Mozenrath's Turn

Chapter 5 - Aladdin Gets Banged

Aladdin stared at Mozenrath in numb disbelief. It was crude, such a filthy thing to say. People really didn't say that; People really didn't expect that did it? His face turned hot pink and he dropped his gaze, running his palms on Mozenrath's chest to avoid answering.

Mozenrath groaned, the sudden show of modesty making his body scream for completion, knowing he'd need more than carnal demands to get what he wanted from Aladdin. He grit his teeth, and with painstakingly gentle hands, lifted Aladdin's chin,

"Now don't tell me your shy now..." he chuckled into the warm, shuddering, oh so thin skin above Aladdin's jumping vein.

Aladdin's hands moved to tangle longingly in Mozenrath's sweaty curls, thick and abundant under his twisting fingers. Unconsciously, his hips rolled in small circles, seeking pleasure and fiction even when his pride refused such an action.

He moaned.

"It's just that..." He mumbled, and Mozenrath had to lean forward, tasting his lover's lips as he listened in fascinated attention.

When he did catch it, he threw back his head and laughed long and hard.

"You'd feel silly???"

He stopped, however, when he saw how miserable Aladdin looked, the hands on his thighs pushing as if to get off, the cock once so proud, red, hard and aroused against his stomach becoming flaccid. In a truce experiment of tact, Mozenrath pulled him right up against his body, another small gasp as the shaft inside Aladdin changed positions. Mozenrath put his lips right up against Aladdin's ear, whispering softly, hotly.

" You have to be kidding me. Oh I know why you hesitate. You love being dominated, being put in your place for being the defiant little cocksucker you are, because you ask for it. But I know, beyond a doubt, you lifting yourself off my cock, feeling it almost slip all the way free, and then slamming down, just as hard as you dare to take it, would look more erotic than anything you'd ever done. Your head thrown back, screaming like a bitch in heat, totally addicted to that feeling of pleasure. "

He realized Aladdin was shuddering against him, trembling and nuzzling without abandon, thighs shaking. He licked his lips, mouth suddenly dry, brushing his triumphant, returned arousal against Mozenrath.

Mozenrath went in for the kill.

" You'd like that, wouldn't you? "

He was cut off when the full force of a horny teen rose for an imperceptably short time before impaling himself, Aladdin giving his insides no mercy. His moan was more a scream, and true to Mozenrath's word, his mouth flew open, and he screamed his pleasure and passion hot and loud as he bounced quickly on Mozenrath's lap.

Mozenrath gripped his hips, praising every God he knew, fighting the urge to roll his eyes back up in his head so he could watch every expression of pleasured vulnerability, loss to the senses, every gasp, every yell.

Mozenrath came like a freight train, roaring and arching off the stone.
Aladdin felt it in him and was pushed to the edge.

He collapsed bonelessly onto the sorcerer, hands smoothing over over-sensitive skin absent-mindedly.
Mozenrath, when he regained his sense of the world, brought Aladdin's palm to his lips and kissed it.

" Get off, you're heavy. "

The End.  


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