Zuko stiffened as he woke. He could feel someone in his bed with him and that wasn’t right by any means. As he roused himself to begin heating his own body to burn the person out he felt the Gouka in his blood purr in a satisfied manner. Confused, Zuko stopped to think. Remembering, he felt slightly stupid for thinking it was anyone else.

“Zuko?” a tired voice called out and the Fire Prince looked over to the mussed face of Sokka.

“Yes?” he answered, his voice lowering into a deep baritone.

“...” Sokka found himself not replying as the Fire Prince’s arms wrapped around him in a tighter embrace.

“Are you uncomfortable?” Zuko asked, turning Sokka’s head with his fingers.

“No...I’m fine...” Sokka replied but gulped when he saw the fire flash in his lover’s eyes.

“Good.” Zuko purred and felt the Gouka take intrest.

Zuko was a healthy young man as much as Sokka was an attractive young man. As Zuko’s body began to take notice of the close proximity between them, he thought of the wonderfully pleasant evening he’d shared with that other.

“Zuko? What’s with the look?” Sokka asked, not entirely sure he was safe in the covers of which he found so much comfort.

“What look?” Zuko replied with little intrest. The Fire Prince began an examination with his fingers of all of Sokka’s body that he could reach. Kneeding tan flesh in his fingers, Zuko explored the body of his new lover. He could see that the other was starting to relax gradually which brought a small smile to his face.

“Aaaaah.” Sokka sighed gratefully at the ‘massage’ that he was receiving. Zuko smoothed the skin with his hands while grinning into the other’s neck.

He would have to hold out for the moment due to the fact that he was expected to be up at this time. Sighing in displeasure, Zuko pulled away from the other teen. He was fully awake now if his lower torso had anything to say but Zuko dealt with the uncomfortable tightness. It was the price for having such a handsome and new consort.

“Where’re you going?” Sokka asked, looking confused and slightly angered.

“I do have duties to which I have to attend on this ship Sokka.” Zuko said with a look that told the other that he wasn’t thinking.

“Well yah, but...” Sokka cut himself off before he said anything to stupid.

“I’ll be back later. I hope you’ll be out of bed by then, and then again...I hope maybe you’re still there.” Zuko leaned down and kissed the brown haired teen once more before slipping out of the covers to land on the hard floor.

“...” Sokka lay there blushing at the insinuation but also from the embarrassment of such a thought. Even if he was a male teen, he was relatively new to these kinds of affairs.

“I’ll see you later.” Zuko left with a half salute to the other before opening the door and stepping through. He had dressed in the small time that Sokka had taken to look away blushing. ‘Fast for such a priss.’ Sokka thought kindly.

As Sokka stretched leisurely he felt a delicious pang of muscle spasms twinge up his spine. He liked the feeling as well as disliking it. It was a reminder of how much ‘fun’ he’d had the last evening, but it was also annoying. Sokka reached to the ceiling with his fingers tips and breathed in. Today, he’d be training with his lover’s Uncle to train in the ways of the consort at court. A big jump.


“No, no Sokka. You have to sit with your back straight, your ankles together, and your head up. Even if it’s the most boring thing EVER you have to do this! Otherwise, you’ll reflect badly on Zuko!” Iroh tried to motivate the very bored water tribe’s man.

“But it hurts! It feels stupid and I’m NOT going to do it!” Sokka pouted and kicked away from Iroh. He wouldn’t do this stupid girly thing even if someone PAID him.

“Why not?” Zuko’s voice cut through to Sokka.

“I just said! It’s stupid!” Sokka turned on the man he’d looked at with so much passion earlier.

“Oh? You think my culture, my family, my way of life is stupid? I had no idea you disrespected me that much.” Zuko said softly and his eyes lost it’s golden sheen.

“Uhm...I-I...That’s not what I meant and you know it!” Sokka cried out unhappily.

Zuko grinned as he watched Sokka stomp back to the wooden chair. He crossed his legs and straightened his spine; he also lifted his head and put down his shoulders. “Is this better?” Sokka asked grumpily.

“Yes...” Zuko replied with a more happy look about it.

“Good. ‘Cause I’m sick of this.” Sokka jumped out of his seat, and started to walk past Zuko. As he did so, Zuko reached out and caught his arm.

“Leaving so soon?” Zuko teased the smaller boy.

“Yes.” Sokka frowned.

“Hnn...” Zuko leaned over, and kissed the frown away from Sokka’s face.

“I’ll show you how to really straighten your spine later...” Zuko murmured with a leering grin. Sokka blushed but pulled away.

“I’ll bet you would.”

Laughing, Zuko knew he would never tire of the unending game between him and his favorite


“I-chan?” A young girl asked, dark brown hair and light brown eyes.

“Yes child?” He answered with a throaty sounding voice.

“Will you tell me the story of Zuko the King?” She asked sweetly.

“The one with Sokka the Fair?” The man asked, chuckling at his grand-niece.

“Yeah! That one!” She giggled happily.

“Well.....alright! Just the short version though!” He said and tickled the girl.

“Eehee! That tickles!” She giggled and settled down on his lap.

“Well, once long ago there was a scary Prince. Named Zuko! He was lonely and so was the Peasant Sokka. One day, Peasant Sokka was captured by the Prince Zuko and taken aboard his ship!” The man started, using large, expressive hands.

Her attention rapt, the girl continued to listen to the story she’d heard so many times.

“Peasant Sokka was so beautiful that the evil Prince Zuko started to fall in love with him. Peasant Sokka-“ The man tried to say but was interrupted with a battle cry.

“IIIIIIROOOOH! YOU BETTER NOT BE TELLING THAT STUPID STORY!!” a loud voice came from the other room.

“We’ll continue it some other time Suka. Your father’s are home...” Iroh laughed as his son-in-law stormed into the room.

“You keep filling my daughter’s head with that fluff and she’ll be brainless someday!!!” Sokka growled angrily.

“But it’s such a good story!” Whined Iroh.

“Well, it is a little tiring.” Zuko agreed as he joined his husband in the foyer of there overly large house.

“But I love it so much!” Suka said, tearing up.

“Argh! Now see what you’ve done!” Sokka said, and started to carry her up to bed.

“I’ll help you...” Zuko rolled his eyes. His consort as well as husband was still so touchy about every little thing.

Figures, ‘Peasant Sokka’ was still not entirely used to an entire room of people standing for him when he entered the room.

“Suka, I’m sorry I had to interrupt Uncle Iroh’s story, but-“ He tried to explain but was cut off with an ‘eeep!’.

“Zuko!!” He angrily whispered.

“What?” The other man looked back with an innocent expression.

Zuko still enjoyed the man just as much as he did the first. If not more for he had found out recently that Sokka was particularly fun to pinch.



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