Andy, You're a Star

Part 2

They walk side by side, the air frosty around them. “You live nearby?”

“Yeah, just a block or so up. It’s not much, but the location’s great.”

Out of the corner of his eye he notices Andy watching. “What?”

“You just seem so much older,” Andy says, voice quiet.

“I am older,” Sid laughs.

Andy shakes his head. “No, just. Like an actual adult. Like you’ve got it figured all out.”

The words make something flip inside him, a surge of pride at hearing words of approval from someone, anyone. Words he’ll never even hear from his own family. “Hardly,” he says, barely audible.

They don’t talk much the rest of the way, their arms brushing occasionally.

Sid leads Andy up the stairs to his apartment above a Chinese restaurant. “Gets a little noisy sometimes, but whatever.”

He lets Andy in, having pushed all the dirty clothes on the floor under the bed and into closets earlier, in case of this very scenario.

“It’s just a studio,” Sid says, feeling suddenly protective of his stupid little place, like he needs to defend it. There’s an eat-in kitchen off to the left, a bathroom and closet space along the wall after it and then one large room. Sid made a room divider with his own two hands and thus a living room and bedroom were born. He has a few hanging shelves with some comics, figurines and a few books. He has a poster of Miller’s Crossing and The Beatles Abbey Road. His TV is a small but it’s HD. He feels at home here.

“It’s nice,” Andy says. He sounds sincere. They both shed their coats and Sid tosses them on the arm of the couch.

“Thanks. You want a beer?”

“Sure.” Andy stands in the kitchen while Sid opens the fridge. When he turns around, Andy’s eyes are focused near the sink. Sid notices he’s looking at his bowl and forgot he left it there after he cleaned it.

Andy looks at him and Sid half shrugs.. “Old habits, right?”

Andy seems lost in thought. “I haven’t done that since.. that night. At Homecoming.”

“Your college experience must suck,” Sid says, trying to ignore the twinge of anger settling in his stomach.

Andy doesn’t respond. Sid watches him turn, and move in a little closer. Sid has a death grip on both of the bottles in one hand. Andy smiles a little goofily, like maybe he actually is a bit buzzed and Sid can only stare dumbly as he raises a hand to trace the underside of Sid’s jaw. “That was a good night,” Andy murmurs.

Sid clears his throat and clenches his teeth before responding, “Don’t remember it much.”

He looks at Andy off-center, refusing to meet his gaze head-on but he can’t escape the flash of hurt.

“Bullshit,” Andy says, his fingertips sweeping down Sid’s throat, his touch feather-light. “I know you remember.”

And that’s it. Sid can’t take anymore of Andy’s smug voice, of his flirty tone as if this is supposed to be turning Sid on right now. Because all it’s doing is making him want to throw these damn beer bottles against the wall.

He looks at Andy, eyes hard. “I remember that you’re a fucking coward.”

“Sid…” Andy starts, his eyes suddenly apologetic, the pity evident. Fuck that.

“Fucking save it alright? I know the script: you couldn’t handle the thought that you might be gay, blah blah blah. Tell someone who actually cares.”

Andy’s eyes flash. “Oh and you were so sure of yourself at seventeen?!”

Sid shoves him a little, slamming the bottles down on the counter. “At least I was willing to blow you without running away afterwards and dating a bimbo to prove you were straight!”

Andy pushes Sid’s shoulder, and Sid flings him around so they’re up against the kitchen wall. They crash into it, panting, angrily staring each other down. “She wasn’t any…” he starts and then stops, taking a breath. “I thought it was just another way for you to humiliate me. You were drunk and high and I was the Class President who blew you under the bleachers while you just wanted to get off any way you could.” Andy says, sounding weary, like all the fight was just shoved out of him.

Sid locks his fingers hard around Andy’s bicep. “That’s bullshit and you know it. Everyone fucking knew about me, without me even saying a word. I was that “skater fag” and don’t say you didn’t know that.”

Andy closes his eyes and inhales sharply. “Yeah, maybe I did. And maybe I wasn’t ready for that label. Fuck Sid, I didn’t need to rock the boat. I was almost out of there. Jesus, I was a stupid, selfish kid, okay? Isn’t everyone at that age? And besides, I knew it was.. even if I.. well. I knew how you felt about me, how you always felt. So what was the point risking the whole social status thing for someone who made fun of you on a daily basis and shot spitballs at you, right?”

Sid’s mind was racing, trying to put together all the things Andy was saying. He could only come up with one thing. “You fucking asshole,” he said, cupping Andy’s face between his hands and sweeping his thumbs over his cheekbones. He heard Andy gasp in response. “For someone on the honor roll every year you really are stupid, you know that?” He took in Andy’s wide deep blue eyes, his red lips, the freckles he could see so clearly this close up. “I’ve been crazy about you since we were kids,” Sid says and slams their mouths together roughly, shoving his thigh between Andy’s legs and knocking his head against the wall.

“Tell me you remember that night,” Andy breathes insistent kisses.

“Everything,” Sid moans between kisses, sliding his tongue between Andy’s lips, pressing their mouths together. “I remember everything.” And he must sound somewhat wistful in between the lust he’s feeling because Andy breaks away to slide hot lips down Sid’s throat, sucking lightly while saying, “Fuck, I’m sorry.”

Sid gasps, partly at the words, soft yet sincere, but mostly at Andy’s mouth and how it’s found the one spot on Sid’s neck that makes him go insane. “Just. God, just forget it. Don’t stop,” Sid pants. Andy shifts them so Sid’s against the wall and attacks his throat, sucking and biting.

“Oh my god,” Sid groans, and twines his fingers in Andy’s hair. From the feel of it, the hard pressure and sharp sting of teeth, he’s going to have one impressive hickey tomorrow but he’ll endure the hoots and hollers from the guys for this. Andy’s mouth is like fire and Sid feels like he’s burning from the inside out. He feels his cock begin to feel and surges up against Andy. Their thighs find one another and press together, hard. Sid can feel the outline of Andy’s half hard cock and rocks against it, pulling Andy in closer by the hair. Andy licks his way up Sid’s neck, reaching his earlobe and tugging it between his teeth.

“Sid,” Andy gasps, and Sid has never heard his name like that before. Not from Andy, not from anyone. It’s desperate and full of a longing Sid had no idea someone could possess.

“Jesus Christ,” Sid groans and tightens his hands in Andy’s hair before yanking him up and kissing him hard, pushing his tongue between Andy’s lips. They fall into one another, tongues dancing, moaning into one another’s mouths. Sid bites Andy’s bottom lip. “I have to have you. Bed, okay?”

“Fuck yes,” Andy says, his voice thick and deeper than Sid has ever heard it. He walks Andy backwards, maneuvering around edge of the couch and the divider, and toeing off their shoes before falling onto the bed together. They crawl up toward the pillows without breaking the kiss, clawing one another’s shirts as they shift into position.

Sid lifts Andy’s sweater over his head and throws it onto the floor before locking his arms around him again and pushing him into the mattress. Andy makes a noise that sounds like ‘mmmph’ against his mouth. He feels Andy’s hands pushing upward. Andy snakes his hands up Sid’s flank, sitting up a little as he does so, and rids him of the shirt in one swift movement. Sid tumbles Andy back onto the bed and bites kisses down his throat while Andy bends one of his knees, arching between Sid’s thighs. Sid presses in even tighter, delighting in the friction as he rubs his erection over Andy’s, feeling how hard he was now. Sid realizes in the back of his head this is probably a rebound fuck, but he can’t even begin to care when Andy is gasping his name like it’s the only syllable he knows.

Sid kisses his way down Andy’s chest, licking at his nipples, running his hands along Andy’s rib cage. Suddenly impatient he sits back on the bed and undoes Andy’s jeans, dragging them down his legs. At one point he gets tangled up in the process and they both grin at each other before Sid says, ‘fuck this,’ and climbs off the bed, stripping Andy of his the rest of his jeans and boxers. He stares at Andy’s cock unabashedly and then shucks off his own pants and boxers.

When he climbs back on top of Andy he was greeted to a growl. “Wanted to undress you myself.”

“Next time,” Sid says, before he can catch the words from spilling out.

Andy lets feral “yes.”

Sid rolls them over so Andy is on top, running his palms over Andy’s ass. “Fuck, you feel good,” Sid gasps, sucking kisses behind Andy’s ear.

“You too,” Andy says, and it feels foreign and familiar all at once. “Thought about that night,” Andy mumbles into Sid’s chest. “About you.”

Sid’s fingers tangle in Andy’s hair at the back of his neck, and he suddenly feels ten pounds lighter, like he’d been carrying this stupid boy and that stupid night around in his chest for three years and he can finally let it go.

“Same here,” Sid says. They lock eyes and Andy leans down to kiss him, slow, almost tentative.

“I’ve gotten better at this,” Andy mumbles against his lips. Before Sid can ask, ‘at what?’ Andy is mouthing his way down Sid’s chest, one hand splayed on his thigh and sucking him down to the root. Sid cries out, his hips automatically jerking upward.

Andy places both hands on Sid’s thighs and.. pulls gently, urging him forward. Sid nearly comes on the spot.

He both hates and loves every other person Andy’s been with. Sid puts his hands on Andy’s head, just carding his fingers through his hair while he fucks Andy’s mouth slowly.

“So fucking pretty,” Sid breathes. He wants to do filthy things to him. Things he’s never done with anyone else.

Andy’s hollowing his cheeks now, sucking him harder and faster and Sid can’t look away. He also can’t let this go on any longer lest he lose it right here and now.

“Let me suck you,” Sid gasps. Andy looks up at him with veiled eyelashes, eyes knowing and completely unashamed. He lets Sid fall from him lips with an obscene ‘pop’. “Jesus Christ, Andy.”

Andy crawls his way over Sid’s chest, coming to rest when his dick is inches from Sid’s face. “Do it,” he says, his fingers guiding Sid forward by the juncture of his neck and shoulder.

“What the fuck did Florida do to you?” Sid says, shaking his head in amazement before ducking a little to mouth at Andy’s balls.

“Got into a little gay porn to pay my way through school,” Andy says and Sid nearly bites down on Andy’s sac, sputtering.

He looks up, eyes wide to find Andy looking at him with a serious expression. Too serious.

“You asshole!” Sid says, slapping Andy’s ass.

Andy starts cracking up. “Oh my god, you should’ve seen your face.”

“You’re demented,” Sid grins, slapping him again, loving the feel of his skin beneath his fingers.

“Mmm, you love it,” Andy curves his fingers around Sid’s jaw and guides him forward. “Now suck me.”

Sid shivers at the sound of Andy’s voice, a low throaty command.

He wraps his lips around the head, flicking his tongue out to tease. Andy moans immediately, one hand in Sid’s hair, the other braced against his shoulder. “God, Sid.”

Sid takes him deeper, showing Andy that he’s no slouch in this department either. Andy is thick and long and he feels incredible under Sid’s tongue. He starts pumping his hips a little, and Sid just grips him by the ass, squeezing and caressing. Andy parts his legs ever so slightly and Sid takes him deeper, begins sucking him in earnest while his fingers rub along the cleft before slipping between, teasingly.

He feels his heart begin to pound with the knowledge of what he’s doing, of what he’s never done with any of the guys he’s dated.

“Yeah,” Andy moans and Sid swipes his thumb between Andy’s cheeks. “I want you to fuck me,” he whispers.

Sid lets out a sharp cry around his mouth full and pulls off.

Andy slides down into his embrace immediately, kissing Sid hard and fast. “Do you want to?” he asks between biting, desperate kisses. Sid’s never talked this much in bed before. He’s never asked anyone what they want or how they want it. He’s sucked and jerked and kissed and come and that’s all it’s ever been, all he ever wanted. Simple, clean, and uncomplicated. When he thought about fucking someone, really fucking someone only one face ever came to mind. Now that face is pressed up against his, asking to make his fantasies a reality and Sid really has to wonder if he’s trapped in some cruel dream.

He kisses Andy hard and deep, bruising his lips and making him moan from the force of it. “I want to,” he says, which doesn’t even begin to cover it but it’s all he can manage right now.

He rolls Andy over, teeth dragging over his Adam’s apple. “I’m, god Sid,” Andy moans as their bodies rock together, cocks hard and leaking. “I swear I’m not usually this easy. But it’s not like I don’t know you, right?” Andy laughs, and he sounds like he’s trying to justify his behavior to himself or Sid or both.

Sid sucks a bruise into the base of his neck. “Does it look like I’m complaining?” he growls.

Andy throws his leg over Sid’s thigh and bucks up, shamelessly. “Want you to fuck me so hard that everyone in that Chinese restaurant will know what you’re doing to me.”

Sid’s cock twitches painfully and his lips quirk up in a grin, even though the one part of his brain that’s still working is beginning to feel twinges of performance anxiety.

Sid’s fake confidence got him through most of his life. He decides to give it a shot here. “Gonna fuck you so hard we break the bed,” Sid whispers, the words dirty and filthy in Andy’s ear.

Andy shivers in his arms and Sid can feel a smear of pre-come on his torso.

“Do it,” Andy begs.

Sid can barely think through the lust but he knows the basic mechanics of this and therefore he needs supplies. He kisses Andy, intending it to be quick, but Andy holds him there, licking over his lips and parting them while moaning quietly. Jesus, this guy, Sid thinks and breaks away. “Just, wait here,” he kisses Andy once, twice more and fumbles off the bed, nearly tripping over one of his shoes. Andy giggles, fucking giggles from where he’s lying completely naked. Sid shoots him the finger and then gets sidetracked by Andy’s easy grin, his tan body, and the smattering of freckles on his shoulders and upper chest.

He ransacks his bathroom medicine cabinet, already full aware he doesn’t have actual lube. Baby oil works just fine for jerking off and Sid’s never had use for any of that fancy shit with the warming quotients or what not.

He walks back to the bed and holds up the half used bottle, feeling rather sheepish. “This okay?”

Andy’s still grinning, his cock jutting hard and proud against his belly. Andy catches Sid’s gaze and strokes himself lazily, lying flat on his back and spreading his legs a little. “That’s fine,” he breathes, catching his lower lip between his teeth.

Heat pools around Sid’s eyes and he bites back a moan. “You uh, sure you haven’t done gay porn?’

“Maybe you should come find out,” Andy says, throatily.

Sid laughs through his lust. “You’re fucking whacked.” But he climbs over Andy eagerly.

Andy reaches for him, pulling him in for a kiss. “Mmm,” he agrees, “all that Florida sunshine.”

They’re grinning into the kiss, sealing their mouths together when it dawns on Sid that he doesn’t have condoms either.


“Mm, what?” Andy asks, palming his way across Sid’s ass and licking slowly down his throat.

“Jesus,” Sid grunts, pressing back against Andy’s hands. “I uh, don’t have anything.”

“Hmm? Oh,” Andy’s mouth and hands stop moving and Sid nearly moans at the loss. “My wallet. Back pocket of my jeans.”

Sid pulls back in surprise. Andy shrugs, looking embarrassed.

“You sure you’re not always this easy, Davis?”

Andy slaps Sid’s ass and Sid finds that.. feels rather good.

“I was uh, kind of banking on this happening tonight. Unless you had continued to being a total asshole.”

The words jolt through him, ringing in his ears and filling his senses. He’ll even let that last part go because it’s an accurate assessment. He was an ass but, then again, self-preservation is an art form.

He runs his hands feverishly up and down Andy’s thighs before taking both their cocks in his hand, jacking slowly. ‘You thought about this?”

Andy shifts his leg so his ankle hooks around Sid’s calf and pushes up into the friction. “God, yes. Felt like a kid again these past two days.. jerking off in my room with the door closed, hoping my mom wouldn’t come up.”

The thought of Andy, curled up in his room -- the same room Sid used to glance up at as a kid and wonder what kind of world Andy lived in where people ran around with friends and played with dolls rather taking them apart – thinking of Sid and the dirty, filthy things he wanted Sid to do to him makes him harder than he’s ever been in his life.

He forces himself to continue talking, wanting, no needing, more. “Yeah? Think about me filling you up with my fingers? And then my cock?”

Andy grips Sid’s ass hard and pulls him even closer, biting at Sid’s lips. “Fuck, yeah. So are you going to keep talking about it or actually do it?” Sid’s rhythm between them falters and he pushes his tongue into Andy’s mouth, kissing him hard and deep until Andy is sobbing out broken moans, his fingers clenching Sid’s ass in a death grip.

“Let me get the condom,” Sid breathes against Andy’s lips when he’s pulled back enough for air.

“Hurry,” Andy groans, pushing his hair away from his eyes.

Sid’s back in a few seconds, ripping the packet open with unsteady fingers. “Let me,” Andy says, a wet dream sprawled out across Sid’s black comforter. He swallows hard and gets onto his knees on the bed. Andy leans forward, taking Sid’s cock in his mouth and sucking him quickly before pulling off and rolling the condom down in one steady motion.

Sid laughs shakily and pushes him down onto his back. Andy goes willingly, handing Sid the baby oil. Sid coats his fingers, nerves finally creeping in. All his knowledge is from porn and he feels like Andy can see right through the plastered-on confidence.

“How do you…?” he asks, kneeling beside Andy. Andy spreads his legs immediately, shifting his knees up.

Sid nods to himself and lifts Andy’s leg to crawl between his thighs. He circles Andy’s hole, pushing in ever so slightly. Andy moans and arches his back. “Don’t tease,” he says, like Sid’s some pro at this – like he lubes up asses the way he does cars.

Sid bits his lip and pushes the tip of his finger inside; Andy’s tight and hot and Sid’s going to be inside there. He pushes in a little deeper, twisting his finger slightly. Andy groans and pulls him down. They kiss, mouths barely touching, tongues darting out to taste one another. Sid starts fucking Andy with his finger, picking up the pace. Andy licks at the roof of Sid’s mouth and whispers, “Another.”

Sid can’t reconcile in his mind the kid who was scared just to kiss with this – man before him, so sure of himself and his wants and needs.

Sid gives it to him, taking direction like a pro and fucking Andy until he’s arching into Sid’s hand and crying out when Sid brushes over one particular spot.

“Fuck that’s enough. I’m good, seriously,” Andy pants and Sid looks at him skeptically, even though his cock is aching.

Andy rubs his hands up and down Sid’s arms, locking around his shoulders. “Seriously. Fuck me.”

Sid jerks his cock a few times and adds some baby oil to the condom. He traces his hands over Andy’s kneecaps and, on a whim, lifts his legs over his shoulders. Andy makes a small noise.

Sid looks at him. “This okay?”

Andy’s biting his lip, his hair a mess, his eyes dark; he’s perfect. “More than okay.”

Sid stutters out a breath and presses his cock up against Andy’s hole, teasing the head along the ring of muscle and then slowly pushing inside.

“Oh, fuck,” Andy moans and Sid likes the sound of that. He slides in slowly, feeling Andy open for him. It’s like nothing he’s ever felt before, encased in tight heat, hot like the engine of a car. It’s the only personal comparison he can come up with, and he never wants to leave this warmth. Andy is breathing his name shakily, clawing at Sid’s arms, his heels digging into Sid’s upper back. When Sid’s in to the hilt he leans forward, shifting the angle deeper so they can kiss.

Sid begins to move inside Andy, still unable to believe how hot and tight he is, and suddenly unable to keep that thought to himself. “Jesus, I never thought..fuck, it’s just so good,” he adds in a daze. Andy’s arms are locked around his waist as Sid talks between kisses, unwilling to tear himself away from Andy’s lips for more than a few seconds at a time. He presses their foreheads together and looks down.

Andy gazes up at him, a little blissed-out, eyes glazed over and mouth bitten red. “What?” he whispers, breathless amusement washing over Sid like a wave. “You’re acting like you’ve never done this.”

Sid groans and twists his hips, driving into Andy harder and making him cry out. “Who’s acting?” he mumbles.

Andy’s fingers grip his hair tight, forcing Sid to look at him. “Are you joking?”

Sid grunts and pulls back, pressing a biting kiss against Andy’s knee before gathering up his ankles and leaning back in, nearly bending him in half. Sid starts fucking him in earnest, purposeful. “Don’t look at me like that,” Sid groans into his neck. “I’ve done shit, obviously, just not this.”

Andy’s thrashing beneath him, pulling him closer by his shoulders and meeting Sid’s unsteady strokes with his own. “Fuck, that’s so hot,” he says.

Sid laughs. “Do you always talk this much during sex?”

“Not really,” Andy admits, voice low. “Does it bother you?’

Sid circles his hips and pulls back a little, locking his gaze onto Andy. “No,” he whispers, and is surprised to realize it’s the truth. Andy slams his mouth to Sid’s and they groan in unison when their tongues slide together.

“God, fuck me like you mean it,” Andy pants against his cheek, “Like it’s the best thing to ever happen to you.” He feels Andy’s fingers curving against his hips. He has no idea how true those words are.

“You like this?” Sid asks, voice slightly taunting. He pulls out half way then drags Andy forward, slamming his ass onto his cock. Andy’s head falls back, Sid’s lips sliding across his cheek and jaw.

“Oh fuck yes. Jerk me off,” Andy moans. Sid takes him in hand, stuttering a little as he finds a rhythm. The bed knocks against the wall as Sid drives forward and Andy pushes down, the pace frantic and brutal. Andy’s doesn’t stop making noise – a litany of moans, groans and nonsensical words falling from his lips.

“Wanna try something,” he gasps out, shaking his hair out of his eyes. “Just go with it.”

Before Sid can question, Andy’s legs slide down either side of Sid’s body and he’s pushing Sid backward toward the foot of the bed in one smooth movement. Sid’s legs are trapped under Andy’s thighs, his own now folded while he readjusts himself on Sid’s dick, sitting up straight.

“Jesus Andy.” Sid gasps, mouth open. His head falls back when Andy starts to move on him, eyes falling shut. “Oh shit.”

His hands come to rest on Andy’s hip bones and he forces himself to watch as Andy rocks back in forth, and then circles his hips, riding Sid’s cock like he was born to do it.

“So good,” Andy breathes, running both hands up Sid’s chest, scratching lightly before twisting his nipples between his fingers. Sid arches his back, which causes him to fuck into Andy deeper. Andy’s pinches him hard. “Don’t stop.”

Sid can take a hint; he bends his legs at the knee, seating Andy full into his lap and starts thrusting upward, hard and fast. Andy rocks down on every upstroke and Sid’s never felt anything this good.

“Yeah,” Andy’s moaning, his hand now fisting his own cock wildly. “Fuck my ass. Christ, make me feel it.”

Sid’s balls tighten at the words and he slams into Andy harder, unable to believe this actually happening now. “Fuck, you.. Jesus, you’re filthy.” Sid exclaims. Because in all his fantasies he never once expected Andy Davis, that same kid who looked at his erection under those damn bleachers like it was a problem to be solved, to ride his dick like a firecracker and spew out dialogue worthy of the most hardcore pornos.

Andy’s mouth quirks into a grin and then falls open on a moan when Sid hits that spot again. “Not quite the ‘Boy Next Door’ you imagined?’

Sid shakes his head. “Def not. But I’m not complainin’.”

Andy fucks himself down harder, taking over the rhythm for a moment. He’s grinning again. “Def not? Seriously?”

Sid slaps his ass, then grabs it with both hands and pulls him down, rocking Andy back and forth. “Fuck you, take it as a compliment.. don’t even -- oh god yes -- know how I’m stringing together these sentences right now.”

Andy covers Sid’s mouth with his fingers. “Let’s shut up and fuck, then.”

Sid growls and hooks his hands under Andy’s arms, locking around his shoulders until he’s leaning over Sid’s body while Sid drags the heels of his feet higher on the bed, bending his knees even more. He fucks into Andy again while they kiss, all tongue and teeth. Andy flicks the tip of his tongue against Sid’s with lightening sped. Sid works Andy’s cock over, hand flying, slick with pre-come.

“So close,” Andy whispers. “Gonna come so hard, squeeze my ass around your dick. Fuck Sid, I.. god.”

“Always wanted you like this,” Sid mumbles, half hoping Andy doesn’t hear him. He takes Andy’s lips in a hard kiss, his words burning through him like an inferno.

“Mmmph, oh, fuck Sid,” Andy gasps against Sid’s mouth and Sid feels him spill all over his hand.

He squeezes Andy’s shoulders while Andy spasms around him. “Gonna come,” Sid says, nipping his way along Andy’s jaw.

“Yes,” Andy moans. Sid goes off to the sound of Andy’s words and the feel of his ass griping him like a vice. He cries out Andy’s name, once, maybe twice, his rhythm stuttering as his hips jerk with the intensity of his orgasm.

Andy collapses against him and they find each other’s mouths, smoothing over bruises and slotting their lips together gently.

After a minute or two of harsh panting and breathless kisses, Sid realizes his head is now half hanging off the bed and he’s getting a charley horse in his leg. He pushes at Andy’s leg. “Up,” he says.

Andy grumbles, but allows Sid to tumble him back toward the head of the bed. Sid disposes of the condom in the wastebasket near the bed, crinkling his nose at the sight. They settle back against the pillows and Andy sighs happily, curving his body into Sid’s, like he did that night. Sid feels tense for a moment, as unprepared now as he was back then. They lay silently and Sid just goes with it, closing his eyes. He feels like he could fall asleep. He’s not sure how long they stay like that but it’s long enough for him to think Andy’s dozed off.

Then Andy shifts beside him, burrowing a little closer and coughing lightly. “I thought about you a lot,” Andy admits, mouthing at Sid’s collarbone with lazy strokes of his tongue.

Sid threads his fingers through Andy’s hair, unable to get enough of the feel of it, soft and now a little damp between his fingers. He snickers even though his heart thunders in his chest at the words. “Yeah, I’m sure you were thinking about me while out and about on Luke’s yacht.”

“Actually... he has a speedboat,” Andy grins. He laughs loudly when Sid slaps at his arm playfully.

“I did though,” he continues quietly, after the laughter trails off. “I kept.. trying to work up my courage to talk to you again. After Homecoming. By the time I finally did you were gone and I told myself it was for the best.”

Sid feels like his windpipe is compressing and swallows thickly. “Yeah, well. Probably was.”

He doesn’t believe it for a second. Andy mumbles something into his chest that sounds like ‘I’m not so sure,’ but Sid isn’t about to ask him to repeat it.

They’re quiet for a moment and Sid’s mind starts racing. How long do they just lay here? Sid’s never done the post-coital thing. All his dates were casual, ways to get off. He had a few guys he liked but it never felt – affectionate. It was fun, hot, and when the sex ended so did Sid’s evenings. He was getting the feeling Andy Davis didn’t hook-up like that. Moreover, he was feeling he could get used to this and he had no practical use for that line of thinking.

“What are your plans for Christmas?’ Andy asks, his head shifting to rest on Sid’s shoulder while his fingers trace patterns on Sid’s stomach.

Sid’s stomach does a flip on its own accord. “Don’t have any.”

He can feel Andy’s frown against his skin. “My mom just does a small dinner. I’m always allowed to invite guests.” Andy’s voice has that tentative quality to it that Sid isn’t completely used to yet. The Andy back in high school was mainly sure of himself, aside from a few moments that night under the bleachers.

“It’s fine,” Sid says, feeling uneasy. “I know you’re just slummin’ it while on break. No need to take it that far.”

Andy sits up sharply, elbowing Sid in the ribs as he does.


“Is that what you really think?” they exclaim at the same time.

Sid sighs and rubs his hand over his face. “Yes? I don’t know, man.”

“Number one, you make more money than me. I make nothing. So maybe you’re the one ‘slummin’ it.’ Or maybe I was slummin’ it with Luke. You’re looking like an upgrade from where I’m sitting.” Andy grins and Sid simply doesn’t know what world he lives in. It’s time for a reality check, though.

“You go to school in Florida, you’re just getting out of a relationship. On what actual planet is the two of us a good idea?”

Andy taps his fingers against Sid’s chest as he rattles off his points, “I graduate next spring. Possibly in the fall if I increase my course load. I’ll be back in May for 3 months, and Luke and I broke up last June. I’ve already rebounded since then – with one of his close friends as a final fuck you. And I’ve been on a dates after that, so, no – that’s not what this is. Honestly, I don’t know what this is, but I do know I want to see you as much as I can before leaving in January.”

The words rush to Sid’s brain, leaving him dizzy. He allows himself to look at Andy, really look at him. His eyes are darker, serious, and his mouth is drawn in a determined line. He looks downright adorable, is the thing, and Sid knows he’d give Andy the moon right now if he asked for it.

Andy places his hand over Sid’s forearm. “What do you say, Sid?”

Sid closes his eyes briefly, swallowing around the lump in his throat, and then meets Andy’s hopeful gaze. “I say… if you leave me under the bleachers again I’ll fucking kill you.”

Andy smiles slowly, eyes crinkling at the corners. “Never,” he breathes as their lips press together in a long, leisurely kiss.

Sid never put much stock in promises before, but this is one he could allow himself to believe.


in nobody’s eyes but mine

May the following year, Andy is grunting and sweaty and Sid thinks it’s a shame those two things are occurring in a non-sexual setting.

“Okay, that’s the last of it,” he announces, grabbing a beer off the counter and downing half of it. Sid looks around the mess in his living room.

“Jesus Andy, how many books do you own?”

Andy grins and sidles up next to him, snaking an arm around Sid’s waist and pushing his sweat-slicked face against Sid’s neck. “Guess you’ll have to build some more shelves.”

Sid snorts. “Maybe I’ll put you to work, college grad.”

Andy nips at his ear. “And if I say no?”

Sid slaps his ass and Andy jerks against him. “I’ll just have to spank you,” Sid whispers lowly, like the promise it is.

Andy steers Sid toward the bed, dropping his beer on the end table as he goes.

“We’re gonna kill each other in this tiny place,” Sid says as his body hits the mattress.

“We’ll move when I start making some money,” Andy mumbles into Sid’s neck, only to pull back a second later, sitting back on his knees. “Unless you’re having second thoughts… I can just stay at ho-”

Sid covers Andy’s mouth with his hand and rolls his eyes in time with his hips. “Just shut the fuck up and ride my cock; you know I want you here.”

Andy groans as Sid pulls him down for a kiss, licking slowly into his mouth. There are boxes all over the floor, not enough closet space and the bathroom barely held enough hot water for one person much less two.

To Sid Phillips, unofficially voted ‘Least Likely to Succeed’ by a jury of his peers, it was all rather perfect.


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