Won't Do This Again

Part 2

When Parker stalked into his office Eliot knew what that he had done to warrant that glare, "What the hell are you doing?"

It was almost eleven and everyone else had gone home but Eliot, or at least that was what Eliot had thought. He'd been getting himself comfortable on his couch, as comfortable as one could get on a couch that was several inches too short, and had a spring that stuck him right in his lower back. It definitely wasn't Alec's bed with 1500 thread count egyptian cotton sheets, with the memory foam mattress. Alec spoiled him.

"None of your business," Eliot growled, he still wasn't quite over how uncomfortable it had been to have Parker see him like she had in the back of his truck.

Parker took a step forward and it took a lot of will power not to flinch back at the hard look that came over her eyes. "It is my business when I spend thirty minutes with a bawling Hardison because you wont come home. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable that is. Men, crying, on my shoulder." Parker huffed, "So again what the hell are you doing."

"I'm sleeping in my office." Eliot went to lean back but Parker with an unusual show of strength hefted him off the couch and onto his feet.

"No," She thrust his crutch under his arm. "I'm taking you home and on the way I'm going to tell you a little story."

Parker watched as Hardison took his fiftieth or was it fifty-fifth pace across the waiting room. It was actually quite amazing really. They'd only been waiting a little less than an hour and Hardison hadn't sat, hadn't spoken other than the little tantrum he had thrown when they first got there, hadn't really done much of anything other than walk between the nurses station and where she sat. The doctors hadn't come out, the nurses didn't have any news and Parker was starting to think that they should call Nathan or Sophie. Pretty soon there was going to be cops and animal control showing up. They definitely needed to get a story straight and have a decent residence set up if it came to that and with how bad Eliot had looked when they finally gotten to the hospital they weren't going to be able to get out of this one easily. Well Parker mused with an internal smile, god forbid if Hardison saw her actually smile, she'd think of something if push came to shove.

Hardison hadn't made anything easy either. First the ID's he had brought were bogus, they would stand up to scrutiny of course, but the names were ridiculous. Davey Jones and Jack Sparrow, christ what had they been thinking. She giggled in her head though at the thought that a date night spent at home would, of course, result in Hardison showing Eliot how to make CIA level aliases.

Second was that fit he had thrown and Parker didn't blame him. The hospital had been a bit coarse in their handling of Eliot and Hardison's relationship; completely ignoring Hardison when he was the one that knew Eliot better hadn't really helped. Parker hadn't come right in with them because Hardison had quickly with proficiency that amazed her made an alias that had Parker as Ms Darla Jones in like three minutes. She had to wait for the print out of papers but in the short ten minutes it had taken as she snickered about Hardison having not only two laptops with him but a printer to boot. Hardison had caused quite a scene and when she got there all attention had turned to her. She didn't even think that well-mannered easy-going Alec Hardison would ever raise his voice the way he had. "You look at me when you talk about him, got it?" Parker had squealed with delight at how possessive Hardison had been.

Thirdly wasn't so bad it was just that Hardison was making everyone else in the ER very uncomfortable what with his pacing and growling, which he must have been channeling from Eliot, because it was fantastic. Parker wasn't placing all the blame on Hardison though, she wasn't helping either. Snickering and smirking. Laughing inappropiately at others that came in with funny looking injuries and 'how the hell did that happen?' wounds.

They were going to get kicked out before they ever got the chance to find out what was going on with Eliot.

"Ms. Jones?" Parker's head shot up and locked on the eyes of a doctor standing a few feet away. "Davey Jones is your brother, correct?" The doctor's eyes sort clouded with confusion at the name but Parker just stood and walked up to him.

"That would be me." Hardison was at her side so fast it awed even her. "Any news?"

"Mr Jones is stable but he has a few more surgeries ahead of him. He's had a blood transfusion. The bites to his leg will need more work than we can give him in one surgery but over the next two hours we'll do what we can. He was lucky with the cut to his thigh no major arteries were hit; he'll need cosmetic surgery if he wishes to remove the scar. And we're setting the bones we can back into place. Your brother has a long recovery ahead of him." Parker hadn't been able to hold in the giggle when the doctor suggested cosmetic surgery. Eliot, ha. "This is very serious Ms Jones."

"Oh I know."

"When can I see him?" Hardison cut in his skin was pale and with his blood shot eyes Parker thought he might collapse. "I need to see him."

"Mr...Sparrow is it? Davey wont be out of surgery for another couple of hours in the mean time I suggest you just stay calm an--" Even Parker jumped when the plastic chair flung across the room.

"Don't tell me to calm down!" Hardison shouted and everyone in the ER went on edge and Parker wasn't one for handling damage control, she stabbed a guy y'know. So she yanked Hardison by the arm, brought him real close and whispered harshly.

"Take a walk." And pushed him towards the exit. "Now H-Jack." Hardison looked like he was going to protest but one look around at all the scared faces staring at him and he headed for the exit. "Sorry about that." Though Parker thought that Doctor Idiot should be apologizing to Hardison. It was official, she was going to make this Doctor scared of her, make him wish that he had dealt with Hardison instead.

She found him in dark little alcove near the ambulance entrance; Parker sighed seeing Hardison sitting on the ground curled into himself made her feel really bad. Like looking at a kicked puppy, Parker hated the kicked puppy look. "You feeling any better?"

"He could have died."

"Yes, but you got to him before anything bad happened." Parker leaned against the wall but didn't sit down. She didn't like the idea that Hardison might decide to use her shoulder to cry on.

"I should have pushed harder." She didn't know what he was talking about but Parker figured she should just let Hardison talk this one out at his own pace. And for a man who could babble and rant like the best of 'em every word felt like he was pulling it out of himself. "I hint at it, tell him he doesn't have to do that crap but he doesn't listen. So fucking hard headed." Parker nodded in agreement to that. "I even suggested doing a job together, little piece of mind or something. Said it was too dangerous. Ba-stard," Hardison's voice cracked suspiciously on the word but Parker didn't bring attention to it.

"You know I've had some nasty things said to me; comes with the skin tone, but I've never been dismissed like that." Hardison sighed and pushed himself off the wall and stood up. "It was like it didn't even matter that I was crying and begging for them to tell me anything. All they cared about was that I wasn't related to him or his spouse." It probably wont take long after this and Hardison will have something computer-whizzed up and have Eliot and himself each others power of attorney. Parker found it terribly romantic.

"Look animal controls' snooping around so we need to figure a way out of this." Parker tried for gentle.

"Out of this? Eliot can't go any where. He needs to be in the hospital, end of discussion." There was no way she was arguing that because if Parker had thought Hardison was channeling Eliot before, now he was embodying him. "Let's go see what Doctor Not-going-to-have-a-pot-to-piss-in when I'm done with him has to say." Parker smiled, she loved her family. 

Eliot couldn't even look her in the eye. His insides were all knotted around. "I knew they had been bastards but.." He trailed off Eliot had a hard time imagining the Alec Parker had described. He didn't see Alec throwing a chair across a room or growling or any of it. Hardison didn't react to a situation like that.

"So you see why I can't have you being an ass to him." Parker glared, Eliot had never seen the thief like this before. He'd seen her agitated, annoyed and crazy. It took Eliot a moment, but Parker was pissed at him for hurting Alec.

"Thank you Parker," Eliot laid it bare for her, walls crashing down. "Whatever you want, it's your's."

"I want the restaurant. I'll call you with the details." They were in front of Alec's loft.

"What does that mean?" Parker smiled warm, soft and Eliot found himself actually grinning back.

"Nothing bad," she patted his knee, "Now go." Eliot got out of the car and threw her a small wave before she drove off.

He looked up at the building and for the second time in two weeks he felt afraid. Eliot had been such an ass since he got hurt, but he was useless. To the team and to Alec, and he hated it. He had to go up there, he had to explain to Alec.. Apologize to Alec.



The migraine that had been held at bay with a good dose of World of Warcraft and lots of orange soda, now just pounded relentlessly at his forehead. Eliot didn't want help, didn't want to talk about it, and didn't want to hear one word about no more side jobs. Though Alec had a feeling that Nate had put a stop to that; their leader hadn't been too happy to see Eliot on Monday morning worse for wear. The stubborn bastard had refused to stay in bed. It all hadn't been a bad thing though, Sophie had set them up with a good doctor that would handle any problems that could come up. Alec was thankful, probably a little too thankful if the little eyebrow raising he got from Sophie and snickering from Parker were any hints.

It all boiled down to the fact that Eliot was an ass. Eliot being an asshole was what had him wrapped up in his bed with a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of Eliot's best whiskey, though it was strong stuff and he was barely through his second glass. That migraine that hadn't been leaving him alone was now just a slight, very slight thump between his eyes. So at least it was working.

He heard the front door open and the familiar sound of Eliot's crutch hitting the ground; stubborn asshole wouldn't even use two. It'd be any second now and Eliot would call out for him.

"Alec?" The crutch sounded as Eliot searched the apartment a few more thunks this time with purpose and Eliot was outside the bedroom door. "Hey you in there?" Two soft taps, why couldn't the asshole use two crutches and take his pain medication when he was in pain, or just fucking lean on Alec when he needed to. "Alec I want to talk about what happen."

Alec bit his lip and was about to respond when the door opened, "That was locked to keep you out," though he almost felt guilty immediately when he saw Eliot's concerned eyes.

"Is that my good whiskey?" Eliot's eyes narrowed just a bit.

"Why yes, yes it is Mr Asshole." Even Alec knew that that was uncalled for. "I'm sorry. I'm just-I'm sorry. Do you wanna glass?" Alec held out his half empty tumbler.

"Got room in there for me?"

"Yes." Alec threw back the covers and Eliot hobbled towards the bed discarding his crutch and pants, he was so stubborn he wouldn't even wear shorts for his own comfort. Alec held up one hand and steadied him as Eliot got himself situated to get in the bed. Eliot placed himself so that Alec could hold onto him. "I like this." A lot of his earlier anger was dissipating just from having Eliot pressed against him.

"Alec," Eliot's head dropped onto Alec's shoulder and he moved so he could see the man from the corner of his eye. "Why didn't you tell me about the hospital?" Alec tensed and he knew that Parker had talked to Eliot.

"Is that the only reason you're here, because I lost my cool at the hospital?" The anger was coming back. "Damn it El I-"

"No Alec it's not, but I still want to know why." Eliot tilted his head up just enough to brush his lips softly against Alec's jaw line.

Alec wrapped his long arms around Eliot and pulled him flush against his back. "I was so worried and they wouldn't tell me anything. I was scared Eliot, scared that the last thing I said to you was going to be something stupid about leaving the light on--"

"I like when you leave the light on." Eliot cut in softly, his voice holding a serious tone.

"But it would have been the last thing I said to you." Alec whispered harshly. "I can think of three more important things to say than that." His arms tightened around his solid man. "You're not superman Eliot and when something like that happens to you I-I-"

"Say them now." Eliot's voice was still soft and Alec wished he could change the subject because suddenly all the things he'd wanted to say to Eliot other than his stupid joke seemed like a bad idea. "Please Alec, say them now."

"'I'll miss you.'" Alec breathed in his ear. "'Be safe.'" He had to take a deep breath because he wasn't sure if he'd be able to get the other one out without stuttering. And he didn't want to stutter. "I love you." He buried his head in the soft flesh that connected his neck and shoulder, he kissed the skin there, "I love you, I should have said it to you months ago but every time I would talk myself out of it. I would convince myself that it wasn't time, you weren't ready to hear it."

"I love you too." Eliot turned just enough to slip his arm around Alec's waist and brought their lips together. "I wanted to say it to you when I called you but I didn't want to scare you." He leaned in for another kiss this one longer, deeper held the meaning for all the times neither of them had had the courage to say it. "I was scared that night," Eliot said when they had both caught their breath, "I was so fucking scared and I thought I was never going to see you again."

"You can tell me about it." Alec didn't want to push, not when they had made such great leaps. "I promise I'll just listen."

Eliot pulled his arm from around Alec and settled into a more comfortable position to tell the tale that had been holding steady above their heads for too long. "It was a simple job." Eliot started slowly and Alec fell into the sound of his voice. "There was only one guy, didn't think anything of it until I heard the growl behind me. I turned and there were three dogs. I hesitated because y'know they were dogs and that was enough. The first one got me here," Eliot's hand brushed over the lowest bite. "Hurt like hell but it was enough to distract it so I got out of there. The other two followed me and damn they were fast; it was like if I slowed down for even a second they were nipping at my heels. I turned to look at them for a second just to see how much ground I was gaining. I hit an uneven patch and it was enough to send me down and I fell hard on my ankle and another one of the bitches got me. I got up and had to ignore my ankle if I wanted to get away from them." Alec's arms squeezed him and Eliot wrapped his own arms over top of his and pressed himself against Alec more. "There was a fence and I knew if I could get over it I would be safe, but I'd lost a lot of blood and there was so much pain. It was confusing because it's not the most pain I've ever been in." Alec shuddered and when Eliot tried to turn to see him Alec held him in place but the older man felt hot tears hit his t-shirt and soak through. "Alec if you--"

"I'm okay," Alec said defensively.

"I was hitting the pavement hard when I took off on my good foot and launched myself at the fence I needed good momentum if I wanted to make it to the top. It's not easy pulling yourself up a fence with only one foot." Alec choked and he had to take several deep breaths to keep himself from sobbing. The way Eliot was talking, like it wasn't a big deal; this wasn't the first time Eliot Spencer had gotten hurt like that. "I'm still not really sure how I cut my leg, everything was happening so quickly... Alec?"

"What?" Alec raised his head, he may have been pressing his face a little too tightly into the skin there.

Eliot rubbed his hands softly up and down Alec's arm, "Mind letting up a little bit there baby?" Alec's arms immediately went slack.

"Sorry, sorry." Alec leaned back and was grateful when Eliot followed him. They sat there in silence a long time, Alec poured them another round and then finally spoke up. "I can hear the rest now."

"The rest isn't important." They both knew what Eliot was saying. Alec knew the rest, knew enough to know that Eliot knew very little about what happen after he cut his thigh open. "Alec I've had a lot of things, worse things, happen to me. I've been shot, captured and," Eliot stopped and Alec doesn't know if he's relieved or more upset when he leaves whatever he was going to say hanging there. Lots of nasty 'worse things' hang in the air and he isn't sure he can handle them that much. "This was different than all those other times because I was scared this time." Eliot brushed his finger tips along Alec's jaw and the young man hoped that he didn't notice how much he was trembling. "I thought the last thing I was going to say to you was, 'Don't play that game all weekend.'" Alec laughed and the tension that had been twisting his stomach so hard that he thought he was going to vomit released.

"I won't do this again. No more side-jobs. I'm sorry." They fell silent for a long time. Alec held Eliot too happy to do anything else other than breath in his scent.

Eliot chuckled, "Y'know what sucked about Nate giving me that lecture? He wasn't mad that I was out making money on the side, he was worried that I would get hurt doing these jobs, said that if I need to do them so badly that I should take back up." They both snickered a little but it dissipated quickly. "He was so fatherly about the whole thing. It was weird," Eliot said after a moment and Alec just nodded his head from where it laid, the excitement bubbling up inside of him.

"Good." He voice was a little wobbly but he hadn't said anything, too afraid that he would break down in tears. No matter if they were happy tears or not, Alec wasn't going to cry, again, on Eliot's shoulder tonight. "Man, we totally owe Parker."

"She'll calls us with the details." Eliot smiled watching the look of confusion Alec's face fell to.

"What does that mean?" Alec's exasperation moved Eliot's hair. "I hope she doesn't get in the way of my plans," Alec mumbled from Eliot's hair.

Eliot turned until he was hovering over Alec, "What plans?"

Alec pulled him down an inch and brushed his lips over Eliot's. "I thought we could take a long bath then spend the rest of the weekend right here."

"How about we start the night right here and we get back to that bath a little later." Eliot smirked before silencing anything Alec would have said with a searing kiss.


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