Mozenrath's Turn

Chapter 2 - Say Please Hero

Mozenrath grinned wickedly, lifting his head from its position on Aladdin’s throat, but still keeping that hand firmly, possessively clutching Aladdin’s groin. This was decisively cruel to the hero, sustaining him so close to an almost fulfilling touch. Mozenrath laughed breathlessly over Aladdin’s skin as the younger man ground up helplessly, his hips twisting in an effort to get something more substantial out of the sorcerer. His lips were parted and constantly getting rewet by a flicking tongue, his cheeks flush red, and his eyes unfocused. The tables were indeed turned, and Mozenrath was enjoying his new found reign immensely.

His strokes on the hero’s proud, angry shaft turned gentle, teasing, barely there; they’d be ticklish on any other part of the body. Aladdin bit back the wail that tried to break free from his lips. It just wasn’t fair! Those deft fingers flickered teasingly across the glistening tip, wet with precum, sliding to the base in a continuous flow of ghostly touches.

“You know,” Mozenrath said huskily, “ for a street rat you look decidedly fuckable right about now.” “And for a hero,” he continued, tucking a lock of hair behind Aladdin’s ear thoughtfully, “ You look sinful. Absolutely sinful.”

“Mozenrath, Don’t do this to me.” Aladdin begged. Screw pride. He was painfully aroused and didn’t think he could take this kind of abuse for long.

Mozenrath laughed, abandoning his partner’s shaft. He looped his arms around the hero’s tapered waist, flush against him as he alternated between suckling on Aladdin’s taunt neck and doting fleeting kisses on the boy’s lips.

“Was that a please I almost heard?” he asked, licking the shell of Aladdin’s ear.

Aladdin made a whining noise in his throat.

“I’ve never asked you please, Mozenrath.” He said stubbornly.

Mozenrath shook his head, backing off.

“Oh well, if that’s how you really feel.” He stepped back, leaving the horny youth as he lowered himself to the ground. Aladdin’s jaw fell open as he gaped openly. Would Mozenrath really do that to him? He watched as the sorcerer took of his turban, setting it aside as he leisurely undressed, untucking his shirt from his pants.

“Mozenrath… Hey!” he jumped as he felt a cold tendril snake up his spread legs, wrenched tight by the bounds. He struggled as they touched his skin intimately, curling round his sack and half-flaccid cock. They felt like they were made of the same material as the black ooze that held him.

“Mozenrath! What’s going on?”

Mozenrath eyed him almost chidingly as his shirt came off, revealing a toned, though pale chest free of hair.

“What? Would you rather me tell them to stop?’

Aladdin considered the question, arcing off the rock as the vines climbed higher, smaller ones circling tight round the hardened nubs his nipples had become. He groaned helplessly, head falling back.

“N-n-No. No.” he said, teeth chattering. He gasped and writhed in the inhuman tendril’s grasp, at its mercy as his body was manipulated.

Mozenrath seemed to be ignoring him, stripping nude unabashedly. He finally rose once more to the boy’s height, finger thoughtfully on his chin.

“Now, what could we do to relieve this little problem?” He was of course, speaking of the same whimpers, gasps and moans that fell from Aladdin’s mouth like water, eyes squeezed shut as the tentacles slithered up and down his body wickedly. He shuddered, riding an orgasm pulled from him forcibly, scream muffled by a large, spongy tentacle forced into his mouth. His eyes watered with helpless frustration as he was stroked to arousal once more.

Mozenrath snapped his fingers and the tentacle in his mouth removed itself. Aladdin gasped, chin taken in Mozenrath’s hand, kissed hard, forcibly, possessively.

"Say please, hero, and I’ll give you what you need."  



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