Won't Do This Again

Part 3

Alec moved them until Eliot was resting against the pillows. "Don't bitch, it's easier this way." Eliot didn't say anything, crooked grin fluttering over his mouth before he pulled his lover down and licked his way into Alec's mouth. Alec supported himself on one arm while the other ran up and down Eliot's body coming to a final rest on his hip.

Eliot started with Alec's pants in a struggle to get them down. "Little help here," he growled in Alec's ear and the hacker felt his entire body shake with arousal. Alec reluctantly rolled to the side so he could shuck his pants, one of Eliot's strong hands fell on his stomach and started to stroke lightly. "Can't wait until I can fuck you into the mattress," he muttered pulling Alec back on top of him and he had to kick his feet to get his pants all the way off. "Gonna come home and throw you on the bed and hold you down while I map every single inch of your body."

"Of fuck," Alec breathed listening to the words and his imagination built the pictures they were creating.

Eliot kept talking while Alec made his way down the toned body, his own tongue mapping. "When I'm done with t-hat," his voice hitched when Alec circled one nipple then the other before following the outline of his abs, "I'm going to-to-" Eliot gasped when Alec took him firmly in hand and placed a gentle kiss on the head before blowing softly.

Alec smirked up at his lover, "I'm going to render you speechless." He knew it was the challenge Eliot needed.

Eliot laughed low and throaty before returning the smirk, "let's see about that babe." He ran his fingers over Alec's tight curls. "I'll flip you over and do the same to your back," Eliot chuckled, "I'll kiss and lick every inch and when I'm done I'll drawl you up onto your knees." Alec slipped the tip into his mouth and swirled his tongue lazily listening to Eliot's breath hitch with each gentle pull. He knew the hitter was watching his every move, that Eliot's favorite part was watching him. Alec would look up at him when he was getting close and the eye contact alone could send Eliot over the edge. "And I'm going to run my tongue down your ass," Eliot's voice was low and breathless but Alec didn't know if it was on purpose or because Alec was starting to lower his head and harden his suction. He had to reach between his own legs and give his cock a squeeze, Eliot's words were affecting him.

When Eliot's cock hit the back of his throat Alec pulled back off almost the whole way, swiped his tongue around the head and sucked him back down quickly, Eliot gasped and his hips snapped up quickly. He moaned when it caused Eliot to slip farther down his throat, Eliot's answering groan was enough to make him squeeze himself a little tighter. Alec let his own fingers slip farther down and he pushed one finger into himself slowly, he'd suffer through the burn, he wanted Eliot to be surprised when Alec started fucking himself on his dick.

"I'm gonna.. gonna push my tongue inside you and fu-ck.. Oh shit, Alec." Eliot's hands tightened on his head, his fingers digging into the scalp a bit roughly. It only spurred Alec to repeat the motion that got that response. He pulled his head up and let his tongue slide along the underside of Eliot's shaft, "Alec.. fuck, god do that again." Alec knew he was getting close, when his tongue caught the tip of Eliot's dick the older man took one hand off Alec's head and fist the sheets. He looked up and found Eliot's eyes shut and his head pressed into the pillow. Alec moved and grabbed the lube in the side dresser drawer, he slicked Eliot quickly, the other man's eyes flew open and a grin spread across his face.

Eliot's hands came up to Alec's hips and held him gently while the hacker positioned himself. Alec leaned down and whispered, "don't got anything else to say 'sides my name?" he licked Eliot's neck and nibbled on his ear lobe.

Eliot's hands tighten on his hips and as soon as the head slipped passed the tight ring of muscle Eliot snapped his hips up enough to push himself a few inches into Alec. "I'm going to fuck you with my tongue," to demonstrate his words he pulled the man down and shoved his tongue into his mouth, fighting with Alec for dominance. "I'm going to stretch you until you beg for me to fuck you and I might even let you stay on your knees." Eliot growled and brought their bodies a little closer together, Alec didn't even need to do any work. Eliot started lifting him by the hips and pushed his hips up to meet each downward stroke. "I just might make you fuck yourself into the mattress," Alec couldn't stop the images from filling his head. He brought himself down with a enough force that both of them paused a moment before long guttural moans escaped between parted lips.

Eliot took one of his hands off Alec's hip and it turned him on more that the hitter could still hold him up, and control the pace with one arm. Eliot wrapped his hand around Alec and held him loosely before shifting his hips just enough that each time he came down and Eliot met him his prostate was being massaged. Then his hand started to pump at the same rhythm. "Fuck yes El," Alec dropped down effectively capturing his dick and Eliot's hand slightly between their bodies. "I'm going to let you fuck me," he licked Eliot's ear. "Gonna-"

"Shut up," Eliot pulled himself up and wrapped Alec's long legs around his waist. He lifted himself up and Eliot met him with a quick snap of his hips, Alec wasn't going to last much longer and Eliot hit his sweet spot again and swiped his thumb over the head of his cock.

"I love you," he held onto Eliot's shoulders to ride out his orgasm and he felt Eliot still as his own hit him. Alec got his legs back under him and fell forward, trapping Eliot beneath him. They laid there panting for a long moment. Eliot's hand lightly stroking Alec's back, and Alec was pulling a piece of hair between his fingers.

"We're gonna need that wash now," Eliot murmured, he slipped from Alec's body and the younger man mouthed his shoulder.

Alec grinned against his skin, "when I can move again."

"I aint gettin' stuck together." He rolled Alec off of him, both making a face when their bodies came apart. "C'mon," he rolled until he could see Alec, "maybe we can go for round two?" he raised his eyebrow with a smirk.

Alec laughed, "I'll go run that bath."

"Shower first," Eliot pulled him into a long kiss before releasing him, "I'm not bathing in cum." Alec gave a big grin and started to walk out of the room. "Hey Alec," Eliot called his attention when the younger man turned he grinned, "I love you too.

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