed to stop him. It usually ended with something along the lines of physical pleasure or very intimate situations. Thankfully they hadn’t gone to far yet. Sokka was still trying to view his new lifestyle as a job more than anything else. It was his job to protect The Avatar and that was what he was doing...sort of.

“Sokka, please,” Katara sighed and rubbed at her temples to try and help relive the stress that was building up in her skull.

“My dear, young lady, if you would like the complete story...allow me to explain.” Iroh coughed slightly into his hand to start his story. First, he took a sip of tea and then started.

“My brother, Fire Lord Ozai is a man of great power and hatred. He ruthlessly kept fighting a war to try and take over the world no matter the cost of death. His legacy, his eldest son Zuko here is a man who wishes that to NOT happen. He wants to end this war quickly due to the insanity that it brings with it.

“This means that all he wishes is to take his rightful place as Fire Lord and for all fighting to stop. That’s all he wishes and he doesn’t care the way it is done. To put it shortly, we will help The Avatar if The Avatar is willing to help us. Zuko has agreed to let The Avatar rule the rest of the world for he is a great legend. Zuko wishes to be Lord of the Fire Nation. We have currently claimed Sokka here as collateral over you so that it persuades you to work with our choice.” Iroh explained calmly.

“...” Katara looked to Aang for an agreement or a disagreement. His decision was final since he was indeed The Avatar.

“Don’t Call Me Avatar...” Aang mumbled unhappily at first to himself, but looked up. ((Another story reference. ~R.F.))

Watching Zuko still clinging to Sokka only he had pulled the both of them into a fairly comfortable looking seat where the Fire Prince was currently attacking Sokka’s hair with steady hands and searching knuckles. Sokka was twitching uncomfortably since he was in a rather provocative position it seemed, and was currently wearing next to nothing.

“Well, I don’t see anything wrong with it then.” Aang said with a shrug and grinned in the way only he could.

“I accept this decision then!” Aang said happily and gave a thumbs up sign.

“Good. Now, will you three leave my chambers?” Zuko said angrily and glared daggers at his guests. The flame in his chest was burning inside him to get the others out of sight. They kept looking at Sokka. He would not have that.

“Now Zuko! We just came upon a huge agreement and you wish to dishonor our guests with that kind of attitude?! Didn’t I teach you better?” Iroh said unhappily and turned to give his nephew a piece of his mind.

“Do not speak to me with such impudence Uncle!” Zuko roared out with a lashing tongue. He respected his Uncle, even loved him but he would never say that aloud, but the man had to LEAVE. Didn’t he see!? It was hard enough to keep from physically drawing Sokka even closer to protect him from the rest of the group.

He dug his fingers into Sokka’s hip who squirmed with pain and unhappiness. He was being treated like some common toy and not like a person at all. He was also going to be left alone with a very...angry, but warm Fire Prince who seemed determined to get into his pants. Or as it may be at the moment, his skirt.

“LEAVE!! NOW!!” Zuko roared out a darts of flame jetted from his mouth. His eyes glowed golden like embers being blown upon. He could feel the Gouka starting to rise up in his throat. It wanted blood and it wanted action for those who would dare look upon the person he had deemed as his own.

The other three did not flee the room but respectfully left in a quicker pace than necessary. Katara threw back a worried look as she left the room. What would happen to her brother in the clutches of this other man who seemed to iron in his ways. Survival seemed to be the fittest way to think to get out of this situation. He was currently trapped by a devil wolf that seemed fixated on devouring him. The Fire Prince glared down at him, but his mouth opened up in a feral grin that remind Sokka way too much of a predator. Then again, everything Zuko seemed to do these days seemed like a predator.

The way he would stalk the ship at night, uncountable times passing his door and stopping. He would then growl ferally and stalk away to repeat the pass once more after mere minutes. It was as if a wild animal was pacing its cage and wanting it’s food from outside. Only, he wanted inside. It sent chills of horror down his spine but those chills were oddly comforting.  

“Where do you think you’re going?” Zuko purred out and leaned down to nip at the other’s neck. Sokka pulled away unhappily as Zuko tried to eat him alive. Another mark on the wild animal. Was he just the prey then?  

His eyes were starting to glow gold and his very skin seemed to smoke and steam in the coolness of the room compared to his own body temperature. Zuko felt as if the only way he could smite the fire within him that was growing was to touch Sokka. To taste Sokka. To be with Sokka. He had a numbing agent about him that would cool and soothe the horrid burning sensation that accompanied his entire life.

“I was...going to go get something to eat?” Sokka replied in a question format as if he were asking permission.

“Ah. I shall have servants bring down what you desire. What do you wish to eat?” Zuko peered down at the other.

“...I don’t know what you serve. I was just going to go to the Galley Zuko. Like always.” Sokka stared at the other as if he’d gone retarded but Zuko just glanced back with a bored stare.

“Oh? Well, I’ll have something sent down that is more fit for some one of your stature. You seem to keep forgetting that you are no longer the simple peasant you were born as.” Zuko said haughtily and pulled at a rope to call in one of his servants.

“Excuse ME Asswipe, but I LIKED being a peasant. It was a comfortable living and I wasn’t ordered around by pompous asses like yourself.” Sokka pouted and was yet again pulled to the Prince’s side.

“Oh? You enjoyed shivering in the cold and wet? You liked having all look down on you and not pay you any of the attention that you so rightly deserve? You enjoyed the thought of having nothing to your name except the clothing on your back?” Zuko asked in mock sincerity.

“Shut UP! You don’t know ANYTHING about what I liked and didn’t! You hardly even KNOW me and yet you STILL act like I BELONG to you! You DISGUST me!!” Sokka bellowed out, his chest heaving.

“Oh? I don’t know you. Well, that could be a trifle wrong when I know how to make your body sing.” Zuko’s grin suddenly turned vicious. There was no reserved kindness or morality left in that facial expression except that of pure animalistic lust and infatuation.

“I can make your entire being glow with a joy and pleasure that you’ve never even dreamt of. Our bodies were MADE to fit together in a way you will never understand. You cool the heat within me, while I melt the ice surrounding you. Don’t you think it odd that you are never able to become more than mildly comfortable? Nothing to keep you warm while covered in cloth and skins?” Zuko asked and started to circle the other like a hawk approaching the kill.

“I’ve never noticed anything like that!” Sokka snapped back, his eyes turning away from the Prince who was so infatuated by him.

“Oh? And yet you still deny that your body has a natural pull towards me. A want that is lower than your basest desire to be fulfilled by me and only me alone. You desire something that even in your dreams terrify you. You can’t possibly know what I want and yet you crave what I can bring you.” Zuko purred out, and lipped Sokka’s ear in an almost tender gesture.

The heat spread from Zuko’s mouth to the base of Sokka’s shoulders and down his back. He felt his entire being light on flame as it had never done before. New feelings etched their way into his heart and soul as he realized that for once...he truly felt something. Not pain, but pure bliss. Something he’d never felt unless in the heat and furry of a battle. It was as if his soul had returned to him in a fell swoop through a kiss from his mortal enemy.

“You...What are you doing to me?” Sokka moaned as he brought his hands to his face in a gesture of horror.

He’d never wanted to betray his family and his tribe in such a way. Yet, here he was. With barely anything around his body and being tempted by the succubi that was Zuko at the moment. His lithe form seemed to fill the room with his presence like a wounded animal cornering its prey in an attempt for the other to understand. It made no sense how the intoxicating presence of the other made him feel as if he were completely safe but to run like hell at the same time. How did someone do that with just an aura?

“I’ve done nothing. I’ve only introduced myself to you in a way that you are not willing to understand yet. But soon, you shall realize your mistake and come to me on your own will.” And with that, Zuko left the room.

As soon as the other vacated the premises, Sokka fell into a heap on the floor shivering. He was freezing and tried to warm himself by rubbing his hands across his arms. What had the other poisoned him with to make him feel so frigid? Sokka glared at the closed door as if it were the Prince himself. He wanted to tear the other apart for evoking such feelings and emotions in himself. He knew what his body wanted but he would NOT stoop to something so low as wanting the presence of such a diseased mind.

“He can go to hell...” Sokka mumbled and stood shakily as tried to make sense of his own body and emotions. Everything was so strange now and he didn’t want to have to re-examine himself at this point in time.

Sokka looked around the room for something else to focus on while he waited for the food that Zuko was sure to bring back. No matter what had been said, Sokka had asked for food and of late, Zuko would bring Sokka what he had asked for. It was as if Zuko WAS really trying to help the other and care for him. Sokka snorted at the thought and let his eyes fall blankly to the floor.

He couldn’t just wait until Zuko forced him physically to a point he didn’t want, so he was going to figure this out somehow before he got to much further into this mass of tangled vines that was ironically called a ‘relationship’.

“Hello?” Sokka turned to the door again as Katara entered.

“I saw Zuko leave..can I talk to you now?” she asked, looking slightly put off.

“Yah. You could’ve just walked in earlier too if you wanted.” Sokka pouted while staring at her as if to get a point across.

“Well, he seemed really serious about getting you alone. I just wanted to respect that since we’re going to be working with him for now. Aang thinks it’s a good idea and I think it might be as well.” Katara winced while waiting for Sokka’s reaction to the news.

“Gods! fine, whatever.” Sokka let it drop. He was too tired to try and argue presently. He didn’t want to have to go through this with Katara when he’d already picked through the remains with Zuko. The man did NOT give up, which was hard since he didn’t either.

“I’m glad you’ll try a new way Sokka. I’m actually really proud of you for all the work you’ve done so far!” Katara said happily and rocked back and forth on her heels.

“Work? What work?” Sokka asked, genuinely confused.

“Well, you’ve gotten Zuko to stop chasing Aang, and work with us. Most of our problems are solved thanks to you!”

Sokka stared at her. She just HAD to be kidding.




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