Toy Story - Sid/Andy


The Adventures of College Boy and Garbage Man by snooter

    Sid and Andy have never had much in common, but when Andy is home from college, Sid still sneaks into his bedroom window.

    Rated: NC-17


Andy, You're a Star by Cherry Vanilla

    “On the field I remember you were incredible.” Or, three years after high school, Sid’s a mechanic and Andy’s home from winter break when his car breaks down.

    Rated: NC-17


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I'm Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman by Cherry Vanilla

    Summer in a series of snapshots.  Or, Sid Phillips grows up.

    [Third in the Only Living Boy Series]

    Rated: NC-17


Offend in Every Way by Cherry Vanilla

    Andy, Sid, and Pizza Planet.

    [Second in the Only Living Boy Series]

    Rated: G


The Same Boy You've Always Known by Cherry Vanilla

    The last time Andy saw Sid Phillips was at graduation.

    [First in the Only Living Boy Series]

    Rated: G


Someone Out There by Cherry Vanilla

    "Who feels just like me." Or, Andy enters a chat room and the outcome is unexpected.

    Rated: T



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