Chapter 16


Sokka moaned again as he felt Zuko make contact with his own body; it was like laying a cool rag across someone’s forehead. The heat was startling to him and it made him think that much more of the man’s insane ability to control such a demon within him. It also turned him on that much more.

“Nnn!” the Water Tribe’s man groaned as Zuko pinched the different coloured flesh on his chest.

“Does that feel good?” Zuko asked softly, tempering the angry red nipple with a swipe of his tongue.

“S-Stop it!” Sokka tried to tell the other to stop teasing him so, though it didn’t work as well as planned due to the misfortune of his tongue being put to a much better use.

“You taste good...” Zuko almost mumbled as he licked his lips, nipping the other’s gently.

“Stupid! Don’t say things like that!” Sokka blushed heavily and looked away in mock anger. It was really more strange for the boy to hear one say such an intimate thing to him than an angering thing.

“If you insist...” the Fire Prince replied and leaned down to Sokka’s chest.

“Wha?” Sokka asked before he twitched viciously.

“ACK!!” he cried out as Zuko licked down the line of thigh and hip. The flesh was smooth and tender to the touch and Sokka nearly melted from the man’s touch. The Fire Bender gently nipped the other male’s hip bone and soothed it once more with his mouth. Licking down to the other’s arousal was just the beginning of the torturous pleasure that he would rest upon the other.

“Zuko!! Don’t t-touch tha-“ Sokka broke off, still not accustomed to the whole ‘sex with a guy’ deal.

“Quiet,” Zuko ordered and took haste with returning to his task of torturing the other with lip and tongue.

Laying a delicate swipe of the tongue to the head of the boy under him’s now very prominent arousal, Sokka cried out in surprise and shuddered violently. He grabbed hold of the coverlet that was underneath him and squeezed his eyes shut. The foreign sensations of someone else touching the most intimate place on the body seemed to light his nerves aflame.

“S-Spirits...” Sokka stuttered and tensed as gold eyes continued his vicious attack upon the squirming Consort.

Grinning rather mischievously, he brought a finger up and rubbed it gently across the slit that was beading moisture. He gently took the small amount of moisture to eye sight and stared, licking at it shortly after. Sokka blushed and squawked at him.

“Hey! D-Don’t do that! That’s gross!” Sokka tried to convince Zuko but sounded more as if he was trying to convince himself.

“To you, maybe. But I find every single thing, even if it be the tiniest of things about you, unresistingly enjoyable...” Zuko said honestly and smirked.

“Prepare yourself Sokka,” Zuko whispered before leaning over to the side of the bed and searching for the bowl he’d set there previously that week. The ocean-eyed hadn’t had any idea that it was there, only that now it was much more useful.

“Prepare myself?” Sokka looked anxiously to the bowl and realized that it was getting increasingly harder to move and speak. His breathe was much too fast and his very being seemed to be melding into the sheets below along with the man above.

“Just wait...” Zuko said softly, dipping two fingers into the oil. The substance smelled slightly spicy, almost of ginger and cinnamon. The smell was already taking over the Water Tribe’s Man’s mind, clouding it slowly and quietly, making his brain a little more lax.

The oils that smelled of such exotic ingredients usually chafed and the Fire Prince wanted the boy to enjoy this as much as he did. Bringing the two fingers back to Sokka’s abdomen he slicked them up the other’s cock as a way to start relaxing the other. “This will hurt at first but not for long. Please remember that.” Zuko brought his index finger down to Sokka’s entrance and the other flinched as the warm fluid made contact with an area on his body he’d never thought would be used in a way such as this.

“That’s...! What are you doing!? That is not going to fit there!!” Sokka exclaimed worriedly but was quickly silenced as Zuko pushed the single finger into the boy under him.

“AAH!!” Sokka screamed in pain as the digit invaded his body and seemed to split him apart from the inside. The ripping and tearing sensation made his eyes water, spilling their contents down his tan checks. Biting his tongue he tried to choke off the sounds that he was making for they seemed so very feminine.

“Shhh...just relax and concentrate on something else,” Zuko kissed the other, gently slipping into the other’s mouth.

He invaded the other’s sanctity by pumping in one finger and slowly taking control of the now bruised tongue with his own. The Prince softened his finger and grinned against Sokka’s mouth. The other had started to squirm uncomfortably and Zuko took this as a sign to lead in another finger. Pushing in his middle finger, Sokka tightened once more but took less time to adjust to the invading feeling. He could feel the other be soft with him and take his time. Sokka moaned as the fingers seemed to caress him from the inside and it was the most awkward feeling he’d ever had.

It was pleasurable but also disgusting. How could a man of Zuko’s stature think of doing something like this to a peasant like himself? Now he felt guilty. Fucking great how damned feminine was. “Ready?” Zuko suddenly asked between licks and nips, pushing in a third finger and knocking the boy out of his thoughts. This time, Sokka tensed and even arched his spine off of the bed in pain, panting slightly. It hurt so much it was as if his world were to end this very moment. He wanted the other to take out his fingers but couldn’t speak due to Zuko’s still invading tongue.

“Mm.....” Sokka tried to break away but was gratefully rewarded with the pulling away of the fingers. He could feel himself gape and he writhed uncomfortably. Suddenly he had the feeling of emptiness and he frowned through the kiss.

Zuko smirked and pressed his own erection against Sokka’s. The other boy gasped in surprise but groaned loudly as he felt the other grind his arousal against himself.

“Z-Zuko....just....” ocean eyes attempted to beg despite not knowing what he wanted. He wanted Zuko to make him complete but he was afraid. It hurt so much when Zuko was ‘preparing’ him. What would it feel like for Zuko to put his thing there? It bothered him in general that it was Zuko’s thing being put there but...he wanted it too!

“Quiet, try to concentrate on my hands and mouth,” Zuko suddenly said and kissed Sokka before leaning down to the sensitive neck. Suckling and lapping at the tender flesh, he brushed his hands along Sokka’s straining tip and steadied himself against the boy. “This will hurt but it will feel good in just a moment.” Zuko gave Sokka a quick squeeze before guiding himself to Sokka’s entrance.

“I do love you...just so you know,” Zuko said softly and this time gently kissed Sokka with  the tenderness of a lover.

“NNG!!” Sokka’s scream muffled in their kiss. He felt his entire body split from the thickness that was invading him so. He could feel the oil working as a lubricant and found himself thinking, ‘so that was what it was for...’ before he snapped his eyes shut before anymore thought could process.

“Shhh....” Zuko hushed the other and continued his previous attack upon the other’s neck arousing the other’s erection that had wilted at the pain.

Zuko continued his gentle ministrations as he pushed himself completely and fully inside of his love. He was as deep as he could go from this position. He stopped for the other, wanting the other to adjust to the feeling of being so completely taken. It was obvious from the start that the blue eyed was a virgin but Zuko still found it beautiful how Sokka could be so attractive. Sweating, crying, and even bleeding a bit from his bitten tongue, Sokka was the most beautiful creature he had met. It was obvious from his deep brown hair to his even deeper eyes. They held that of an intelligent creature forced into a position where he was only appreciated by his stupider moments. Why did that happen to some people? Did no one actually see their pain?

“Zuko...” Sokka whimpered almost sadly. It still hurt slightly, but Sokka wanted it over. He could still feel his body adjusting to the intrusion but he wanted Zuko to move. It would be over soon right? He just wanted to bathe and go to bed. It hurt so much.

“Ready?” Zuko asked gently and kissed Sokka’s forehead this time, wanting the boy to be as comfortable as possible.

“Unn...” Sokka grunted and nodded his head slightly.

“Alright then,” Zuko agreed and pulled out almost half way and gently sunk back into the other. Sokka felt the other pull out and he instantly felt worry and anxiety that Zuko would leave him. Which was odd because that’s what he wanted no more than a second ago.

As the Prince thrust back into him a bit harder than the first time he groaned as he could feel himself filled once more. It felt almost good all things considering. Zuko was holding him like his very life depended on it. It was like Zuko couldn’t live without him and that brought warmth all throughout Sokka’s chilled form.

“Zuko....” Sokka moaned softly and tilted his head back to see Zuko’s eyes. The fiery gold glinted as he stared back. He knead the bed sheet lightly, as if a cat in wanting. The boy was lost for a moment in the man’s eyes. Sokka could easily see the Gouka roaring at the other to thrust like a wild animal into his consort and claim him but Zuko was containing himself in the most magnificent way. “Zuko, please....let yourself go.” Sokka said without warning and was surprised by even himself.

“Sokka...?” Zuko wondered before he could feel the Gouka drive out the rest of his thought and meditation. All the sensations of being squeezed tightly by his consort in his most intimate area suddenly spread through Zuko’s conciseness.

“SOKKA,” the Prince tried to warn before his hips pulled out and delved quickly into the Water Tribe’s man with more force.

Zuko could feel his iron will concentration slip as he lifted Sokka’s legs around his waist for a better grip and easier area to thrust into. Sokka could feel Zuko slide even deeper as he pulled up his own legs. Gripping Zuko’s waist like his own life would end if he didn’t, Sokka felt Zuko brush a deep place inside him, causing sparks to shoot off in his vision. “Zuko...?” Sokka tried to ask but was replied with another deep thrust and this time that secret spot was pushed with all of Zuko’s might.

“ZUKO!!!” Sokka shouted again and this time lifted his hips to meet Zuko’s thrusting body. He was sinking  into the other like a ravenous beast and Sokka was replying with his all.

The two came together like a meeting of souls. They thrust and accepted like one being replying to it’s other half. Both were moaning in abandon as the black haired one thrust openly and as deeply as he could into the tight heat that was the brown haired one. It was that moment that a light mist filled the room. The coolness of the being below met with the fiery heat from the one above cause the molecules in the room to heat and cool at a rapid pace causing a steam and mist.

“Zuko! Spirits, PLEASE!!” Sokka begged and wrapped his arms around Zuko’s shoulders and lifted his neck to the other’s mouth to feel more of the burning pleasure.

“Sokka...” Zuko growled and his eyes flashed a coal burning red. The Gouka roared in absolute joy as the consort was taken over and over again.

Sokka’s intimate place was ravaged over and over again until Sokka could feel a burning wave build up upon him and he squeezed intensely around the other. Zuko roared out as his erection was milked by his other soul’s half. The cresting wave of heat and fire combined with ice and water rushed through both of the entities and erupted. As Sokka came he cried out in pleasure and dug his hands into Zuko’s back while Zuko bit into the tenderness that was Sokka’s neck.

“Sokka...” Zuko panted and rested atop the other in a pleasurable aftermath. He felt his entire body imprint Sokka upon him and he sighed. It was the most glorious feeling. He was finally released from his demon for the demon was now sated.

“I love you too.” a voice trembled and Zuko looked up.

“Hn?” Zuko grunted to see if he’d heard Sokka correctly.

“You said you loved me and...I love you too.” Sokka trembled and looked away blushing madly. It was a sort of weakness for him to admit to such a thing of loving another man in the way women do.

Smiling softly Zuko nuzzled the bite he’d laid upon Sokka’s neck and snuffled it with his nose which caused Sokka to laugh as the skin was tickled.

“I’m glad...” Zuko pulled out of Sokka gently and rolled to his side. Pulling Sokka to him, he enveloped the other boy as well as he could and wrapped his legs around the other. He pulled the other’s torso to his own and wrapped his arms around Sokka’s waist.

“I shall never let you go. No matter what you say or what happens. Even in death, I shall never release you.” Zuko promised and closed his eyes as Sokka and himself were taken into the land of dreams and joy of newly made promises for the future and more.




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