Chapter 15


Iroh looked up from his game with a ship mate as he heard a far off yell. It sounded like that of the young man he’d been teaching all this week. In fact, it probably was due to the fact that Zuko had literally chased himself, The Avatar, and the young lady from the room only half an hour earlier.

“Your turn.” Iroh said casually, though straining to hear any other such calls of distress. He loved his nephew dearly, but  would not tolerate childlike actions. Especially if it be forcing his will against someone else’s.


Sokka panted against the door as he shut the Fire Prince out of the quarters. ‘Oh gods! What the HELL was I thinking?!’ he thought frantically as he tried to calm his racing heart.

Sokka had almost willingly given away the most precious thing he owned, in this world and the next. His pride was severely tattered but could be mended if he never thought of this incident EVER again. The teen wouldn’t be able to ever look at the other man the same as before. Sokka flushed in anger as he thought of the aching thirst his body felt. For a moment he stood there, his thoughts finally ending in visions of the Fire Prince.

‘Was he...?’ Sokka began the thought but shook his head in denial.

“I’m NOT even going to go there!” he scowled angrily. He never wanted to feel like that again. Even if it made his heart shudder momentarily and his breathing quicken like after a good hunt. It made him feel so hot and alive at the same time.

“How could he DO that?! We’re ENEMIES!” Sokka tried to fall back upon his all favorite argument about how he and Zuko could never become any closer. Then almost laughing at himself, he realized how pathetic that sounded.

The boy was anything but enemies with the man now...he’d almost done the unforgivable with the Fire Bender and had been doing so with PLEASURE. How could he forgive himself? Then again....Zuko had been speaking how it was fate and all... but was that really what it was? Zuko’s entire being had scorched his soul with a pleasurable flame that he found to be virtually impossible to resist. Now that he saw the other from this strange point of view, Zuko was quite attractive. Physically and mentally the Prince was all consuming. It was a wonder that he’d not attracted a normal female to his side at this point in time.

Almost hissing in anger Sokka clutched at his stomach as if he’d been punched. The very thought of Zuko taking another as his Consort made the Water Tribe’s Man physically ill. What was wrong with him? The green head of jealousy had reared its ugly head, bit deeply into his soul, and had shaken him like a rag doll. What was this!!? How could this happen!?

“Zuko!!” Sokka cried out in a sudden realization. He would attempt to tame himself with the assurance that Zuko was indeed his. The thought of someone else touching the Fire Male, hugging, embracing, even a mere speaking with made Sokka want to hit something, hit something with spikes and poison and many other such unspeakable things.

“ZUKO!!” Sokka called again, this time almost wailing it as his very small and selfish heart ripped with a hairline crack.

“What in God’s name IS it Sokka?!” Zuko threw open the door again.

This was starting to become slightly irritating. Come here, go away, sex me up, get out of here! It was this concoction of mixed messages that were starting to really eat away at his very being. “What do you want now!? Would you like me to try and-“ Zuko started to let loose his acrid tongue when a warm entity threw itself at him.

“What in-“ Zuko started again but was cut off once more as Sokka seemed to search his body for something.

“You won’t will you? I’ll KILL you if you do!!” Sokka cried out angrily. He wasn’t crying, he wasn’t hurt, he wasn’t even in danger. What in blazes was this stupid teen doing!?

“SOKKA! What the HELL are you talking about?! I was just booted from this room for-“ Zuko was cut off by Sokka yet again.

“You won’t ever try and do it with a girl will you? or anyone else? You’ll only try and be with me?” Sokka tried not to sound as freakishly girly as he believed he was being.

“What are you talking about?” Zuko was now even more confused at this point in time. He had just been in here trying to ‘take’ Sokka and the other had literally kicked him out. Now he was back here, assuring the other teen that he wouldn’t go and sex up someone else?! What in god’s name could change Sokka’s mind so quickly?!

“Sokka, I already told you....Even if I wanted to; which I don’t. I couldn’t. The Gouka has chosen for me and this is one of the only times I’ve ever been in agreement with my curse. I have found you to be the only one I can stand for longer than a few minutes other than my Uncle.” Zuko tried to calm the other with words of assurance and reason.

“Dammit! I’ll kill you if you even think about it!!” Sokka punched the other in the arm.

“HEY! What the fuck!? I just said that I wouldn’t!!” Zuko yelled out, piqued. Now he was being punched by his consort. Dandy.

“Prove it!” Sokka demanded looking up into the other’s face almost in distress.

“What?” Zuko was now flabbergasted, for the umpteenth time today.

“You heard me! Prove it! Prove that you won't have anyone else!” Sokka flashed a smirk that Zuko suddenly found distinguishing on Sokka’s face.

“You want me to...prove that I will have no one else but you?” Zuko stared down in a perplexing manner but then felt a most feral of grins overtake his expressions. This is what he had been hoping for and now Sokka was all but throwing himself into Zuko’s arms.

“Yes!...” Sokka watched the smile overtake the other’s face and suddenly had a very bad feeling about what he had just done. “But I-“ Sokka tried to start but was cut off much like he had been doing to the other.

“No. I will not accept any more arguments nor will I listen to them. You have just asked for his.” Zuko grinned and leaned down into Sokka’s face breathing gently across the other’s cheek.

“You will be begging for my mercy before I even touch you there.” Zuko promised the other as he took Sokka into his arms with an unmerciful yank.

Zuko pulled Sokka hard against his own body to let the Water Teen feel his physical manifestation of lust press against the other. Sokka’s own body was responding and found it difficult to comprehend what he had just done. The teen had just asked Zuko to ‘prove’ his want for Sokka. Well fucking terrific. If he’d not signed his own death warrant, he would eat his own clothing.

Sokka shuddered as Zuko breathed across his ear and then attacked it with a ferocity he found slightly unnerving. Zuko was biting gently across the cartilage which gave him the shivers. He found it erotic all the same that Zuko was paying such attention to his body no matter if it was as simple as only his ear. The Fire Prince played his hand along the boy’s spine while using the other to tilt Sokka’s now liquified neck up. Taking possession of Sokka’s mouth with his own, Zuko showed how much he would own Sokka in just a bit. He thrust his tongue into the other’s mouth while rubbing Sokka’s hip with a hand.

“Zuko?” Sokka tried to question the other as he released his mouth.

“I said no talking,” Zuko commanded. He proceeded to memorize Sokka’s neck in a way no one had bothered to when he’d been a normal Water Tribe’s Man instead of a Fire Consort. How could this happen so fast? How did he even get here? In fact-

“Zuko... Zuko stop for a second,” Sokka tried to pause the interaction between the two of them.

“I said NO,” Zuko growled out which threw Sokka for a turn. The rumbling from deep within the other was making him arousal the more.

“It’s important though!” Sokka whined in a way only he could pull off.

“What IS it then?!” Zuko snapped out with a growl again.

“This.” Sokka reached behind his neck and gently untied the strings that held the ivory necklace to his throat. The care he took untangling the threads surprised the teen himself. He’d worn the said piece of jewelry ever since he could remember. Bathing, dressing, sleeping, anything really.

“This is a sign that I’ve given my life to you...” Sokka said softly in a most un-masculine way. It was shameful that he was being so goddamned feminine, but it was a big occasion for him. It meant that he was giving his life away to this other man.

Tying the necklace across Zuko’s throat, Sokka stared at the ivory with a sad sort of envy. He had owned that bit of jewelry ever since his father had given it to him before he could remember. It was as if he were giving away part of his very being.

“This represents a sort of bond then, yes?” Zuko said softly, fingering the still warm necklace.

“Yes...it’s the most I can give to you that will show how much you own me,” Sokka blushed as he realized how derogatory that had sounded and lowered his head to hide his reddened face. “But it also shows that you belong to me.”

Zuko realized how big this was to the other and grinned once more. “This shows that you can never defy my wishes of wanting you,” Zuko purred out, lowering his mouth to the other’s throat.

Tracing the lines of tendon and muscle, Zuko paid special attention to where the necklace had laid just two minutes earlier; there was even a tan line from the relic. The skin beneath the area was incredibly pale as well incredibly sensitive. Sokka shuddered in a way that made it looked like he’d been hit in the neck.

“Aah...Don’t d-do that!” Sokka cried out as he felt his body react instantly to the physical pleasure that Zuko was instilling in him. “Do what? This?” Zuko smiled wickedly and laid a hard swipe of his tongue across the front of Sokka’s neck, successfully lathering the entire paled flesh.

“AGH!” Sokka was almost painfully hard now, it hurt to even stand.

“Ah, well we’ll have to take care of this then won’t we?” Zuko teased gently and urged the teen to the bed across the room.

“Sh-Shut up...” Sokka whispered and panted as he lay sprawled across the coverlet.

“You don’t know how beautiful you truly are, do you?” Zuko purred yet again.

The very being of Sokka radiated all that Zuko could not have. A cooling of which he’d never felt and a physical pleasure which he could never find by himself. Sokka also reminded himself of all that his parents could not have: a true being which loved him and him alone, someone that would die for him as well as he would die for the other.

“I’m not beautiful...I’m handsome...” Sokka tried to argue as he lifted his head wearily. His entire body ached for Zuko with a need he’d never felt before.

Zuko warmed him like  fire would around you. Zuko was all Sokka could want and more. He was the someone to appreciate him along with his own strange thoughts and feelings of love and kindness. It was the equal amounts of protection and want to be with that person that Sokka knew that the Fire Prince understood.

“That is what you say...” Zuko lowered himself on top of Sokka and spread the other’s legs with his own knee. “You want this, you want me to take you like you’ve never known... you want to scream my name to reassure yourself that I am yours and only yours,” Zuko smirked.

“Yes...Yes that’s what I want..” Sokka said breathlessly as he rose his hips in an attempt to bring himself in contact with the older male's  flesh.

“Please Zuko! Dammit!!” Sokka started to rip at the fabric that covered his own body to try and get closer to the other.

“Ah ah, we have learned patience, no?” Zuko teased, gently removing his own armour. The Water Tribe's Man stared at the sculpted muscles that seemed to gleam under the faint light of the fire. It was still mostly day outside, but the flame burning for the room was almost out.

“Zuko...” Sokka growled out, whimpering as the other laughed outright.

“You are so like an animal! All feeling and no thought. I like that about you; first action and then words.” The Prince licked down the boy so blatantly served to him. The tanned torso was rising and falling in a heavy rhythm as it tried to control its breathing. Sokka sucked in his breathe as Zuko swirled at a nipple.

“What are you, DOING?!” Sokka asked in despair as a feeling of pain and pleasure raced through him while Zuko bit down on him.

“Taking my very sweet time...” Zuko replied with a grin as he began to lower himself even more.




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