Mozenrath's Turn

Chapter 3 - Finally!

Aladdin bit his lip as an inner conflict raged inside him. He needed, so sorely needed whatever relief Mozenrath was willing to give to him, but to say please to the cocky sorcerer?

“Come on” Mozenrath cooed silkily. He hooked a leg round the hero’s waist, pressing himself indecently close, yanking hard on Aladdin’s hair just at the back of his neck, knowing it to be a secret turn on, all this rough treatment. “Is it really that hard?”

Aladdin gasped, feeling the sorcerer’s own rock hard arousal sliding against his, the sensation mind blowing.

“Please!” he yelled with abandon, surrendering to wicked charms of the Lord Of The Black Sands.

Mozenrath laughed lustily.

“That’s it.” He snapped his fingers once more, all the tentacles leaving the boy in an instant. Aladdin gasped in something akin to relief and loss. Mozenrath soon relieved that when he took the hero’s lips once more, languidly toying with his tongue as his busy hand dove between Aladdin’s legs, over his thighs and…

Aladdin whined in surprise as he felt a narrow fingertip touch questingly at a place he’d certainly never been touched. He shifted, trying in vain to close his wantonly spread legs. Mozenrath was having none of it, and indeed, his partner’s struggles only intensified his own aching, neglected arousal. But he knew the hero’s likelihood to never trust him again if he did calm his fears.

He left Aladdin’s lips, opting to nuzzle the hero’s face, pressing soft kisses.

“I’m offended, Aladdin, you don’t trust me.” He said coyly.

Aladdin himself, was slowly being driven mad by the circular motion of that finger at his entrance, wriggling in response.

“I do trust you.” He replied. “I’ve just never…” he trailed off, mumbling embarrassedly.

“Well that much is obvious” Mozenrath scoffed, kissing the hero reprimandingly on the mouth. Aladdin hummed into the kiss, pulling gently at the sorcerer’s bottom lip compliantly.

Mozenrath’s eyes narrowed in pleasure, letting his power flex enough to conjure wetness on his fingers, as he was anxious to take the hero in the most animalistic way. Without any further hesitation, he dipped into Aladdin’s entrance swiftly, stroking and pushing the inner, shuddering walls of flesh that immediately encased his finger.

He broke away from Aladdin, only to dip down to swallow the gasp his younger partner emitted.

“Relax,” he hissed. Miraculously, his lover did, or at least enough for Mozenrath to slip another finger within Aladdin, scissoring his fingers to stretch him. Aladdin made a keening noise, tears jumping to his eyes and some spilling down his cheeks. His cheeks flushed hotly and he whimpered in pain.

Mozenrath cursed inwardly. He was loosing his young partner’s willingness to pain. He reached down, teasing forgotten, and grasped the hero’s failing shaft in a strong grip, stroking forcibly. Aladdin cried out, pain forgotten as he was stroked so close to fulfillment, barely registering there were now three fingers inside him.

Mozenrath knew it was time to take it one step further when the hero formerly known as Aladdin was reduced to a creature of sex, desperate for something, something he needed so bad from Mozenrath.

With a snap of his fingers, Aladdin’s bottom half was raised higher in their bonds, his body almost flat, mid air.

“Oh God.” He moaned, dazed as Mozenrath grasped his hips, settling himself between his legs. Mozenrath could barely restrain himself from thrusting deep within the hero then, waiting with agonizing impatience as he ground out between clenched teeth.

“Are you ready?”


Without any further ado, Mozenrath slammed home, knowing this part, for a virgin, was better done quickly. His head lolled forward, groaning with absolute relish as he was gripped, hot and tight, so good… He looked through half-lidded eyes at the hero. Aladdin’s jaw had fallen open, eyes wide.

“Oh…my…God.” He said, words muffled by a pleasured haze.

Mozenrath managed a smirk, laughing quietly.

“Feels nice, don’t it?” he asked, running a hand comfortingly on the hero’s quivering thigh.

He had no idea. The sharp pain of entry was slowly fading, replaced by such an incredible feeling. He was full, he was whole, and he was burning and melting away to something so much more than nothing.

Mozenrath saw his expression and knew he was ready for more. 



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