Mozenrath's Turn

Chapter 1

Mozenrath was the cat that had his cream, so to speak, as he circled his invitingly bound, secret lover/enemy.

The decision to capture Aladdin in a smokescreen ploy to get the Genie, (which would be fine and dandy as well), was another way Mozenrath was planning to spice up their already intriguing, satisfying sex life, a sordid affair since that heavy night in the hovel. So far it had only been quick grope sessions since then after their epic battles, the clueless dream team in the background, oblivious of the fact how sexually stimulated their fights were.

Truth be told, Mozenrath and Aladdin got off being dominated and dominating, tussling for the right to pound the other into the ground. They were more than a match for each other, merciless and tactful.

But now he had the control. It was high time, Mozenrath decided, Aladdin should give up the reigns. Yes indeed, he’d certainty teach him something new.

He floated up to Aladdin’s level, bound high and tight on the dagger shaped rock formation, secretly a crystal of Ithx. But Aladdin would find that out later, he decided. Just because their relationship had changed a tad bit, didn’t mean he still didn’t want world domination and the like. He examined the hero’s slump form, deciding his choice to slam his head back into the rock was a tad dramatic, although effective in convincing Xerxes he was in high temper and should leave.

He lifted the unconscious hero’s chin in one hand, thoughtfully using the other to search for blood at the back of his head. Aladdin stirred slightly, groaning in pain. Mozenrath waited patiently as Aladdin’s face screwed up in discomfort, sorely wishing he could rub his head, when finally he cracked open one eye to face a triumphant Mozenrath.

He was less than enthusiastic.

“Aww Man, Mozenrath, what the hell are you trying to do?”

“My best, as usual.” The sorcerer answered cheekily.

Aladdin grinned ruefully; stretching as well as he could in his sticky bonds.

He yawned. “So, we gonna fuck or what? I do believe my rescue squad will be here at any time.” He grinned impertinently at Mozenrath’s noise of disgust.

“Ugh. You have no shame at all. What makes you think I brought you here for that reason, you conceded little piece of shit?” His gauntlet flared, and he brought it quite close to Aladdin’s face. He whispered wickedly, exposing his canines.

“What makes you think I wouldn’t hesitate in killing you?”

Aladdin didn’t even blink, though he did try to move from the uncomfortable heat of the gauntlet, finding it impossible.

“ I don’t,” he answered quite truthfully. And addition to their relationship didn’t mean the dynamics had changed, does it?

Mozenrath snorted in amusement, letting his gauntlet die.

“You lack faith, Aladdin.”

He leaned in to whisper in the other’s ear.

“I’d at least like one more romp”.

Aladdin shuddered. “You know, me being like this is going to make it quite hard for me to do much of anything to help you out with that one.”

“ I know”, Mozenrath said, suddenly business like, straightening up. “Which makes it quite easy for me. You see, I’ve decided we should do something a little different.”

Aladdin cocked an eyebrow at him. “And that would be…?”

“Tut Tut Tut, Patience. I’m calling the shots, you remember.” Mozenrath admonished. Aladdin sighed in frustration, deciding just to ride Mozenrath weird mood out and see what happens.

He squirmed, however, as Mozenrath un-tucked Aladdin’s shirt from his pants, long cold fingers ticklish as they pushed his shirt over his head, the position of his arms keeping it there.

He noticed Mozenrath giving him thoughtful looks.

“Got an eyeful?” he asked.

Mozenrath smirked. He snatched the bound, younger man’s jaw and pried it open with pressure. Aladdin made a noise of indignant disapproval, irate at the show of seemingly unnecessary force.

Their breath intermingled as Mozenrath leaned close from his mid-air position.

“You tell me.”

With that he roughly took the other lip’s with his own, using his leverage to slide his tongue easily into the hero’s wet, hot mouth.

If he wants to play like that, we’ll play like that, Aladdin thought defiantly.

He bit down on the sorcerer’s tongue, hard. Mozenrath jolted in pain, but otherwise was not put off; the blood causes seeping down the corner of both of their sealed mouths. Mozenrath fully ravaged the other’s mouth, flush against him and Aladdin’s head in his hands for better control.

Aladdin’s eyes closed, a wave of heat consuming his body, making him warm from tip to toe, a familiar sensation building in his gut.

Mozenrath was indeed a damn fine kisser.

Mozenrath, however, pulled back, yanking the hero’s bottom lip in his teeth as he did. Aladdin winced as that too drew blood as it tore, but otherwise watched in a haze as Mozenrath moved down in light suckling, nipping action down his throat. He panted for air as his partner’s hands traveled down his body, over his stomach possessively, playing with the hairs of Aladdin’s “happy trail” that lead down into his pants.

“What are you doing?” he asked shakily, feeling like putty in the other’s capable hands. This was knew, being bound and at the mercy of the sorcerer. It was unfamiliar. It was slightly scary.

It was jarringly exciting.

“Nothing I don’t want to” Mozenrath replied distractedly

Aladdin’s snort of derision was cut off by his reaction to Mozenrath’s decision to dive down his pants and caress his thigh roughly. His hips arched, finding himself writing desperately.

Mozenrath looked up with a cocked eyebrow, obviously amused.

“Anxious, aren’t we?”

“No,” Aladdin stammered in reply, embarrassed a bit as his display. “ Your hands are just cold, that’s all”.

Mozenrath smirked knowingly.

Aladdin’s head fell back with a full-throated groan as Mozenrath latched onto his hot spot, the dip in his collarbone, lavishing it with full attention. It was an underhanded double attack, as he had suddenly decided to yank his pants down and cup the quickly growing architecture there.  


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