Andy, You're a Star

Part 1


hey shut up, hey shut up, yeah


Sid’s been working since his senior year in High School. To him, college was a joke. These kids would come into the shop, self-entitled and lost in their academia when Sid knew the truth: they were broke-ass bastards living off their parent’s dime who mostly never worked a day in their life. Sid learned early on you didn’t need a degree to make money. His garbage route at Age 17 paid the bills and allowed him to move out. A year later, most people his age were starting their freshman year in high college; Sid upgraded to a new job and UPS Truck. In what would have been his sophomore year Sid decided he was sick of fucking driving and this guy he was blowing whom he met while delivering a package asked him if he knew anything about cars. Sid did, actually. His old man used to be a mechanic and would teach him things here and there. It was one of the few good things he remembered about his childhood, before the drinking got really bad.

Sid fixed the guy’s car and was paid with some great sex and a desire to change careers again. It wasn’t easy convincing Bill of Bill’s Auto Body to hire him but Sid was persistent and he’s been there a little over a year now.

Sid’s 21 years old; he doesn’t need to sneak around with fake IDs to get drunk anymore, he’s got a shit-hole of an apartment in the center of town (it beats living at home with mom and dad), and makes enough money to pay his own bills. He would’ve been his junior year of college doing useless things with his life, getting a useless degree he already proven he doesn’t need. For the first time, Sid feels – content.

Except, that is, on days like today. The worst part of working at a local garage is dealing with the entitled masses from his High School days; guys and girls rolling in with Jags and Beamers their parents bought them, clearly home from break without a care in the world. It’s easier to take when it’s some dick that used to be in the football team, who’s now driving some run down piece of shit and flipping burgers at McDonalds. Regardless, Sid has to “service” the ghosts from his adolescence and it always makes him feel like a whore.

When Andrew “just call me Andy” Davis walks in, flush faced and sweaty yet still looking like something out of an Abercrombie and Fitch ad, Sid decides a) he actually hates his job and b) Andy is clearly in that first category of high school kids. When Sid was younger he always saw his next door neighbor bounding around, happy as a pig in shit, with toys under his arm and a bounce in his step.

Andy’s mom was a hippie, that much was certain, but that didn’t mean she was completely open and accepting. “This neighborhood is really going down the tubes,” he heard her mutter under her breath one day, when he and his mom were leaving the house, and she was pushing him ahead of her as per usual.

Sid fully didn’t expect an invite to Andy’s party, but it still stung nonetheless. Instead, he watched through the fence in his backyard while all the kids from their grade arrived with presents. Sid would have brought Andy one of his own ‘revised’ toys. He would have put it in a box and wrapped it, if he’d been invited.

The next day some boring old couple moved next door and Sid didn’t see Andy again until the first day of middle school.


promise me she’s not your world


Andy always had a lot of friends when he was younger, Sid knew that. In middle school, he slowly came into his own, branching out into sports and different clubs while Sid mainly stuck to himself. They barely spoke and if they did, it was just for Sid to taunt if “he got any new toys lately.” By high school, Andy was downright popular. Sid watched him goofing around in the halls with his jock friends who would snort at Sid while he walked by with his head down and his ears permanently in headphones. Sid could always hear them over the music, the cackles of ‘freak’ and ‘loser’ and (later) ‘fag’ directed at him. Andy never partook in the taunts and Sid even heard him say ‘knock it off’ one or two times. It only made him angrier.

When Andy was alone in the halls, Sid would lean up against a locker, attempt to trip him, say ridiculous things like ‘hey Andy Dooofffuss’ When Hannah arrived in High School and saw the goings on, she wrinkled her nose and said ‘Tommy Borden does that stuff to me.’ A year later, she and Tommy Borden were dating. Sid ignored her pointed looks and moreover, started flat out ignoring Andy.

They didn’t have many classes together; mostly gym where Sid steadfastly didn’t look at Andy’s body and usually attempted to piss off a jock at least once a day. Sid loved provoking, especially because he was a master at not getting sent to the principal for it, letting the other guy take the full brunt of it. Junior and senior year they were both in English classes together, and Sid would shoot spill balls at Andy’s back while Andy gave him incredulous yet amused looks and just shook his head. Sid didn’t understand him.

Sid didn’t really date because he wasn’t into girls, that much he knew, and he didn’t know how to even find another gay kid in their town much less school. Was there a sign for these things? He’s heard some schools had Gay/Straight Student Alliances but 1) Sid didn’t want to ‘align’ with anyone and 2) it wasn’t even an option at his school. He saw Andy with girls in the halls but never anyone in particular. He also noticed the change in him over the years: taller, fuller, letting his hair grow out.

It was Homecoming in senior year when it happened. Sid went to the game just because it was something to do, with a few guys he barely considered friends because Sid Phillips didn’t really do friends. Andy scored a huge touchdown, everyone cheered, and Sid stayed out by the football field drinking and smoking while his friends pissed off to a party while everyone else went to the dance. He was lounging under the bleachers when a blur caught his eye; it was Andy. He was wearing a button down shirt, black suit jacket and dress pants. His hair slick back; Sid preferred it loose and floppy. Andy ducked his head from the edge of the bleachers. “You know you’ll get caught, right?” He sounded overly patient and bored, like he knew what Sid’s response would be.

Well, Sid loved playing into people’s expectations of him. “Talk to someone who cares,” he said, raising his beer in salute.

Andy shook his head, but Sid noticed a small, silently amused smile playing at his lips. “I wish I didn’t care about things like that,” Andy said, sounding sincerely regretful.

Sid shrugged. “Your loss.”

He looked out at the field; it almost dark out. He heard the shuffling of feet and nearly jumped in surprise when Andy sat down beside him.

“So show me what I’m missing,” he said, face turned toward Sid.

Sid snorted, even as his heart lurched idiotically at Andy sitting in the cool grass next to him. “Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere complimenting Stacey’s dress?” Despite his desire to block out everything in relation to his school, it didn’t escape Sid that Andy and Stacey McGinn were apparently going to the dance together, nor the fact that Andy was up for Homecoming king.

Sid looked at Andy out of the corner of his eye, watched as his nose crinkled upward. “She can be kind of vapid.”

Sid barked out a laugh. “All your friends are kind of vapid.”

Andy’s face turned serious, as if pondering the truth of the statement. “No, they’re. They’re not.”


“I’m not just friends with the popular crew. I’m on the debate club, and I write for the school paper, and I’m on the math league. I’m friends with everyone there.”

Sid waved his hand. “Just because you’re nice to the geeks and creative types doesn’t mean that’s who you’re associated with. When people think of you, it’s with the Stacey’s, or the Troy’s or the Bethany’s – dear god, are those really the names of your friends? Are we on some bad primetime soap opera?”

Andy laughed and leaned back on his elbows. “You’re such an ass.” It sounded like a compliment. Then he grabbed Sid’s beer out of his hand and took a sip.

“Hey!” Sid protested, grabbing it back from him.

“This is the most we’ve talked since grade school,” Andy mused. It was near dark under the bleachers now, the only light emulating from the floods on the field.

“I don’t keep track,” Sid said, gruffly. He couldn’t explain the sudden increase in his heart rate.

Andy hummed noncommittally. Sid finished his beer and crushed the can into the grass with his palm. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a joint and a lighter.

He could feel Andy staring at him.

“What, you gonna run and tell the principal?” Sid snapped.

“Was gonna ask if I could have a drag,” Andy said, defensively.

Sid rolled his eyes. “It’s called a ‘toke,’ genius. Or a hit. And maybe if you ask nicely.”

“Please, Sid Phillips, may I have a toke,” Andy said, exaggeratedly.

Sid punched him in the thigh, not very hard. “Smart ass. Here,” he handed it to him after taking a hit.

He laughed when Andy started coughing, and tried not to find it endearing. They passed the joint back and forth, Sid trying not to focus on the wetness from Andy’s lips and Andy getting better with each turn.

“I don’t do things like this,” Andy admitted, as though Sid was supposed to be surprised. “My life has been college applications and trying to do as many extracurricular activities that I forget this is supposed to be the best time of your life, you know?”

Sid laughed bitterly. “If high school is the best time of our lives, I’d like to end it all now and save myself the trouble.”

Andy grabbed at Sid’s shoulders in a quick sudden movement, twisting his body so they were facing one another. His eyes were intense. “Don’t say shit like that. That’s..” he shook his head, like the words were a puzzle he couldn’t put together. His eyes were very red and Sid noted the joint was almost burnt down.

“You’re stoned, Davis,” he said, not unkindly.

Any ignored him. “Are you really that miserable?” he said, his mouth in a slight pout. Sid couldn’t take his eyes of his full lips, the way his tongue skidded over the lower one, almost nervously.

“You don’t know the first thing about what I am,” Sid said, suddenly angry, more at himself than Andy.

Andy’s eyes darted between Sid’s lips and his mouth, his face largely in shadow.

“Show me,” Andy said, voice a mere whisper.

Sid couldn’t help it anymore; it felt like someone opened a gate, water rushing out, the pressure finally released. He pulled Andy in roughly and took his mouth in a desperate, biting kiss.

Andy stiffened under his lips immediately and pulled back slightly.

“Sid, I’ve never—“

Sid never heard Andy sound that unsure of himself. He was always the kid in class who knew the right answer, the one who made speeches, the one who thrived being in the spotlight.

Sid ran his hand down Andy’s arm. “It’s just kissing,” he said, trying to sound annoyed but he knew it came off as soft, reassuring.

Andy looked at him, his eyes a mix of fear and want. “Yeah,” he choked out. “Yeah,” he repeated, sounding surer of himself. And then he leaned forward and brushed his lips against Sid’s, steady and firm. Sid groaned and fisted his hand in Andy’s hair, loosening the gelled strands with his fingers, his fingers curving around Andy’s scalp to hold him in place.

He coaxed Andy’s lips apart with his tongue, delighting in the small gasp. He felt Andy’s hand come to rest on his shoulder, fingers digging into the muscle while his tongue crept out shyly to brush against Sid’s. Sid met Andy’s tongue with his own, pulling it into his mouth and sucking gently. He pulled Andy in closer and when met with no resistance, deepened the kiss the way he’s always wanted to, the way he started this whole thing: rough, biting, and aching. Andy moaned against his lips, thrusting his tongue into Sid’s mouth. Sid felt jolts of pleasure throughout his body, settling around his cock. He groaned and tipped Andy backward onto the grass.

Andy panted against his lips. They kissed opened mouth and clumsy, all lips, tongues, and teeth. Sid pulled Andy’s bottom lip between his own, and felt Andy tremble against him. Sid settled his leg over Andy’s hip, half covering his body with his own, while his hands explored Andy’s hair, his arms, and his chest. Andy sat up abruptly but it was only to strip off his jacket. He tossed it to the side and pulled Sid back down.

“Yes,” Sid muttered against his lips, rubbing his leg against Andy’s groin and finding a rather impressive erection.

Andy cried out softly when Sid ground down a little harder.

“You like that?” Sid breathed against Andy’s lips, mouthing down his jaw.

“Do you?” Andy shot back, voice breathless.

He ran his fingers along the inside of Andy’s thigh, and then traced the bulge of his erection. “What do you think?”

Sid fingers closed around his length and Andy groaned. “Feels good,” he admitted, tentatively.

Sid smiled, suddenly encouraged, and leaned down to trail kisses along Andy’s neck,, delighting in the soft scrape of stubble.

Andy ran his hands up Sid’s back, slowly, letting Sid kiss and bite him. Sid kept rubbing at Andy’s dick until the friction was apparently too much; he squirmed away, breathless.

“Sid,” he moaned. “I—“

Sid just kissed him harder and started to undo his pants. “Want this?” he whispered wetly against Andy’s ear, his entire body on fire with the thought of feeling a bare cock in his hand that wasn’t his own.

“Please,” Andy gasped.

Sid fumbled a little with the button but didn’t stop kissing Andy. Andy bit Sid’s lower lip, making him growl. His fingers shook as he ran his thumb along the slit of Andy’s boxers, and then reached inside. Andy was hot and heavy in his hand, and he jerked upward immediately, gasping into Sid’s mouth and leaning into his touch. Sid gripped him tighter, reveling in the feel of it. He kissed his way down Andy’s neck again, sucking hard against the collar of his shirt. Sid felt Andy’s fingers tighten in his hair, holding his mouth in place. Sid sucked harder, hoping it would leave a bruise, while his hand worked faster. He thumbed the head, nearly jumping in surprise when his finger was greeted to wetness. All he could think was fuck, that’s hot as he spread pre-come down Andy’s cock. Sid knew what he wanted, fantasized about it a million times and he didn’t care why this was happening, only that it was happening.

He slid down Andy’s body, mouthing at his button-down shirt, kissing the skin at his torso where his shirt tail had ridden up. Andy’s hand was still tight in his hair, and when Sid lifted him fully free of the boxers, it clenched so hard his scalp hurt.

“Don’t fuck my mouth,” Sid warned.

“What, I, oh my god” Andy gasped out, confusion melting into pleasure as Sid’s lips wrapped around the head of his dick. Andy held Sid by the hair but didn’t move his hips. Sid could hear his harsh pants, the little sobs of pleasure he uttered that made Sid nearly come in his jeans.

He took Andy as far as he could, hollowing his cheeks and making sure to keep his teeth in check. He palmed at Andy’s thigh, rubbing in slow circles.

“Oh, oh, you,” Andy gasped, nonsensically. Sid sucked him a little faster, one hand at the base of his dick, rubbing a little at his balls. Andy moaned again and Sid felt the thigh beneath his hand tense.

“I’m so close,” Andy said, voice wondrous, his words barely a whisper.

Sid watched a lot of internet porn where the guys came on your face because it was all about the money shot or something. Sid wanted it on his tongue, though. Needed to taste it, almost to remind himself this was real.

Andy tugged on Sid’s hair sharply, but Sid just shook his head while taking him in even further. He gagged a little and pulled off, suckling at the head.

“Oh, oh I’m..” Andy groaned and Sid will never forget the sound of his voice, desperate and almost joyful.

Sid pressed the heel of his palm to his own cock, hard, as Andy’s come hit his tongue, hot, salty, and amazing.

Andy’s hips raised only a little; Sid could feel all the tension he was putting into his thighs, how hard his stomach muscles were shaking. Sid licked up everything he couldn’t catch, and then licked his lips. When he looked up, Andy’s head was flat against the grass, a hand thrown over his eyes.

Sid crawled up awkwardly and settled next to him, bodies not quite touching. Sid rubbed at his aching erection, ready to unabashedly take care of himself if Andy declined. Andy turned his head toward Sid, their noses almost touching.

“Fuck, I’m dizzy,” he said, placing kisses on Sid’s cheek. He’d forgotten how stoned Andy was.

“S’cool, I can..” he started, and then popped a button on his jeans. Andy leaned up on elbow and kissed Sid’s forehead. The innocuous gesture made his heart trip.

“No, just.” He watched as Andy frowned, then tucked himself back into his pants and moved to sit on his knees astride Sid’s thighs. “Uh,” he looked down at Sid’s jeans like they were a problem to be solved and then slowly lowered the zipper. Sid bit his lip and closed his eyes, and then snapped them open immediately because this he needed to see.

Andy drew Sid out of his boxers slowly and gripped him lightly. His palm was smooth and cool against the velvety skin of Sid’s cock and it felt perfect. Andy was still frowning, and began to remove his hand. Sid was about to protest but then Andy licked his palm and returned his fingers. Sid groaned, both at the sight of it and at the feel, now the perfect amount of non-friction. Andy jacked him slowly, looking at him. Sid tugged him closer, made Andy lean over him so they could kiss. Andy groaned into it, and Sid realized they were sharing his taste, his perfect salty flavor that Sid wanted on his tongue again and again.

They kissed sloppily and uncoordinated. Andy’s rhythm faltered each time Sid kissed him harder before he broke away, lips swollen and started at Sid like there was something he wanted to say.

“What?” Sid asked, unable to focus on anything but the feel of Andy’s hand and the pleasure coursing through his body.

Andy said nothing but he moved back onto his knees and then –

Sid let out a loud gasp. “Fuck, Andy.” He didn’t mean to say it, but he couldn’t help it. Andy’s lips, those soft, full, damnable lips were wrapped around the head of his cock and Sid lost all control of his body and mind.

Andy lapped at him sloppily, unhurried. Sid carded his hands through Andy’s hair and watched him the entire time. At one point, Andy’s eyes met his and although it was all just shadows in the darkness, he still felt as though they were looking through one another.

He felt his orgasm sneak up on him, building at the base of his spine.

“Gonna come,” he rasped out, still watching Andy as he licked along the underside. Andy pulled away and Sid refused to be disappointed. He continued to jerk him through it. Sid finally looked away, eyes turned up towards the bleachers and he swore he saw stars when he came.

Andy was lying beside him when he finally opened his eyes and his breathing was beginning to even out.

“Here,” he said, handing Sid a piece of cloth.

“Who carries a handkerchief around?”

“It’s an ascot, wise guy.”

Sid snorted. “That makes it so much better. I know understand the secret to your popularity. Ascots. Check.”

Andy laughed quietly. Sid cleaned himself up and tucked himself back in. They lay together, not talking, just listening to each other breathe.

Andy nosed at Sid’s neck and Sid felt his heart flutter in his chest. He threw his arm casually over Andy’s chest, rubbing at his ribcage through his shirt. Andy sighed and burrowed in closer.

Sid hadn’t the slightest idea what he was supposed to say, if he was supposed to say anything at all.

Finally, Andy broke the ice. “Wonder if I’m Homecoming king,” he deadpanned. Sid looked at him crookedly and they both burst into laughter, which lead to mock wrestling with Sid pinning Andy to the grass, breathless. They were still laughing as their lips met. They kissed lazily, making out under the moon and stars until the next thing Sid knew it was near dawn and he was blinking out into the foggy mist of the football field. It took him a moment to remember but when he did his smile widened and he looked to his left. But Andy wasn’t there.

Sid frowned and looked around, but there was nothing. He sat up and it was only then he realized Andy’s suit jacket was draped around his shoulders, the ascot stuffed into the pocket. Sid laughed weakly, and it sounded pathetic to his own ears. He felt very much like Lux Lisbon in The Virgin Suicides. He was supposed to read the novel for English class in 10th grade. Instead, he rented the film and drooled over Josh Hartnett. Except Andy Davis was no Trip Fontaine and Sid wasn’t about to kill himself over this.

He did his own walk of shame and when he passed a large dumpster on his way home he tossed the jacket. He may or may not have pocketed the ascot.

If Andy was trying to get Sid’s attention at school, Sid wouldn’t know. He didn’t look at him the next day or the day after that. If anyone found it weird that Sid went from taunts to avoidance seemingly overnight, well, the look on his face shut them up.

The next week Sid’s heart possibly broke, if he knew what something like that was supposed to feel like. But if feeling like your insides have been gutted is a symptom of it, then yes, one could say Sid’s heart broke that next week. For that was the week Andy started going out with Stacey for real. Sid watched as they walked down the hall holding hands and nearly slammed his fist into the locker the day he saw them kissing.

Sid wondered if she knew what Andy’s dick felt like, tasted like. Sid wondered if he moaned her name as he came.

Two weeks later, Sid left school. It had nothing to do with Andy and everything to do with his dad. Simple fact was, he needed to get out of his house fast and that was only going to happen if he had a full time job. He crashed at a few of his not-quite-friends places until he had a steady paycheck coming in from his garbage route. Then he rented a one room dump in the south side of town and didn’t see Andy Davis again. He only knew where Andy lived because he recognized Andy’s mom outside while on his route. If she recognized him she didn’t say anything. Every time Sid went to Andy’s house he hoped with equal parts that he would and wouldn’t see him.


leave your legacy in gold


Now it was three years and three jobs later and Andy was standing before him, sweaty and panting and Sid absolutely wasn’t recalling a night spent under the bleachers at Tri-County High School a million years ago.

“Hi, uh,” Andy pauses to wipe the sweat from his brow and gestures to the Toyota SUV now blocking the front of the garage. “Transmission dropped out.”

Sid looks at the car and then back to Andy, unimpressed, even enough his heart is hammering in his chest. So far Andy doesn’t seem to recognize him; that’s just fine. All the same, he doesn’t meet Andy’s eyes.

“You look like you just ran a marathon,” Sid grumbles.

Andy runs his fingers through his damp hair; it’s longer than it was in school – just past his ears.

“Pushed it,” Andy says, and Sid can hear the rueful grin in his voice.

“That was stupid,” Sid sniffs, and walks back behind the counter. “Look, I’ve got a lot going today so I probably can’t look at this until..” when he looks up, Andy is staring at him, mouth a little open.


Andy blinks a few times, stupidly. “Sid?”

Sid forces himself to keep his nerves steady. Instead, he narrows his eyes and puts on his best ‘fuck off’ look. “Who wants to know?”

Andy takes a step forward. “It’s Andy. Andy Davis, from uh, school.”

Sid taps his fingers on the counter and then reaches for the work order. “Am I supposed to be impressed?” He writes down the make of the car, and then nods toward it. “What year is that?”

Andy jerks a little and Sid notices his cheeks are slightly redder. He hates the way his heartbeat speeds up at the sight. “Huh? Oh, 2003. And no, you’re not supposed to be impressed,” he adds on, voice harder. “In fact, maybe someone else should work on my car.”

Sid writes Andy’s name on the paper and doesn’t look up. “I didn’t realize you coming in here would mean we were back in high school. Relax, Andy Davis; you’re no different than the tons of other spoilt college boys who’ve come in here. I fixed their cars, I can fix yours.”

“Don’t do me any favors,” Andy mutters under his breath.

Sid’s grip on the pencil tightens. Bill walks in from the back a second later and claps Sid on the shoulder. “Hey. This the Toyota?”

“Yeah,” Sid says.

Bill looks between them. “You boys know each other?”

Sid says ‘no’ the same time Andy says ‘yes.’

“We went to school together,” Andy says, smiling too brightly. “I’ve been out of town for a while.”

“Ahh, well. I never meet any of Sid’s friends. Good to know ya. Sid, why don’t you get outta here, take your lunch.”

Sid freezes. “Nah, it’s cool, Bill. I’ve got a lot..”

“Please. Take your damn break, Sid. You never do and I’m not running a sweat shop. Catch up with your buddy here. Looks like he’ll need a lift home at any rate.”

Sid finishes the write-up, asking for Andy’s phone number, and waits for Bill to leave. He refuses to meet Andy’s eyes.

‘Uh, it’s cool. I’ll just catch a bus back.”

Sid clenches his jaw and grabs his coat. “It’s fine, let’s just get outta here.”

They’re silent all the way to Sid’s truck. He opens the driver’s side door, leaps in, and gathers a week’s worth of fast food garbage, tossing it into the back seat. Andy gets in and immediately does up his seatbelt. Sid rolls his eyes.

“Where to?”

“My mom’s.” Andy rattles off the address and Sid pretends not to know where he used to live.

“Like I was saying, I won’t be able to get around to your car today but I’ll work on it tomorrow.”

“Alright, thanks.”

Sid turns on the radio to the alternative rock station he likes. He taps his fingers on the steering wheel along to The Smashing Pumpkins and tries not to think of Andy’s flushed face beside him.

Except Andy is too quiet and it begins to unnerve him. “So why’d you push it, anyway?”

“Didn’t want my mom to pay for a tow truck,” Andy mutters, “Bad enough she has to pay for…” he trails off, and Sid can hear the embarrassment in his voice.

Sid snorts, but it was more to himself, as if Andy has anything at all to be embarrassed about – he has a nice car, goes to college, what more could he want? Just because it wasn’t for Sid, doesn’t mean it wasn’t something Andy would always be proud of.

Andy must have interpreted it as malicious because he suddenly bursts out. “Yes, I’m a poor college student and can’t even afford a tow truck. Laugh it up, man.”

Sid looks at him, sharply. “Chill, dude.”

Now it’s Andy’s turn to snort. “Right. Because it’s not like you even remember me.”

Andy sounds like a petulant child and anyone else Sid would’ve called them on it. But the truth is he’s thought about this guy a hell of a lot in the last few years, more often than he cared to admit, and he can’t bring himself to lie about this.

“We lived next to each other when we were kids. Your sister’s name is Molly. You had that cowboy doll. You were class president.”

You were the first blowjob I ever had or gave, he adds silently.

He can feel Andy’s gaze on him, burning like fire. When stopped at a light, Sid risks a glance. Andy’s looking at him, soft and curious and Sid wonders if he’s upset or glad that he didn’t mention that night under the bleachers.

A minute later he’s pulled up to Andy’s house; he tells himself he’s relieved.

“You can come in for a soda or something, if you want.”

Sid shakes his head and cracks his knuckles. “No thanks. I’ll give you call when your car’s ready.”

Andy nods, a little too quickly, and steps out of the car. “Yeah. Thanks for the lift.”

Sid goes back to his apartment for the rest of his lunch break and jerks off to the image of Andy’s rosy cheeks and full lips.

Sid works on Andy’s car the next day. He finishes sometime mid-afternoon but purposely doesn’t call him. He goes home that night and tries to lose himself in beer and bullshit action films but it doesn’t take; his mind is entirely on Andy.

The next day he waits as long as he can to call Andy. When he does, he barely lets him get two words in. “It’s Sid from Bill’s Auto Body,” he says, gruffly, full aware that the formality of his introduction isn’t needed.

“Hey,” Andy starts but Sid cuts him off.

“Your car’s done. Come down whenever you want.”

He hangs up while Andy is still talking.

Sid does a brake job and oil change with his eyes closed in the time it takes Andy to get his precious ass downtown.

Sid’s ringing up the oil change when Andy walks through the door. Sid’s mouth nearly drops open. Andy’s wearing a coat and scarf, his cheeks a little red from the cold. He looks – perfect. Sid scowls down at the paper and hates that all the blood in his brain is rushing to his dick.

Andy clears his throat when Sid’s finished and pretends not to remember he’s there.

“Oh. Yeah.” He tosses Andy the keys. “Car’s in front. Here’s the bill. Cash or charge?”

“Charge,” Andy says, passing over an American Express.

Sid rolls his eyes and runs the card.

“I was thinking I could take you out for a drink. To say thanks.”

Sid’s stomach flips stupidly and he keeps his eyes on the credit card machine. “Most people just tip,” he says, dryly.

“I just thought we could catch up,” Andy says, impatience clear in his voice.

Sid places the card on the counter and pushes the receipt at Andy. “Catch up on what? We barely even talked in school.”

Andy looks up from signing, his gaze locked on Sid’s before Sid could look away. “I remember we did more than talk once.”

The words are quiet, earnest and they throw Sid completely. Fuck Andy for bringing up that night. Fuck him for remembering it at all. It’d have been better for Sid’s sanity if he didn’t.

For once, he decides to tell a customer exactly what he’s thinking. “Fuck you, man.” He throws Andy’s keys at him and walks into the back, slamming the door behind him.

A half hour later, Sid is angrily replacing some spark plugs when he makes a bee line for the desk, pulling out Andy’s info and dialing the number from the garage’s phone.

“Hey. It’s Sid.”

“Hi,” Andy says, voice tight.

“So I’m out of here in like an hour and a half. If you still want to get that drink.”

There’s a long pause and Sid bites his lip, about to say forget it.

“Yeah. How’s 9pm?”

Sid exhales slowly. “That’s fine. Where?”

“I don’t know. Finnigans?”

“Alright, cool.”

“Do you want me to pick you up? Or we can meet there..”

Andy sounds uncertain and it makes Sid less nervous. “I live close by. I’ll just see you there.”

There’s another pause and Sid pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Okay, see you.”

Sid hangs up, already feeling in over his head.

Sid shows up a little after nine freshly showered and in his best pair of unripped jeans, T-shirt and fake leather jacket. Andy’s already sitting at a table near the bar, his coat slung over the back of the chair. He’s wearing a soft looking sweater that Sid would love to peel him out of. He gives himself a mental shake and walks toward Andy.

“Hey,” he says, taking a seat and shedding his jacket.

“Hi,” Andy nods. He still sounds terse.

Sid sighs. “Look, sorry about before.”

Andy’s eyes soften. “My fault. I was out of line.”

Sid doesn’t want to argue with that. He didn’t realize until Andy staggered into his garage the other day how sore a subject it still is. He could understand if Andy regretted it, if he cursed Sid afterward and told him to stay the fuck away. No, it was the radio silence that grated Sid. It was the fact that Andy could be so cowardly and act like it the entire thing never happened – until now, when he thinks he has the right to drop it so casually in conversation.

He needed to stop this line of thinking otherwise he was going to get pissed all over again.

“Let me buy you a drink,” Andy thankfully says.

Sid nods hurriedly and tries out a grin. “I’m all for that.”

Sid orders a Guinness while Andy drinks Coors Light. They roll their eyes when they’re both carded and Sid teases Andy’s drink of choice. For a little while he forgets their history, treats this as just drinks with a guy he – well, he really wants to fucking sleep with.

“Where you going to school, then?” Sid asks after they’ve ordered some wings and nachos.

“Florida State.”

“That explains the tan in winter.”

Andy laughs and rubs at his neck, almost self-consciously. “Yeah, guess so.”

Sid takes a long gulp from his beer. “What’s your major?”

“Graphic design,” Andy says.

“And what will you do with that degree, young man?” Sid says in his best authoritative voice, causing Andy to burst out laughing and scrub his hand over his face.

“Oh man, um. I don’t know? Nah, I’ve got. Well I was originally looking into internships at firms in Florida but now.. well, I’m scoping some out here. I’ve been in contact with someone… he may be able to take me on after my senior year. “

Sid starts at that and studies Andy’s face, which suddenly looks uncomfortable. “Why on earth would you come back here?”

Andy picks at the label on his beer and shrugs. “I just.. miss my family, you know? And uh, the.. person I was with for like, two years, um. Cheated on me last summer, so. Any plans for staying down there kind of, shifted.”

Sid feels a mix of emotions at the words; jealous that Andy was in a serious relationship, angry that his heart broken.

He’s thinking of something to say when Andy finishes with a dismissive, “Guess he wasn’t the guy I though he was.”

Sid’s mouth falls open. “He?”

Andy’s eyes dart up to Sid’s face, and Sid wants to kiss the blush off his cheeks. “Uh, yeah. My ex. That’s.. It’s cool that I’m gay, right?”

Isn’t that my line? Sid wonders, his mind reeling.

Sid tries to get his mouth to work. “Yeah, that’s. Why wouldn’t that be cool?”

Andy frowns. “Judging by your reaction today..” he trails off for a second. “But hey! Glad it’s not an issue.”

In what world would that be an issue to me? he wants to say but he can’t push the words past his tongue.

“Yeah,” Sid says. He feels a little numb, still trying to wrap his head around Andy being gay. Gay and heartbroken. Wonderful.

Sid is grateful for the food’s arrival. They dig in and order another round of beers. “So.. looks like you’re doing well,” Andy nods at Sid.

Sid runs his hand through his hair, shortly cropped now since he started not being able to handle the way it would hang in front of his eyes while fixing cars. “Thanks. I like the job and it pays well.”

Andy laughs, ruefully. “Here I am, poor, trying to get my education..” Andy trails off again, shaking his head.

Sid smirks and finishes for him, “Should’ve just been a dropout like me?”

Sid watches as a horrified look creeps over Andy’s face. “Fuck, I didn’t mean it like..”

Sid can’t hold in his laughter, even though making Andy sweat would be mild retribution for being left in the grass. “Relax, man. It’s not exactly a lie, is it? I have no regrets about not pursuing higher education. Or even finishing ‘lower’ education,” he grins, popping a boneless wing into his mouth.

“All the same, I didn’t mean to insult you.”

Sid looks at him, patiently. “Uh, I’m not insulted. You’re the one living off a credit card.”

It doesn’t seem physically possible for Andy to blush more, but that doesn’t stop him from trying.

“You’re still a dick,” Andy says, but he’s grinning. Sid throws a chip at him and their eyes meet. Something shifts in the air around them; it’s charged and hot in an instant. Sid’s mouth runs dry and he licks his bottom lip. He notices Andy’s eyes follow the movement and then break away immediately, as though he did something wrong and he’s afraid of getting caught.

“Uh, yeah. I.. got into the habit of using a card while I was with Luke. He kept.. buying me shit all the time. His parents were loaded. And I felt bad so I just applied for a card. I’m regretting it now.”

Sid’s mind is still stuck on whatever that moment just was. Andy being gay didn’t make Sid feel like he was automatically more attainable. But.. he didn’t think he was imagining what just happened. He shakes himself out of his thoughts and tries to think of a rejoinder.

“Wait, Luke? He even has a rich sounding name!”

Andy laughs. “Yeah, he’s your standard stuck-up Floridian. I don’t know why that was attractive to me, but it was. Well, the blond hair and muscles didn’t hurt,” Andy grins widely.

Sid finds himself laughing in spite of some irrational jealousy. “Ah, so blondes are your thing then?” His mind flashes unbidden to Stacey McGinn.

Andy looks down for a second, a smile still tugging at his lips. When he looks back up, there’s something akin to heat in his eyes. “Well, not exclusively.”

Sid swallows thickly. Andy only has two beers in him, but maybe that’s all he needs to loosen up? Because this is definitely flirting and Sid is fantastic at flirting but right now he feels like he’s on a river without a paddle.

Sid takes another long sip of beer, feeing ridiculous that his pickup skills are failing him. “Muscles are a constant though, huh?” Sid grins toothily, flexing to reveal his own.

Andy’s eyes flicker from Sid’s arm to his face. “Uh, yeah. Basically,” he laughs, and it sounds shaky to Sid’s ears. “Those are new,” Andy nods to his biceps.

Sid grins crookedly. “Hazard of the trade.”

Andy downs the rest of his beer, a little too quickly, as if he’s suddenly nervous. “So, how about you? Seeing anyone?”

Sid shakes his head. “Here and there, you know. Nothing recently. Guys around this town are mostly pathetic.”

Andy’s eyes widen. “You’ date guys?”

Sid looks at him like he’s crazy. “This can’t be shocking information, man.”

“No, it’s. I guess it’s not?”

Andy looks as confused as Sid feels. The waitress thankfully breaks the awkwardness of the moment. “Get you guys another round or.. ?”

“Just the check,” Sid chimes in quickly. Andy looks at him, surprised.

“I live near by and the cost of alcohol is a lot cheaper,” Sid winks.

Andy raises his eyes and looks Sid up and down. “Oh yeah? What’s your price?”

Sid feels like the breath is punched out of him. “I’m sure I can think of something.” They stare at one another, intently, until the check comes.

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