Mozenrath's Turn

Chapter 4 - Ride Me.

He pulled almost all the way out, angling so when he thrust forcibly back in, he knew the reason for Aladdin's tossed back head, gasping breathlessly.

"Aladdin, meet your prostate."

White hit cinders danced in Aladdin's closed eyes. Was he breathing? He felt like he had left his body on along time ago, but no, it was there, something hot and human, hard and dominating, deep inside him, thrusting in and out with a rythm that would make Adonis jealous.

With a moan of his lover's name, he rose up to meet the powerfull thrusts, wanting deeper, wanting harder, wanting more.

"Mozenrath...Oh God, Mozenrath!" his voice rose as his body arched in pure pleasure, the pressure building in his shaft.

Through is sweat dampened bangs, Mozenrath saw with instinctual know how Aladdin was about to explode, literally. The way their bodies entwined, the way Mozenrath was getting the best, tightest fuck he'd had in forever, couldn't get much better. Unless.

Aladdin barely contained the whine in his throat as his hair was griped, face tilted up. Mozenrath leaned over him, the pair panting in each other's faced and too aroused to care.

"Mozenrath, I need to-"

He was cut off as he was kissed roughly, wriggling in an attempt to rub against the stomach over him, needing relief like air.

"Not yet, Aladdin, Not yet," he whispered savagely.

Aladdin felt the bonds on his hands slip away, and almost forgot about the pounding ache in his rear and shaft as he feared falling, but found himself wrapped in long arms, floating gently, albeit hurridedly, to the ground.

He looked up in curiosity, dazed and confused.

"What are you doing?"

Mozenrath ignored him, backing up against the stone wall of the cliff's side and sitting, Aladdin crying out when the shaft almost pulling out moved all the way inside him, as he was brought to straddle the sorcerer's waist.

"Now ride me." 



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