Leverage - Eliot/Alec


Burn by jendavis

    Somewhere around the first beer, they'd tied up all the loose ends. By the end of the second, the conversation had moved on.

    Rated: G


Hospital by jendavis

    Hardison has to finally make use of Eliot's emergency contact information.

    Rated: G


I'll Take It From Here by rozabellalove

    Eliot’s hurt, and it‘s bad. Hardison can’t just let the hitter sit back and ignore his injuries this time. He whisks them away from civilization and gives Eliot some well-deserved resting time.

    Rated: NC-17


Problems and Their Solutions by Merle

    The problem with Eliot is that he never gives you a straight answer.

    Rated: T


Ready or Not by jendavis

    Full on, Hardison saves the day.

    Rated: G


The Way to a Man's Heart by Merle

    Eliot cooks.  Alec likes it.

    Rated: T



What Else Would You Have Me Be? by jendavis

    Some jobs changed the team for the better. Some, for the worse, and San Lorenzo hadn't been the first kind. But maybe it hadn't been the second, either.

    Rated: T


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Won't Do This Again by momma_66

    Eliot is hurt, badly, during one of his side jobs.

    Rated: NC-17


    1   2   3


You Put the Wow in WoW by eboniorchid

    Hardison's discovery of Eliot's gaming habit turns out to have more ramifications than he'd ever considered.

    Rated: T



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