Chapter 14


“Me? You think I helped solve all this?! Zuko did it all on his own free will! That ass even has me under his thumb! I hate it!!” Sokka burst out disregarding his feminine appearance and how feminine he sounded while complaining about the other male.

“Well, that may be true Sokka, but he’s done so much to help us as well! You must see that don’t you?” Katara asked and looked to her older brother. He wasn’t taking any of this as well as he could be. Then again, he was taking it a lot better than the island of Kiyoshi. On that island, he had complained and had a fit to just see the women fighting for themselves. Here, he was dressed up in a consort’s clothes and wearing some sort of soft perfume that made Katara want to sneeze.

Definitely a change, but for the better or the worse, she had yet to know.

As suddenly as Katara stopped speaking, the door to the room flew upon with an admonishing ‘BANG’ and they both flinched back. Katara out of fear for the man in front of her was no teen but some sort of Hellish God that wished his wrath and fury upon her. Sokka could feel the very heat and anger of Zuko’s heart rage out and tear into his own soul because of the betrayal of being in an enclosed space with another that wasn’t the Fire Bender.

“Zuko?” Katara asked in fright as she looked upon the Godly Man. He was something from Hell itself but she didn’t want to stay and find out about his fury.

“I’ll...be leaving. Good luck Sokka!” Katara called back quickly and fled the room. She slammed the door shut behind her after skirting Zuko. It was faintly terrifying how he’d actually radiated heat from the entirety of his body.

She gasped once more and started to walk away from the door. She hoped her brother knew what he was doing with such a dangerous being. If Zuko could be improved just that much more, he would be a power that one shouldn’t reckon with.


“Hey Zuko, did you bring me any food like I asked?” Sokka tried to sound smug and confident that the other wouldn’t dare suggest anything other than what he was talking about. The only thing that didn’t fit with that exact scene was that his entire body was trembling in anticipation. Not of fear mind you, but of a terrible hope and wanting for something he was dreading to realize he DID understand.

“Oh? Now you question me with such unsubstantial trivial items...” Zuko breathed heavily, and carefully set down the platter of foods and fruits that he had brought.

“Uh, yeah, I question you. I can SEE it right there Zuko.” Sokka lifted an eyebrow in confusion. This was most odd. It seemed that Zuko was on a rampage again. Dandy. Only, this time it seemed so very serious and dangerous.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t felt this inner heat before from Zuko but the other literally burned at his soul now. It was as if he was trying to melt his entire sense of being away to melt into the Fire Prince’s soul and become one. Sokka shuddered again as he felt himself tighten physically. He’d never thought of the idea of becoming one with someone. Especially the man he called the Prince of Asses. Then again, Zuko did have a pair of very shapely buttocks. Sokka felt himself flush angrily at the undignified thought and tried to wave it away as the golden eyed god approached him.

“Zuko?” Sokka questioned as the other stopped and stared down at him.

“You disobeyed me and let another into your presence without my permission.” Zuko breathed steam in an attempt to control his breathe. The Gouka was heralding in his chest to throw Sokka to his bedding and his own wicked way with the male. He couldn’t do that yet though.

“You don’t own me.” Sokka frowned this time.

“Oh? I own your soul.” Zuko replied darkly and leant over the other. He stared down into the defiant blue eyes and gently took a hold of the other’s lips with his own. The Gouka leapt in joy at the joining of lips that seared a brand across Sokka’s flesh. Not a physical burn but a soul rendering wrench as Zuko stood tall again away from the Water Bender.

“Z-Zuko...?!” Sokka touched his lips in confusion and looked angrily back to the other.

“It’s cold.” Sokka whispered, and clutched his arms to himself as he shuddered. He was freezing and it seemed that all the heat that Zuko had been emitting suddenly evaporated.

“Oh?” Zuko grinned and leaned down once more only to pull the other to his feet.

Sokka promptly fell against the Fire Prince and scowled at his own weakness. “Wh-“ Sokka began to try and question the other but fell silent. He didn’t feel like making himself into more of a fool than he already was. He’d spoken with Zuko earlier faintly about the inner demon of some sort called the ‘Gouka’ but he still didn’t understand.

“Zuko!” Sokka pushed angrily at the other and wobbled as he supported a bit of his own body weight by himself. “Stop it! This is just your ‘Gouka’ thing doing it again!” Sokka shouted.

“Yes, it is partially due to my inner storm but you happen to ignite a burning, terrible feeling within me. Wether it be rage, hate, loathing, lust, love or even adoration; I feel it more clearly than you can imagine. It is a waking from a dreamless sleep. You awaken me from the that sleep. Don’t you understand?” Zuko tried to growl out at the other. Trying to MAKE him see what he brought out in Zuko.

“I don’t see! I DON’T!” Sokka stubbornly pounded his fists against the other. He was starting to realize that he was indeed attracted to the other. In what strange way he didn’t yet understand but he wanted to! God dammit he HAD to! He was a man of science, observation, and DEMONS didn’t POSSESS people to want them!

“I posses within me a power called Gouka. It is a Hell Fire passed through the male gene’s in my blood line. It is a curse as well as a gift giving me my Breath of Fire as well as many other skills not accustomed to a Fire Bender until many years of hard work and training. The Gouka is a bypass of those years of training but the cost for that gift is a terrible price of finding your Consort. It is not a mate, or another half or any of those awful disgustingly sweet things that most accustom with this.

“It is a bonding deeper than souls on the very chemical level of the Gouka’s and Consort’s body. It is a relationship that usually goes beyond anything physical and mental and it dives into the spirit world. It is not nearly as well known as the Avatar within the Spirit World but it exists as an ever flowing passion of blood, sex, and other such greedy endeavors.

“The only one to sate this hunger for me is your coolness. Your own body calls for mine to warm it to a pliable state where I may have you in all the ways humanly possible because your very soul calls for mine. It is made possible through this ‘demon’ as you so call it.” Zuko spoke slowly and clearly. Wanting Sokka to understand every word that he was speaking, he wanted to convince the other that he had no other choice. He didn’t, but Sokka was incredibly stubborn in that area.

“You mean to tell me that my fate has been written already!? It’s already been told and found out!? I can’t live the way I want, but immediately am supposed to adjust to your style of life just because of some stupid disease your family has?! I won’t DO IT!” Sokka shouted and tried to shove once more away from Zuko but ended up falling and shivering violently.

As he was pressed up against Zuko while being held up the cold had receded slightly and the Water Tribesman had found himself wanting to burrow closer into Zuko to gain the rest of the heat he knew was there.

“Do you see? The Gouka has left it’s mark upon you and you shall die before you see another if you refuse yourself much longer.” Zuko said with a faint smoldering look in his eye. He would die soon after Sokka if that was the path that the other chose. Not known to Sokka, but Zuko had long ago made his decision to let Sokka choose, and follow the other in his path.

He trusted the other warrior at least that much.

“You’re forcing me into a decision I don’t want!!” Sokka shouted and felt his teeth chatter violently.

“I am not. I am merely pointing out the opportunities from which you must pick. It is your own choice.” Zuko replied while staring at the other.

“I don’t want to die! But I don’t want to be forced into some gross physical relationship with you!” Sokka yelped out again as Zuko picked the other back up due to his first sentence.

“You are not being forced into it. Your mind only thinks that because your body is so demanding.” Zuko purred out and buried his face into the other’s neck while inhaling deeply.

Once more, his heat was being cooled. It was being tamed by the creature he held in his arms that was so unattainable. He could feel the other begin to warm as his Gouka spread through the other’s body lighting nerves and reactions off like fireworks. Zuko opened his mouth and gently bit Sokka’s neck in a male dominance stature.

“What are you doing!? Stop that!!” Sokka cried out and once more tried to push the other away.

Zuko quickly locked an arm around the other’s waist and brought their bodies together in a heated embrace. Zuko still had a hold on Sokka’s neck but reached down with his other hand to grasp at Sokka’s thigh in an attempt to bring the other even closer.

“YIPE! What are you TOUCHING?! STOP IT!” Sokka started to wriggle in a most uncomfortable situation.

Zuko responded by pressing himself more firmly against Sokka.  His aching need quickly became obvious to the warrior. Not just his body, and not just his mind but his entire soul. His entire being possessed Zuko in a way that nothing had ever before. He brought his lower hand up to grasp at Sokka’s surprisingly well shaped buttocks and squeezed lightly as he grinned ferally against the other’s throat.

“ACK!”Sokka squeaked out in surprise but was silence as Zuko took possession of the other’s mouth in a forceful manner.

There was no chaste touching of lip to lip but more biting and teeth and tongue. Sokka felt himself being consumed by the raging monster that was Zuko’s lust. He felt himself begin to harden under the Fire Prince’s ministrations and squeezing. Zuko let the other feel himself through his own robes and the Consort’s thin attire.

“Do you see now?” Zuko growled against the other’s mouth and once more violently kissed the other.

A hot tongue flicked at Sokka who jerked in reaction to the strange sensation but moaned in confusion as Zuko began to wrestle him to a wall. Sokka hit the wall and felt his legs turn to jelly. Sokka’s legs gave out and Zuko grinned in victory. He lifted Sokka’s right leg and wrapped it around his own waist to bring himself even closer to the male in front of him. Zuko ripped at the clothing his Consort was wearing and immediately stroked his hands along the evenly tanned sides of the other.

“A-ah! That...tickles!” Sokka gasped out in an agony he hadn’t known before.

“Oh?” Zuko thrust roughly at the juncture of Sokka’s hip and groin which created an almost death defying friction for Sokka. The water tribe’s man yelled out in shock as his own erection was rubbed in a most satisfying way.

“Gods!” Sokka wailed and felt his head fall back upon the wall.

He was being completely consumed by the man before him. His entire being was nothing more than the vessel for the Prince before him. Surprisingly, Sokka felt no remorse. If Zuko would just move like that one more time.

“Zuko!” Sokka growled out with a whine to tell the other to fucking hurry it up.

“You understand now...” Zuko caressed the other’s hips in a surprising gentleness before biting at Sokka’s left ear. He wanted to memorize the person in front of him inside and out but he couldn’t do that in such a place as a dingy ship.

He had to save the wonderful pleasure of his first physical encounter with his Consort until they’d come to port. Zuko did not want to fuck this up. Then again, it would be entertaining to tease Sokka about this during his days on the ship.

“I wish to thrust myself inside of you and take every thought from your mind. I wish to make you scream until your throat is raw in want of me. While your body aches for me, I shall sate your hunger as well as my own. Sadly, that is not possible.” Zuko regretfully sighed but smirked at the other.

“How interesting that I could change your mind about this in a mere twenty minutes.” Zuko egged on Sokka.

The other stared for two seconds before shrieking in horror.



Zuko chuckled heartily as he strolled across the deck. It was quite amusing to see his Consort turn the colour of his scar. Quite amusing indeed.


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